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Good morning Positives,

A sumptuous Sunday lunch served up for Arsene’s birthday by the players yesterday and enjoyed by all who attended. I think that sums up our collective experience of the game yesterday – what say you ? Even those home supporters who had the mental strength to stay to the end will have seen football played with a quality and at a speed they have not seen in their ground before. It may have been an unpleasant experience for them, but The School of Science will have picked up the lesson.

The four horsemen of the Evertonian apocalypse were Sanchez, Lacazette, Aaron and, standing tall in the saddle, Mesut Ozil. The point is made that this is the first League game that Arsene has been genuinely able to call on all our best players and start them on the pitch together, unimpeded by injury or fatigue. The first thing I noticed was that ball was moved forward much faster yesterday, and the players were moving faster, to my eye at least. The second thing I noticed was that there was always a player open to take a pass in the final third of the pitch because of that sharper movement, and because the home side had a second less to set their defence in place and ensure their lines were fixed. Lacazette’s movement and ability to find a yard in the box stood out, Alexis and Rambo were both on the front foot and one or the other offering themselves to the passer. Mesut was the puppet master of the ensemble. He rarely wasted possession of the ball. Each pass was picked with a purpose. The only mis-controlled pass he made all afternoon was when he had slipped over.

Elsewhere on the pitch Sead and Hector were rampant. Absolute corker of a goal from Nacho – and I admit until it went in I was a bit nervy. I was delighted that Granit did not let the setback of the first Everton goal put him off his game and he dominated the centre of the park. Did you notice he stayed on his feet for every tackle yesterday ? And for an old guy who already has said he intends to stop playing in May Per put in a hell of a good performance.

Best goal of the afternoon ? Mesut’s header. Ticked all the boxes.

Of our opponent’s then Pickford flung himself around with commendable effort to ensure the thrashing did not move into the territory of total humiliation. Sunlun last season, the Toffees this season. He does like a goalkeeping challenge that lad! I rather liked young Vlacic as well, but I cant really explain why (?)

No complaints on Pawson and a reasonably clean game. Gueye was never going to last another hour after his first card and I think even he knew that.

So with that gushing waterfall of clichéd and purloined prose I shall bid you auf wiedersehen for the week as I head up to Windermere.

Nelson has brought his lead  so I shall not be too lonely wandering as a cloud.


Enjoy your week.

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  1. Thanks Andy and thanks to one and all for yesterday’s commentary which I read from beginning to end last night. I’m going to sound a bit mealy mouthed here but what a difference it makes to have all your first choice team available and one can only speculate how that.lot up the road would be doing if their talismen were on the injured list. United look a bit frail without their best player and Pogba unavailable doesn’t help either. But well done to our boys who will have enjoyed the game and result a lot – as did i.

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  2. thanks A5 for the excellent post.
    i started watching after their first goal and you can imagine the tension. but when i saw the replay of the incident that led to the goal and still find the commentator still saying it wasnt a foul on xhaka, i dont need anyone to tell me there is clear agendda on arsenal.

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  3. I watched the highlights ad thoroughly enjoyed them…

    More please


  4. Yes, a great read Andrew, enjoy your break!

    Everything that could go wrong for the snowflake moaners did go wrong – even Jack made a surprise and welcome appearance towards the end.

    I kept half an eye on the ever-negative Twitter feed, whilst on the pitch the Arsenal stranglehold took a hold and as ever, it was like witnessing two different games.

    Agree re the fluidity, pace and penetration of our forward line – and what a joy to watch, from start to finish.

    Brilliant stuff from The Arsenal!

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  5. nacho monreal is one of the finest professional footballer the world has ever seen. thank God for the day he was signed.

    our best eleven? i think our best eleven this season includes mustafi. welbz and iwobi are not far behind.

    100 goals against everton? i’ll like to know the next club in line. it should be spuds.

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  6. Waited with eager anticipation to see how the Guardian could present a 5-2 win from a breathtakingly fluent performance as a negative. Bless them, they rose to the challenge. Headline: “Everton’s lack of clear vision lets Wenger off the hook of his own selection”. You’ve got to admire their powers of invention.

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  7. yes incredible stuff from the guardian, the thing is, because of their blatant bias against Arsenal, I cannot take this newspaper that serious anymore, also when it comes to other matter like politics, etc. quality papers are loosing it to quality blogs like these.
    but any paper who will report on Arsenel, objective and unbiased will have my attention! But where to look?

