Arsenal: Five Wins WWWWW Five Goals


Good afternoon Positive Arsenal fans,

Top performance and a 5-1 result that accurately reflected our dominance in the midday  match. It barely seems credible to me that a few months ago the prospect of a game ‘on the road’ even against clubs around the bottom of the PL seemed to fill the players, the fans ( and me) with the jitters. From the start there was a disciplined approach from our lads, with concentration good and the ball rarely squandered.  Our performance today was by no means faultless but we did far more well and right, with the error(s) few and far between. Toward the end I thought there was a brio in our play, a sense that every time we moved over the half way line a goal was 50/50,  that I have has seen for a while.

Goals win matches and all five of our strikes  were at least good, and with one in the good going on exceptional bracket. Ramsey’s goal was a thing of clockwork precision and, as it brought us a two goal cushion over the home side, decisive.  Hector’s back heel flick was sublime, Aaron’s clever diversion into the corner of the net quite beautiful. To that point, 67 minutes gone, our opponents were still in the match. Afterward it was a matter of how many we would win by.

Laca and then Auba’s movement was too sharp for Fulham all afternoon. Allow either to take a position on the 6 yard line with the ball at his feet and his back to goal and you, my defensive friend,  have trouble.  Alex Iwobi put in another creative performance, the main spring of our left sided raiders. He improves week to week in picking the right pass in and around the opposition box. Nacho, despite his culpability for the Fulham equaliser, put in a fine attacking display all afternoon. I thought Holding and Shkodran held the line well against a Fulham side who do indeed look like “they have goals in them” to quote the excruciating Robbie Savage.

My man of the match though ?  Well he comes from Uruguay, and he’s only five foot five. Competent, combative and Torreira seemed to be running as hard in the 93rd minute as he was in the 3rd minute.

The home side ? They have a bit of football quality about them in midfield and up front. Schurrle, Seri, Sessegnon all possess a good touch and, particularly the German, a football brain. FFC are better than the Cardiff and Toon sides we beat. At the back though ……..If they don’t learn how to lock the back door then it will be a brief return to he top flight.

Finally peruse the Premier League table with me. We sit,  briefly though it may be,  in third spot;


Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 13.59.47.jpg

I think I would have probably settled for that, if anyone had asked me in August.

Anyway, roller skates on. It is all kicking off at St Mary’s.

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235 comments on “Arsenal: Five Wins WWWWW Five Goals

  1. ian when I first read your post I thought it said

    “and Brian Talbot is the building”

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  2. Rich I see Glen Kamara is being linked with both Rangers and Celtic as well as several Championship club, even a link or two to some lower BPL clubs.

    It seems Dundee need to sell and he is their most valuable asset.

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  3. marky I seen the tackle that broke Kim Little’s leg, it should have been a red card, the same player had also got away with a few other late challenges, as I said on here on Sunday, once AFC Women had gone 3 up, the CFC players put in lots of nasty tackles, and Ref was far too soft on them.
    10 weeks out could derail our women’s team title challenge, as Little is really top class and will be very hard to cover for.

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  4. Aaron Ramsey
    ‏Verified account @aaronramsey
    44m44 minutes ago

    The twins have finally arrived! Two beautiful boys 👶🏼👶🏼 Thank you for the kind messages @_C_Ramsey

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  5. Much better from the Germans tonight – pity the cheating by Matuidi stole their point

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  6. Really interesting at the meeting tonight, there were a few questions regarding the old guard and the committee pointed out that Ivan was probably the most accessible CEO in the country, it shut a few people up.
    Brian Talbot was fascinating, apart from his insight into ARSENAL he also told about his many roles in football, Manager, Coach, scout and now head of scouting and data analysis at Fulham. He spoke about Calum and how he needs a run of games and also about attitude of young players.
    Oh A.I.S.A. Player of the year was Nacho and young player was Ainsley.

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  7. ian that is what always pissed me off about the likes of AST etc, when they whinged about lack of talks with the club, when they had probably the best interaction of any clubs fans, what with regular meets with the CEO. its part of the reason they ast are now so butt hurt, they know it will be far less from now on,

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  8. Don’t know much about he coaching at Hoffenheim, but Nelson seems to have acquired a stunning free kick, scoring with a thirty yarder for the U21’s last night.
    Didn’t know he had that in his tool box.

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  9. Self Righteous

    Think he scored a nice free kick with same sort of technique against Utd u23’s last year.

