A Draw Leaves A sour Taste.


Hello positives, talk about download (5)mixed emotions?

I’m pleased for Emery, he had a plan and the players bought into it and he got what, before the game, would have been considered a good result. Whatever your long standing feeling about Spurs are, they’re a decent outfit and have been consistently good for a few years now, so a draw at their rented home, is a good point. Of course it’s great to win but if we drew with all our top 6 rivals, away from home we would be in great shape.Our head coach has come in for some criticism of late (not least from yours truly) but I think his team selection and tactics were vindified, so credit where it’s due.

That said, personally I don’t likes to accept being second best and setting up expecting  to be dominated, but that’s his style and I, like everyone else, will have to get used to it and try to enjoy it as best we can. I felt they were woefully short of confidence and it was an opportunity to go at the all guns blazing, In other words play Ozil and Ramsey, but I can’t even play Football Manager, let alone pick a real team. But I digress.

I’m very happy for Ramsey, that in his last NLD, he scored a goal that will remain in our memories for life, as he will, or at least as he should. What a great player and pro. he has been for us.

I’m glad that the awful officiating didn’t get to us as it sometimes seemed to do in the past. There was real fight and togetherness right through the team.

There is no need for me to describe the action that everyone has seen, all I will say is I thought it was a decent performance, not classic by any means, but that will do away from home for the time being.

I’m disappointed that Mustafi had a brain fart (he didn’t know Kane should have been flagged off side), the action itself was a foul and a penalty.

Final emotion is that off annoyance that Aubameyang squandered the chance to bag all three points with what can only be described as a pathetic spot kick.

So there you have it – mixed emotions.



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  1. With everything that happened in the preceding 90 minutes we had a great opportunity for all 3 points right at the death and missing out is my one big irritation too The look on Auba’s face was one of dejection and know he’ll come back more determined to get Arsenal over CL qualification line.

    Moving forward I don’t think we broke any stride today on recent performances / momentum and got a lot of positives to take into the Manutd game.

    Our bad patch has been one of trial and error for Emery and I think we are over it as he’s slowly getting things right.

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  2. Yep, a decent enough result, but annoying, we deserved better. And some smart tactics by Emery, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I do believe there is something about him. Was very interested to hear him appearing to praise the refs strong character, but constantly stating VAR is coming, I think he knows what he is up against, as did his predecessor.
    Just watched Utd on MOTD, the fact is, some teams consistently get the rub of the green, others do not.
    As for Spurs, if VAR is handled properly, I suspect they have more to fear than most.

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  3. It seems the West Ham Newcastle match ref understands the rather easily understood law of encroachment

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  4. Yep. I thought I’d gotten away with it as well, and wan’t going to think about game most of day and stew over certain aspects, such as what horrible dirty bastards Spurs are and whether or not we got a raw deal from officials. Wrong!

    We did quite well, I thought, though it definitely seemed too passive for me after the goal first half, and as though it wasn’t near to being in our hands whether or not they got an equaliser, more whether they would execute on one of the occasions they were around our box, especially down right.

    I’m assuming the plan is to try find a very fast dribbler, as that would make me feel different and more importantly improve our chances when sitting back for long periods and waiting for breaks. Part of thinking behind Auba’s introduction maybe. For all that it wasn’t his day, there were three or four times his speed and runs got him into good positions.

    Thought Kos and Socratis excellent today but at same time was pining once more for a tall cb who can dominate set piece situations, rather than be stretching and straining every sinew to reach it with some sort of contact.

    That said, the two situations I have in mind were both clearly fucking offside!! Still, fair chance a Van Dijkk type monster in air could reach it in the Kos position for their offside pen, and have Mustafi in less of a panic from his position.

    Most players in credit for the day. Would’ve loved it if Ramsey’s goal had been winner but not to be. Thought Iwobi had another good game and Mkhi simply looks a man transformed. I’ve gone from feeling like it’s a 50:50 whether he gets a pass/decision right to feeling excited any time he gets ball in promising position.

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  5. As for Spurs dirt. Jeez I find them loathsome. Pure Ferguson stuff from point he decided to up ante against us with dirt and found, verily, it was good with pgmol.

