Arsenal Start the End Of Season Fun Run

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A fantastic result last night and a good performance to boot. The United and Rennes results have given us the platform for and end of season run that could be real fun.

Now I’ve been critical of Emery , at some points this season the football was dire and our best two players were nowhere to be seen, but it would be mean spirited of me not to congratulate our head coach for recent results. What seemed obvious to me, that Ozil and Ramsey should start together where possible, now seems obvious to most others, including Unai.

Our playing style has changed, we have gone from artistery to endevour, but recent results, and the way the players appear to be onboard with it, suggests that it’s a good thing. Ok, it’s not as easy on the eye, but if results are better, then that change is justified. It’s not as if it’s ugly football.

The problem many of us have is that there are people that can’t let Arsene go. Credit can’t be given to Emery without they disparage Arsene in doing so. We are told that a mess was left, but we then see our best team is made up of entirely Arsene Wenger signings. Then a defence of Arsene is seen to be an attack on Emery. Our respect and admiration for Arsene, Aaron and Mesut is formed from years of evidence, yet we are expected to turn on them and show equal respect and admiration for complete strangers. Well that’s not how it works for me. The new players and coach will get it over a period, if they earn it. It’s not something that comes with a contract of employment.

It would be great, if as a fanbase, we could all move on and get behind the new head coach and players but the same poisonous halfwits that went out of their way to make it almost impossible for Wenger and his players to progress, are now making it impossible for there to be any real unity moving forward.

The run in could and should be exciting and enjoyable, but unless we leave the past behind, both the good times and the not so good, it will just be a bunch of fans sniping at one and other from long dug trenches, that should have been vacated by now.

Emery and the players need support and we must give it. They are doing well now, any perceived mistakes should be put down to adapting and learning. We are definitely on the up. We can’t go back so arguing about the past is fruitless and disruptive.

So let’s just hope our best players play their best football for what remains of the season.

See you again soon.



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58 comments on “Arsenal Start the End Of Season Fun Run

  1. It’s not Arrys fault Birmingham City have fallen foul of FFP and are due to be docked points


    His dog, Rosie is to blame, honest!

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  2. Just like it wasn’t his fault west ham were in financial trouble and Southampton, Portsmouth and Bournemouth went into administration. Even the spuds lost a ton of money while he was there. It’s a coincidence every club he has been at becomes skint. He was a cheque book manager at clubs that didn’t have an account.

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  3. Wales
    ‏Verified account @Cymru

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 SQUAD UPDATE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    Ryan Giggs has confirmed that @aaronramsey has withdrawn from the @Cymru squad through injury and has returned to @Arsenal for treatment.

    Brysia wella! 💪



  4. Arsenal have 8 games in April

    Monday 1st Newcastle – Home

    Sunday 7th Everton – Away

    Thursday 11th Napoli – Home

    Monday 15th Watford – Away

    Thursday 18th Napoli – Away

    Sunday 21st Crystal Palace – Home

    Wednesday 24th Wolves – Away

    Monday 29th Leicester – Away

    now that is one tough fixture list

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  5. Arry is a chequebook manager , and then some.
    Any club that touches him has to balance whatever chance of success with everything else that comes with him.
    Some of his dealings are clearly underhand, he is a typical old school English manager from a time when bungs and dodgyness held sway, but was always protected by the media, LMA and other powerful UK based managers who were no doubt up to similar, you know, the sort of things an ex Arsenal manager rightly gets done for but others are left alone.
    Arsene Wenger was always clean, but even his honesty came at a price in English footballs environment

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  6. Chelsea and Sarri didn’t go for the Full ‘Arry when they signed Higuain. Unfortunately.

    Just found out it was only a loan deal. *curses*.

    Still, as long as it keeps the talisman for the French attack out of the Chelsea team for the rest of this season I can’t complain. A World Cup winning “cart-horse” (allegedly! According to the credible Billy Big Blaggers…) who was still selected by the Great Water Carrier this week despite not starting for his club.

    Ahead of Lacazette.

    None of the lesser water carriers, the whip masters, the must work-harder merchants like Simeone or others come close to Didier Deschamps.

    He knows his footballs.

    Which is why he starts his two best footballers in his team, and how built his World Cup winning team around them.
    Not Pogba who we know is good though not quite at the same levels or maturity (yet) as Ramsey is currently, as we all saw in the last league game, but Griezmann and Mbappe.


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