    Found it. Another nice one.

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  10. Ed, A.I.S.A. and ast are completely different animals. The first has always maintained a good relationship with the club the second after the reason for its initial conception went just because a vigalanty protest group, a characture of itself. Unfortunately some of the knobs from the second group also joined the first. In general A.I.S.A is an association that’s runs closely with the club to progress all supporter issues around matchgoing experience (not on who the manager should be). Tony Attwood from untold is on the committee and was there last night as are many prominent ARSENAL supporters, however they are definitely less high profile when it comes to social media.

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  11. Rich I blame the youth coaches who got the kids to spend more time playing football with their feet then there heads. I don;t like the business model of the coaches who taught Sterling how to play football (it wasn’t Guardiola! that would be misguided thinking…) but i do respect their ability and knowledge as coaches.

    Or I suppose i should blame Clough.

    Mike blames that foreigner anti-English lover of English Football, Wenger.

    I’ll find someone to blame. Or praise. Whichever of the bipolar options suits my mood.
    Almost as odd as trying to praise, say, Arsene Wenger for teaching Alexis how to take a free kick? Nevermind a little common sense.

    I suppose that common sense went out the window with the bath water and the ‘Defensive Coaching’ meme and the equally hilarious ‘ Unai will fulfill all my dreams with his gegenpressing style which doesn’t match what we are all watching on the football pitch’ meme from pre-season, which lest we forget was highly amusing, given the actual football on the football pitch. Little bit similar to the gibberistic Leno vs Cech meme that was being cashed in at the same time. Ching ching!

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  12. But I’ve been enjoying the Breakdown.

    Clarkie continues to go from strength to strength but I can’t see the big broadcasters signing him up unitl he signs first for one of the big sporting agencies? Perhaps he already is? Hopefully he’ll continue to do stuff on the Arsenal for our pleasure whatver he does.

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  13. < Arsene did suggest to players where they might place their kicks. But he didn't teach them the technique!

    e.g.: He told Cazorla which side to go for with that free kick against the Hull keeper in the pre-match prep on the opposition which accoriding to our own Experts the old gaffer wouldn't do! Even when they saw it happen.
    I wouldn't put too much value on their mistaken gegenpressing confirmation biases exhibited upon the new gaffer either! In the bin with all of that. No different to AFTV media save one for or two nuggets such as the physio on Bergkamp Wonderland.

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  14. It may be my imagination but we had a couple of seasons (12-14 ?) when our dead ball work was bloody awful. We could get a corner over the first defender and if we did it would hit the far corner flag. Our free kicks, of which there many , cannoned into the wall or ballooned into the top tier. The notion of “hitting the target from a free kick” was foreign.

    I have no idea why we slumped but it seemed to go on and on and on.

    We have got better, slowly but surely and score plenty of goals from corners now. I’d really like to see Mesut take a few more free kicks around the box and weave a little magic but we are getting there.

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  15. As we have often discussed on here I am pleased to see the football authorities are taking a strong line on the gratuitous use foul language. Oh yes it seems a long touchline ban for the sweary one this time is on the cards.

    (banned smiley)

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  16. Arsene Wenger “I believe that I will start again on January 1. I don’t know where yet, but I feel rested and am ready to work again.”

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  17. Chris Kavanagh has been appointed as the referee for Monday’s home match against Leicester City.

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  18. Pires on Wenger: “Football needs people like Arsene Wenger. He’s a great manager, he knows everything about football. He’s in love with football, he’s very passionate.”

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  19. seems Koscielny was back in full training today

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  20. ah I have misjudged some of the mainstream media in regards to their approach to Arsenal, I see now that they really love us, as there can be no other way to explain it when you see articles by them outraged at KSE for buying out Arsenal, how they feel company law should be changed to stop this happening at any of the other 92 BPL and FL clubs(what you mean its already happened at many other big clubs, can’t be as media showed no concern, or maybe this is proof that they love Arsenal more),

    the concern these journos feel towards these poor(“I don’t want or need the money”) former shareholders is commendable, the plight of these sad put upon people is no joke, how are they to be expected to feel superior to us normal supporters, how are they supposed to feel like they are a Gooner, how can some of them be expected to get their 15 minutes of fame by slagging off all things Arsenal in the media, with the caveat “Arsenal Shareholder”, how can they now have an excuse for being so self important, pompous and arrogant, when they have no Arsenal shares to wave in our faces.