    You almost literally can’t be near them- or them you rather- without them making some contact, push here, clout there, elbow here, ankle bite, push, trip, grab, endless. Adds to the stress a hell of a lot, especially as it feels like at any moment a truly bad one could arrive.

    I don’t blame Xhaka for getting right in the spirit of it, though it’s a very dangerous game and he gave enough today for many a ref to send off one of ours, especially him.

    One last moan : remember how little Giroud was permitted to use his strength for us with defenders at his back. Invariably if contact and they fell over, free kick, and often even if they didn’t fall. Dozens if not hundreds of ‘sacred bleus’ from the big man.

    Contrast is incredible with how Spurs clearly back in, barge, jostle, get the elbows out or up, for every lofted ball, normally to Kane, occasionally others, including Lamela for free kick today, and get pinged maybe 1 in 10 times for it.

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  6. Positive from yesterday not seen much mention of was that after conceding we rallied and pushed to try get winner.

    Inherent danger when trying to protect lead is that if you do concede and need another goal yourself it’s often hard to change momentum. We managed it though and that seems another decent sign.

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  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/MailSport/status/1101988078913314816

    Ever, in the field ok uk journalism has such an appropriate image been selected to accompany its article

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  8. Bloody hell, some debate on my timeline between some high level current and former officials about whether the foul was before Kane became active!

    Some arguing this is the case, in which case, by the rules, pen would be correct decision.

    First, the rule is silly if it permits that possibility. Second, ffs, how can anyone think he wasn’t active at that point.

    Every one of their squadron of offside players was active as soon as they started moving.

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  9. Seems like City’s doping and disregard for rules even worse than I imagined. Latest document- none of which have been denied- showed Etihad paid something like 8 million only of a 58 million deal, with rest coming from company of City owner.

    They also had provisions in place so if ever in danger of falling foul of any financial rules on paper they could backdate and adjust deals (with cash obviously coming from owners again, or AD as they would call it in emails)

    I hear stuff like that let alone the reports they will spend 200 mill, or the outlandish figure of 350 in one report, this summer and think, not only fucksake, etc, but maybe I need to seriously readjust hopes and expectations for coming years. I still like to dream of us being the best, winning titles, being as good as we were in Wenger’s best years. The finances make it near impossible.

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  10. Needless to say I focused on the refereeing in my blog. I try to show that Anthony Taylor is perfect example of PGMOL refereeing and said same PGMOL is incapable of implementing a fair and unbiased VAR. You can check it out https://uniteforvar.com/?p=1792

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  11. Alan Shearer
    ‏Verified account @alanshearer
    1h1 hour ago

    Alan Shearer Retweeted Matthew Dunn

    Ok Dunn. Having again just spoken to the PGMOL and the PL match centre they have CONFIRMED I AM CORRECT in saying he SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN OFFSIDE as he moves to head the ball and challenges an opponent for the ball as it clearly states in the laws. Have a good day 🙋🏼‍♂️

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  12. When we carried (nearly) all before us in that 22-match unbeaten run back in the Autumn I thought days like yesterday would be pretty commonplace. When we laboured to a 1-1 draw with Brighton at the Amex just after Christmas I didn’t think we had much hope of doing anything much this season. So I guess I am delighted with the point, but quite understand the frustration surrounding the lack of two more. But whisper it quietly, this is a side that is starting to find itself, under a manager who is also finding his way in a new place. I doubt we will challenge the really big money clubs for a while, but I also suspect that the Premier League as we currently know it (and indeed the UK) is likely to go through all sorts of changes over the next several years, changes that may make it less attractive to those currently pumping money in at unsustainable levels. And the relatively cautious husbandry practised by AFC may yet yield rewards. I certainly expect that to be the case.
    More immediately we have three important games over the next 11 days, and I would like to think morale in the camp is pretty decent jsut now.

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  13. Emery got his tactics mostly right yesterday, I think only thing I would say he or the team got wrong was how negative we became once we took the lead, once spurs leveled we went at them again and should have won it. I think Emery has just a little too much caution in him, just as Wenger was a little too courageous

    Having said the tactics were mostly right, sadly the execution of them let us down a little bit, we had four or five really big chances to score, and took one
    Ramsey took his goal
    Lacazette hit two great chances wide
    PEA was far too easily bumped off the ball when Mkhitaryan’s outstanding through ball put him in on goal. PEA maybe should even have shot before the defender got back
    PEA very poor penalty. PEA also really could have scored in the follow up too

    Could include Iwobi’s curling effort, it was far too close to the middle of the goal.

