Arsenal give us a night to forget

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*People of a sensitive nature should look away now as this blog may contain scenes of graphic violence and bad language *

Good evening positive people! Well I say good evening, but it’s hardly that. That my good friends was a poor result.

It all started so swimmingly well with Iwobi crossing in a ball to Aubameyang, who was some 5 yards out from goal, that was so far away from him it when in the far corner. Happy days. For the next 30 minutes or so we looked in complete control. Ozil playing some cute ball, one of which put Aubameyang clean through for a one on one, only for him to be wrongly flagged offside. It looked like it would be an easy night with a comfortable result, and then……………………….

Papa , with two yellow cards in seven minutes was given his marching orders. Personally I think the second card was a rank bad decision, he looked to have been fouled rather than committed a foul. Regardless, we were down to ten men and under pressure because form the resulting free kick they scored when the ball rebounded off the wall and was smashed home. We were under pressure from then until half time, a chance for us to regroup and make necessary changes.

Then the oddness started. We made no changes and Mikhitaryan continued at right back. The switch of play to that side was causing us all sorts of problems.

When the change came it was more oddness. Iwobi, who had been having a good game , was replaced by Guendouzi, who proceeded to be rather poor. He was being pulled out of position, bypassed, giving the ball away and jogging back into position. Poor.

Then Ozil, another of our better performers was replaced by Ramsey. A like for like that did nothing to fix the obvious problems on the falk, particularly the right side. Mesut was still creating and also helping out tracking back.

Now, it gets even odder , the next change is to take off Aubameyang and replace him with Sead. Immediately meaning we had no threat in behind or on the break.

I thought Mikhtaryan and Aubameyang were poor all evening and as I’ve said, young Matteo had a stinker. The defending was poor and our shape was weird. The two more goals they scored after the break were the least they could have expected.

Not one of Emery’s best nights, for me he got it all wrong after the sending off.

So we go into the home leg two goals behind. A big ask but not by any means an impossible task. However, we will have to be much much better.

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64 comments on “Arsenal give us a night to forget

  1. man utd 3pts behind spurs with a game in hand
    arsenal 4pts behind spurs with a game in hand
    chelsea 5pts behind spurs with 2 games in hand

    spurs 1pt from last 12pts, are they feeling the strain

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  2. Think that’s really it for Fulham now. I was way off on them this year, expected them to make a good fight of it at the very least, and maybe even do quite well.

    Shame is it means we only get to say goodbye to one of Cardiff, Burnley, Southampton, at a squeeze Brighton. Cardiff done well to get where they are now, but be surprised if it isn’t them.

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  3. looked like Kane goal was offside too, amazing ineptitude from the PGMOL mob once again today

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  4. I have just checked my soccer six results to see I got 0 points proving once again my predictive knowledge for this beautiful game is crap. To add insult to injury my wife has increased her lead at the top of the league.
    All this pales into insignificance now the spuds have lost even with their OAFs (official assisted football). Two weeks of offside goals, three weeks of players not getting sent off and there still dropping like a whores draws.
    Any points tomorrow puts us in a good position for the run in especially with everyone still in Europe.

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  5. Rare chance to watch Bielik on the telly. 5.30 kick off Sky Sports 1. Sported out for a bit but gonna record it.

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  6. Last Post not come through so just to repeat, Charlton live on sky sports 1 now for 5.30 kick off. Bielik starting if anyone wants to see how he’s coming along.

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  7. Love to know what the PGMOL and media will do in the upcoming fixture when Spurs play Liverpool. They will be at a complete loss as to whose arse to crawl up first in the Darlings Derby

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  8. Charlie Eccleshare
    ‏Verified account @CDEccleshare

    Poch on whether Spurs are now in a battle for the top four: “Maybe it’s good, people will realise our real level.”

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  9. this was not deemed a foul

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  10. I always get nervous when Ward-Prowse has a free kick against the Gunners. He’s a good player.

    And I am grateful for the patience and practice that has gone into crafting such a fine technique today! Top bins.

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  11. With Chelsea still in the hunt, their two games in hand were the balm that helped me to recover from the penalty miss
    Building on the previous good league form and the results against Chelsea Gazcorp at Home & Tottenham Wanderers Away Somewhere (Ramsey’s Home), tomorrow’s game remains as huge as it was before the horrors and flashbacks from midweek.

    It’s the sixty minutes with ten men and extra days rest that will give a little aid the visitors, most likely as the game reaches the last quarter. By my understanding it’s Torreira missing that is the biggest consideration for the coach to juggle going into this game. Considering he won’t play Ramsey in CM. However Utd’s own rhythm has been disrupted by injuries and they’re not as strong as on their last visit, though still very dangerous!

    Rambo playing probably starting for the Arsenal one last time against the team he rejected. COYG.

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  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/HACKETTREF/status/1104516706175803392

    Keith Hackett raises a very valid question.
    The refs can now stop embarrassing themselves and their vocation in what they are letting Tottenham away with, its too late, their pet team aren’t going to do a Leicester, no matter how much the media/PGMOL seem to want them to
    Refereeing in this league is embarrassing, and seemingly, unaccountable. Expecting to see more dog shite in today’s matches.

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