Arsenal: The Abandoned Orphan of Defeat


Good Morning Positive Arsenal fans,

Or at least any of you with the energy to raise your head from the pillow and toward the internet after being kept awake by the squalling brat of defeat dumped on our collective footballing doorstep after 13 minutes last night. The nameless little bundle of noise and dribbling misery is quiet now, finally exhausted after bawling its lungs out all night. Inconsolable.

I have looked closely at the mite’s features and it reminds me of someone, but I cannot put my finger on the possible parentage ….. I am sure we all have ideas as to who is responsible ?

Of the game itself if I were structuring the match report like the action the first 300 words today would be random words and names, …. Curses, poor spelling, ……… Crossing out, Yelps of horror and groans of mighty despair,…………. culminating in my banging my head on the keyboard at Nacho’s insanely poor tumble. We all saw it and we know, and Arsene knows, and every player knows it was a bit of a shambles. Fair play to the Hornets though, they played their part with the custard pie that we ran into time after time.

Of the second half of the match review I am able to provide a smoother and organised writing performance, our players unrecognisable from just a few minutes before. I could even go so far as to say some of our players performed “well” in that second portion of the game. Alex Iwobi, in a 50th appearance I hope he forgets about very quickly, being the most obvious Arsenal player who showed us what he can do with the ball. Ultimately though the uplift of that improved effort, and the lifeline goal with MORE than half an hour to go, would lead to a fractured closing sentence of frustration. As occurred in the quarter final last season having allowed Watford a lead we just did not have the guile to get enough goals to retrieve the game. So near as Lucas’ late rocket hammered the bar, but so, so far. Lucas is another man whose late entry exonerates him from responsibility for the evening’s events. We were not, in my opinion, “unlucky” to lose. We were conceivably unlucky not to get a point, but that is as far as my footballing generosity will extend today.

Is it the midweek evening games, is it the rain, or the floodlights ? Whatever it is while last night did not finally torpedo our Premier League ambitions ( thanks to Liverpool and Sunlun) it put a further hole in the vessel, and the water is rising.

Of our visitors a hugely welcome result for under pressure manager Mazzarri whose touchline ranting suggests a man “on the edge”. Of their players Gomes had a good game. One of those large, hard-to-miss keepers who is either very good, or very, very bad and last night he shone. Janmaat also looks about five times the player who fled from Tyneside last season.

Right then, that is me just about done this morning. The little child is gently waking up and cooing happily in his or her cot (I have not looked yet but the smell suggests I should). I shall feed and nurture the little person over the next four days in order that by Saturday lunchtime my new charge  will be fit and able to take the field at the Bridge of Stamford, and perform as they are required to from 12.30 onwards to 2.30, with no lapses.

Enjoy your Wednesday and chin up.


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  1. interesting point shotta, I had an argument with a utd fan last week over comments Klopp made after LFC lost to Southamtpon in the league cup. he was blasting klopp’s comments.

    Klopp had taken a journo to task over his comment that Sfc had put in a “masterclass of defending”, Klopp said that this was nonsense, as LFC had created 5 or 6 great scrong chances, but had wasted them.
    As you say shotta, the result tends to exaggerate or distort the actual reality. Score the only chance you have in a game, your opponent miss a shitload of good chances and its a Mourninho tactical masterclass.

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  2. Sam ‏@samuelJayC 3h3 hours ago
    Arsenal will face Sutton (a) on Monday 20th Feb at 7.55pm – will be televised on BBC1. #afc won’t play again for 12 days after that.


  3. I think we missed Xhaka.


  4. …as well.


  5. A Monday night in Sutton – how very very FA Cup traditional

    That’s the way the money goes though – I think that means we get a really long rest time from our previous PL game with Hull.

    Hopefully we shall manage to acqit ourselves appropriately.


  6. Admittedly the kick about in Munich might distract us some might say.

    I can’t imagine it though.

    Lucky for the German side we probably have to rest players against them with the Bracket of Hull/Sutton looming.

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  7. Give Bould the job
    Stevie Bould’s Red Army
    Bould out!

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  8. Agree on Xhaka rantetta,,he is becoming a very effective player.
    A bit short in MF now it seems


  9. Resting players and rotation does seem to impact on our momentum. I don’t think this is the first time this season where the bulk of the ‘first’ XI have come back from a mini-break and played like strangers.

