Have Arsenal Faltered or Faded?

In this Manchester City – Arsenal match review Blackburn George @arseblagger (suspended on Twitter) is not surprised that the Gunners were “humbled and outclassed” by the Citizens as this was his prediction in the previous podcast. City has the better players and the better coach. On the day City was unbeatable. Neither he nor Shotta think its worthwhile trying to find scapegoats for this defeat. To the contrary Arsenal has come a long way within a year but City are a a cut above as they look likely to win their 5th title in six years. The Gunners have exceeded expectations by qualifying for the Champions League and simply need to recover from this defeat and finish the season as strong as they started.

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51 comments on “Have Arsenal Faltered or Faded?

  1. Xhaka was magnificent, as he has been all season. Jorginho assisted ably .
    And Ramsdale was rather good as well
    MO will likely win player of the season, but many others deserve to be mentioned in dispatches


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