A Battling Point

The Referee increased Everton’s chances  markedly in the first ten minutes.

Fellaini should have had two yellows in that time.By not giving the cards when they were deserved he gave Everton license to make the game physical and disjointed.That was exactly what they did.

Fellaini was strong ,uncompromising and generally cuntish all night.He also dived to win free kicks at every opportunity.I don’t know about you but I call that cheating.

Now how Gibson escaped a second yellow is beyond me and any right thinking person.It was a total bottle job from the man in black.Gibson seemed to understand he had been lucky and never made another tackle all night.

Now we must give credit to our lads for matching them physically and not either losing their heads or wilting under the injustice and pressure.

For me there was little between the two teams in the first half.

The second half was all us.

I don’t intend to tell you all how things panned out ,you likely saw it yourselves.

Again the substitutes seemed to add momentum ,but sadly we could not make it pay.

Some of our player were immense.

Aaron was MOTM for me.

Laurent,Gibbs and Per,also had stand out games.Santi also in the second half.

Some were their usual high standard.Like Mikel and Bac.

Sadly.some were off colour.Theo,Giroud and Jack all failed to impress.Without any of them being particularly bad.Although Jack tried his hardest to get into the bad category.The only good think he did all night was get into a scuffle going down the tunnel at half time.

On twitter Giroud was being thrashed to within on inch of his on-line life.Personally I did not see anything to get that upset about.Yes .he perhaps should had scored from Ramsey’s wonderful cross,but it was anything other than a sitter.

I can only think that Arsene did not want to risk Tomas ,because he is miles ahead of Jack.The team needed exactly what he brings to the table.Better though not to lose him for the rest of the season.However in his absence the Wengerball has gone.For now at least.

All in all it was a game that we matched them ,then pressured them .They were hanging on for dear life in the second half .

It is also a game that we could have ,and in the past may well have ,lost.

This team is on the up.No question.

The fixtures are still in our favour,

Five more Cup finals to go.

Lets just get behind the club and support them to the end .That should not even be optional

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116 comments on “A Battling Point

  1. And Passenal .You are wrong.It is your blog .That is exactly what it is .Our blog.Us that support positively.And you are as important a part of it as me or anyone else.
    Please try to understand .The blog was started for us.
    We know who “we” are.


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  3. I don’t really know what kind of striker we could bring in to replace Giroud. He has a very good mix of aerial prowess and the ability to get his team mates involved. Just look at the home game against Bayern for an example what happens when Giroud is not leading the line. Any striker we buy, in my opinion, should be looked as someone to complement Giroud, to bring on when it’s not going the Frenchman’s way or when we have to go all-out attack in the last 10 minutes or so, not someone who’s going to kick him out of the team because, at present, I feel his presence up front is very important for us and even though his goal/assists return is just above average (but then again, he has scored more than Aguero or Tevez) that he is winning so many headers, for example, allows us to control the game better and I am pretty confident that even in the goals he doesn’t score or assist, there’s probably a nice Giroud knock-on or similar in the move that got it all going.


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  6. harry can i borrow your coat ?


  7. I make no apology for my long held view that the demonizing of Denilson by a large section of Arsenal support, especially those online, had nothing to do with his ability, his potential or his heart. It takes phenomenal bravery for a 17 year-old kid to travel 2000 miles to build a professional career in cold, foreign climes and to prematurely become the central piece in our defensive midfield in the 2008-09 season after the departure Flamini and Gilberto and Hleb when we finished 4th. The running down of Denilson started with the competition for playing time with Ramsey in 2009-10. His near catastrophic collapse to the ground due to back injury in the middle of a game and not kicking the ball away was met with derision by most and with sympathy by a small minority. The emergence of Wilshere in 2010-11 and the intense competition for one midfield position (Cesc and Song were givens) marked his complete denouement. There was virtual civil war online if Denilson was pegged to start above Wilshere. Rather than a supportive, nurturing environment after his injuries he was all but marginalized. In my opinion this would have broken the spirit of a mature player much less a 20 year old. Wenger had no option but to send him away.

    Ironically in 2012 when Cesc F-Word and Nasri walked out on the club, Wenger signed a technically mature Denilson in the form of Arteta to provide the necessary security in front of the back four. To this day the usual reactionaries still demand a big defensive lump who will provide blood and thunder rather than cultured possession.

    As usual the victors have rewritten history and Denilson is now poster boy of the lazy, ungrateful, greedy foreigner who caused the failure of project youth. Positively Arsenal is one of the very few places where one can confidently challenge that narrative without the guilty scoundrels doing their best to misrepresent and misconstrue. Incidentally I always felt a similar fate as Denilson’s would have befallen Ramsey if he was non-British given his very inconsistent performances at the beginning of the season. Many of us, with a keen memory of the Denilson’s experience, insisted that he needed support rather than daily disparagement, to realize the unlimited potential he possesses. I think that has turned out rather well so far.

    That to me is the spirit of Positively Arsenal, especially posters like Passenal. I humbly suggest Arshavin23 needs to be open-minded to this narrative rather than getting angry and storming off in a huff.


  8. Good comments section today! I come here to learn and so I’d like to say thanks to all the wonderful bloggers on Positively Arsenal. Cheers everyone!


  9. @Shotta
    If there was a like button somewhere around here, I’d click it a thousand times for that post!


  10. What a great site this is. Love it! Looks like an epic, incredibly exciting and somewhat tense finale season this year. Fulham will be damn tough, not a team to underestimate, look at their form since the turn of the year, better every month, just about.

    Wonderful, wonderful Arsenal have dragged themselves right back into the 3-4 frame having been written off, oh, a hundred and one times by my latest count. What a fight back, again! What fabulous spirit from Bayern. If I were a spurs fella, I would, personally you know, be worried about Everton quietly hanging in to contention. Whatever else, just factor in that one or other of Spurs/Chelsea must drop points in their derby.


  11. I agree with Shotta and Passenal.


  12. So do I


  13. Heh. I met some people leaving the ground having a right old moan about Ramsey after the Everton game. I checked to see if they’d actually seen the game, before hearing the moans over Rosicky not starting. Now, you all know how much I like TR7, but if he’s not in the pre-match warm up, then he’s not ‘match fit’. Some enjoy the tendency for a bit of foot ballistic S&M. Not enough Gr*t.


  14. What They were moaning about the MOTM? Bejesus


  15. Overall i thought the atmosphere in the ground was as Frank described it: good/getting better. Helps when there is an obvious panto villan pretending to ref the game. What a joker that ref was. Hilarious! I thought the late handball shout was me possibly being a little biased, but no, even Arsenalist saw it as a blatant pen and he’s not one to moan at a blatently dodgy ref. Like me!

    Handball aids his clearance and keeps the ball away from Gibbo: a clear foul.


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