    I’m not blaming the referee for the defeat last night as we mostly did it to ourselves, but since I cannot bear to go back and look at it, could someone tell me why the third free kick that they scored from was awarded? When the referee blew the whistle I was fully expecting a free kick to AFC. As for not having a wall, isn’t it the goalkeepers job to decide whether he requires a wall and to get the players standing where he needs them?

    Maybe I was projecting my own feelings onto the players, but there was a point in the first half where I thought they were feeling sorry for themselves after every increasingly inconsistent decision by the referee – they seemed paralysed with indecision. I did wonder if that was why no one tried to tackle Troy Deeney since we only have to breathe near an opposition player in our box for them to take a tumble and the referees are only too eager to award a penalty. Surely that sort of thing must get into the players heads and affect their decision making? Plus we know a penalty is a certain goal as Cech doesn’t even get near any of them.

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  10. In light of the result and the ongoing post-mortem may I recommend a reread of Stews preview which is uncannily prescient. And far too sensible to grace a club that has spawned its own fan TV.

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  11. 0-0 at Trafford Park

    Football eh ?

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  12. passenal

    I couldn’t spot the foul watching on Arsenal player earlier. Camera cuts to the action late so maybe there was something just before it. Gabriel’s the only one who seems near one of their players so I’m assuming there might have been a tiny push or something. Mustafi is clearly infuriated by the decision.

    Only watched up to that point so far. Not the awful start to the game I was expecting. Hints of them posing a threat, same with us.

    Only fault I saw from Marriner to there was what looked a soft free kick against Mustafi in a dangerous position, a stronger push in Giroud’s back ignored (of course though, unlike Watford lads, he didn’t fall or appeal), then that mystery free kick in another dangerous position which they scored from.


  13. this reminded me a bit of last season, when Leicester would stumble and everyone else in the top half of the table would follow their lead
    of the game itself i thought Marriner was the cause of our bad first half, allowing Watford players to manhandle Arsenal players, but whistling at every contact in the opposite way


  14. I don’t care how hard or soft the ‘Ref’ calls the game even if it varies game to game, but please call the game even.
    Game to game ‘refs’ are not calling our games even.
    Like the police I want Refs to be righteous
    I know,I know
    It’s my mums fault

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  15. It might seem like a technicality ,the foul for the free kick was called against Gabriel for a push on Niang.
    Check Marriners’ explanation when he is questioned by Mustafi.


  16. Andrew

    You said the Invincibles squad could cope but, well, we all saw the 50th game.

    No sending off if memory is correct in that “contest”.


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  17. I imagine the text is pinging out to all PL referees and assistants this morning that Zlatan has had his last ever penalty in English football – disgraceful shithousery from the Swedish clown.


  18. I am saying that the old Wenger squads – and the new Wenger squad – need to learn to cope with refereeing decisions and cards and penalties that go against them. Being down to ten men is not the disaster it seems.


  19. What I did not understand about the Kaboul goal was the “wall” – we did not have a wall, or did we. We had a string of players sprinkled across the pitch who impaired Cech’s clear sight of the shot, but not positioned or solid enough to stop it. Very odd.


  20. anicoll

    The wall/non-wall looked very strange on Arsenal player. I thought/hoped the camera angle made it look weirder than it was.

    To confuse me further, was the supposed push by Gabriel close to where free kick was taken from. Seemed to be a long way out but again the view on Arsenal player wasn’t very good for that incident.

    Ramsey seemed to be only one who recognised a danger and moved quickly across to block the ball, but either it was moving too fast or he wasn’t willing to be struck in the balls (not even sure John Terry or Adams himself could overcome natural instinct, keep hands up and and take a whack there though)


  21. I think the original thought was that Watford would out a cross in hence the absence of a formal wall, and the distance it was from Cech’s goal (30 yards-ish) it would have taken a very very clean good shot to have beaten him or any keeper Rich.

    Then it clicked with our players that Kaboul was going to belt it – after which they started to scurry across – it was just bad luck it caught Ramsey and defldcted the way it did.

    Ditto with the second goal – of all the places that Cech’s save from Capoue could have spun to it ended up at Troy Deeney’s feet – No excuse that Capoue should not have won a lazyily taken throw in and been able to run 40 yards to get his first shot in …. but even so !!


