Should Arteta Stick To Football?

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Arsenal, on Thursday, posted on their Twitter account a quote by 1st team manager (don’t forget the promotion he was given that title last summer) Mikel Arteta, lecturing the public to not abuse football players, etc:
“I’m all for people to have their opinions, but not to be insulting people and using a screen on someone’s phone to tell them whatever you want, to a person that you don’t even know. That for me has to be eradicated because its causing a lot of damage.
Just to make sure we didn’t think they were doing it for giggles, which was my first reaction, the tweet was accompanied by a heavily photoshopped image of a sombre Arteta on a dark background, bathed in pale light as if he was a persecuted soul, struggling against the forces of darkness. What a lovely attempt at psychological manipulation of the unsuspecting viewer.

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  1. Walton asserted last night that both Mike Dean and company’s decision to send off bednarek and appeal panels decision to reverse that decision can both be correct. Because appeals panel are permitted to view situation in slightly different context, or some such nonsense.

    Decision to send off Luiz and not reverse it also presented by him as completely correct. The trick is applying certainty- ie Luiz showed no caution, and clipped player.

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  2. In the exact same scenario, with different cast, can of course say a different decision correct by applying same certainty to it being an accident (or incidental contact), probably with addition of calling it a coming together as opposed to one player clipping the other.

    These the same people who refuse to mete out heavy punishment for serious incidents, including those which cause bad injuries, by saying intent needs to be proven, and can’t be.

    Sheff Utd thug defender Morgan literally nearly killed an opponent, Hume, by fracturing his skull with a hard deliberate elbow to temple, with neither player having jumped, as ball travelling towards them. Had a look first too. They avoided tough sanction by using the intent line.

    But here they do know. Not an accident, nor a non-challenge, which is what it really was, but a foul, which was the result of Luiz deliberately choosing not to exercise suitable caution.


  3. Leno and David Luiz suspended for game tomorrow, Tierney out injured, Mari available, Ryan available


  4. Reiss Nelson plays for our U23’s this evening V Chelsea U23’s

    Arsenal U23 v Chelsea: Hein; Alebiosu, Dinzeyi, Kirk, Lopez; Akinola, Patino; Nelson, Cottrell, Balogun; Moller.

    Subs: T. Smith, Oyegoke, Ogungbo, Cirjan, Taylor-Hart.


  5. Like

  6. Disappointing watch u23’s so far. Lot easier for their talented players to work good positions than is for ours.

    Been a potent reminder to me just how big the step up to first team football is. Games there for likes of Nelson where they may have to wait long stretches of game to show what they can do, and under big pressure when those moments come.

    Here, at times, it has looked very very easy for him. Almost too easy a few times as he enjoyed the opportunity to beat players with ball at feet a little bit too much and got crowded out eventually. Gone past players with consulate ease a number of times.

    Free kick goal also reminded me that he used to score plenty of them at youth level but probably hasn’t taken any with first team.


  7. yeah rich, a bit disappointed with Balogun tonight, and Moller too. I have to laugh when I remember seeing some yesterday demand that Hein play v Aston Villa over Runarsson if Ryan is out, you just know they have never seen the lad play at all, but he is a shiny new name


  8. U23’s ended 2-2, we were second best for much of the game, Nelson one of the very few players that looked better than being a U23 player for us.


  9. Much better 2nd half. Nelson looked even more dominant. If being very harsh though maybe a couple of incidents which could be marked against him.

    Was off pitch for their first and had been fiddling with leg/foot a few minutes earlier so looks as though selected wrong boots initially.

    Then, although didn’t notice it myself, apparently shied away when in wall from free kick they almost scored from.

    Also took on free kick from range shouldn’t have.

    Still, if that was some next-big-thing 18 year old putting in performance he did people, self included, would be thinking we had possible superstar on hands.


  10. rich the great white hope of left backs, lopez, looks a million miles away from being ready for the first team, second best all game, and that was some awful piece of defending in the lead up to CFC’s late free kick on edge of our area, he looks really lightweight


  11. Ed- on left back- yeah!

    Glimpses of talent- really liked one cross he put in- but thought that was one tough evening for him and I wouldn’t have a clue what would be appropriate senior level for him in near future, but definitely didn’t look right/ready for our 1st team level.

    The right back, Alebsiou, looked fair bit better, in keeping with what I’ve seen of him this year, and surprising to me as I thought he was just making up numbers…though I wouldn’t say he has much chance here either (could develop into interesting decent player though)

    Thought midfielder Akinola improved 2nd half and is a crucial player for u23’s as he is only central midfielder with physicality and bite. Think he got injured at end and that they might struggle without him.


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