Arsenal are 3rd best in PL! Don’t Laugh.

Morning all.

Today @shotta_gooner and I look briefly at the Brighton game before discussing where were stand, who and why we are standing 8th. What can be done, what might be done, who is best placed to do it? Despite the dire season Arteta looks safe, why?

Pedantic George.

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133 comments on “Arsenal are 3rd best in PL! Don’t Laugh.

  1. Ed, I’m sure you know journos no nothing.
    Untold list the names of players mentioned every transfer window as a joke and this transfer window I think they have now got over forty names from the various media outlets.
    After the loss of covid money, the loss of Euro money and the money the Kronkes have to put in for the super League fine I think we have £2:46 left to spend and actually that is over optimistic because really we have nothing.
    Player sales will first have to pay for losses before then going to fund transfers.
    Fortunately because we have no Europe we need a smaller squad next year anyway.
    It’s good to see the spuds are having problems of their own after paying off Maureen Potch has turned them down and now Conte as well.


  2. I have just had a good laugh at the player of the season results, it’s unbelievable just how much the “fans” miss.
    Saka has been excellent and after seeing the other candidates I’m relieved he won. He and Emile saved our season as much as you could say eighth is saved.
    Pepe second place, I had to check the date I was sure it must be April fools Day but know this was a real result. Do people not watch the complete 90 minutes anymore.
    Even Keiran in third was strange, as good as he is going forward he hasn’t had the best time defensively and that’s not even bringing in the amount of time he has been injured.
    Our most reliable player, the player we struggle without more than anyone else Granite Xhaka didn’t even get a mention.
    I know we have had one of our worst seasons in nearly 50 years but really were people to frightened to watch the games, my head is spinning ARSENAL fans never cease to amaze me.

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  3. Watched Dan Ballard’s play off games and caught most of 2nd half against Ukraine. really is developing well. At point where if progresses any further it’ll be clear a good top flight career awaits.

    Thought it a very encouraging sign that as well as all the whole-hearted robust defending he appeared to be the main passer from back with Blackpool, despite his age, and even some signs of same with country (though Evans wasn’t playing)

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  4. Also liked, with Blackpool, how he mixed up his passing, showing good judgment of when to feed into feet, when to look for long pass, or even when to go for the agricultural clearance. For me it’s as important a part of a defenders game as any other, knowing when it just aint on, defence needs a break, etc, but often looks like heavily discouraged, or so much emphasis on playing out that aren’t alert quickly enough to see when that’s right option.

    Not perfect. One moment midweek he was squared up and beaten easily in box (though in fairness, late on, and every right to be knackered) but highly encouraging. Wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of clubs are interested this summer.


  5. #REMINDER: Uncensored Arsenal Livestream today on YouTube and Twitter with Arsenal fans worldwide today, Saturday, June 5th at 4:00pm AST or 8:00 pm BST.
    We discuss Arsenal 2021 summer transfers. Have a laugh at the ITKs now squabbling among themselves. Avoid the insanity.


  6. One of my guests in today’s livestream is our one and only Blackburn-Pedantic George, the Arseblagger. As you may have noticed, I don’t go anywhere without him.


  7. Oh well, guess the narrative will be that Villa now have more ambition than Arsenal over the Norwich player , seems we have walked away as the price went up, or were never interested in the first place , or something


  8. well Mandy if the price went up more than we valued him at then we would be right to pull out. We might find out why or what happened, we might not. what I found odd about our interest in him is that it was said we seen him as an option for no.10 instead of Odegaard, when he never played no.10 for Norwich, he was a wide right sided midfielder who cut in, he would have been up against saka and pepe for that position at AFC,


  9. Couldn’t agree more, haven’t paid enough attention to him to know how good he is or isn’t , sounds a decent player but was always led to believe Odegaard was our main priority , guess that one lies with Carlo


  10. With all the talk about strengthening the squad, we all know that means getting in free transfers, especially old crocks like Willian and Luiz, who cost no fee, even if they come in on high wages.

    Wages can be paid out of income, transfer fees have to come out of capital, which we don’t have.

    Remember we still have instalments to pay on that great buy, Pepe.

    Now if he is the 2nd best player at the club, what does that say about the overall quality of the playing staff?

    Alternatively, what does it say about the mental qualities of the fans who thought it appropriate to vote for anyone in a season as bad as this one?


  11. Great podcast George and Shotts and everyone.

    Boot rooms in football are quite important.
    Pat Rice had been at the club since the 1950s.
    He coached Steve Bould. Was Arsene’s and the club’s anchor.

