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Voice of The Happy Meerkat As Arsenal Win 14th FA Cup

Voice of The Happy Meerkat As Arsenal Win 14th FA Cup

Latest podcast: Finally Gooners have something to be truly joyful after our worst season in 25 years as Arsenal win their 14th FA Cup. Shotta and Blackburn George aka Arseblagger give their analysis. Remember to like and subscribe to our podcast. Your comments are welcome.

Humble In Victory After Man City

Humble In Victory After Man City

After the historic defeat of Manchester City in the FA cup semi-final, the Arseblagger, Blackburn George, while ecstatic is humble in victory and cautious about the future. Tune in to this podcast. Remember to Like and Subscribe.

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: End Of The Beginning

Three FA Cup finals in four years and a team so consistently excellent that finishing fifth is seen as a major disappointment. What a gloriously happy accident that my seven year old self should have chosen to support the side in the red shirts and white sleeves all those very many years ago. Was I […]

Arsenal Versus City: Cloudbusting

A season which I have been reliably informed is a disaster, best forgotten, a total shambles, and a sad the end to Arsène’s reign has somehow contrived to find Arsenal in an FA Cup semi final. I had to check the fixture list twice to see if I was dreaming, but it appears that while […]

Arsenal Versus Lincoln: Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Finding myself on my uppers and trying to claw my way out of a protracted period of poor health, I’ve taken to earning a few quid by going out to work. A wildly radical idea which, like Arsenal’s season, has yielded mixed results. Lately I’ve been working for an organisation which provides support for adults […]

Arsenal Versus Sutton: Black Magic

The way the match started took us by surprise. We exchanged a look which spoke volumes. It was one of those moments for which the footballing book of clichés was conceived. The home side kicked off, a long ball forward, three runners breaking from midfield, bewilderment and confusion shaking the visitor’s defence, a leg outstretched […]

Arsenal Versus Preston North End: The Decider

The Clash of the Invincibles takes place at historic Deepdale this evening. Quite rightly held back until the less significant fixtures have finished, this is the unquestioned jewel of the third round. A meeting of two venerable clubs, both famous for their contributions to the English game and both special for achieving unbeaten success at […]

Arsenal Versus Watford: Candles In The Wind

What a weekend this could turn into. Shotta said he experienced the kind of disturbance in his waters which set off a rumbling in his tail bone causing him to wonder if the stars might align in our favour in one giant, glorious three day festival of sporting joy. Could Rafa sprinkle magic onto the […]

Arsenal Versus Hull : Happy Valley

I have, since escaping school at the first available opportunity, travelled a wide and colourfully varied career path. I’ve been a civil servant, a builder’s labourer, a steeplejack, an interior designer and a security guard. That is to name but a few of my interesting and ultimately short lived attempts at finding the ideal method […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: The Magic Number

All the hoo-ha which followed Man United’s defeat at the hands of a bleary eyed hungover Midtjylland who had apparently only just finished a seriously long Christmas party has caused me a little discomfort.  Firstly if United’s results get any worse and the press and their own fans turn on the players and manager any […]