  22. Shameless Arry now seems to have a weekly column which is 90% bashing Wenger/Arsenal.


    You’ll find not the tiniest evidence of recognition he’s talking about a man and a team he never finished above in his long career.

    A few bits this week concern that impossible contradiction which sees us labelled as physically weak and ripe for (legitimate) bullying, while also poking fun at disciplinary problems.

    ‘They also lack physicality in central midfield, even when Granit Xhaka is there and not too busy getting himself sent off.’
    ‘Diego Costa will be looking to smash them up at the back. He’ll relish sticking the boot in to a centre-back pairing which, although I like Laurent Koscielny, often looks like it can get bullied.’

    The unspoken suggestion is, if Harry and co can be credited with logic, that there is a way to avoid being bullied without incurring punishment from referees, some legitimate path of tough players and teams.

    But how does that fit not only with Xhaka’s amber reds, while the same or worse is punished differently elsewhere, but with the ever so soft free kicks given against us with great frequency. If a touch is a free kick, what can you do?

    I believe that’s a much bigger problem than even those big incidents, where Xhaka was no doubt guilty of stupidity and not knowing the league. How the hell do you play when the opposition are allowed to grab you all over the shop and play with loads of aggression but you are getting pinged for very light contact?

    Here’s another extremely interesting piece on a similar theme


    How is it that our manager, with his vast experience, cannot read the game and the referees here? How is it that the players, most of them internationals who aren’t questioned as weak with their countries, just can’t figure out how to avoid being bullied, nor how to be legitimately tough without getting penalised for it.

    The piece suggests Rodwell’s challenge is ok, or at least not something to complain about, while you can bet the same people didn’t defend Xhaka for his lesser offence.

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  23. What I suspect Arsene meant about his team not being mentally prepared was actually “not mentally prepared for the rules of the game to be applied to them but not the opposition” and of course that is something that is very hard to be prepared for. Yes, as professionals they should be able to rise above these things, but that is a lot harder to do when you are a mid-20s footballer desperately trying to adapt to the mercurial interpretations of a cyclopean official.

    When I was coaching field hockey and rugby teams I used to say to them (ever the orator when faced with a captive audience) : “First you must win the physical battle, then you must win the ball, and only then must you try to win the game” and although simple and patently absurd there is some truth about it. But you can’t do that if the referee decides from the word go that while you are not allowed to contest the physical battle, your opponent is. I believe it is that that makes it seem as if our players are not up for it. They know that they have to wait until they are given the ball (the oppo coughing up possession is the technician term I understand), and only then can they hope that their superior skill will allow them to go on to win the game. More often than not they manage to do this, but more often than not is probably never going to be enough to win a 38 match League title.

    And I feel very, very sorry for them that not only do they face this on a regular basis (and of course if they were just a little bit better they could play for one of the real; moneyed clubs, and if they were a little bit worse they would get paid less but enjoy the rub of the green, so you can see why they do put up with playing for Arsenal, frustrating though it must be) but also have to listen to the world telling them that they lack pride, professionalism and passion.

    I do not know why it is as it is, and perhaps it is better not to know, but the funny thing is that it only makes me support the team even more, hope forever springing eternal as it does that one day innocence will win over experience. Sadly though, I do not think the mermaids will ever sing to Arsene again as I fear his card is irredeemably marked, and it will be fascinating to see how a future manager is treated by those who seem most able and willing to decide the destination of titles.

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  24. Fins: Game 50 was a watershed. Riley proved to his peers and to the world you can screw the best team in England in plain sight and get away with it.

    The data from the last 10 seasons demonstrates the power of the PGMO to penalize AFC more than any other traditional top-four team. A 206% increase in penalties-against vs 130% for LFC, a clearly inferior team, is a prima facie evidence of “disparate treatment”. As I said in my blog, in the US, if this was a fair lending (Equal Credit Opportunity Act) matter, the PGMO would be a defendant in federal court. The government would assemble a battery of statistical experts and the PGMO and its lawyers would have to do the same. Based on precedent I predict they would be sunk by the data. (Google up “disparate treatment” for more info.)

