Are there any positives at Arsenal at this moment?

 Today a piece written for the excellent You Are My Gooners  blog by @Swales1968 .I would like to thank him for allowing us to revisit it and them for their fantastic work

I suppose it depends on how you define positive, I could sit here and type a list of things that I think are good at Arsenal today. In doing this though I would be leaving myself open to the ranting of people with a negative view of Arsenal.

It is easier to find the negative in something rather than to look for the positive’s and this is where blogs twitter and forums excel. You put up a post about a player and you will soon find over two thirds finding something wrong with what he is doing.

When we post something seen as positive are we posting that everything in the Arsenal garden is rosy or are we saying yes there are problems but we can see the bigger picture in all this and the positives outweigh the negatives.

The positives are there but are either shouted down with the same overused quotes or the responses get personal. It is rare to get a reply to a positive point without one of these two things happening. You can go onto certain football forums put something positive on there and be verbally abused within 2 posts.

Why is there such a split within the Arsenal fan base? How can people see the same football club in totally different ways? It would be easy for me to blame forums, fanzines, blogs etc. For their views carry a lot of weight amongst the fan base. Could this be down to the Arsenal fans wanting some answers? Or is it a change of attitude from Arsenal supporters going from hoping to win a trophy to demanding they win a trophy?

But what answers to what questions, what do Arsenal fans really want? The quote most trotted out by the negatives is “no trophy for eight years” this is of course true but is that the be all and end all of supporting a football club? If so why do fans go to watch Barnet every week that is not for the trophies so why is it a benchmark at Arsenal?

“The players are rubbish” are they? If the players are that bad why are Arsenal sitting in 5th position in the supposed hardest league in the world?

“Wenger has lost it” again sitting 5th in the premier league with three of the richest club teams in the world above us.
“The board have no ambition” have they not? What do they want from the club then, to be like Stoke, Villa or Everton? Do you not think they would not want to win a trophy?

“Ivan Gazidis what the f*** do you do” was the call from the BSM walk before the Swansea game. Well what does he do and what has he done wrong. Everybody and his dog is now an expert on running a multi million pound football club, the sponsorship experts seem to be in all walks of life. There must be some well sponsored groups, clubs out in the world if the knowledge spouted by some is to be believed. Again when you push for an answer about what is wrong the reply is normally “oh that’s just wrong a club like Arsenal should be doing better”
I read forums and hear snippets of radio shows and hear the same tired arguments about Wenger, the board, the players but what I don’t get are answers. Get Wenger out, but when asked who to take over you get Jose or anybody but Wenger. Get rid of Stan is another call but when asked what then you get “get Usmaniov in” well what evidence is there that he would do anything different. The Russian has said he would
keep Wenger as manager so that won’t change; he has spoken of investing in the club but only by a share option. He is as far as I can see not going to be an Abramovic or Sheikh Mansour and put loads of his own personal money into the club.

Back to the original question are there any positives at Arsenal?

To me there are positives, The players Wilshere, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Cazorla, Giroud etc. The youth set up
The stadium
The change in sponsorship policy
The change in wages policy
The sound business practice

And as I said these positives are easy to knock and I expect them to
be because what I see is many Arsenal fans looking at the negatives
rather than looking at the positives.

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76 comments on “Are there any positives at Arsenal at this moment?

  1. god how i wish rio ferdinand was at united at the time we had keown …would love to see rio pointing his finger to our players like that…luv it….what a bastrad this rio…always provoking…and if he could back up his provocative actions with his play then thats fair..but he isnt…he is just an old twat playing the nevile role now…. sickening…


  2. and the appointment of mike dean for any football match is an insult to the game of football as a whole..the man is utterly clueless …dangerous….

    football players are far too “politically correct” towards him….he should be taken to argentina or chile and see what happens when the ref behaves like a prick and is totally inconsistant in his calls and officiating….

    too much protection to dean………. i want to see konscielny one day landing a flying reverse kick on his face..do it ninja.

    who remembers di canio pushing that ref ? heheeh and nigel bricking it..hahaha


  3. Had a particularly enjoyable encounter with a spuds supporting contact of mine earlier today who’s convinced his side are collapsing under the strain of keeping up the pretence of being a top four side. He is particularly concerned that the one-man team tag actually applies in their case and is quite bitter that Adebayor’s contribution has been so limited this season.

    I took great care not to smirk or do anything remotely risking a jinx being put on AFC but it was somewhat reassuring that’s it’s not just our club having to play a cup final each week from now until the end of the season.

    Can’t say I especially impressed with Manure last night; again I think there’s a lot of truth in what I think Mancini was saying about teams going to Old Toilet and playing within themselves in a way they just don’t seem to at any other ground. Kudos for Manure for achieving that but the cause of their competitors are rarely assisted by referees who are similarly affected by the aura of the place.

    It’s strange and I’ve only been to OT once but it’s not as if the atmosphere is that great; the stadium is, what 75k capacity? Not exactly 125k is it?