    Yes officials screwed us over big time, but we also had enough big chances to win several games, and we did not take them.

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  14. I seen someone on here yesterday say that Taylor did not fall for spurs diving antics, well he may not have given them the freekicks they tried to con out of him, but he did not book a single spurs player for diving, so he did fall for their antics, or at the very least he decided to ignore the rules and not hand out the bookings he should have, either way it speaks volumes about how inept the PGMOL crew are.

    We have had a dive panel in operation for a few years now, really we have, but despite every single BPL game being reviewed by the PGMOL we have barely seen any diver charged let alone suspended. We see the same guys game by game dive and cheat and refs refuse to card them, and pgmol refuse to refer them to the Dive panel.
    Yet people are still pinning their hopes on VAR transforming the Ref standards, my God if they can’t see these things in their match reviews, with all the time they need or want to view them, why would anyone think that we will see them spot them in the couple of minutes they will have with VAR, or more to the point if they have not the will to do it now, why will these exact same people have the will to enforce the rules with VAR, enforcing the rules is a foreign concept to these guys, GAME MANAGEMENT is their mantra, and till that changes nothing will stop the PGMOL result influencing

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  15. Ed

    Aye, similar vein the only attitude that seems reasonable to me- supposing pgmol are ok, competent enough people, doing their best- from officials towards diving antics of players like Rose, Young, Son, etc would be constant suspicion bordering on hostility.

    The patterns of behaviour aren’t exactly hard to spot. In case of Rose and Young they leap in air on contact like virtually no one else in game, time after time, often on numerous occasions in the same match. I can’t see a good reason for that not pissing decent officials off, making them think said players are bellends and, within professional limits of course, making them quite eager to punish those players whenever possible.

    Instead…it’s more like the reverse if anything. Yes, occasionally those who go down too easily might find the ref isn’t in the mood to buy it, sometimes leading directly, by looks of it, to said player not getting a free kick they should, but those are the exceptions to the rule. Typically they are far more likely to treat, say, the strange improbable flights of spring-heeled Rose and Young as evidence contact in keeping with such dramatic actions have occured.

    In case its not clear, in a world of cheats, damn those two piss me off more than most and are among the very worst sportsmen in the league.

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  16. Rich one of the former refs recently said that at the PGMOL one of the things they were told was a clear sign of a dive was a player throwing his arms up in the air as he fell, a totally unnatural thing to do, and so a clear sign of trying to deceive, yet as this former PGMOL guy pointed out, this is exactly what Mo Salah does time and again and is rewarded with penalty after penalty.

    The biggest problem with it all is that the media and certainly the pundits have no interest at all in highlighting it, in fact as we seen yesterday on Final Score from Matthew Upson and Alex Scott, they support it, both said of a penalty claim for Southamtpon, – “Smalling had a handful of shirt but would have been unlucky to have seen penalty given” – think about that for a minute, two pundits, two former players, both openly acknowledge that Smalling was committing a foul, having “a handful of shirt” is a foul, but both support the foul not being called.

    Look at all the journos and pundits bending over backwards to claim Kane was not offside, look how they ignore the Rose studds up foul, and how is Sanchez’s studs to Kos knee not being even mentioned.

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  17. The ‘actually kane was not offside according to rules’ schtick is unbelievable.

    Genuinely didn’t think for a minute anyone connected to game could try argue he wasn’t active in that sequence before the foul.

    Unfortunately none of them forthcoming about precise definition of when he becomes active.

    They are claiming he was not challenging ball or opponent before being fouled. So, who knows, maybe they believe it is only instant he touches either ball or opponent when he becomes active/ is challenging for ball. Bonkers.

    Never heard any suggestion this is the case before. It’s always been the more common sense interpretation that once an offside player starts moving in direction of ball (typically in so doing making defenders respond to threat offside player then represents), they are then active.