    The club’s reputation has been decimated in the Game over the last three years and the billy big blaggers can’t even say it being the Experts that they are.
    Now Neves and his agent a nexus that was called out by opposing managers in the championship when Wolves were promoted have their mitts deep into the gaping wound left by Raul.

    Never mind grief Shotts. The Arsenal is bleeding out this gaping rotten wound. It’ll be fun to watch some of the academy kids but this Mob have shown they can’t build a team let’s not kid ourselves. If you want to watch good footy in your spare time you’ll be listening to the Arsenal on the radio whilst watching others.


  12. The owners clearly had a policy of blowing up that boot room, sacking off the scouts so they could hire scouting consultants, sacking off Ramsey so they could replace him with Guendouzi, sacking off Ozil to replace him with Willian, sacking off Martinez to replace him with the icelandic part timer Runnoffasquickasyoucansonbeforegerogegrajamgetstoojealous.

    But maybe his trend of replacing top level elite talent and skill with journeymen with the right connections is just an illusion, my fears are totally misplaced and we really are witnessing a constructive process exhibiting great craft and skill. Surely all the blaggers and youtubers over the years can’t have been that wrong about the Football??? Surely they don’t know sweet FA about the footy & are not only on it for the clicks????


  13. Thanks Fins for recognizing and bigging-up the “livestream.” It is a start-up by yours truly and I expect heavy going because the team, including my old mucker George, are Gooners who speak honestly and ethically about Arsenal, not purveyors of lies and misinformation to mislead and confuse Arsenal fans. We need varied and diverse avenues for honest men and women to speak the truth as the lies are more than half-way round the world to paraphrase Mark twain. If we don’t have a podcast or YouTube channel at this time in history we are missing out on a massive audience.

    Meanwhile the bleeding at Arsenal continues non-stop just as many of us predicted although I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Even Aston Villa has more money than us, pay no mind to the euphemism about being a “more attractive project.” Now they can outbid us for Buendia. Aston Villa? Who next?


  14. As I said earlier, the club are not that keen on spending money.

    They hired Emery and Arteta because they perceived them to be the cheaper options.

    Now they find themselves with a manager they are too scared to get rid of, who now wants them to spend money.

    Having spent large sums on the 2 Ps, and seen little return, I fancy that they are rather reluctant to do so again this summer.

    That Arteta is not that interested in our Academy players is quite apparent.

    How will the club get away without writing out too many cheques?

    By bringing in more Willians.

    Last night I watched videos on Youtube of our team under Wenger and it is sad to see how the current squad, as set out by Arteta do not compare in the slightest.

    I suppose a little bit of mediocrity did not do anyone any harm.

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  15. I see some Arsenal fans upset that we like the other 5 ESL clubs have got fined £3.3m each for attempting to get the ESL going. Any attempt in future will see a £20M fine and a 30pt deduction. These great AFC fans wanted £100M fine now, and at least a 30pt deduction. A very odd lot we have supporting Arsenal.


  16. After Mavropanos and Saliba said they did not know if they are part of Arsenal’s plans for next season, Maitland-Niles has also said he has had no contact from Arteta and does not know if he has a future at Arsenal.


  17. looks like Arsenal are selling Xhaka to Roma for about £15M, what a steal by Jose.


  18. Guendouzi said to be set to leave for as little as £10M, and Bellerin for not much more than that. It seems we must have more cash than we know what to do with when we are being so generous to the buying clubs


  19. Ravel Morrison redux Eds.

    Biggus Sammus must be spitting chips and throwing pints of vino in jealousy at Edu & pals.

    He could have been a contender!


  20. This culture of always slagging our own players off disgusts me. Toxic at the ground. Toxic in the pub. Toxic on Twitter. I just don’t see what is normal about it.

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  21. Arteta and Edu are slowly but surely destroying the club.

    Let no one suggest that Arteta is remotely interested in the youngsters.

    All he wants is players who do what they are told when they are told to do it.

    Independent thought is not wanted.

    They are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, literally.


  22. Ed: surely the lower price tags (in what sane world is £15m considerd low?) are due to a player’s current wages? If the buying club needs to at least match the player’s Arsenal wages, then presumably the price paid to the vendor is less?


  23. Perhaps its not really about the club, players anymore?Its about the fans, who use it as a vehicle for their own agendas( whatever they may be)?

    The last 20 years of “phone in and vote ’em out!” culture has also done a massive amount of damage to all forms of entertainment/sport etc and society in general. Much of what goes on is bullying, but within the paramiters of what currently allowed morally.

