Arsenal: Get your Answers ready

img_2425  Mane Bonum populo affirmativo,

The dust settles, the planet turns on. We must return to more weighty matters.

As an antidote to the endless nothingness of the international football break a new feature on PositivelyArsenal in the form of a Quiz, prepared by Mills. Needless to say his specialised subject is Arsenal. May your mood be a little lighter. Bene habeas. 

When was Arsenal Football club established?

  1. a) 1886
  2. b) 1996
  3. c) 2006
  4. d) No idea I’m too busy watching Arsenal fan tv and vlogging myself for intricate details like that.

Where was ex- Arsenal player John Kosmina born?

  1. a) Pluto
  2. b) New Zealand
  3. c) Australia
  4. d) Behind the green door.

David O’Leary’s nickname was..?

  1. a) The Martian
  2. b) Spider
  3. c) Fly
  4. d) No idea, I only read books by David Icke.Just think under my finger nail there could be many worlds…the moons a secret alien base you know…

In what position did Ritchie Powling play?

  1. a) Missionary
  2. b) Midfield
  3. c) Defence
  4. d) No idea, but was he on TOWIE?

What was Liam Brady’s nickname ?

  1. a) Chippy
  2. b) fishy
  3. c) meat pie

d)Hey man, whoa man, I dunno man, I never came down after Woodstock man! Cain’t remember the 60s let alone nicknames.

Before Arsenal FC became Arsenal FC with various prefixes, they were called what?

  1. a) Dial Sq fc
  2. b) Fax machine fc
  3. c) email fc
  4. d) Snap chat fc of course! Facebook is only for old people -you’ve gotta keep up, I mean being a You Tube star is just so yesterday! Its the new Punk!

Le Grove is what?

  1. a) A lunatic asylum near Chipping Ongar.
  2. b) a place where old animals go to die.
  3. c) one of the Hells that Danté wrote about.
  4. d) some damp Urbex place that makes you want a crap when you go there as you feel you have the cold under the skin and all paranoid that the local farmer type is coming to give you a bollocking or worse.

In what place did Arsenal finish last year?

  1. a) 2nd
  2. b) 1st
  3. c) 3rd
  4. d) Look son, I want Wenger out, so it must have been 4th, I mean we always come 4th ffs! What we need is Mou to sort things out, he knows what he isn’t doing, if you know what I mean? Know what I mean? I blame Wenger! How come we always come fourth, George Graham now that was a manager!

Against which team did Sammy Nelson pull his shorts down after scoring for and against Arsenal that night?

  1. a) Coventry
  2. b) Spurs
  3. c) Man Ure
  4. d) Spurs, at least that’s what I read at “A Cultured Lefty Cheesy Footicus”.

Which is the most loathsome club in the world?

  1. a) Spurs
  2. b) Tottenham Hotspur
  3. c) The Spuds
  4. d) I simply have no idea as I’m too busy reading the Grauniad during the match. Rhubarb and Bikini atoll coconut smoothie anyone? I say that O’Zeel chaps rather good I hear?

Coming soon, part two!

Quiz created by Boris Karl-Orf.



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71 comments on “Arsenal: Get your Answers ready

  1. And as I say that …..

    Nice finish to be fair


  2. First bit of quality for England from Sterling & Sturridge.

    Listen to Glen get very excited about the easy cross for the Tottenham player completely ignoring the quality finish from England’s best striker (with Welbeck in limbo…). You’ve got to laugh.


  3. cue malcontent outrage, Serge Gnabry has just scored on his debut for Germany, you can already hear the keyboard clicking of all the bloggers for their Saturday editions

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  4. Can’t see Scotland staging much of a comeback? We shall see.


  5. I can – England are glass at the back

    Liked by 1 person

  6. eduardo, if a player doesn’t want to stay, there’s not much the club can do about it, although the malcontents will forget that if it gives them an excuse to bitch and moan!


  7. not only that passenal, the malcontents had deemed Gnabry not good enough for AFC, after his failed loan spell at WBA, but no one ever said they were even handed, or honest either.


  8. I would not worry – most of them think San Marino is a brand of fizzy water

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  9. DIVE!

    Second of the match for Rose. 35 mins gone.


  10. He’s also only playing as Özil is rested? Which was essentially his problem at AFC after he thought WBA was a good loan for himself, and came back to find he’d lost his squad spot to Campbell and Iwobi (I have the impression the club wanted him to stay).


  11. It was a pathetic effort from Rose Fins

    And the clown Hoddle comes out with the nonsense ” well there was contact”

    It’s cheating Glenn – yellow card – if Southgate had any bollocks he would remove him from the field of play as the Spud defender clearly Dow not the rules.

    Tell him to sit in the dressing room and read them in the second half – he’d return a better footballer ( good idea that if I say so myself )


  12. Bertrand played LM when Gazprom won the CL final.


  13. Well that is England nailed on as favourites for the World Cup win in Russia – where is my flag ?

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  14. Scotland had some chances but that looks terminal


  15. That should have been a second yellow for Rose


  16. Gnabry with a hattrick on his debut

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  17. It is San Marino after all


  18. I can’t see him Ozil ever getting his place back in the German side


  19. Right then – I’m off out in the car, flags waving, horn tootling, I shall head of to the Lithuanian boozer on the North Lynn estate


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  20. Rose is used to getting away with things

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  21. New post up


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