    I suppose they will just have to be part of a shareholders group(yeah I know how silly that is) like AST and slag off the club as a group, you know they way, send an open letter, through their concerned friends in the media, to the AFC chairman, telling the world the poor state of Arsenal’s transfer funds next summer, (what you mean its only conjecture and guesswork at best).

    “We’ve got our Arsenal back, we’ve got our Arsenal back”, isn’t that how it goes

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  21. “The FA feels to fund the grassroots programme, they have to sell a national asset – it’s quite simply ridiculous. Don’t sell Wembley when you can place a levy on agents’ fees.”

    I agree with the well known conspracy theorist, Gary Neville.

    Who could disagree, and argue in defence of the over-influence of agents on resources in the sport?

    Who would smear observations and recordings, movies & novels whic simply say the same as Gary above?

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  22. Not having attended a live match for a few years I’m not up to speed with match day culture, so was wondering if any of our current players have earned their own chant.
    Senior players like Ramsey, Kos, Ozil should by now have something going for them.
    First one I remember was Bobby Gould’s, but my all time favourite was for Perry (‘we all live in a Perry Groves world”) Groves, and a special mention for ‘You can stick your two points up your arse”

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  23. @anicoll5
    They’ll probably get away with it if they swear in their own (not English) language. I believe the majority of players & coaches in the PL are ‘Johnny foreigners”.
    Bit different down the leagues though.

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  24. Worldwide audience, worldwide brand eddy. Jose may have got away with it the past, although Dr Eva rather turned his table over, but these days in the PL only the highest standards of behaviour are acceptable.

    (takes out lemon)

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  25. The best player chant we had as NaNaNa Giroud etc SR – and then we sold the bugger. We’ve got Ozil still brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat.

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  26. Torriera now has his own chant, I have yet to see him live, but I gather something along the lines of “Hes only 5ft high, and comes from Uruguay”

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  27. To the tune of Vieira?

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  28. Believe so

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  29. FC Bayern invited the media to a press conference for Friday lunchtime. President Uli Hoeness, Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic have apparently something important to announce.

    Rumor is that they are to announce Arsene Wenger’s arrival at Bayern

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  30. Eduardo Silva ARSENAL’S no 9 , great song or Flamini was good as well. I always liked the Freddie red hair chant and obviously the Stevie Bould no hair chant.
    Although one of the funniest was the posh spice one,
    Posh spice is a hooker
    She wears a see through bra
    and when she’s shagging Beckham
    She dreams of
    Ray Par- lour

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  31. Maybe it’s because I’m an old git – but I do find it strange that even modern day ‘chants’ are based on tunes written often many decades ago. Volare (1950’s?) is the tune that spawned the Vieira chant and Hey Jude (1960’s) gave us the basis of Girouds’ song.
    The first I can remember (sung in the 60’s on the North Bank) was to the tune of Lily the Pink (The Scaffold) which praised John Radford and the Club in general for ‘inventing professional football’). A Christmas carol of course formed the basis of Born is the King of Highbury which was first sung for Charlie George and later for Liam Brady – both in the ’70’s.

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  32. Insideright,

    Although the Billy Big Blaggers have written a narrative that failed to airbrush the status in world football of footballers like Cazorla and Mertesacker out of the Narrative the fans on the terraces acknowledged these footballers on the pitch before them with songs early on in their careers at the Arsenal, as early as the song for Torreira, which if he is lucky will become as popular as the songs for those two.

    Cazorla’s song to the tune of the White Stripes Seven Nation Army song, a relatively recent composition. Don’t know if Arsenal fans adopted this tune as it was already popular in football, or were the first, but after the Cazorla song became popular this tune was being sung up and down the land, similar to how other fans copied the Arsneal fans adopted tune for Giroud. Same old Arsenal eh?

    Mertesacker’s song was perhaps my favourite of recent years, and to one of the oldest tunes used in football chants? “Big Fucking German” to the tune of Guantanamera, earliest recording I could find is from 1938. Positively genius from the Arsenal supporters.

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  33. The really clever chants are the spontaneous ones like when the club DJ was playing Village People’s Go West over the sound system (at half time?), the supporters picked up on it and the classic One Nil To The Arsenal was born. Another when the away crowd were taunting us with ‘you’ve only got one song’, and blow me if right on cue Song scored and his chant came to be at that moment.

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