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Arsenal Versus Bayern

A rubber match isn’t, as the casual reader might suppose, an extremely poorly designed item for lighting one’s pipe. It is in fact (according to Wiktionary) “A sporting event at the end of a series in which the opponents are tied in terms of events won and lost.” Hence we have the term ‘dead rubber’ […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern: Be A Lady Tonight

Ever since Mills explained to us all how the concept of luck is one we ought to abandon I have attempted to remove it from the arsenal of verbiage which I bring to bear on these pages. The problem I’ve discovered is, as with all proscribed words, one simply finds new ways to say the […]

Lucas Perez: Another Eduardo-type signing!

Disclaimer: Despite the headlines this blog is not your usual piece of  transfer bollocks. You have been warned. Markets It may be news to young football fans but the modern transfer market is barely 13 years old when the transfer window was first introduced to English football by FIFA in 2003/04. Yes, the concept of […]

Arsenal – Even in the cannon’s mouth

Good morning again and a rather more sombre mood this morning following last night’s heavy defeat. Predictable waves across social and mainstream media, primarily of anguish from Arsenal fans, who watched our dismantling by a clearly better side last night. There may be mitigating circumstances in terms of players missing through injuries. However even with […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern : Who Cares?

Arsène Wenger cares about Arsenal far more than you do or ever will. He cares more about the club than the season ticket holder who goes to every game home and away. He cares more than the supporter conceived in the shadow of Highbury stadium and born on on May 26th 1989. How can I […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern: Solid Gold Easy Action

I have a confession to make. It’s an embarrassing one and I hesitate before the court of public opinion. Perhaps I should delay the awkward moment when I must unbosom myself of my misdeed. Instead allow me to furnish you with a little background to the story. Yes I think that might be helpful. For […]