Stan and Mikel, A Match Made In Hell.

Today @shotta_gooner and I look at our win against Fat Sam’s relegated army and discuss why Arteta will get more time that good sense suggests he should.

Pedantic George.

5 comments on “Stan and Mikel, A Match Made In Hell.

  1. Arsenal move to strengthen scouting network in latest recruitment reshuffle –

    Guardian headline.

    ” They are seeking two scouts in Germany, one of whom will be focused on youth recruitment, as well as new personnel to serve the UK, France and Spain”

    if true we are run by a bunch of comedians.

    Seriously laughed hard at seeing that – what a joke


  2. yeah gee it seems they have hired a specialist firm to headhunt the scouts for us


  3. Yep Arsenal have hired Headhunters, the Nolan’s ….to find new scouts
    Hope that’s not as silly as it sounds


  4. I mean, I’m sure they did a bit of touring around Europe in their heyday, the Nolan’s, but geez…


  5. There is an actual post up now, and it’s a spanker.


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