Arsenal: No comets seen


spilled-wine-ygfMtC-clipart.jpgGood morning Positive Arsenal fans,

Let me get the grudging congratulations out of the way first to our opponents last night. Over two legs we encountered a team of the highest quality. If it was destined to be our largest ever defeat in the Champions League and at the Emirates we were ruthlessly despatched by a team likely to feature in the final of the competition, at least.

Of the game ? We were very good for 54 minutes. Not ‘good’ in a clinging-on, denying Bayern by the skin of our teeth kind of way but playing fast, creative football. Our first half performance was not down to one or two exceptional performances by Arsenal players, but a genuine team effort, front to back. A special word of praise however for young Hector. Not quite been in top form for a few weeks but best player on the pitch in the opening 45. We opened up the Germans on four occasions. Manuel Neuer, fine keeper that he is, seems oddly accident prone at the Emirates. Had more then one of those chances been put away then “what if …. ?”. Against a team of Bayern’s quality to fail to convert half chances into goals is surely the path to defeat. And so it proved.

Now we reach the 54th minute, and a gentleman who the mainstream media tell me goes by the name of Charalambos Kalogeropoulos. The official burst into the footballing limelight in a most unexpected fashion.  Now I do not know about you but the goal line assistant, an invention of Sepp Blatter in his relentless battle against technology, has not much featured in my football watching. I do not understand what they do, or are supposed to do, and because we see and hear so very little of them I suspect they are a vague about it themselves. See no evil, speak no evil et cetera.

Nevertheless the man insisted that the referee convert a yellow card, to a red card. And if I live to be a very old person I will not understand why. Ruined the contest, sank any conceivable chance of recovery on our part, and caused me to drink far more red wine than I would normally do on a Tuesday night. At least my wounds are self inflicted.

At 1-1 in truth I’d say the game was just about done, and would have been done, even with 11v11. A man advantage and our balloon punctured the final 35 minutes saw our lads dismembered in a professional, relentless fashion.

Could we have put ten men behind the ball and battled for a more respectable 2-1, 3-1 or 4-1 ? Would my work this morning have been easier had the defeat been of smaller proportion ? I dunno. And to be honest I don’t care. We play as we play.

Right then, enough of this wallowing in self pity. I spy a FA Cup quarter final on Saturday against Lincoln, who I can never recall seeing before in the flesh. I shall be there, making a noise, enjoying the game. And then there is the little matter of 12 Premier League games, amongst which are some tasty contests.

It is not all bad – enjoy your Wednesdays.

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  1. Oh and…Hi. Henry B!


  2. Did the Ox really say what the journo in the press conference said? About him feeling taken for granted and wanting to leave?

    And one journo was almost outraged at Wenger’s not saying ‘yes’ to his question about the Bayern Munich result making it more likely that he will leave. His follow up question with barely suppressed anger was ‘Are you seriously suggesting you could be here next season?’


  3. Shard these admirable souls not only write the news, they make it too!

    True Winners eh?

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  4. If only they had such passion for the English national team: 4-1 Germany, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador

    There is a football team i can think of in crisis, in decline, and it ain’t the Arsenal!

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  5. I wish Arsene would do a Fergie and ban some of these Arseholes in the press after an F word Rant deny them access etc etc It’s not as if they could get any worse is it.

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  6. I get absolutely furious at the lack of respect shown by the press.

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  7. Well I laughed;


  8. AFTV aka Emeroid tv?

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  9. Brady said the 2 year offer is still on the table.


  10. I would be disappointed in the Ox if he wants to go because he is hardly the finished article. I can’t see a better team than Arsenal wanting him. AW’s words seem to suggest there is some smoke to that fire. Perhaps dating a celebrity pop-tart has really gone to his head.


  11. Anicoll,

    Your 11:03 on referees is spot on. There are undoubtedly incompetent individuals, and the players do their best to fool/con them, but that dopiness is so widespread (as we saw last night with Suarez and Neymar diving around) and at international level, that it is hard to believe it is focused on Arsenal games.

