Arsenal: Five Wins WWWWW Five Goals


Good afternoon Positive Arsenal fans,

Top performance and a 5-1 result that accurately reflected our dominance in the midday  match. It barely seems credible to me that a few months ago the prospect of a game ‘on the road’ even against clubs around the bottom of the PL seemed to fill the players, the fans ( and me) with the jitters. From the start there was a disciplined approach from our lads, with concentration good and the ball rarely squandered.  Our performance today was by no means faultless but we did far more well and right, with the error(s) few and far between. Toward the end I thought there was a brio in our play, a sense that every time we moved over the half way line a goal was 50/50,  that I have has seen for a while.

Goals win matches and all five of our strikes  were at least good, and with one in the good going on exceptional bracket. Ramsey’s goal was a thing of clockwork precision and, as it brought us a two goal cushion over the home side, decisive.  Hector’s back heel flick was sublime, Aaron’s clever diversion into the corner of the net quite beautiful. To that point, 67 minutes gone, our opponents were still in the match. Afterward it was a matter of how many we would win by.

Laca and then Auba’s movement was too sharp for Fulham all afternoon. Allow either to take a position on the 6 yard line with the ball at his feet and his back to goal and you, my defensive friend,  have trouble.  Alex Iwobi put in another creative performance, the main spring of our left sided raiders. He improves week to week in picking the right pass in and around the opposition box. Nacho, despite his culpability for the Fulham equaliser, put in a fine attacking display all afternoon. I thought Holding and Shkodran held the line well against a Fulham side who do indeed look like “they have goals in them” to quote the excruciating Robbie Savage.

My man of the match though ?  Well he comes from Uruguay, and he’s only five foot five. Competent, combative and Torreira seemed to be running as hard in the 93rd minute as he was in the 3rd minute.

The home side ? They have a bit of football quality about them in midfield and up front. Schurrle, Seri, Sessegnon all possess a good touch and, particularly the German, a football brain. FFC are better than the Cardiff and Toon sides we beat. At the back though ……..If they don’t learn how to lock the back door then it will be a brief return to he top flight.

Finally peruse the Premier League table with me. We sit,  briefly though it may be,  in third spot;


Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 13.59.47.jpg

I think I would have probably settled for that, if anyone had asked me in August.

Anyway, roller skates on. It is all kicking off at St Mary’s.

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  1. anicol you are mistaking believing a player, namely Ramsey, with what agents say, now when both are the same, that also lends more credibility to what is being said.

    On kos going to leave, he has stated himself that he wants to play again for Lorient before he retires

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  2. Ramsey has pulled out of the Wales squad to play Rep of Ireland, due to “family reasons”. His wife is expecting twins, and Ramsey missed our EL away game in case she went into labor while he was away

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  3. Of course I admire a footballer gritting their teeth and playing on Fins – no question.

    Regarding LK’s achilles tendon and its state he has had problems with it 3-4 seasons along with his bad back so chronic is the right description. I don’t ever recall him having any surgery before and it was treated conservatively with only a few games missed. Over time, presumably, the state of the tendon deteriorated and ‘bingo’ it snapped one day against Atleti. Then it required surgery which I’m sure LK and the club had hoped to avoid. As far as I have heard it all went to plan.

    At 33 now he is very much in the last phase of his career even with two perfect achilles tendons so hopefully he will be fit and available in December. There will be plenty of football on offer, as long as Blackpool and Sporting oblige, so a gradual return should be available with some gentle run outs before any PL action.

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  4. These twins … is he absolutely sure ?

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  5. You’re right eddy – I am confusing what a player says and what his agent says on his behalf, or their own behalf.

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  6. I think Kos’ Achilles was being managed well enough by the club. He was playing a max of one game per week & taking pre game pain killers. It was a sods law situation that it would snap & so it did.
    As for playing through pain with gritted teeth (which I’m sure he did); he could show others a thing or two in that respect.

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  7. When a footballer is hobbling about the pitch and performing below their best, not managing to marshall the sdefence they are in charge of as they are too busy wincing I would kindly suggest that is:

    Not the best management of the athlete.
    Your opinion is:


    But I don’t make a critique of the club or staff, not on my comments easily predicting the easy to expect circumtance as I’d expect nothing less from a pro. athlete but to grit and grind their way through it. And the professional physios are used to be ignored in such instances, that’s how it is. But not beng a professional athelete myself whose career depends upon performing ecven with degrading injury I would recommend listening to their professional opinions, especially when such opinions are helpfully broadcast on a popular podcast.