    It’s just another like Kane’s offside against Liverpool, or Xhaka’s red at Swansea, I suppose.

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  18. Chambers has scored to make it Fulham 1-1 Chelsea

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  19. One odd thing in the game was the second half. I really expected the Spud to come out hammering us as they did at the end of the second half.
    I liked the way we some how forced them back at the start of the second, and they seemed to get quite light headed and stacks of space opened up.
    Despite all the bs, we must have come out of the game with more than the noisy neighbours. Everyones breathing down their necks now. Two losses and a draw for them. BvB might even turn it around…
    Sure hope we can just keep up how we’re playing ( top marks to the Soc-that guys getting better and better), go up two or three steps and the EL is ours and who knows in the PL?
    Frustrating and lots of pointers to the need for VAR sorting out incidents, but much to be taking home with us as a builder. It really is time to destroy the ManUre when they come…

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  20. Dave I don’t see BVB turning it around, they are on a bad run too, Bayern are now level on pts with them at the top of the table.

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  21. Saw that today too Ed, big headlines in Germany. Got to cling on to a bit of hope though! I was a bit surprised how they were smashed in the first leg.

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  22. glad to see Liverpool drop pts today, can’t stand them, their manager, their diving stars or the awful fans.
    its a long held dislike I have for them, all the way back to the 70’s and 80’s.

    City will win the title if the match LFC’s results over the last 9 games of the BPL season.

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  23. Spurs have been given pens, scored by Kane in 4 out of the last 5 league north London derbies.
    A strange unlikely scenario until you consider the degree to which the PGMOL reward serial divers.
    VAR is coming for them

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  24. LFC were 7pts clear of city 9 games ago, they are now 1pt behind

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  25. Mandy why do you think VAR is coming for them, VAR will be run by the PGMOL, not some independent outfit, the PGMOL review each and every BPL game in great detail, yet still get “conned” by these serial divers, we have a dive panel that the PGMOL barely refer any incident to, so why are so many of yee putting your hopes on the PGMOL all of a sudden changing their whole way of operating or viewing these cheats, really why.

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  26. Just paraphrasing Emery, meant VAR is coming for the PGMOL, he was implying to help them, though many of us will have a different view on that, not specifically referring to Spurs, although as posted earlier, I suspect Spurs have more to lose than most IF it is done properly.

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  27. Orbinho
    ‏ @Orbinho
    1h1 hour ago

    Premier League points in 2019

    Man City 24
    Man Utd 23
    Arsenal 19
    Spurs 16
    Liverpool 16
    Watford 15
    Burnley 15

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  28. yes Mandy, “if its done properly”, that is the key, but who is confident it will be done properly

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  29. We shall see, but nothing about the PGMOL fills me with any confidence, especially when it comes to entities like Tottenham or Kane

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  30. Not just the PGMOL, but Tottenham have a strange effect on the media.
    If motd and the press had put focus on that Davison stamp on Kos, the FA may be forced to act, but have read very little about that incident, in contract to say the Xhaka tackle from behind. Would be nice to see Arsenal report that stamp to the FA , like rugby teams that use sanctions, but doubt they will, not even sure such arrangements exist with the ultra controlling FA/ EPL/ PGMOL
    I would love to know what it is with Tottenham- an England thing? And owner not part of some perceived American influence trying to dominate the league ( way out I know,might be nonsense but have actually read in a couple blogs over the years there is a fear of the power of the US owners) ? Are Spurs kind to the media? Sucking up to a manager they believe destined for better things? Something else?

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  31. Bloody good question, Mandy. I can only put forward theories. Some of them more probable than others.

    (1)The England contingent seems very big. We hoped of course to see some of it when we had three or four in and around the squad, but never did. There’s a very big difference between the place their lot occupy within squad and ours did.

    Couple of nailed on’s, including white knight captain wonder boy, two more who regularly play, two more in Rose and formerly Walker who have been highly regarded. Winks now in mix as well. Not sure any of ours ever fully established themselves in team, aside from Wilshere for a spell before injury struck again.

