The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up.

First up is the tragic tale of illness, sabotage, friendship and woe that was Arsene’s sore throat. His illness forced him out of the pre-match interviews and thrust Steve Bould into the limelight. Was Arsene faking it because he just couldn’t be doing with it? Did Wenger see it as a funny way of squeezing an impression of the spuds manager into an interview? Did Bould somehow infect his boss’ food with the flu virus because he just wanted a go?

Well, no. Probably not.

Santi Cazorla Titanicked the Arsenal awards this month, picking up the prizes of best player and best goal for March. His shaped effort into the bottom corner against Reading was the favourite amongst the voters. Cazorla has been playing most of his award winning football form left this month. Previous players who have gone from the centre to the left of the Arsenal midfield have gone on to sit on various benches throughout Europe or even straight to the fridge. All eyes will be on the Spanish magician’s waistline and agent.

Theo spoke to Arsenal player about his burning desire for a trophy. This may offer some insight into his latest injury, and with Dr. O’Driscoll likely to have prescribed a cream, it should clear up in the three to four days. Theo went on to say that he’d trade all of his appearances to lift a trophy with Arsenal next season. Unfortunately for Theo, when we do win a trophy, and he is held to his word about giving back his appearances, he won’t have played enough games to qualify for a medal.

Nacho also gave an interview to the official site. It’s not as easy to tell when somebody is drunk in a foreign language but when talking about Arteta and Cazorla, Monreal said “Those two guys! Where are they right now? I need to tell them I love those guys so damn much”. The full-back, clearly emotional, went on to say that his new manager gives him confidence by playing him even though he is new. The tears ran down his face as he looked deep into the camera and sang Wind Beneath my Wings.

Then came match-day. We were away to West Brom and fans seemed to be more hopeful than confident. The speculation which suggests that Napoleon Dynamite is running the Arsenal twiiter account was all but confirmed when they teams were grumbled out: “Same players as last week…god!” The line-up was the same but the tie looked a very different proposition. Gervinho’s streak continued as he earned himself an assist for the first goal. Tomas Rosicky scored his first headed goal bringing his total headers for the club to 5 and

his career total to 8. Aaron Ramsey had a pretty funny miss at the end of an excellent bit of football. Giroud flicked it down and, even though you can clearly see why it happened, how on earth did he poke it wide? Gutted!(Welsh accent) Ramsey, having a good performance, more than made up for his fluff by setting up the one they call The Little Mozart for his second goal of the afternoon. Rosicky’s first touch set him up to thump a volley which brought a good save from Ben Foster. The ball bounced once and Rosicky smashed it home. The tide turned in the game when a chipped ball over the top exposed the poor positioning of a player who you expect to be more astute. Per was wrong-sided and, in overestimating his stilts, didn’t get near the ball and cleared Shane Long out. Straight red, get Vermaelen ready! Morrison scored the penalty and our cruise to victory was now looking more like a draw. It took a lot of fight to cover the ground against a team with this new-found belief. We weren’t playing our best Wengerball but we were winning a football match. Sometimes that’s enough. It finished 2-1 to The Arsenal and the spoils went the way of the Gunners.

And finally, with two home games coming up against Norwich and Everton respectively, Theo and Jack couldn’t have timed their returns to the team any better. They manager is hopeful that they’ll both be included but will they want to sit and talk about Wrestlemania with Szcesny and Vermaelen? A lot of players are in form and the proverbial selection headache will be troubling the manager. I daren’t write about how the table might look should we take all six points. The march to third continues!

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.

Up the Arsenal!

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  1. Little Mozart. The conductor, the composer, the genius. When he made that pass to Walcott seconds after coming on for that chance in the first Bayern game it was almost too good. Footballistic quicksilver.

    Is that 9 headers now? The clearance off the line!


  2. Very funny post. I almost choked on my coffee!


  3. B7 – Tell the truth, after this wait, I was hoping for a comment on Nacho’s 6-pack abs. The goonerettes are still twittering. Knowing how envious we guys can be, it is no wonder the Baggie decided to give him a kick in the ribs. Not even a foul from Coward Webb.


  4. ha ha ha, bradyesque.


  5. Hey Shotta

    Is your gravatar the “Shroud of Bob Marley”?


  6. On the money as ever B7 – a good week to be Arsenal

    Looking forward to Nawridge – a chance to hammer a few nails into our local neighbours and remind the yokels to tug their forelocks a bit sharper


  7. Looks like Martin Angha is off to Nuremburg in the Bundesliga. He looked like he could make it at Arsenal/in the PL, but if he’s right footed (he played at RB in the CC I think) maybe he didn’t want to play at this stage at LB, as he has been? No idea.


