Arteta, Thanks For Nothing.

On today’s podcast me and @shotta_gooner take a look at the Brighton and WBA games, but mainly I go ballistic about the stupidity in the media and our own fanbase. So sorry about that.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Will be interesting to see how ESR is managed going forward and if any incomings in that area (following any outgoings) will be at the Hale End level hehe.

    It has never worked out for coaches when making idiots of themselves arguing with tens or vaguely tennish souls. Not even for the top ones. Did Saachi the great or his reputation ever recover from his rows with Roberto Baggio? Not for many. What impact did dropping Riquelme have upon Bielsa’s wanderings in the wilderness?
    Not forgetting Big Sam’s romance with Jay Jay how did Ferguson react to Cantona acting like a madman? Hehe! And why was he comfortable dropping but not publicly arguing with Rooney when he was at Ozil’s current stage? Aye, there’s a lesson.

    If you ever encounter someone attempting to debate the role of tens (the myriad types) in football, my advice is to walk away as you must have better things to do with your time!


  2. I suspect that arteta is obsessed with ‘his way’ and that what we are seeing now is a blip in his discomfort until the first defeat or poor display by ESR et al and he will use that as excuse to revert to ‘his way’.

    Players like Nelson and AMN will struggle to get time with Arteta because they may not fit in with ‘his way’ and the regimented safety first way he controls the players.

    The Willians and Pepes will be back in force because they fit into ‘his way’ despite the fact that ‘his way’ has been seen to be a flop.

    Watch this space.


  3. jjgsol I’m not sure why you would think Pepe fits into Arteta’s way, he is the one player we have who most does not fit the Arteta way, he is the most off the cuff player we have.


  4. Zech Medley and Trae Coyle set to return to Arsenal with Gillingham loan spells to be cut short

    Zech Medley and Trae Coyle are set to return to Arsenal shortly, with their loan spells at Gillingham to be cut short.

    Both players initially joined Gillingham on loan for the season but haven’t featured prominently in recent weeks, with Medley having suffered an injury.

    Gillingham manager Steve Evans told BBC Radio Kent that he expects the pair to return to Arsenal ‘in the next 24 hours’.

    Medley and Coyle had been sent out on loan by Arsenal for the first time.

    Centre-back Medley, who has already played for Arsenal at senior level, featured prominently for Gillingham earlier in the season and has made 18 appearances in total, 12 of which came in League One. However, an injury has meant that he hasn’t played since last month.

    Coyle, meanwhile, has played 21 times, scoring four goals but the winger has mainly been restricted to substitute appearances.

    It is possible that both players could be loaned out again for the remainder of the season


  5. Red heart
    White heart
    Arsenal Fixture News
    Red heart
    White heart
    Andre Marriner has been appointed as the referee for Thursday’s Premier League match, at Home to Crystal Palace.

    Assistant Referees are Scott Ledger and Simon Long.

    Fourth official: Simon Hooper.
    VAR: Graham Scott.
    Assistant VAR: Timothy Wood.


  6. a rumor that Arsenal have contacted Southampton for their back up keeper, Fraser Forster


  7. Forster is an excellent keeper and very underated, he will be an excellent number two.

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  8. man city win to go 3rd, just 4pts off top with a game in hand


  9. David Ornstein
    Mesut Ozil prepared to forgo proportion of the ~£7m owed to leave Arsenal this month as free agent. Talks between #AFC & 32yo continue – if no agreement he stays. Talks with Fenerbahce + DC United ongoing but Jan move would only be to #FENER @TheAthleticUK


  10. spurs are 6th and just 7pts ahead of AFC, both with 17 games played


  11. Every word Mikel Arteta said on Partey’s return, Mustafi’s transfer and top four credentials

    The Gunners boss has been speaking to the press ahead of his side’s game against Crystal Palace

    ByKaya KaynakArsenal writer

    22:30, 13 JAN 2021

    Thomas Partey has only played the full 90 twice, did you see enough in those appearances to see that he could change the dynamic of the team and the way you play as a group?
    Absolutely and because obviously we are able to watch him in training. And who he is as well. I think he’s got a different presence. I think he brings something different to the team. It’s not just about his talent it’s not, about his physicality, it’s who he is as a person. He makes players better around him and that’s a big quality.