    It is quite apparent that the British mainstream media and social media have no time for evidence of bias; just a case of a few Arsenal fans whingeing cause “they don’t like it up em”. The protected classes in the US bringing dispararate treatnment cases were similarly reviled by the MSM because minorities and women were simply whingers whom traditional banks and lending institutions would never discriminate (sic). That was until the fair lending advocates assembled the data and with the assistance of the Feds brought the offenders to court. Only afterthey were penalized by heavy fines and their reputations dragged through the mud as well as regulatory restrictions limiting their business did Banks begin to change their practises and constantly self-evaluate that their lending policies did not have disparate impacts.

    Even my dear friend Andrew continues to suggest that AFC should prevail playing with 10 men. They might have prevailed in the 1st-10 years when the bias was not as evident (see the data on the 1st 10-years). But can you honestly say playing with 10 men isn’t a significant handicap to any team in the PL, no matter how talented?

    Finally, Ranttata may not have done the research but his eyes are not lying. Refs are letting teams go in hard against Arsenal early in the game without blowing them up or dishing out yellow cards and rotational fouling go unpunished; all of which disrupts a footballing team from establishing any rhythm. Is it any wonder why AFC starts games cautiously rather than forcing the initiative and opening themselves up for the counter-attack. How often have teams get away with fouling an Arsenal player on the counter or our defenders try to stop the attack and get severely penalty? (What happened to Xhaka was unprecedented; never before and never since.) Yet on blogs and podcasts I observe our own “expert” fans acting surprised that Arsenal start games cautiously. Anyway Ranty I promise to do research on 1st and 2nd yellow for top-four teams over the past 20 seasons. I will publish the unbiased data.

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  25. Well he might have meant that Tim, or Arsene might have been referring to a first half in which, as at Bournemouth, or lads never actually managed to get a shot on the opponent’s goal on target. That is not really being very good, is it? I don’t know, its tricky. I suspect he was speaking more in the here and now though.


  26. “But can you honestly say playing with 10 men isn’t a significant handicap to any team in the PL, no matter how talented?”

    Rather like (allegedly) playing week in and week out against twelve men I feel its significance is exaggerated (banned winkie thing)


  27. Tim, you always say what I would say if I could write worth a damn and had any idea what I’m talking about. Now, I’m off again until the whining about how lazy and entitled our boys are dies down. This is the only smidgen of joy I have left in this world right now, and I’ll be damned if I read post-mortems until I actually do kill it.

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  28. “He’ll relish sticking the boot in to a centre-back pairing”

    this sums up the problem, harry is admitting that costa will very likely get away with sticking the boot to our centrebacks unpunished, sticking the boot in, which is a red card offence, but harry redknapp a manager with over a decade of BPL experience expects it to be the legit tactic that Costa will use on Saturday, the question is why is it that so many of the pundits – ex managers and players, seem to advocate, and expect players to get away with, as two Football Focus pundits called it a couple of weeks ago – “kick the shit out of Arsenal”, I never see any of them say or suggest the opponents of Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool or Man City, should kick the shit out of them, or whatever other term they like to use for violent and or foul means. Why is it that they seem to expect opponents to get away with it v Arsenal.
    Is it the Mike Riley effect, they know he openly done AFC in the 50th game, and he is now in charge of the PGMOB, if so, then why are none of them outraged by it, why are there no investigations into it.

    Wenger has a few times alluded to it that we have been told we have to grin and bear it, that we can not make a fuss, that we tried to complain but were told to shut up. He has also suggested that when we do complain we get hit harder in our next games, we get even less decisions our way and more soft decisions against us. I really hope when he quits the game, he writes a book and elaborates on the many things he has hinted at.

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  29. on the wall thing, we actually had a two man wall, not sure who was with him but Iwobi was the second guy, and there was a watford player beside him, in fact it looked like he tugged back Iwobi as he tried to rush out to the shot, As someone else stated, its the keepers role to decide how many are in the wall, and where it is positioned.

    One thing I found odd about Marriner’s reffing of the game, was the difference in his facial expressions when dealing with Arsenal players to when dealing with Watford players. He had the mad starry eyes and dismissive expressions for our players, but seemed to be having a joke and a laugh with the watford players, maybe the hornets players are just a more friendly bunch of guys.


  30. Debuchy had his career ruined by two uncalled fouls.

    That is unfortunately not an exaggeration but an easy observation.