    There have been incidents where refs have been bribed to ‘throw’ games, but that is as it suggests, money related.

    I suspect that if any of the serious critics had to referee a game and make split second decisions they may have a different opinion.

    That does not mean I have too much sympathy for the men in black, especially when it unhorses the Arsenal like it did against Bayern, because they chose that life, and also those incompetents [that word again] at UEFA who put a novice ref in charge of such an important game as the Arsenal v Bayern CL game.

    But if there is meaningful evidence, and not speculation, that refs are universally corrupt then I am here to be convinced.

    And no — I am not English — altho what race has to do with this I do not understand.

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  12. Hi Shard,

    How’s your knee/leg now? I have not seen you around as much as I used to, must be all that work!! lol


  13. One thing I’ve noticed in the news, mainly the Western news (all English news takes its cue from the Western media these days), is that in issues of corruption, they call out the entire govt or ‘system’ as corrupt in countries that..well..let’s say are not their ‘allies’, even if the case for drawing such a conclusion isn’t strong. But when it’s corruption in their own backyard, the focus is firmly on the individuals.

    The idea that all referees are corrupt is nonsense. But the idea that the system is, and promotes corruption, isn’t.

    Frankly, I would be amazed if a business with such loose regulation, exhibiting obviously biased decisions and reporting, and is swimming in money, wasn’t mired with corruption.

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  14. If my engineer was so incompetent that his mean calculations on his roof meant that the roof was finally built underground, i think he’d be out of a job! And struggle to get another one in the field.

    Thankfully my engineer has asked us to compose an engineered installtion for their office: Agents (not football agents but mechanical ones) and optimisation.


  15. I’d better get back to priming this plywood (glamorous work!), nice even smooth coats, can’t afford to be incompetent here even though the pay is minimal: i want to impress my engineers and their math geek mates, not make them laugh at me.


  16. Hiya RA/HB

    Still working on the knee. When I was in the UK last year I joined a sports physio clinic and it really helped me get moving. It’s been harder finding the time for it back home, but still do manage to do something. Usually every day.

    Yeah I blog much less these days. I don’t know if it is just about the time, or if I just draw less enjoyment from it. I’ve been meaning to come back on AA but that is a very time consuming affair, so have been putting it off (banned smiley)

    How about you? How’ve you been keeping?


  17. Zero or insignificant incompetence from the officials abusing the spectacle for the paying punters (there or on the telly) in the England West Indies cricket match.


  18. How do they do it? Now that must be witchcraft!

    That wasn’t a Templer church that they just found at the bottom of the rabbit hole, it must’ve been the Hawkeye testing studio for the ICC?


  19. Health still not great, Shard, and, like you, I am not enjoying blogging as much as I did — too much tension in the air — but there are still some good guys around.

    I rarely visit UA or AA these days as you have not been there for me to tease! lol

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  20. Sorry to hear about your health Henry. Wish you the best.

    At least PA seems like it’s less tense than anywhere else, so a good place to visit. Until they throw us out for using this as a private message board that is. (I wonder what they’ll do if I add a smiley at the end there.)

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  21. Wenger on the Ox, Theo and Lincoln

    There has been a lot of talk about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s future at the club in recent days, and Arsène Wenger addressed it at his press conference on Thursday.

    The Arsenal manager also discussed squad harmony and Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup quarter-final against Lincoln, and this is what he had to say:

    Get the latest team news ahead of Saturday’s game
    Wenger – I will consider fans’ opinions
    Boss – We want someone with our values

    on Theo Walcott’s comments about seeing arguments in training…
    No. A lot has been said about that which is exaggerated. We have a good, united, determined group. When you go through disappointing results, you always have some disagreements but overall the best way to respond is always in the game. We have to show how united and determined we are. Overall, on that front I don’t worry. In our job, you have to be competitive and competitiveness doesn’t always mean love. It is about performing. In the past, it’s not the team who loves each other the most who is the best on the football field.

