Soundbite Arsenal Are A Laughing Stock.

Sometimes I come across an idea in the comments section that needs to be the headline act, this is one such notion from our friend Eduardo

“Arsenal where soundbite is king. Much like the UK and Brexit, all it took was good soundbites to get the masses to ignore the reality.

Last season we had Trust The Process, that was our clap for the NHS, it allowed the dismantling of the squad, and shite football to be not only accepted by bloggers and big fan accounts, it seen them extol its virtue.
Now this seasons soundbite is Leadership and Culture, and means fans are extolling Imperial measurement football as what we’ve always needed, even wanted.
You see our poor results so far were nothing to do with us at all, it was not the process’s fault, no it was us being needlessly punished by the Champion League clubs for us deciding to leave the Champions league. But fear not we have a World Leading plan to make us great again, to bring us back to our times of Empire, we’ve branded it Leadership and Culture.
The lack of goals in our Goals For Column is not self inflicted, its a Brexit caused supply chain issue, and has nothing to do with us making AFC an unwelcoming place for some very highly talented supply chain operatives. Our Leadership and Culture plan will sort it out, as we are making it easier for less qualified players to take up the roles of Goal Suppliers. Its World Leading just like our intense training sessions that AFC were so good to tell us about by planting questions to our esteemed leader in his Q&A, it was almost a leaf out of the Laura Kuenssberg fawning playbook when interviewing good old Boris.”

Pedantic George.

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54 comments on “Soundbite Arsenal Are A Laughing Stock.

  1. I have just watched the latest Uncensored ARSENAL podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Shotta an excellent compare and George taking the piss always make me laugh, this time Ehabs brilliant knowledge adds perfectly to the gruesome twosome.
    Actually the highlighting of our fragile confidence ( both players and fans) was easy but hitting the many reasons for it over Edu and Mikel’s tenure is more complex we just know we are boring.
    The amazing thing is nobody knows what team Mikel will put out, how he will set up so may be that will be an advantage, as for Nuno having watched Tuchel tactically tear him apart in the second half last week I’m sure he will make slight adjustments so his midfield is so easily overloaded this week.
    I know people are saying both teams are playing poorly but we have been poor in all five PL games, and the spuds have really only not turned up in the Palace game and totally outclassed against this seasons winners only on the second half so I would say we are on worse form than them especially as we struggled so much in the two games we did win.
    However this is a NLD and form doesn’t always work when predicting the score and we have a new keeper that at the moment everyone trusts which should make us more stable which then follows we could keep it tight and sneak a win.
    We all are aware we struggle in front of goal but fuck me we might score a hatful and have a fucking good week and another excuse to laugh at the Middlesex underachievers.


  2. Chelsea lost, might need to put Shearer on suicide watch


  3. What a delightful start to the weekend. Was just walking past the Chelsea stadium on the way to Chelsea & Westminster hospital given the road from Fulham Broadway is all closed due to the game. Oh what a delight seeing the anguish on the Chelsea fans faces!!
    And Manu, I mean take a bow Fernandez what a beautiful penalty 😂😂😂

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