Arsenal v Norwich, The Jack And Oli Show

Good morning friends.


Nelson Debuchy ElNeny Holding AMN

Coquelin Jack

Theo Giroud Iwobi

Would be my best guess for the starting eleven.

Norwich City F.C. seem to be on a bit of a high, but perhaps they might play a changed team ,as their priority will be the league, and they played a big derby game against Ipswich on Sunday afternoon.

The Giroud /Wilshere combination that gave is this

will be doing their best to do similar. Its not like they don’t make a habit of it

The game isn’t on TV , so good luck finding a stream. We might all be on Arsenal Player though as streams are hard to come by this season.

Enjoy your day and enjoy the game.

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106 comments on “Arsenal v Norwich, The Jack And Oli Show

  1. “Arsenal v Norwich, The Eddie Show”

    Nuh nuh; didn’t predict that, did ye…

    Yep, taxi time, (except – it’ll be a bus) Multiple banned thingybobs…

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  2. Former players on coaching staff (first team & academy)
    Man Utd – 1
    Man City – 2
    Chelsea – 3
    Liverpool – 1
    Sp*rs – 2
    Arsenal – 8

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  3. A game with something for everyone. Plenty to please the malcontents, plenty to titilate the incurably optimistic.

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  4. It would be interesting to see who the eight are as at lower levels ex players like Greg Lincoln are usually involved the scouting and community network is heavily laden with ex players as well. Also there are family members like Nico Yennaris Dad who was a coach and fully qualified ref.


  5. George -match report sent


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