    Not in my time (since 1543 when the Arsenal Shakepearian players were in the Tower of London for slagging off Lord Middlesexs 11( Poulet de Poop) ) can I recall dear old Arsenal looking so wrecked and exhausted, picked on, cut up, shouted at and ripped apart.We seem stretched and hollow, bewildered and lost. While on the hill stands shining AFTV and chums. Such valiant leaders they be. Thanks, luv ya! xxx

    Man, its like having a dose and some twats got a camera in the kasi( urrrh thats creepy guy) and is watching and shouting at you at the same time: “oi your turds stink and you aint doin it right, now this is what I would do!”. You cant even have butchers at the razzle stack in peace anymore, as there would be an barrage of virtue signalling from the vultures-while they thrash themselves off outside of the public arena ( probably best too-I aint interested).

    Years ago I knew a guy who was watching Forest play and some fan next to him shouted out:

    “For fks sake give it to ONeill, give it too O”Neill”

    the ball was played out to ONeill

    “what the fk did you five it to ONeill for!?”

    Hello Muddah hello Faddah here I am at camp La La La…watching weridos, destroying Arsenal…


  24. Heh thanks Mills.

    The many memes from the blaggers and experts who debunked themselves under Emery that somehow the Arsenal still need to play a new style of Football in midfield are quite amusing and I guess, at best, that we are dealing here with people that hallucinate on various substances are whilst watching the Football? That’s one reason that could explain why they’ve been cheerleading the comparison of Xhaka with Kante, for years since the supposed Kante bid, when Chelsea have just won the European Cup playing Jorginho who is a (very rich) poor man’s Xhaka alongside Kante.
    Chelsea’s 343 was a reminder of the 2017 Cup Final Xhaka-Rambo combo that saw off both City and then champions Chelsea & Kante and Jorginho also playing in a 343 I think.
    you couldn’t make it up. It’s mental! The Football is irrelevant for them? No doubt Tuchel watched those matches with eager eyes.

    Hopefully some decent games in the Euros will distract!


  25. from everything the journos who usually get fed stories by AFC have said it is looking like William Saliba is unlikely to be given a chance under Arteta, as our manager wants a new right sided CB, David Ornstein the latest to say we want a first choice right sides center back signed. Brighton’s England international Ben White is the latest we have been linked to, a fee somewhere in the region of £50M

    Currently our right sides CB’s with senior experience are Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos, Saliba, Ballard and Clarke


  26. REMINDER:Today Sat, June 12th livestream on YouTube and Twitter by Uncensored Arsenal at 4pm AST/9pm BST. Topic: “Eck vs Kroenke – Where Goes Arsenal?” Featuring Seebs @arse_or_brain (AISA member), @candymanchenk (Ehab), @arseblagger (our Pedantic George), @hawt_red (Byso) and @omijaved.
    So happy to have my PosArse friend Seebs as guest. We’ve been posting on blogs for 15 years and I respect him greatly.
    YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVK2k3kkEJKZ6XPWat_CtdA
    Positivistas: i implore you to subscribe to the Uncensored YouTube channel as this is the only way we will appear on any YouTube search. Meanwhile the absolute idiots who have led us to our current disaster hog the headlines. How can we the good guys allow the bad guys to have a free reign to further destroy the club we love?
    Get cracking!


  27. Terrible situ in the Den/Fin game….


  28. Got to give Anthony Taylor some respect after that, for me, that could be a first


  29. Hi Shotta,
    thanks for putting on the podcast yesterday I really enjoyed it. I think think the conversation afterwards might have been even more entertaining than the podcast.
    George apologies to your Mrs for keeping you away so long I had the same trouble with mine once I got off the call.
    Coincidentally when I told my Mrs about the origins of the three before eight she said Dean Parish died last week, as with Keith she said we’re now at that age unfortunately where we shouldn’t be surprised we are hearing this sort of news almost every week.
    My boy said he listened to the podcast for the first time and really enjoyed it and thought there were some really good points made by everyone especially when people could get a word in past George. Fortunately I know he like you George and was only joking.


  30. I just want people to hear my opinions, all off them, before they can speak again.

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  31. Unfortunately Ian, none of us can keep George quiet. We have tried for 15 years and failed. Thanks for coming on the show. Love that your son liked it. Clearly we old crones still have something to offer. We must master these new platforms. None of us want to gpo the way of the dinosaurs.

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  32. Podcast of the livestream is posted on Uncensored and all the other platforms.

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