Arsenal: Swatting the horrid hornet


@LaboGoon opens the Watford programme 

Watford is sitting pretty in top 4 on the Premier League table after six game weeks – ahead of Tottenham, Manutd and Arsenal… who woulda thought that?!

Good day one and all.

The Gunners are six wins on the bounce in all competitions, and are building confidence and progress with each matchday since back-to-back defeats at the start of the season. This afternoon they will look to continue that building process when we host the Hornets at the Emirates Stadium.

Last Sunday vs Everton we had a bid of a shaky start before grabbing all three points; we have to do better though because this Watford side are flying.

There used to be jokes about them being similar to Stoke, however Javi Gracia brought them into the 21st century to make them look tactically disciplined. He didn’t do away completely with the physicallity though,  with the revitalisation of a few of players, he found a way to blend that well with something very energetic.

They are full of confidence and self-belief in their potential and that is something we will need to find a way to cope with, because unlike with the Toffees they are more likely to punish slack defending.

We are showing signs of improvement each week there shouldn’t be reason for apprehension. Our attack is doing as well as we can expect them do and there’s a good spread of goals around the squad. Which should give us an extra edge by not being too reliant on the striking duo of Aubameyang and Lacazette, who are both in pretty good nick at the moment. If we can continue doing that and just find stability and composure in defense… we would be a damn worry for all opponents this season.

I think we are in for an interesting games between the 4th and 6th teams of PL table. They both show a willing to play attacking football which of course brings lots of excitement.

Make no mistake, the Watford attackers will be an obvious test for our defense but the Emirates faithful has always been good to us and will give their all to ensure the momentum keep going against our big talking opponents whom we have beaten in four of the last five PL meetings at home.

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125 comments on “Arsenal: Swatting the horrid hornet

  1. I suspect Aaron Ramsey is either terribly out of form or injured hence the frustration from him. Class is permanent as they say.

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  2. I’d guess, FH, the frustration stems from the head spin of going from ready to sign a 4-year deal, to “hang on, actually we’d rather you get the fuck out, thanks”. Bound to rattle even the most mentally tough. He’ll bounce back.

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  3. That was hard-fought. We didn’t get rattled by Watford’s physicality, waited for them to drop a tad, then the offensive subs were decisive.

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  4. Looked to me like Rambo just wanted to stay on and play. Kudos to UE though, his subs were spot on. I had called for Auba off as well. No surprise Aaron cheered the goals. The boy is totally a winner.

    But as much as I love him I’d take an upgrade if we can find one. Nothing personal

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  5. Very satisfying to see a return to the for consistent if unspectacular form from two years ago (no need to jump as far back as GG!), grinding out our Mel’s favourite 2-1 or 2-0 score lines at this moment.

    Holding my MOTM didn’t see him put a foot wrong, Mustafi will have to show some consistency and repeat today’s performance more often going forwards.

    Özil sparkling at times, Ramsey didn’t look 100% against Everton but he’s still been involved on and off the ball with most of the goals scored this season observably contrary to the bollocks churned out by the Billy big blaggers. Overall reminiscent for me of the best form shown by the the various evolving teams since 2014.

    This was a big test albeit at home but it was or is crucial for the squad to retain some home form so they can focus on improving the away form this season.

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  6. The Billy big blaggers and the twaterrati are enamoured with Klopp’s gegenpressing, which is why they all comically humiliated themselves in pre-seasons with their projections on emery and his styles, and like the new Arsenal gaffer I’m not sure id would chuck all my eggs in a basket that demands that your team score first in the first half in order to win a game of football (please refer to every single final played by Klopp’s teams including one against UE’s Sevilla…).

    Having written that I suppose Liverpool will break the Klopp mould and score two late goals to win the game today,

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  7. Well played the arsenal against the twelve opponents from the North (including the rep, from North of the Watford gap).

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  8. Klopp creeps me out. He’s got that slick, easy charm, but every so often that mask slips occasionally and you see something a lot darker.

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  9. Whoops, I’m so unsettled by him I can no longer write properly. Anyway, once the injuries bite we’ll probably see that face again.

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  10. For me when Ramsey was hooked he wasn’t angry at that, more upset, as ‘Bama said, and/or disappointed himself with things not quite coming together as he would’ve liked. I wouldn’t even think anything otherwise because over the course of his career the only thing we ever got from him is absolute professional. I will be gutted if we lose him as I’m still holding a torch for him to extend his Arsenal stay.

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  11. I like Klopp BK – an affable, intelligent and articulate man who does not take himself or football to seriously, with with a sharp edge in his centre. Fluffy but ruthless.

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  12. you know the way the tv channels like to do a five game list for run of form, will that have to be shelved for now seeing as crisis club Arsenal have the best run of form of any team in the league – last five games ha ha ha – and now sit only GD off 4th, 2pts of 3rd, and 4pts off 1st and 2nd.

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  13. U18’s in PL Cup, drew 0-0 away to WBA, in same group as Everton and Fulham, EFC beat FFC 2-1 away today.

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  14. Aman @ 6:32

    Gonna be hard to find an upgrade on Rambo, since it seems we can’t even pay for the one we have.

