Manager of the Month loses 3 In A Row.

Hallow folks,

Arsenal suffered a 3rd defeat in a row at Southampton severely damaging any hopes of a Top-4 finish. Blackburn George, @arseblagger, and Byso, @hawt_red, join with Shotta, @shotta_gooner, to discuss the implications of this defeat. In our opinion despite the failure of Arteta to have the team scoring goals the club will be satisfied with a Top-6 finish, the fans wont be though.

Pedantic George.

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57 comments on “Manager of the Month loses 3 In A Row.

  1. William Hill
    For the first time in 15 years, two U21 players have scored 10+ goals for the same club in a single Premier League season:

    ▪️ 2006/07: Rooney 🤝 Ronaldo
    ▪️ 2021/22: Saka 🤝 Smith Rowe

    Generational duos.

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  2. For my part, I thought it was a good performance and a deserved win, albeit against a pretty poor Chelsea.

    However, I would not that it showed the efficacy of Artetaball or evidence of his supreme coaching ability, because they simply sat back and defended well against a muted attack and counterattacked well against a sleepy defence.

    Once again Arteta was forced to play his rejects, Holding, Elneny and Neketia and they did the job for us.

    I am still not convinced that he regards ESR as “his” sort of player but in the literal absence of anyone else, he plays. I think the same applies to Martinelli.

    The squad has been allowed to get so threadbare, that he must use these players, which is not to say that he will do so again unless he has no choice.

    Ironically it was against Chel$ki in December, I think, that he had to use ESR, hardly having done so before then. And after then he was not a regular.

    I said recently that we would find it easier against teams that attack us, as opposed to the ones that sit back and do what we did today. Today’s game showed how that was correct.

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  3. I think I can take a lot of credit for the win. Due to reasons beyond my control I wasn’t able to watch neither the Cup Final win against them, nor the Martinelli inspired victory. I duly stayed away from the telly last night, and the rest is history. (NB – this is not necessarily an invitation to Mills to launch into cosmic theories of luck, predestination, and fate.)
    I was delighted to hear Elneny did well – Ive always liked him as a player – and let’s hope that those first Premier League goals will give Nketiah the confidence he needs to go on and score plenty more.
    Jjgsol – you make a very fair point. We are not yet good or experienced enough to break down teams who invite us on to them on a regular basis, and nor are we yet able to go openly head to head with the very top sides. But we can be quite good when we sit back a little. So, as you say, a result against Chelsea is almost more likely than a win against Southampton. I guess the hope has to be that as these players mature and strengthen we will see incremental progress over the next couple of years.

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  4. Are you sure FH? LOL!


  5. Well, far be it from me to tempt fate, Millso!


  6. LOL! I havent time, Im working on my memoirs : “The life of a tool: the search for nothing” and its sequel “the tools box: How I measured infinity!” And perhaps a third title “the tools tool: under the finger nail there could be many worlds?”. Published by Ickie theories Ltd.


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