    There are others. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I wrote a long list. If I tried to compose a similar list for other clubs, I’d have to exaggerate in order to make them comparable.

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  31. P.S.:

    Looking Good!
    great photo.


  32. In other news the gooner ramble have titled their new podcast:

    “Who do you think you are kidding Mr.Wenger”

    Not sure I’d have gone for the Jonny Foreigner reference myself…


    You’ve got to laugh.


  33. Hunter said we needed a bit more elbow on he pitch but we tried to tell him he’d get the Xhaka treatment and that’s not because we are soothsayers or prophets.

    We’ve simply been watching what happens on the football pitch.

    I’d like to hear Hunter’s response to that podcast title! Very much!

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  34. I’d like to hear Hunter’s response to that title!

    We tried to tell him when he asked for some more argie bargie on the pitch that the Gunners would get the transparent Xhaka treatment and that’s not because we are soothsayers or prophets. It’s been a while since I danced around the barrows that surround Stonehenge…


  35. Debuchy certainly was injured by Arnautovic Fins – the first ankle injury against Citeh there was no one near him;

    Apart from the injury a the short film is a good selection of a fit Debuchy in action in the opening weeks of 2014/2015 just after he signed, seems a long time ago now.


  36. I may be wrong but I wrote here previously that in the city match was clumped early on, hence the injury.

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  37. Sagna’s two broken legs,

    Not one, but two.

    Second a deliberate stamp.

    Not even called as a foul.

    Not an exaggeration.

    No need to write the full list.
    You’ve all seen the matches.


  38. “Hence the injury” ! Debuchy badly sprained his ankle ligaments – very nasty twist as the film showed – you reckon that was the result of a foul earlier ?

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  39. Andrew you also said that the clump on Theo did not lead to his knee injury in that FA Cup match, which was also incorrect.


  40. Also not called a foul btw.

    As written above, the list is long.

    There is no need to exaggerate!


  41. Can on Welbeck…

    That was not the tooth fairy in action, but it was an uncalled foul in a game of football.


  42. These are just from recent seasons.

    There is no need to exaggerate.


  43. Welbeck and Mertesacker added to CL squad, Jenkinson left out

    from jeorge bird blog

    Arsenal Champions League squad

    2. Mathieu Debuchy, 3. Kieran Gibbs, 4. Per Mertesacker, 5. Gabriel, 6. Laurent Koscielny, 7. Alexis Sánchez, 8. Aaron Ramsey, 9. Lucas Pérez, 11. Mesut Özil, 12. Olivier Giroud, 13. David Ospina, 14. Theo Walcott, 15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 16. Rob Holding, 17. Alex Iwobi*, 18. Nacho Monreal, 19. Santi Cazorla, 20. Shkodran Mustafi, 22. Yaya Sanogo, 23. Danny Welbeck, 24. Héctor Bellerín*, 26. Emiliano Martínez, 29. Granit Xhaka, 31. Jeff Reine-Adélaïde, 33. Petr Čech, 34. Francis Coquelin, 35. Mohamed Elneny, 39. Tolaji Bola*, 42. Kristopher Da Graca*, 43. Josh Dasilva*, 46. Charlie Gilmour*, 49. Ryan Huddart*, 50. Deyan Iliev*, 51. Chiori Johnson*, 53. Hugo Keto*, 55. Ainsley Maitland-Niles*, 58. Marcus McGuane*, 60. Savvas Mourgos*, 65. Ben Sheaf*, 68. Chris Willock*, 72. Reiss Nelson*, 73. Eddie Nketiah*.

    *= B-List


  44. If one choses to believe there is any agenda against Arsenal…..and yes, I would be in that number… game 50, they have to grin and bear it, cannot get away with tackles others get away with ,it gets worse if Wenger complains, etc, then it would mean out powerful CEO is either involved, or at best, involved in turning a blind eye. If this is happening, I would suspect it would go beyond mere ref bias, and that orders are being given. Conspiratorial, maybe, but just sick of seeing the team and manager screwed over so often.
    Will be very interesting to see the refereeing over the next few games, lets face it, Wenger would have seriously pissed off the PGMOL and the powers that be. Lions in zoo, reportedly …by some…calling a ref a cheat, touch line ban. Wonder if they might really try to help rid the league of Wenger this year?