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  15. Unai Emery press conference: Every word on Cech’s injury, Leno, Iwobi & Ramsey’s angry reaction

    Arsenal news includes a full transcript of Unai Emery’s press conference after the 2-0 win against Watford

    By Charles Watts

    On the win
    They [Watford] are an organised team, very competitive with very good players.
    We knew before the match it would be difficult. We needed to be competitive in the moment with Deeney, we needed to defend well with him on the second action.
    The ball was near our box a lot, the rhythm of the match was not as quick we wanted.
    I think our players in the first half were a little nervous. We need to continue to be calm. At half-time we spoke about improving things on the pitch with our positioning.
    Our moments arrived in the second half and we showed efficiency to score.

    On what he was thinking late on when it was still 0-0
    I wanted to win. My ideas were about how we could change.
    We needed players on the bench who were hungry to help the team. First, Leno is working every day for his moment to help us, today he did that.
    Mesut Ozil celebrates making it 2-0 against Watford.
    And Danny [Welbeck] and Alex Iwobi helped us with their pushing moments and quality. I am very happy for the team, for the squad.
    Each match is very important for us for confidence and continuing to create our ideas and style.

    On Cech’s injury
    I don’t know now, tomorrow I know more. Maybe it’s two or three weeks, it’s muscular (hamstring).

    On Arsenal winning games in the second half
    At the moment it’s OK, if we win.
    We need more control for 90 minutes. I think the first half is not easy, but defensively we were good and the best chance was for Lacazette.
    The second half we scored two goals, but we conceded good chances for them. We need to continue to improve with possession and positioning.
    But here, each match is very difficult in the Premier League.

    On Bernd Leno
    He is working very well with the goalkeeping coaches.
    I spoke with him and said the most important thing is when the team needs him to help us, to be prepared.
    He did that on Wednesday and today also – and against Vorskla.
    Bernd Leno makes a superb save to deny Watford’s Troy Deeney.
    We have three very good goalkeepers. Petr Cech, his performances for us have been very important and his experience. Leno can learn by staying near with Petr Cech every day.
    I am very happy with him. He has waited for his moment and it’s arriving.

    On Alex Iwobi
    He is working well every day.
    Three weeks ago he was outside the team because he had an injury.
    I am very happy with him because of his mentality. He can play right or left, maybe he can do more one on one. Also, I want him to stay nearer the box to score and finding assists for his teammates.
    This is the way for him.

    On Ramsey being upset after being taken off
    I want a competitive spirit.
    When the players want to play every moment to help the team, I want this to help with his character for the team.

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  16. I’m glad we won, but that was a struggle. Watford were the better team and made the better chances for most of the game. For a change fortune smiled on us as Watford’s mid-week efforts started to impact on them – we got a lucky deflection in our favour and one of only 2 shots on target (at home!) went in. Long may our good fortune last, but this team still feels clunky and unclear about it’s identity. I’ve yet to see us really control a game and play with any fluidity. Still a work in progress I think.

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  17. I was attending to some critical personal issues and did not see today’s game vs Watford. But from various reports Anthony Taylor was a typical PGMOL referee and declined to issue a clear cut 2nd-yellow card vs Troy Deeney. I exposed this trend in my last piece on “The Disappearing Red Card” at UniteforVAR.com. Its another example of the PGMOL blatantly refusing to implement the rules and laws of the game. Yet some of us expect them to implement VAR fair and square. Keep on dreaming.

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  18. passenal i would say Arsenal had the two most clear cut chances of the day, the one on one Lacazette skewed wide, and Ozil’s goal. Both way better chances than anything Watford created for all their huff and puff and physical approach.

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  19. CC cup draw

    Arsenal v Blackpool

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  20. CC Round 4

    Arsenal v Blackpool

    Bournemouth v Norwich

    Leicester v Everton or Southampton

    West Ham v Spurs

    Man City v Fulham

    Middlesboro v Crystal Palace

    Chelsea v Derby County

    Burton Albion v Nottingham Forrest

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  21. I don’t know about that eduardo @8.53pm, Watford had a chance very similar to the one Lacazette had and I was certainly mightily relieved when it went just wide and there was no Watford player there to tap it in. Leno was also called on to make a big save from another good Watford chance.

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  22. Fantastic result and I loved our resilience and the fact we went toe to toe with them and at times even looked more Watford than they did. I think this is why we have been winning even when we are not fluid. The bloody mindedness to get stuck in when we are not playing well. Ozil in particular had the demons out today and was really in the thick of it. I dont think I have seen him drop so deep in previous games as he did today. I actually think playing Watford away will be easier than playing them at home.
    I also though the game cried out for Guendozi. His all action style would have been more effective and this was a game where maybe I would have started with either Laca or Auba upfront for the first half and bolster midfield with more attacking options.
    I really hope Welbeck signs, a fit Welbs gives us options that none of our strikers do, a presence upfront that opens up the game when we get overun in midfield.
    Once again Iwobi makes a telling difference, now we are seeing the benefit of the trust Wenger had in Iwobi where all and sundry were calling for him to be deported! He has been magnificent and the impact from the bench has been brilliant.
    Ramsey needs the contract issue sorted, he is playing like a player with a lot on his mind and it is showing

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  23. Not the fluent best of our team, but 7 in a row, wont be complaining about that, the performances will come
    Iwobi is becoming a very useful player

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  24. New post up

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