    on talk about the Ox leaving in the summer…
    I haven’t seen that. I’m surprised by that because I believe that he has been developed well, he is developing well at the moment and he has been given his chance. When you are somewhere, you have to want to be there first. After that, the only thing I can say is that personally I rate him highly. I showed that in the way I keep faith in him when he spent long times out injured. He’s developing very well at the moment.

    on if the Ox will be here next season…
    I personally wish that he stays at the club, because I think he’s a very promising player who has developed very well and who looks to me to have the values that we rate at this club.

    on if the FA Cup offers reason for optimism…
    The FA Cup is the next game, and of course, when you’ve had a disappointment like we had in the last game, it’s important [to respond].

    on everyone expecting his side to win on Saturday…
    We are favourites, but when you are at a big club, you are favourites 90 per cent of the time and you have to deal with that. It’s the next game and in the next game, people expect us to win, so there’s a pressure there of course.

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170309/wenger-on-the-ox-theo-and-lincoln#dXhymZ20dHR0WbgT.99


  22. Ro-sický‏ @Brosicky7 9h9 hours ago

    If Arsène signs a new deal, and everyone who says they’ll fuck off fucks off, we could be left with a great and scum free club.

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  23. Seems a lot of players Wenger has managed have similar views Ed, ecxcept of course a few Wenger shipped out who have become bitter over the years, including one who can hardly string words together

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  24. Shard,


    I would not try the smiley! lol

    I had better go,

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  25. [I genuinely did not mean that] Oops – apologies.

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  26. ! You’ll be slung out on yer arse Shard ( banned winkey thing )

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  27. JB™‏ @gunnerpunner 6h6 hours ago

    Club issuing a statement because the people protesting confuse not getting their way with not being listened to. You get people saying they’re protesting or being hateful because the club don’t listen. The club hear you, and they don’t agree. So these fans’ get louder, more hateful and more disruptive. It’s spoilt behaviour. They think the only outcome is them getting their way. It’s like a kid asking for a PS4 for their birthday every day, not getting one and thinking it must be because their parents didn’t listen. Nah they heard you. They just think you’re a spoilt brat. You can’t just demand to get what you want and burn the whole fucking club down if you don’t get it. You’ve aired your view. Now sit down.

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  28. Johan Djourou “the concept of Arsenal is different than any other club in the prem, and I don’t think that is wenger’s fault”

    I take that JD believes that Arsenal are treated differently to all other clubs in the BPL

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  29. Boss – We want someone with our values

    Arsène Wenger is directly involved in the recruitment process to replace Andries Jonker and says “ideally you want people with the Arsenal spirit”.

    The club’s former academy manager recently took over at Wolfsburg, and there has already been speculation over who could replace him.

    “We have many candidates and we have a lot of time now to choose the best one,” Wenger said.

    “That’s a process we have started and ideally you want people with the Arsenal spirit.

    “We have special values here. If it could be a person who reflects our values, then of course that would be even better.”

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170309/boss-we-want-someone-with-our-values#4TJ6YIy0MHT4G5b4.99

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  30. Comment from the Arsenal chairman

    Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick says:

    “We are fully aware of the attention currently focused on the club and understand the debate. We respect that fans are entitled to their different individual opinions but we will always run this great football club with its best long-term interests at heart.

    “Arsène has a contract until the end of the season. Any decisions will be made by us mutually and communicated at the right time in the right way.”
    Copyright 2017 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source

    Read more at http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/20170309/comment-from-Arsenal-chairman#KC3Gy3StKlde7FPq.99


  31. Anicoll,

    it was not my buddy, Shard, t’were I — can you delete it for me?

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  32. I could Henry

    However I shall retain the ‘smiley’ as a warning to others

    A warning – instructive – demonstrative – as to the shocking results that can follow the mere misplacing of a digit or the keyboard !!

    People will see

    And tremble !