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  8. eh Arsenal that is, sorry fellas, without reading glasses right now

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  9. Wasn’t Koeman the wanted replacement for AW? His face gave me almost as much pleasure as our performance. Pick of the crop definitely Oz but how good the rest of the lads were. Plus a great cameo from Jack. Nacho great…how good the kama he managed? Pity about that back pass though. As Delboy would have, ‘Lovely jubbly’
    This will be a great starting point for the rest of the season. keep the faith.

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  10. Loot at MOTD2 last night, two former Arsenal stars as pundits were highlighting a piece of work by Ōzil in tracking back with a defensive contribution.
    England have won fuck all in 60 years.

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  11. And tHanks -andy5, nice post.

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  12. Half-Nelson, more like.btw.

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  13. Nacho Monreal:

    90% pass success,
    72 completed passes (second behind Xhaka),
    2 interceptions (led Arsenal),
    3 tackles (led Arsenal),
    6 clearances (2nd on Arsenal),
    0 fouls,
    1 goal
    and 1 perfectly placed heal .
    Technical Leader

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  14. Top A5…

    Arsène had to wait a bit being able to put “the 4 horsemen” on the field together and boy was it a treat. We all bare witness to his vision and it was too majestic. All 4 of them got on the score sheet and managed 2 assists between them too. We good health going forward we should buckle because we are in for quite a ride.

    Great birthday present to the boss and an equally day to be an Arsenal supporter.

    I’m absolutely happy for Mesut Özil, he took quite absolute nonsense by “ignoring the noise and remaining focused” he put on an exhibition.

    Long may it continue!

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  15. Games like yesterday I realise just how good Mesut’s first touch is Labo.

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  16. Ozil…there’s a reason why PL players from Huddersfield were tweeting their admiration of this footballer a couple of seasons ago in light of the strange critiques from some alleged football hacks/GazCorp fans, I mention no names, who may or may not be still upset at what he did to their hero Terry in front of the watching world in 2010.

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  17. We are struggling on manfully give the long term injuries to Stew, Shotta and Andy’s niggle, but we need a volunteer for the next match preview, and the match report.
    Otherwise it will be one of my micro blogs.

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  18. Good afternoon, maestro, and to All,

    I really enjoyed the match report that concentrated on what was good and wholesome in football, and also vindicated the manager by reminding us that was only the first time this season he has been able to play our superb forward line of Özil, La Caz and Alexis together. Weren’t they magnificent?

    [Look, Anicoll, credit to you for having had the decency to show a ‘photo of the beautiful dog whom we all know dictated this essay to you — and there is no shame in acknowledging the top dog — and as well as his excellent prose, he is just the most handsome hound with melting eyes that could wheedle a biscuit off any plate however curmudgeonly his ‘owner’ may be. lol

    It was a joy to see the team play such stunning football, with passes that purred to the boot of a teammate, only to be instantly dispatched with awesome precision to the waiting boot of yet another teammate, and then fizzed on again.

    Exquisite — and I loved it!!

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  19. Arsenal u23’s lost 3-2 to spurs u23’s today, the AFC team was Virginia, Moore, Bola, Pleguezuelo, Olowu, Medley, Eyoma, Gilmour, Balogun, Dragomir, John-Jules

    John-Jules and Gilmour with our goals,

    Virginia, Balogun, John-Jules and sub Omole made their U23 debut, a couple more were on the bench for the first time too – Clark and Swanson


  20. isn’t it amazing that after the performance put in yesterday by Ramsey and Ozil that there are still Arsenal fans demanding one or other of them be dropped so their favorite Wilshere starts v Swansea, these boo boys ignore every good performance from their targets Ramsey and Ozil.


  21. some of those in training today for the Norwich game tomorrow were
    Wilshere, Elneny, Debuchy, Giroud, Walcott, Iwobi, Holding, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles, Akpom, Nelson, Nketiah, Sheaf, Dasilva, McGuane, Osei-Tutu, Willock, Macey, Huddart

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  22. its a disgrace that Everton have sacked Koeman, after all its only two months ago that he won them their first trophy in over a decade – The Transfer Window Trophy

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  23. Good result for Norwich on the weekend I think (haven’t checked).