    I thank you.

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  8. < not in my comments on the matter last Summer.

    no crystal footballs are required when appreciating the midset of any pro. athlete, but i noticed the lame attempt to smear a player who is advised to rest by the staff when necessary!

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  9. Tim
    The less we speculate about the impact of snorting all that Creatine upon Sol’s mind the better!

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  10. Do you talk like this in real life?

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  11. I think the reader will consider themselves to bet on safe ground when concluding that the GMC won’t be asking your opinuion when they publish guidelines on Concussion in sports which they’ve been doing since the 1950’s and is the reason why we ended up with lighter footballs, Jimmy Hill and modern wages for players that risk becomming Punch Drunk later in life, etc. etc. etc. (this is not my opinion it is the record) – sometimes they get listened to, sometimes they don’t…

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  12. I don’t come on here these days as much as I’d like, but I have to say, fins remains entertaining as ever. What an eclectic mix of brilliance, mystery, sarcasm and wit. Never change.

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  13. The BMJ maybe, the GMC never.

    And if doctors were listened about sport and concussion there would be no boxing, the point of the noble art being to inflect concussion on your opponent asap.

    I have seen some remarkable ‘teeth gritting’ over the years. Like most memories in football it is the unusual that stands out. Cesc’s penalty when he had a broken leg is a favourite Arsenal one but Franz Beckenbauer in the semi final against Italy in Mexico in 1970, playing for 50 minutes with a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder strapped to his body, is the ultimate down to the gum effort. He may be a disreputable old fart now but in his day Beckenbauer was the man.

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  14. “doctors were listened about sport and concussion”

    But they, the GMC/BMJ/The Physicians are indeed listened to. Partially. That is all that I have been saying. Since last Summer. Don’t ask me, ask Jimmy Hill!

    if that doesn’t suffice I can advise you check the weight of the footballs if you don’t agree with what your eyes have been showing you as the sport has evolved over the last fifty years! I apologise if this record and observation has caused anybody some kind of strange personal offence, or, um injury.

    But that’s how it goes. Athlete’s are atheltes, and doctors and physios are doctors and physios. I think i am repeating myself from last summer but if all sporting physios demended that their charges obey their advice then they’d be out of a job!


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  15. Is it just me that this ‘teeth gritting’ doesn’t impress? One, because frankly, it’s not heroic. It’s a nice story, throwback to tales of gladiatorial glory, and I understand why it passes off as such, but sometimes you can play on because you are warm and the adrenalin is up. It’s really easy to overlook the pain when your mind and body is elsewhere occupied.

    Secondly, and more seriously, it isn’t smart. It can be counterproductive to your team since you really don’t know when the injury will prevent you from doing your job properly. And it is stupid to potentially harm your entire career over such stubbornness. Nobody thinks it can be that serious because it usually isn’t, especially if they are able to play on. But it can do further damage and I really don’t see the point of it.

    Thankfully, more and more, the athletes’ fitness is worth more to clubs than a single match result and so they are taken care of. Beckenbauer never quite had that luxury. ‘Virtue’ borne out of necessity.

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  16. Shard,

    Ungritting the teeth and maximising the rest and saunas inbeween the footbal matches is how the Germanp hyisos helped Germany to be the first European team to win a football tournament in South America.

    That is not my opinion.
    But it is modern football!

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  17. I don’t know whether times have changed that much – as you say if the player is pumped up the chances is he will insist on staying on. It would take either him to make a massive cock up to be taken off or real evidence of not being able to carry on.

    There was the German player in the 2014 WC final, Kramer, who was clearly knocked out and staggering, even asking the ref where he was, but still played on for 15 minutes before keeling over and having to go off.

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  18. Why go back as far as 2014 Andy?

    No need!

    We all saw AMN try to play on with an injury that would’ve stopped you or me.

    However I’d be kidding myself and myself only if I pretended or chose to believe that a professional physio hadn’t wished that he’d come off when the injury actually happened and not run about on it for several minutes.

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  19. Still trapped in the past I see fins. Aren’t we now in the post post-modern period? Can’t keep up with jargon though. End of history, post truth. Maybe the biggest lie being that people weren’t lied to and were less gullible before makes it post-truth? The Post-Truth Paradox?