    (2) They’re not Arsenal. The antipathy towards us was so extreme for so long maybe some of that somehow resulted in some Spurs affection. Why that antipathy grew as it did and what the basis of it was isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly, but I can’t help feeling it was in part, in the early and mid-stages especially, based on our ‘foreignness’ under Wenger, in nationality to an extent but even more so in mentality and ideas. Maybe it’s near reverse with Spurs, in mentality as well as the English core.

    (3) Getting a bit outlandish now but…are there unusually high numbers of actual Spud supporters in good media jobs? Can’t see any reason for that, admittedly, but sometimes i wonder.

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  32. Thing you raise some very valid points Rich

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  33. All songs in the latest edition of the Yorkie Show have been selected by one of our own from Positively Arsenal, David Moore, so have a listen and let us know what you think.

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  34. In Jermaine Jenas’ mind he is one of Totnum’s greatest ever players and legend of this generation.

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  35. Time to move on from weekend’s action, I guess.

    Think i was reasonably close to sort of ‘editing’ out the controversial aspects, taking the good from the game, including the great emotional workout it provided, and moving on to look forward to next action…but then I failed totally.

    That fecking offside, and the media retrospectively turning it into a correct decision, all on the basis of claiming Kane not active or challenging at any moment prior to the foul. Jeez.

    Guess the thing that really gets under my skin is it leaves a sense that similar things are all too likely next time out in prem on the big calls. And next time out again feels absolutely massive, bigger than the last one even.

    Oh well. Rennes game to enjoy first, where it seems they could be galvanised by exceptional support on what is a huge occasion for the club, then those utd bums. Fingers crossed we can overcome whatever is thrown at us.

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  36. It is difficult to move on from any NLD especially when you feel so aggrieved I think Thursday will take my mind off it for a while. Beating manure would truly help me forget it.
    If we finish behind them by three points it will come up again.

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  37. That’s my gripe too with this whole thing Ian. The race for top-four is so tight that every point count and that 2 points may end up being the difference between Europe and Europa.

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  38. so Davinson Sanchez will face no charge for his stamp of Koscielnly’s knee, cos, wait for it, yes the Harry Kane headbutt Rule, the Ref seen it. Yes Anthony Taylor says he seen it and no further action was required, two game, two very possible Red Card offenses seen by the Refs, and no card of any kind issued, and no action can be taken. Is turning a blind eye to Spurs players nasty fouls now part of the FA’s and PGMOL’s mission statement. This is beyond incompetence from the Refs, simply put if it was simple incompetence both of those Refs would have been suspended by the PGMOL for such major mistakes, but neither have or will be.
    Add in that its 10 days since Poch verbally abused Mike Dean, and still no outcome has been reached, are the FA hoping that people will just forget about it, as it seems the Media have already decided to ignore it.

    The game is being corrupted by the FA and the PGMOL, the very people who are there to safe guard it.

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  39. Ian, Labo

    That’s probably the big factor in why it festered with me all weekend. So damn close at present for top four. Those extra two points would’ve been extremely welcome.

    Closure on Sanchez incident anyway, not that I saw any hope for that one, nor was I convinced it should be retrospective red.

    Them actually addressing it and saying officials saw it during match is probably most annoying part for me. Ok, you see it and don’t think it’s a red, fine. You see it and don’t think it’s a yellow, very dubious. You see it and don’t think it merits a talking to… come on!

    For a game where my dissatisfaction with ref towards opposition foul play was mostly nebulous, and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong, that cuts to the heart of it : the officials had no interest in trying to address the clear and obvious pattern of foul play from the off.

    They were looking for advantages from aggression and fouls of all sizes and strength throughout, and from all the clouts and clumps our players faced in air, the flailing arms even on ground, the early cynical stop of a break with another clump to Laca’s face, the solid off the ball barge into Laca again, the dive from Rose, the kickout they say they saw on a downed opponent, the studs into the chest…none of it dealt with as though the officials had spotted the pattern or at least not as though they wanted to stop it.

    So, no, I’m not quite there yet either, and might have been just trying to talk myself into it earlier.

    Anyway, it’s only Mossy and Man utd next up. I’m sure we’ll see good officiating there.

    Glad there’s a Rennes game in between. Win or lose I go into European games with so much more faith in officials.