    It’s incredible that we are in January, we signed him in the summer and we only played him twice. So, we haven’t really seen the impact that we believe he could have on the team. Obviously, we have missed him. On the other hand we’ve seen players stepping in as well. When that happens they give us some really positive news as well. But I think it’s going to be a big bonus if we can keep him fit.

    It’s obviously a difficult time to move country and move clubs and try and settle in somewhere. Have you had to manage him psychologically as well as his injury and that side of things?
    Yes, because when you are injured you feel first of all the responsibility, when the club has made the effort that we made to sign him. He was so willing for months to be joining us. He really wants to be a part, he knows how much he can help. And then he had to deal with the injuries and the lockdown and moving into a new place, and that’s been tough for him.

    That’s why sometimes he was rushing and he wanted to do everything straight away because he’s so willing to come back. He doesn’t want to be alone at home. He’s in a really good place to be fair. He settled really well in the dressing room, around the staff. He’s a special character and hopefully we can see him on the pitch finally.

    You mentioned he tested negative for COVID was there a COVID issue with Thomas?
    No there wasn’t no.

    Shkodran Mustafi has hardly played in the league this season and his contract expires at the end of the season. Do you expect him to leave this season or will you keep him as back up till the end?
    Well Musti came back from a really difficult injury when he got injured at the end of last season. After that period he was doing really well. I think his performances were increasing and getting better and better. And when he came back that’s when we had seven or eight central defenders. So he had to get his performance level up. I think physically he still needed some time. Then he started to play some games in Europe which I think he did well as well.

    And now it’s about, yeah, when do you make the next step to be the starter? And the reality is that we have to change that for different reasons, use different personnel. He’s been very close in a few games. But now we’ve found as well a partnership that is giving us clean sheets, and sometimes when you do that it’s difficult to change. But he’s still in contention.

    And as for his future what do you think will happen with that?
    His future right now is here. Trying to help. We have Papa that probably is going to leave the club this window, we have William that has already gone on loan. So we don’t have that many right now. Gabi has been out for a period, David has been injured, so the situation is completely different to before.

    Looking at the league table the title race is closer than it has been in the past. Why do you think that is? Is it because of the special circumstances of the fixture list this season?
    I think so. I think the teams are not as consistent because everything around is not as consistent. We have to change everything, all the protocols. For example, to start our season with a pre-season, it didn’t exist. We had two training sessions before we play the Community Shield, and then we started to play the league.

    The squads that we have to manage this year are bigger than ever. The restrictions we have for training to preparation they are stranger. There is no crowds. There is a lot going on. And maybe you can sustain that for a few months, but when it goes down to 10, 12 months it’s more complicated.

    And you see it in other leagues as well. You see the league table in other leagues, and there is not any precedent in football like this. So it has to be something. We can imagine that there to that Nick, but it’s difficult to say it’s exactly that because it’s the first time it happened. But something is going on that’s for sure.

    Two weeks ago people were talking about you being in a relegation battle. Now you are looking at the top four. Is that an unrealistic target at the moment?
    Well today it’s not because we haven’t won those games. But that we know we’ve got the capacity to win those games, we’re going to be looking at the season a completely different way. And this is where the motivation and now the positivity has to keep going to really go for it.

    Do you take heart from someone like Ole Gunar Solskjaer? When you beat them people were talking about him being sacked and now suddenly they are top of the league.
    This industry works like that. We are just based on results. And if you are guided by that, a game that is a very low score game it’s a very dangerous thing to do, because the margins to win or lose is one goal. In other sports it doesn’t happen.

    Have you sensed a change of mood around the club because of winning four games?
    Yes, because as we talked in previous weeks I think winning brings you something, even when not playing well, everything is so positive and fluid and energy’s good. And losing is just a devastating thing to have around the place. And it is what it is.


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