    Well, we’re certainly Post-Wenger and the Sky still hasn’t fallen. May we continue on our eMerry way. VARts and all.

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  20. <
    The physios have more sway on the training ground etc. As you would expect.

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  21. Shard,
    Looking at the policies and ignoring the fluff and stench I’ve long had the impression that the neo-Dickensian fever epidemic is all the rage.

    Back to the Future!

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  22. Jose Mourinho certainly didn’t help the cause of medical professionals and player health with his tirade which led to Eva Carneiro losing her job at Chelsea (classy club)

    I still think it is better, some cases notwithstanding. That’s because I’ve seen SOME of what goes on at professional sports clinics and the attitude they have and inculcate in athletes. A lot of it happens with just sitting out the game or in how they build fitness in training.

    We have to remember injury prevention and diagnosis is as much an art as a science and often there is no clear answer. It’s dependent on the doctor/physio’s reading of the situation based on past experience, data and his knowledge of the player. So if a player says he’s fine and stays on when he’s not, next time the medicos will know to take his opinion with a pinch of salt. At the same time, they can’t just drag off players for the simple reasons that a) no one knows about your body better than you, and b) they can’t scare players with thoughts of possible injury and still expect them to perform well.

    It’s a tough balancing act, but the attitudes have moved on from that brave bold era when men were men and could grit their teeth while playing through anything.

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  23. Shard

    To be fair to Jose following Cech’s head injury he campaigned for the presence of ambulances at all PL matches, something like that, and his efforts in that regard saved the life of former Gunner Fabrice Muamba.

    If Muamba’s family are as a result grateful to Jose for his professional regard and concern for the athletes’ well being then we can be too! Whisper it, quietly, but yes it can indeed be observed and recorded that extra precautions are taken on behalf of the players these days.

    And thanks for your kind comments earlier. I wish that I’d have learned to have speed type by now!

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  24. I wouldn’t want to see heading banned for football, I hope that no one has fallen off the verge amidst all the excitement and incorrectly inferred something weird like that.

    But I can appreciate the under elevens coach who insists on less heading for the kiddies, which they can practice when they are older and when the bones are less malleable etc. After all I’m not an Arsenal hole. I hope.

    I wish you all:

    Good health.

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  25. England one up against Spain. Well taken goal by Sterling from a quick break down the left & a beaut of a pass from Rashford

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  26. Early away goal not quite as early as Rosicky at WHL but it’s going to be good test for the back five to see if they can keep a clan sheet.

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  27. Two nil now. Rashford after great solo wok from Kane

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  28. I see Kroenke is ruining his other big sports club, the LA Rams, the only unbeaten team this season in the NFL, 6 wins from 6

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  29. I wouldn’t blame the defensive coaching if England had conceded and I won’t blame the Spanish coaches wither for them going down 0-2!

    Is that the Spanish RB from the WC playing at CB ahead of the ever impressive Chelsea defender whose name I cannot even attempt spell? Not sure if this is their strongest back five from the last five years! If someone wanted to they could mull over the selection which is a favourite hobby of many footy fans but I still wouldn’t blame the coaching for Spain’s worries at the back in this game. Even if the coaching was to blame I wouldn’t be able to understand why! I don’t pretend to be able to understand very modern tactics, just about got a grasp on the vogue from a decade ago including the variable 4231/442 we saw for several seasons which is apparently ‘brand new’ even though we also saw it not once but twice in pre-season as well…

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  30. Well it’s all going tits up in Seville

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  31. Three nil. Sterling again, with more good work from Kane would you believe

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  32. I want to write that is the best England goal I’ve seen for some time, but I also have to acknowledge that the defending in the build up, for about sixty seconds continuously, was properly rubbish! Still wouldn’t blame any coaches myself, not sure any coaches deserve the blame for defenders who are happy watching the ball ping back and forth past them for such a long spell.

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  33. Andy the technique in the ball over the defence for Kane was certainly up in the air but it was a perfect pass, not sure who it was by But the England gaffer will be certainly be enjoying having a no.8 who can play at no.8 in the line up.

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  34. Argh: the ball was up in the air but it was no up and under! We’ve seen a few of those lobs at the arsenal over the last few seasons in particular, love such passes. Özil and Sanchez and vice versa in particular, and my favourite recent chip/lob/cross pass was Sanchez for Giroud’s scorpion.

