Arsenal vs Rennes (Whoever they are?)

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Hello again you positive Gooners.

From what I can gather there is a collective cloud of gloom hovering over the Arsenal fanbase today. It has nothing to do with the team or the club but the results in the Champions League, by Spurs and United, have not done the mood much good at all. Now we will have to console ourselves with a game in the second tier of European football, away at Rennes.

My in depth knowledge of French football leaves my not knowing a damned thing about them or any of their players. So if you want to know anything about them I suggest you read a blog written by someone who is prepared to pretend to have some knowledge of such things.

Given we have a “must win” game coming up against United on Sunday the team selection will be interesting . We will see just how important this competition is to Mr. Emery.

Looks like everyone that would be expected to be fit is indeed fit. So no worries on the front.

Lets hope we can carry on with our recent upturn in performances and come away with some sort of lead , making the home tie a comfortable affair

Enjoy the game.

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55 comments on “Arsenal vs Rennes (Whoever they are?)

  1. Auba is not a confidence player he hasn’t played well all season. Have said it many times on this blog his movement is great but his shooting is awful. Unai has to take some blame for leaving him on for so long. Iwobi again giving Nacho no support.
    When we went down to ten men Torreira played in front of Mezut and when Matteo come on he played high up as well, surely this is madness. Then when Sead came on he didnt go in front of Nacho he plays in the centre and on the right.
    To be honest we wern’t playing well before Papa got sent off,although I did think he was unfortunate but the decesion making by the players and the manager were off afterwards. This is a two legged tie and the game management at times was akin to a nine year match. This was highlighted with the third goal on 87 minutes which was self inflicted damage.
    After a very encouraging game against a very good side at the weekend this was definetly two steps back.

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  2. Get French Football News
    ‏ @GFFN
    5m5 minutes ago

    Arsène Wenger is on the verge of becoming Head of Technical Development at FIFA, according to Le Parisien. Role would essentially make him a special advisor to Gianni Infantino.

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  3. Not sure Wenger should be getting into bed with those crooks!

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  4. an interesting take on Emery’s struggles v the lesser teams, compared to how well he seems to be tactically against the bigger teams,

    is he not factoring in that the lesser side might raise their game or even change their game when facing Arsenal,
    Emery seems to set up tactics to counter opponents, instead of trying to impose our game on them, this works fine when the bigger team is here to try and do their thing, but backfires when its a lesser side and they have come to counter our tactics, it leaves us caught between two stools, and is the reason we struggle so much in these games

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