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  33. Clearly Shard is a bestie

    So it don’t matter

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  34. Thank you, anicoll —- I think. lol

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  35. Somewhat late Eduardo @ 12:56 and 02:08 but a dip of the hat to both. The first to highlight the joy that comes from not only recognising but then watching recidivist liars who having been somewhat economical with the truth try and justify the fact that they’ve been caught telling Porkies yet again. Bliss.

    Secondly for being reminded of long-forgotten matches against the wonderfully named East German and Russian teams of that era. That often the (mis)matches were terrific viewing as the cream of the focused Communist football elite crushed yet another soft decadent Capitalist team with élan and very little apparent effort.

    Stronger with more stamina, some tasty skills to compliment and most truely unknown and therefore unexpected. However, on reflection perhaps their strengths and stamina may have been not necessarily due to the spectacular advances in the training methods but perhaps more to do with the dessicated equine hypothalamus supplements that led to most developng breasts later in their careers. Still it was fun at the time wasn’t it?

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  36. “Some Arsenal fans might be going there wanting us to win. If we start well, we might have 60,000 people behind us, not just 9,000.

    “We will go there believing in ourselves. We won’t park the bus, we will play our usual game.

    “We want their big players to play. Their manager is under pressure so I would expect their big names to play.”

    Opposition players, even from non league sides, now openly talk about our home crowd giving them hope and support. But it is the manager who is killing our club.

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  37. So even this site is tilted. Rules applied to some and not to all. A warning but no card? Xhaka would face a lifetime ban for far less an emoji than that. it is with heavy heart that I must leave PA before I see its legacy irredeemably tarnished. I’m off to join the SOBs.

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  38. No no dont do it FH!, Dont join the Sillery out brigade!

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  39. Find yourselves ten minutes and out your feet up to enjoy this bit of Geordie hilarity on our First World problems.

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  40. In October it will be 10 years since the death of ‘The Bear’. Knowing Connell away from the terraces through family and friends, I can’t imagine him siding with some of the people who claim to be talking for us fans.
    The terraces in the 70’s and the 80’s was a different time, with the NF infiltrating football he lead the multi-cultural AFC fan base firm (The Heard ,the original Gooners )with real unity, he always serious,loyal and funny but above all POSITIVE.
    E I E!


  41. Good grief 10 nearly years !

    Dainton, or Denton as I thought his name was until he was dead, was not adverse at putting himself out.

    I remember him and his little firm, as they were back then because he was only 16-17 years old marching from Trafalgar Square to Victoria Park with 100,000 others on what was probably the first Rock against Racism concert.

    Can you IMAGINE the ‘fam’ ‘blub’ crew, and Robbie taking any interest in politics?

    No, nor can I

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  42. And dont imagine it could not have been different;

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  43. anicoll5 Denton (somehow in my first post that got removed) was his name, as you recall correctly was not massive in numbers like many of the other ‘Firms’ but had real heart,stood tall for any Arsenal fan who wanted to follow home or away.

    Rock against Racism concert and march, I can look back now and realise it was a great day.
    There is a point about pissing on the trains in the piece, I must emphasise ,there were no toilets on those cattle carriages so a lot of the negative elements have been a bit distorted.

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  44. anicoll5 Great picture by the way,very good find.

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  45. andynic

    Does Crucial Robbbie’s dream of an interview with Piers “I taught the spooks all they need to know about wiretapping” Moron count?

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  46. Listened to an interview on Rock against Racsim last month, some of the Madness group were talking.
    Was there a small element of an Arsenal conncection with RAR, at leasy more then any other clubs at the time?


  47. finsbury Yes. There was many who were associated often turned up at marches for SWP (Socialist Workers Party not Shaun Wright-Phillips) ANL Anti-Nazi League anti fascist social justice functions, marches and rallies.

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  48. RaR and some of the CND gigs as well, even found a small contingent at Tolpuddle.

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  49. Thanks everyone, all very interesting for those of us who came just after that period.

    A friend’s dad used to drink at the Drayton Arms which apart from being the Away fans’ pub was also known as the ‘radical’ (teachers, youth workers and other such crazy ‘communists’) boozer in the area or at least it was in the nineties for a time.


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