  8. the final whistle brought an end to a good week and punches of delight from all positive gooners who were able after the previous 20 +5 minutes of gasping and blowing. all round another good team performance and that’s what matters, that and the three points of course. if that’s true about angha and its a permanent deal its a shame but their are better young players in all back four positions and so at some stage it was inevitable although I do thing he will make someone a good pro.
    it is nice to see the deadwood playing so well and long may it continue they may even make a film about it or several…deadwood, the return of deadwood , deadwood finest hour, the magnificent deadwood, gunfight at deadwood ,and deadwoods last stand


  9. Nuremberg Club Statement

    FCN complete first summer signing

    1. FC Nürnberg have made their first signing for the upcoming season, bringing in Swiss defender Martin Angha from Arsenal.

    1. FC Nürnberg have made their first signing for the summer transfer window. Martin Angha signed a four-year contract with FCN on Tuesday. The 19-year-old Swiss defender will move to the Valznerweiher Sportpark from Arsenal on a free transfer. The U19 international usually plays at right back, but is also capable of playing anywhere else in the back four.

    “Martin Angha has been brought to a top level of football at Arsenal over the last few years,” said Martin Bader, head of sport and public relations at 1. FC Nürnberg. “He has shown his potential in London and will make the next steps in his development at FCN.” Martin Angha will wear the number six.


  10. @ arse_or_brain April 10, 2013 at 3:36 pm
    funny. again.


  11. Martin Yves Angha Martin Yves Angha ‏@MartinYAngha
    Hello everyone! I have to confirm that I will not sing a new contract with Arsenal FC and will join Bundelisga side FC Nuremberg this….
    summer! I want to say a big THANK YOU to Arsenal FC and all the people who supported me during the last 3 years! Im looking forward to…
    join FC Nuremberg! and I will give my best for Arsenal in the last few games! thank you! #Arsenal #1FCN #Angha


  12. Good stuff, Brady. It was indeed a good week. My only request for the boys this week is that they not put me through another 25 minutes like that. I woke the house, frightened the dog, and was flat on the floor by the time it was over. Another one like that and my doctor will have to up my medication.


  13. Georgaki-Pyrovolitis April 10, 2013 at 1:02 pm
    No, not Marley’s shroud. A drawing of a rastafarian, in the days when it was somewhat subversive, made by one of Jamaica’s more famous artists, Edna Manley.


  14. It’s always sad to see a youngster depart even though we know they aren’t all going to make it here. It’s particularly difficult for a young defender as the competitiveness of the PL makes it very hard to give them the playing time they need to improve. I can’t really blame him for going as it’s better for his career to move on to get opportunities and experience elsewhere. He will probably make a good career for himself and could even get back to top level football in the future, who knows? Arsenal were probably okay with his departure because they allowed his contract to run down and would surely have signed him up if they wanted to keep him?


  15. Nice one B7, always a highlight of the blogging week, very amusing.

    Sorry to see Martin go but very telling AFC let his contract wind down. Would imagine the step up he needs to make into the senior side is the biggest and hardest to make. Quite honestly I’m in absolute awe of anyone that makes it; the odds are utterly stacked against the players. Jenkinson looks more and more a very special talent and an incredibly rare one.

    Still retain very high hope for Gnabry, Bellerin and Eisfeld; pretty convinced they will be big stars of tomorrow largely based on how far ahead they are of so many of their contemporaries.

    I know most are rightly following first team football but as a subtext, the youngsters battling to come through is one hell of a story – one that’s largely played out away from the limelight.

    It’s a big old universe if you are an Arsenal supporter.


  16. What’s up with the Nuremberg-Arsenal pipeline?


  17. Messi warming up – will he be too late for our ‘beloved’ Barca …?


  18. Not if the referee wants to keep his job it won’t be!


  19. Yes, quite; nothing if totally predictable …


  20. Poor Cesc.Replaced by a one legged man.How the mighty fall.


  21. @George
    I am sure Cesc doesn’t mind being the first player to be replaced whenever Barca need to make something happen. After all, he has learned so much in his time there and he has become “tactically better” and all that. He is an intelligent boy and surely understands the tactics involved in him never finishing a game and what it says about his worth to the team. I guess another year of this and he is going to be crying for Arsène and Arsenal, a place where he was appreciated and not just a rather unimportant cog in the machine.

    In all honesty I do wonder if it ever comes up when Song and Cesc talk what it was like playing for us. Being actually important and appreciated and all that. Do they miss it?


  22. Interesting questions Evil; the old Wenger Curse still seems fairly active as the best that most of the ex-Arsenal contingent seem to achieve is to become bit-part players in already successful sides. Not too sure where the sense of achievement comes from this and it’s hardly a sign of ambition simply to join a side already doing well.

    Regrettably I think RvP is a very rare example of an exception to this particular ‘rule’ in as far as without him, the EPL would clearly have been at least a little bit more closely fought. Yes he’s now on an extended dry run, something that affects most strikers, but manure are already home and dry and have been for weeks.

    The problem for red nose?

    Well he can’t really drop RvP now, can he? No matter how powerful Wenger’s Curse proves still to be …


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