The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up.

First up in a busy week is the news that Andrei Arshavin is likely to be in his final season at Arsenal. With so few games left to play, it is likely that we’ve seen our little Russian dynamo in an Arsenal shirt for the last time. Arshavin accomplished some great things at the club such as the 4 goals in Anfield and the Barca winner and will leave a lasting impression on many fans. Anyone in the comments making a joke about him leaving a lasting impression on his sofa will be banned for life.

In the same interview, Arsene Wenger mentioned Vermaelen’s remarkable response to being, in the kindest possible terms, ‘rotated’. In a rather unsubtle pick-me-up from the boss before rejoining the team, Vermaelen’s attitude received great praise. He is understood to now be ‘facing the right direction’.

It’s fairly uncommon for football players to say just the right thing but it happened this week. I tried to think of comparisons to make it sound better: ‘It’s like your wife endeavouring to emulate your favourite chef’, or, ‘It’s like your girlfriend taking the time to master the techniques of a famous porn-star’. However, nothing sounds better than when the Ox expressed his desire to learn from Tomas Rosicky. A short, montage-heavy, training video will go into production once terms are agreed with Tomas for the Miyagi role.

Arsene said the C word! Ahead of the Norwich game, Arsene Wenger said that it was important to continue to start games in a confident way. He spoke of how early leads force teams out of their defencive huddle and force them to leave some room for Wengerball…

83 Minutes in and we’re a goal down to a poor, albeit industrious, Norwich side. Unable to resist Olivier Giroud’s sheer sexual presence, Kei Kamara had to have him and he didn’t care where it happened. Luckily for us, the linesman had similar designs on the Frenchman and was incessant when he saw Kamara wrestle the object of everyone’s affections to the ground. Arteta scored the penalty and the whole of the Arsenal community exhaled in unison. Some great play from Alex Oxlade Chambicky  set up Giroud to get in front of the former spud, Bassong, to tap home and take the lead. Fabianski then made a good save with his legs to deny Delia’s dipshits an undeserved point. The mayhem continued when Podolski dragged the ball out from under his feet and launched it into the bottom corner from just outside the area. 3-1 to the Arsenal and we’re in third place.

In the aftermath of the win, Arsene Wenger spoke about Lukas Podolski and his new training regime. Podolski has primarily been working on his centre-forward play, which is bound to increase the sulking German’s value when he is sold in the summer. Recent pictures show just how happy he must be to be leaving and the manager is giving him special tuition, which brings about one obvious explanation. Kroenke is obviously selling him like he did with Na$ri.

Then came the game against a robust Everton side who have a sneaky eye on our Champions’ League spot. In a battle where successful consecutive passes were at a premium, there were only a few chances for The Gunners to clinch victory. The best of which fell to Olivier Giroud from an excellent Aaron Ramsey cross. Giroud was first to get there but only in time to stretch out a leg and get any kind of attempt away. It went wide. Mikel Arteta made an excellent run to break the Everton defence and Cazorla duly found him, but good defending from Distin, combined with a slight sense of panic in the unknown, prevented the skipper from getting a shot or pass away. The Arsenal performance was spirited and tough and those are not traits many people would associate with Wenger’s men. They would, however, say those things about Stoke so maybe that’s not all bad.

If anyone deserved to win the game, it was Arsenal.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.

Up the Arsenal!

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55 comments on “The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

  1. It is good to see cooler heads have prevailed. Glad to see the return of Passenal and Arshavin23.


  2. DC – can’t see FC Bale being around much longer!

    I like Mel’s Stoke Wales! Or was it Wale’s Stoke?


  3. A23 & A5,
    you two….can I politely suggest you put that bickering over to the beeb.

    My overall opinion of Denilson & Song = meh. We have better players on the cusp of becoming full time first team now. Coq & Eisfield at the very least should be given more chances.

    I had forgotten Denilson was playing for us back as recently as the ’10-’11 season – it seems like decades ago. He was a victim of the utter chaos of other players coming in and out in an unsettled team and Wenger trying to reset the team formation. His own injuries didn’t help his cause. My own feelings are not one way or the other, he wasn’t terrible or brilliant but I just think he let his arsenal career fade with a whimper at the end. I just don’t think his heart was really in it for us at the end.
    He has played 17 games this season for Sao Paulo. He is still on our books so he might end up back here.

    Song – there is no such thing at AFC as a DM anymore, so any discussion about this as anyones’ role in the team is moot. Song’s main party piece was hollywood passes to RVP (some were good) to the detriment of other things on the pitch. I liked him but I do think he had an agenda to get “noticed”. Shame it has backfired for him, but if Wenger uses him pour encourager les autres – so be it.


  4. Song has made his move, literally and figuratively, and I don’t really see a place in the current team for him. Arteta and Ramsey is a better partnership than Arteta and Song for me because Ramsey offers us so much in playing terms while Song, apart from his Hollywood pass and the odd burst from deep, didn’t really have that many tricks in his locker. I do believe everyone deserves a second chance (bar maybe one certain little Dutch boy who I wouldn’t want to see back at our club no matter what) but Song isn’t the kind of player who would really improve us at this point in time, he would only add a bit of squad depth.


  5. I think Song is about to become the new Kalou. We’ll be linked with him every window and Arsène will be called an admirer but it will come to nothing. It’s just an easy link to fill papers.


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