    Can’t escape the feeling Manure have been gifted the EPL this year; maybe the rest of the league will provide stiffer competition for them next year – I know we will.


  4. john cross…..please go sit in some corner nice and quietly and stop making money writing shit about arsenal.

    is it wenger;s fault that the club has/had to generate 25m per year through transfers ?

    how is a fergie phone call a pr own goal for arsene…we got 25 million mate …… he delayed and delayed and remained silent till the old jock had had enough and paid extra ……

    as for spreadsheets yes sorry mr john, sorry that wenger;s responsibility looks beyond the short-termism of winning a trophy for the morons in the stands….

    john cross = professional troll, itk, distort-king

    instead of trying to find ways to excuse fans wrath towards the club manager and players why dont you pull a finger out and start “educating” the fans……oh i forgot you make money through the fans paranoias dont you ?

    efffin prick….


  5. yes andrew mancini is spot on…united has won the title with a 4/18 against top4 sides…with deflection, ricoches and penalties in the 95th minute… they do just enough to win enough points from the little teams ( that go to old trafford and have lost from the dugout) plus they have webb and co to bail them out when necessary…yet this team is hailed as something special….


  6. take this pathetic line for innstance

    “It’s all about the glory. That’s what it should be about. It’s why eight years without a trophy so upsets Arsenal fans.”

    isnt it your job to explain to the fans that 8 years without a trophy is nothing in the grand scheme of things mr cross ?

    why dont you assault the illogical arsenal fans instead of presenting the whole case as wenger having “wake up ” calls and “do or break” seasons ?

    you fence sitting s.o.b you do not represent us !

    what it should be about is respect and support to the professionals who have done nothing but good and positive things for arsenal ….the change in the last 16 years is the kind of change youd normally expect to find at a football club in the span of a century you sorry little daily mail writting mug …had it with him… george i want his head on a plate… 😉


  7. and of course like a true spin doctor…the revisionism….

    “Before home games, Arsenal show some historical moments on the big screen. There’s Charlie George in the 1971 FA Cup final, Tony Adams clinching the title and Michael Thomas scoring at Anfield. Magical moments that delivered silverware. Not a guy holding up a spreadsheet in triumph at the latest set of financial figures.”

    mate…thats done …arsenal has nothing to do with those teams or those eras anymore…youre the one who needs the wake up call mr cross… wenger is thinking of beating barcelonas and bayern munichs and putting arsenal right next to those clubs and youre still stuck in 71 and 89…. i want to puke….


  8. Gifted is right Andrew – after 30 PL games last season Manyoo had scored 74 goals – after 30 games this season 70

    So much for signing a goalscorer to make the difference in competing against Citeh

    In reality the competition has never been there – the equivalent MCFC figures are last season 30 games = 72 goals, this year 55


  9. Big night for Howard last night – Fergie wont drop him so quickly next time


  10. No post today-bollocks to it


  11. Where’s my bin bag ?


  12. h13 be careful that’s Georges mate you know. had to go out last night so missed the u21s has anybody got a link to the highlights. my favourite player Isaac Hayden apparently didn’t play to well and I want to judge for myself before defending him


  13. lol aob… we all got them i suppose … but then again we have the closer examples of ian and paul so why should john be any different ? …. 😉


  14. Do you think Dean just got confused, Ani?

    After all – red shirts and the little Dutch boy. Easy mistake to make.


  15. Highly entertaining Eboue playing on itv


  16. It’s a stunning decline by Citeh, maybe one of the stories of the season. I’m at a loss to explain it really, dismal performance. At least the Chavs can point to the activities of a mad owner.

    As Frank would say, dearie me.


  17. I am a man who tries to give the referee the benefit of the doubt Merlot

    Mike Dean tests my goodwill week after week


  18. Andrew I am trying to talk to you on twitter


  19. Eboue just got a cracker of a goal


  20. Blimey, Gala are doing an Arsenal!


  21. Ga latasary v Rea l Madrid is a cracking game. 3boue, Schneider and Drogba have all scored. They need 2 goals in last 15 and the noise is awesome


  22. That’s what home fans should be like Bob – shame we don’t see much of that at Emirates!


  23. The Dortmund game was not bad!


  24. Shouldn’t be too taxing, Ani. It’s only when there’s a doubt that there’s a benefit.


  25. unbelievable huh fins…. right when i was thinking about cazorla and monreal leaving malaga and theres malaga in ch. league last 4 …and then….ouch….


  26. Passenal
    I think seating is a big part of the noise problem. When I was a lad I used to stand near the mob on the North Bank. Not close enough to get in a punch up but close enough to join in the singing.. Nowadays it’s pot luck who you sit with.

    A friend of mine has two club level season tickets and when his son doesn’t go I often buy the ticket, a mazes me that these tickets cost aboutb£100 a game and people disappear 5 minutes before half time to get in line for a free beer. Then they miss the first 5 of the second half to Finish their beer.

    Don’t often travel these days but the away support is amazing

    I think the seating issue also explains the lack of decent songs as well


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