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  45. The Arsenal lost, so I have to live with it. No moaning or kicking an innocent dog or cat!

    After all, Watford knocjed the Arsenal out of the FA Cup, last season. So what is new?

    The Arsenal have suffered more serious injuries than any other EPL Club, to-date. Fins, started to enumerate, too many to recall.

    Anybody, can download the 2016/2017 EPL Handbook.

    Mr Riley is king, the PGMOL rules absolutely. It is proclaimed so in the EPL Handbook.

    A match official can bundle Mr Wenger, out of the field of play. No player, no manager/coach, can lay a finger on a match official. As Mr Wenger said, they are protected like lions in a zoo!

    With apologies to the ED/Moderator:

    A spiel from Tune, sponsors to the PGMOL, circa 2010 ?

    Background to PGMOL

    Professional Game Match Officials Ltd
    With the advent of professional referees in 2001, the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) was formed to provide match officials for all professional football matches played in England.
    The Board is made up of the chief executives of the Football Association, the Premier League and the Football League with a Non Executive Chairman.
    • The General Manager – Mike Riley
    • National Group Manager – David Allison
    • FA Head of Senior Referees – Neale Barry
    The trio are tasked with the responsibility of developing excellence in officiating in the English game at the Professional Level The General Manager and his team of Managers and Coaches is responsible for the training, development and monitoring of Referees and Assistant Referees.

    The General Manager also decides which referees will officiate at Barclays Premier Leagues matches while David Allison decides Football League matches and consults with the Football Association over FA Cup.

    The top-flight referees are continually monitored at games and attend fortnightly meetings in which, amongst other matters, their performances, via the use of ProZone, are evaluated.

    The PGMOL has employed Simon Brevik, Head of Sports Science and he is supported by Adam Kerr both of who are qualified Sports Scientist to work with the match officials in designing and monitoring the fitness of match officials.

    They provide a varied set of training sessions at variable intensities ensuring that match officials are at peak fitness to officiate at the top level of the game.

    All training sessions and games are carefully scrutinised thanks to the aid of Polar Heart Monitors.

    An aspiration?

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  46. Mandy

    Ultimately the real losers with Welbeck, Walcott and Wilshere* losing years of their careers each through uncalled hacks (let’s be fair they weren’t even fouls!), through the selection of diving cloggers like Rose over footballers like Bertrand and Gibbs is the England national team!

    And English football.

    *happy to give Andrew a calf strain whilst raising him with uncalled leg breaking challenges for another RB, and with the three above I’ve still only listed hacks from recent seasons. Am I exaggerating? Does the tooth fairy really exist?

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  47. < only listed uncalled hacks from…


  48. “Is it the Mike Riley effect, they know he openly done AFC in the 50th game, and he is now in charge of the PGMOB, if so, then why are none of them outraged by it, why are there no investigations into it.”

    It’s because it’s a man’s game eduardo and those fancy dan foreigners at Arsenal cannot cope with the rigours of a man’s game.

    For the first time at the game on Tuesday I was starting to feel seriously turned off by the unfairness of it all as I was feeling the pain and confusion of the players. Ozil gets shoved so hard he almost ends up in the crowd – no foul. Seconds later Kos shoulder barges a Watford player, it’s a foul. All night a little shove from an Arsenal player is a foul, Watford players were practically dragging the shirt off the back of Arsenal players and nothing.

    You could pretend you don’t see it in order to cope with it and still carry on participating as a spectator or once you see it and acknowledge it you have a choice to make. I don’t want to be turned off the game and the team I love, but there is only so much you can take before you have to call it a day for your own sanity.

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  49. Agree Finsbury.
    And yet our club, if not the manager say nothing…..a recent report suggests injuries cost us fifteen mil a year……but that is far less than the bounty of riches Wenger has provided over the last two decades.
    This is where I cannot get my head round things…ok apart from the aforementioned money, but I believe arsenal certainly don’t get the rub of the green when it comes to winning the league, or for that matter the Champions league but just don’t know why the club appear to tolerate it so passively .Has the stadium burden cost us something hidden? only a hunch but wonder if Wenger is a bit exasperated at the lack of backing from above him in the club? To semi quote Finsbury…..some hidden small print in the leadership change we do t know about? Or does wenger just know the way the world works…..or am I just imagining it all?


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