A Day Like No Other.

Good morning you happy lot.

Yesterday really was a day the likes of which I’ve never seen in the on-line Arsenal community. The fan base, or at least most of them, went from the misery of learning that long time target Mudryk had left us standing at the altar, to the ecstasy of giving our fiercest rivals, what can only be described as a very good hiding on their own patch.

I have to say the game itself was also a little bit of a roller-coaster. The first half was football of the highest attacking quality. It was a joy to behold , almost total domination and control from whistle to whistle, while the second half was a much closer affair, while we still controlled the game, but in a more defensive way. Both sides of the game were displayed to great effect.

Our midfield three purred like a Rolls Royce engine, each complementing the others skill set ,passing around, dribbling and running past the Spurs two defensive midfielders like they weren’t there. Saka was running riot and Eddie seemed to be occupying all 3 of their centerbacks. Spurs look hapless in that first half. Magic I say.

Anyway, I’m sure you all saw it for yourselves and don’t need me to describe what you saw, so all that remains to say is “8 points clear people and roll on United”. I really believe that if we beat them we will go on to win the league, something none of us saw coming 6 months ago.

Have a great week people.

Pedantic George @arseblager

19 comments on “A Day Like No Other.

  1. Was a wonderful watch and a match I never thought we were in danger of losing. I expected us to score 2 or 3 in the first half and for Spuds to eventually wake up and give us a game in the second. That’s been the pattern of Spurs’ games all season but it was a death trap for them against us, I’m just amazed they could not pick themselves up to start better. Maybe we were just too good for them and they couldn’t?

    United just beat a sub-par City with the help of the officials; we’ll be their sternest test of their ‘comeback’’, next week. A draw will suffice, such is the cushion we’ve given ourselves now but we have every chance of beating them in my view.

    Happy days!


  2. Morning everyone! Cheers George, next up The Brand, time to avenge the game at Old Toilet!


  3. Yep absolutely fantastic result with some brilliant play in the first half. If we’re realistic we have to admit we dropped off in the second half and we struggled to cope with the spuds more direct style.
    We certainly didn’t control the second half as such was testament to Ramsdale’s Motm display.
    At 0-2 I still thought that the game was still there and I think had the spuds pulled back one it would of been a real battle to hold them off for the second.
    I see Tim put yesterday that he thought the ref had a good game but this was straight after the match and maybe he was high on adrenaline.
    The Romero challenge on Xhaka was a clear red and for the ref and the VAR to miss this was absolutely disgusting.
    The fact he was already on a yellow made it even worse. When there is such incompetence on display its difficult not to start thinking about corruption.
    Our starting eleven yesterday could definitely win the league unfortunately for us these days no team can do an Aston Villa and win the league with 14 players and it looks more and more in these big games that Mikel just doesn’t trust the bench. If we start picking up injuries you would only assume we would struggle.
    The thing is we are where we are now on merit and playing well as a team, just beating our local rivals at their place for the first time in seven years and increasing our lead at the top it absolutely fantastic.


  4. I’d love to see Gavi playing for us, such a great player already…


  5. how has Richarlson not been charged by the FA for his after game behavior


  6. Facundo Torres claims Arsenal have contacted his club, Orlando City, about signing him, the winger was part of the Uruguay world cup squad, but did not get any game time.


  7. reports that Arsenal are in for moussa diaby, the french winger plays for Leverkusen


  8. Ed you’re right he basically pushed Aaron in the face and riled the fans behind the goal.
    He was up for a fight all game and when he was supposed to be warming up he bumped into Partey when he was trying to take a through.
    Of course with all these incidents the officials did nothing.
    As far as the links are concerned I think any winger or forward either on form or showing potential will be linked with us at the moment however with Vieira, Marquinous and of course Reiss all being in a better place next year maybe a senior winger would be better right now.
    There is talk Newcastle would be willing to let Fraser go. He would be cheap and gives you a no nosense player that will just deliver quality crosses at the back end of a game.


  9. That should be throw I think it auto corrected


  10. I am slightly more sceptical than you George, I will definitely start believing if we beat united, win at Anfield and Ethihad.

    Anyways great weekend, what a performance by all 8 out of 10 and above.

    Mikkels management at the end of the game where he literally had march Xhaka away from trouble was much needed and really impressed me. Respect Mikkel, my humblest apologies for rejecting the process.


  11. One way to think of Arsenal in 19-21 is in terms of something larval; an unpleasant juvenile form totally distinct from what we have now.

    Larvae are kind of gross to look at; we could only go by what was in front of us, and were already jaded by 18 months of Emery’s chaos-ball, and a pervading long-term sense of decline.

    So yeah it seems clear now there was good work being done, but it was on a cellular level. I don’t think anyone on the outside should reproach themselves for a previously held position, especially given what we could or could not see.

    We’re only halfway through the season, and there are any number of catastrophes that could end us. I’ve a mind to enjoy every second while it lasts.

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  12. Cedric Soares in talks with Fulham about joining them this month


  13. Arsenal u18’s are currently playing away to Newcastle in the FA Youth Cup, into the second half and Arsenal lead 2-1, Ferdinand and Cozier-Duberry with our goals


  14. Arsenal U18 team v Newcastle: Cooper, Rosiak, Walters, Quamina, Sousa, Lewis-Skelly, Ibrahim, Ferdinand, Gower, Cozier-Duberry, Benjamin.
    Subs: B. Okonkwo, Robinson, Brown, Nichols, Ismail Oulad M’Hand, Dudziak, Kamara.


  15. Jeorge Bird
    Goal. Newcastle 2 Arsenal 3. Substitute Kamara may well have won it after being found by Ferdinand. Jubilant celebrations.


  16. Jeorge Bird
    Full time. Newcastle 2 Arsenal 3.

    Arsenal are through to the fifth round of the FA Youth Cup, where they will face Watford away.

    Substitute Osman Kamara is the hero.

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  17. Ian: totally fair comment on me being high on adrenaline, and yes – could easily have been a Red for Romero. What I liked about the ref though was that he seemed to allow us as much or as little license as he did the Spuds. To me there didn’t see to be that one rule for you, one rule for them approach that has often seemed to be the case.
    I feel I owe Thomas Partey a big apology: he’s played really well of late and in a way I just couldn’t see or imagine a few months ago. Looking ahead there are a few tricky fixtures to navigate, none more so than Everton away at the start of February. I can all too easily imagine them scrapping for points, revitalised under a new manager (big Sam maybe?) and doing a real job on us.


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