    Will we see a stronger XI selected for this contest then for the trip to Belgrade to play against the former European Cup holders, and ifnso can we interpret that as a reflection of the quality of the squads in the current era at the top of the second tier (and therefore in the PL too)?


  24. < or will a stronger XI simply reflect players returning from injury such as Wilshere and Coquelin? And others from the youth team too, Sheaf I think.

    The thirty second cameo by nketiah against Koln was interesting. Wouldn't mind seeing him again but he'll have to get ahead of the returning Akpom first!


  25. Fins

    Feel a bit sorry for Akpom. Full games for Walcott and Giroud every time in cups mean he’ll surely struggle for any minutes. Wilshere or Iwobi seem likely to make up the other one of the three at present.

    I accepted a while ago that it was very unlikely to happen for him here now. Shame, as I thought he had an excellent chance for a number of years. Luck’s not been great. Did well I think in carling cup first game last year then missed his chance next two rounds (? think Reading and Saints were both league cup) through injury.

    Can’t fault selections so far in cups though. Same issue for Nketiah but just maybe one of two will get a little time tomorrow or in Europa next week.

    Been a treat watching youngsters and co so far. Hopefully more of same tomorrow and beyond.

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  26. I just caught the end of some programme with a guy called Durban or Durham and the ex-England cricketer Dwayne Gough (?) being assholes.

    They had apparently held a ‘poll’ “who is the best team at the moment – Arsenal or Spurs?”

    Snigger, snigger — 77% voted Arsenal — snigger snigger. They are desperate to win something — chuckle-snigger-snigger.

    How I hate sh*t ‘comments’ like that — how I hate sh*ts like that! —- Bast*rds!!!

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  27. Fins
    Narridg’ are on a bit of a roll at the moment, won their last 10 games and put away Ipswitch last weekend, their gander will be up tomorrow.
    I’d expect the boss to field a strong team
    Chambers Debuchy Holding
    ElNeny Coq Wlishere
    Theo Giroud Iwobi
    Several others have a right to be considered, I think Bielek is injured, is Chambers?

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  28. George
    I’ll scrawl up the post-match report.

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  29. great report Andy, ive just watched the game again and it was even more enjoyable knowing the good football would continue all the game.
    I thought Pawson was very lenient as once again we should of had two pens and both williams and gana could have gone earlier.
    We should however concerntrate on the scintilating Wengerball that on another day would have been rewarded with double figures.
    Good luck to the previewers and reviewsers keeping up with our tough schedule and fitting in the odd Shotta as well.
    Cant wait for the team in waiting tomorrow and more excitement watching another freeflowing ARSENAL side.

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  30. Ok DC do you have my Email?


  31. So happy for Giroud and proud of him too… we thank him for his loyalty.

    Great that he was not on the opposite side in that match.

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  32. fins I expect 9 of the starters from the Red Star game to start again v Norwich, with Macey in for Cech, and Iwobi in for Willock as the only changes

    Debuchy Elneny Holding
    Nelson Coquelin Wilshere Maitland-Niles
    Walcott Giroud Iwobi
    subs Huddart, Sheaf, DaSilva, Willock, McGuane, Nketiah, Akpom


  33. ha ha ha, Giroud goal v Crystal Palace wins FIFA Puskas award, they must not have seen Andy Carroll’s goal that won BBC Match of the Day’s goal of the Month that month,

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  34. every manager should be weary of being linked with wenger’s job by now. they always bite the dust. i hope the next is moureen (i know that will never happen) i want him to fail just like others. it proves arsene shoe is too big for anyone to clean let alone wear.

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  35. Steww once shared the opinion that OG would go on to score some incredible goals. He was right!

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  36. DC
    Think Chambers is still out for a few weeks, unluckily for him given the trips to Bate & Belgrade etc.

    All the variables including who might play at CB make it tricky to predict the two CMs and AMs/Forwards.
    I cant recall the quote but i think that AW wants to play Wilshere ahead of the CMs in this formation, though tomorrow he might have to start as one of the CMs.


  37. Jeorge Bird‏ @jeorgebird 58s58 seconds ago

    Schoolboy goalkeeper Arthur Okonkwo trained with first-team again today. Seems very highly rated by the club. Made a good save on U18 debut.

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