We’re Going To Win The League…..Maybe!

Good day one and all.

In this podcast we look at the Wolves game and consider just what realistic chance we have of finishing above City and what may act in our favour.

Pedantic George

10 comments on “We’re Going To Win The League…..Maybe!

  1. Although I still don’t think we’re going to win the league, based on Cities record in the second half of the season and the availability of funds and squad, my evaluation on our final league position and % chance of winning the league is going up week by week.
    I would not like to be dragged by my bollocks from my line of expectation at the start of the season to my line of expectation now, such has been the improvement.


  2. Think it was Tony Atwood who first documented AWs progressive evolution in modern tactics and what he described as a modern WM formation. Alongside a few other coaches at that time. Who all were obviously studying and copying each other.
    And Arteta apprenticed with two of them.
    Ironically it was Arteta’s least favourite team mate (and player that he managed) Ozil who described the identity of the Arsenal AW football style as a

    “famous fast one touch passing game”.

    Yet don’t expect the gaslighting blaggers or their unfortunately gullible listeners who lapped up the meme that ‘ don’t do tactics’ like some kind of merchant banker snorting bleach from a brown urinal to state the obvious.

    It was the re-signing of Xhaka that encouraged many to just about keep toys in the pram over the bumps. many here noted an improvement here over the summer and hoped for more success with signings made by the coach and not an agent.

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  3. Hi Posivistas
    Its really a soap opera at the Old toilet…… care to comment???


  4. I would say that a lot of the Football coming from Jesus’ for his Second* club in the PL resembles that of a young injury free RVP. I feel like clapping & singing a song of praise.

    For me what’s happened with Ronny is Karma.

    Hopefully you can quote me on that by the end of the season.

    Yes it is obvious where Mikel picked up some (not all) of his attacking vibes alongside the other stand out inspiration he’s taken from another coach: with the evolving FBs. He started off with the latter imprint, Nelson was on the right etc. Then we saw an ‘05 inspired cup victory and after the turbulence is showing some of his vision for the team. One which those who admired his football for the club always hoped to see.

    *it’s an awful pun. Sorry.


  5. IMO The big negative from Saliba being on loan last season and there were a few not least the impact on the Goals Against total is that he could be getting some coaching from the BFG.
    I like to imagine that Mertesacker is secretly Arteta’s no.2 in the background. Most likely not true but it is a fun speculation.

    Could be a big world cup for Saliba though I hope he stays on the bench! Likewise Saka.

    How Arteta manages the returning athletes who played more then a few games at the WC will be a big and difficult test. Nelson, England and world cups invite even more appalling puns. I just hope the player has a role to play when the season kicks off again. I’ll build Arteta a column if he adds the skill of managing the fitness of young players to his cv whilst continuing this form. To be fair i speculate it usually takes the coaches who have this skill some time to pick that up.


  6. I feel a bit sorry for Ronny, he followed his heart rather than his head one old red nose got involved. He should have known manure wouldn’t be a CL team.
    He absolutely saved them last season and the new manager didn’t want him but as we see with Mikel the boards are tending to back managers lately having got their fingers burnt backing players for the last few years.
    It great news hearing Kolo, one of my favourites,
    Getting his first job in management. I wish him every success and hope he is in great demand.


  7. Jeorge Bird is reporting that S16 year old Myles Lewis-Skelly has been selected for Arsenal’s first-team training camp in Dubai

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  8. Is anybody alive out there?


  9. Strange world cup so far to say the results have been difficult to predict is an understatement. Probably the most unpredictable world cup ever following on from a very unpredictable Premier League.


  10. Well we’re at Oxford in the cup that’s a great draw


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