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  40. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    41m41 minutes ago

    🚨 TEAM NEWS 🚨

    Here’s how #AFCU23 line up against @SwansOfficial in the #PL2 this evening…

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  41. Moss the ref for our game v Man utd next sunday, once again Arsenal have the strange happening of getting the 4th official from our last BPL game as Ref for our following BPL game, a fate according to Untold Arsenal that befalls us way more often than any other club in the BPL

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  42. the u23 game is live on the Swansea city facebook page

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  43. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    46s46 seconds ago

    HALF-TIME: #AFCU23 0-2 Swansea City

    @BukayoSaka87 and @XavierAmaechi have threatened, but we’re trailing at the break after two late strikes from Cullen and Blake 😩

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  44. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    1m1 minute ago

    Strikes from Balogun and Tormey complete an impressive second-half comeback for #AFCU23 in the #PL2 🔥

    Well played, boys 👏

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  45. Another bang on pen ignored by the ref it seems not only the first team suffer from officials, obviously the powers at be hate the U23S as well

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  46. seen that ian, we had a good shout for another one two, but not a chance

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  47. We now know for certain Tottenham are being treated as a special case. Kane head butt, Davison stamp, ref saw them, nothing for anyone else to see , move along. The Poch pu ish,met delayed until the NLD.
    We know it is happening, a few suggestions recently as to why Spurs are seen as so special in recent posts.
    To me , their treatment reminds me of Leicester and Liverpool in recent years. I believe The England team is partly the reason why Spurs receive preferential treatment, but also have a hunch, and of course, that’s all it is, the FA are desperate for someone other than City to win the league every year. Perhaps for a number of reasons, sponsors moaning about a possibly uncompetitive league, and though they don’t shame easily, maybe the FA/ EPL are a little embarrassed at the monster they have created with city, and may even fear looking stupid and impotent, especially if, as some reports suggest, UEFA are about to take the Manc Oilers on.
    If the alternative title winners to City theory has any grain of truth, would expect to see Utd join Spurs and Liverpool on the favoured list, might even overtake them. That will make things complicated when VAR comes in! Trying to help three teams at once!
    Cannot see Arsenal, or now Chelsea really joining the favoured few though, for various different reasons

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  48. Mandy

    Always thought it interesting how even in that long spell when Fergie fully established as king of the league (trophies and influence) it didn’t really apply to Liverpool games.

    Shows up best in pens and reds, as I guess it does with us, but as we know they are merely the more obvious markers.

    For example, Vidic got six reds in over 200 games with Utd in the league, with four of those coming against Liverpool.

    Randomly saw highlights of a Utd Liverpool game from early 2000’s the other day where Gerrard launched into an insane challenge on Veron. His body shape was actually like a long jumper, including the arched back after takeoff, two footed, studs up. Wow, I’d forgotten that red, I thought, only to see ref opt for a fucking talking to (may have been yellow after it but he was still on pitch in next scene).

    So even in those days they could have more than one favoured team, and the effects seemed to mostly be it balanced out for a normal-ish game, where pens, reds and other things to incur the Fergie wrath are possible for either side.

    Things change of course depending on what stage of the season we’re at, who can win what, etc.

    On which note, Utd have been doing exceptionally well on pens since Ole took over. Think they are now 10-4 to our 3-6, and surely an excellent bet to get one, especially if in need, this weekend.

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  49. Yes, I do remember Liverpool being one of the few who got at least some breaks against Fergies Utd, though Rafa was also driven to his famous, but undoubtedly accurate rant!
    I suspect Utd will be given every help possible in our next league game, not saying we cannot beat them, but we will be up against more than their players.
    I have always been amazed nobody has had a proper look I to what Fergie got away with the refs, because the longer these things in our game are kept under wraps, and even continued, the worse it will be for our inept , probably corrupt authorities when things come out.
    Really intrigued to see how they manage VAR here.
    If we suffer biased officiating again the next game, hope the reportedly wily customer that is Raul has a word, in contrast to his predecessor Ivan Gazidis, who rightly, or wrongly seemed quite passive on such things, perhaps as we would later find out, with just a hint of self interest. The club should have backed wengers stance on officiating right up to the establishment corridors of power, but from what I can see, Ivan did precious little, some would say the words “precious little” may fitting for his epitaph, but that would be unkind!

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