    Expecting and hoping to see some this season, the arsenal team won’t always be relying on that cut back from or near to the byline

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  35. Kane had one of his best halves for England. Never thought I’d say that, but TBH Spain were very poor in this first half

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  36. Looks like Spain are playing the wrong Nacho at CB but with the extra rest for Monreal, not in the squad, I won’t be complaining!

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  37. IMO Kane’s going to keep the neighbours in the hunt for a top four spot this season.

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  38. Hank God we have the lead, because the referee has been a homer. 1-3 now from a Spain corner

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  39. Thank God

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  40. Ha! Not so much a homer. Pickford might have been sent off there

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  41. I think there’s a new guideline for the refs that would’ve made it just a penalty with no sending off? Not sure.

    Spain clearing their own shots on goal!
    Watching this Spanish midfield I wonder if we’ll ever see Cazorla return to the national team if he hasn’t retired from international football already?

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  42. Great enjoyment everywhere when Sterling drew the foul and reaction from the Spanish no.5.

    Chilwell the LB plays for LCFC. Expecting a good and tough match for Arsenal against LCFC.

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  43. Sokratis has been taken off injured at half time playing for the Greece this evening.

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  44. Effing terrific game tonight which went right to the end. What was Ramos booked for? He scored, and I missed what he did next. Probably just being Ramos.
    I have to agree that Kane was outstanding, involved in all the goals and played better than I’ve seen for some time.

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  45. Hope Sok is ok, otherwise , we are getting very short on defenders, and don’t get me started on losing Gabriel, and for that matter, Chambers, with Per gone from playing as well.

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  46. I struggle with International football at the best of times – and in particular the England team who I am clearly meant to support – but can’t. Ridiculous, I know, being born in London and having spent my life here, but my father was Welsh and the early memories were watching Gareth Edwards and Barry John take on all comers. However hard I try, I can’t do anything else than support Wales (nice problem to have in the 70s, of late not so much) when it comes to rugby, and this spreads irrationally to football. Cricket, Hockey, Netball Im right there for England – football no, and especaily no when the side is full of that lot up the road, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool ( I like Sterling though). And of course the hacks and plundits who spend their life rubbishing my team are all over Southgate’s mob whicb makes it worse and so I find myself sulkily hating it all the more, dog in the manger style. (I had to pretend – for my family’s sake – so hard in the summer to be upset when Croatia stopped it coming home).

    So well done to all proper England fans but forgive me for not joining in the Kanefest, decent chap though Im sure he is.

    And if by chance any of the Kroenke clan should be so bored counting their many billions to have found the need to while away a few idle hours perusing the comments section of Positively Arsenal (unlikely I know, but I’m told miracles sometimes happen) then could you please sort out the contract situation of Aaron Ramsey pretty damn quick so as to give this faux Welshman a reason to be cheerful once again.

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  47. Foreverheady

    Well I’m with you anyway. Got some mixed Brit parentage myself and had stronger affinity with father’s side-Scotland- than mother’s/gran’s- half English/English- as a kid.

    Consider myself Welsh as born here though. My relationship with Eng football is weird at the best, non-full-of-Spurs of times. Sort of support them a lot of the time, but if they get within reach of something good that wavers.

    Turned match on at 3-0 last night, saw the Dier Winks pivot, with Kane and Trippier in there, and thought urghh.

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  48. Goal for our ex player Glen Kamara for Finland against Greece last night. Some rave twitter reviews for him, to go with those he gets for Dundee.

    Not sure how far he’ll go in his career but seems possible he’ll do very well.

    I’d been talking him up- caught my eye on a bad night in youth cup semi when he stood up to a Chelsea side who were physically dominant- for about a year before his debut against Sheff Wed, but stopped pretty abruptly after that extremely tough night for him.

    Guess that debut and his couple of unsuccessful loans, before things immediately started taking off after a permanent move to Scotland, shows how hard it is for young players to take their chances, how good you have to be to step in and do well, and, I think, some of the weakness of loans in assessing what a young player can do.

    Managers no doubt feel differently, rightly, about a young player who belongs to the club.

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  49. on Little…

    Following a heavy tackle in the 5-0 win against Chelsea, Kim Little suffered a fractured fibula and will now miss up to 10 weeks.

    Another terrible tackle only punished by a yellow, a total fucking joke.

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  50. I’m at an A.I.S.A meeting tonight and Brain Talbot is in the building!

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