Does Arteta Have To go? (A Podcast)

Good morning all.

Today @shotta_gooner and I look back at the Burnley game and try to work out how the club can climb out of the hole we find ourselves in. We have a novice manager that has landed us in a situation that was unimaginable for over two decades. but is there an exit plan?

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  1. Try Lauren Blanc, former PSG manager, played nice attacking football.


  2. …great insights that were smack on, and some gallows humour that was really funny.
    Love from Mills xx


  3. Monring Mills: And worse I may be yet. The worst is not So long as we can say “This is the worst.”


  4. That very true! All the best to you FH.
    love from Mills xxx


  5. ianspace2014
    an hour
    Unless there is a dramatic change in fortunes yes. The trouble is the next manager will be operating under the same restrictions and mistakes the board are making.


  6. It seems that many bloggists have recovered from the shock of Sunday’s defeat after which they were happy to direct their venom at Arteta, but have now gone the other way and are fully behind him and say that it is the players’ fault,

    They seem to be happy for him to stay to continue the “good work” and for all the senior players to be dropped and then disposed of to the eager queue of teams who can’t wait to pay us top dollar for our rejects.

    That did not take too long, did it?


  7. Azeez left out of our U18’s FA Youth Cup game tonight, as he trained with the first team today

    Jeorge Bird@jeorgebird·
    Arsenal U18 v Rotherham: Ejeheri; Norton-Cuffy, Kirk, Monlouis, Ogungbo; Sweet, Patino; Hutchinson, Flores, Butler-Oyedeji; Taylor-Hart.

    Subs: Graczyk, Awe, Henry-Francis, Plange, Ideho.

    Looks like it could be Taylor-Hart or Butler-Oyedeji up front.


  8. Jeorge Bird
    Further evidence that Ejeheri is now ahead of Graczyk. Edwards, Bandeira and Salah-Eddine injured. Oyegoke not fully fit yet. Azeez and Cirjan not involved despite being eligible. Laing and Sraha not in the squad.


  9. so Edu’s interview basically boils down to him saying Calm Down every thing will be fine, if you see the things they(Arteta and the Players) are doing in training you would understand how good things are going to be, also we need time to get half the fucking squad out of the club cos the culture is all wrong, oh and Willian just needs a little bit more time to get used to us and then oh boy we will have a world beater, and last but not least, stop thinking that splashing the cash even on a Messi will work

    so there you have it lads, stop the fucking moaning, trust the process, and if all else fails try and get a stream of the training sessions cos they are brilliant, even if half the squad is shite, they are still brilliant in training

    jeez I’m so relieved now, it was all just Pamela Barnes Ewing having a dream


  10. Arsenal youths seem to be well on top so far, but no score yet.


  11. Mesut Ozil’s agent hinted that he has no intention of leaving Arsenal during the January transfer window.

    Ozil is the highest paid player in the Gunners’ history but has found himself sidelined under manager Mikel Arteta.

    Mesut Ozil has been frozen out by Mikel Arteta
    Getty Images – Getty
    Mesut Ozil has been frozen out by Mikel Arteta

    The playmaker was left out of both the Premier League and Europa League squads this season.

    Arsenal have been trying to offload him for some time but those £350,000-a-week wages remain a huge problem.

    When asked whether Ozil could be on the move in January, his agent Erkut Sogut told TMW: “Even one day is a long time in football, you never know.

    “Of course, there are many clubs interested in him. This has never changed but his willingness to honour his contract and play hasn’t changed either.

    “Again, he’s a man of his word, loyal, and loyalty is hard to find in these times.”

    An Arsenal fan help up a ‘Bring Back Ozil’ sign during the club’s Europa League clash with Rapid Vienna
    Getty Images – Getty
    An Arsenal fan help up a ‘Bring Back Ozil’ sign during the club’s Europa League clash with Rapid Vienna

    Sogut added: “It is not an easy situation. He loves the club and the fans are deeply and is deeply sorry that he has not been given a chance this season.

    “Mesut was the player who reached 50 Premier League assists, faster than anyone else, in 141 appearances and Arsenal need exactly this kind of creativity.

    “They say he was sidelined for ‘football reasons’ but that’s not something I can comment on. I think the fans want him back on the pitch and at the last match they also chanted his name.”

    Ozil will be out of contract at the end of the season
    Getty Images – Getty
    Ozil will be out of contract at the end of the season

    Sogut also claims that he was not told about the plans to leave Ozil out of the official squads despite speaking to the club just a few days before.

    “It’s a shame that Mesut isn’t playing,” he added. “Of course, everyone focuses on his salary and I also understand why.

    “But from a personal perspective, I say it’s a waste considering his talent and creativity.

    “I talked to Arsenal a few days before the summer transfer window and I told them about Mesut’s feelings, his desire to stay and how much he loved the club. And they never told me he wouldn’t be in the squad.

    “It was a surprise to all of us, something that clearly hit him hard.”


  12. Rotherham now having a good spell, still 0-0


  13. Rotherham United
    HALF-TIME | Millers 0 v 0 Arsenal

    A great defensive display from the Academy has so far held the Gunners at bay. They’ve had bright moments at the other end too, with a strong shout for a penalty waved away after half an hour.


  14. FULL-TIME | rotherham 1 v 2 Arsenal

    The Millers exit the FA Youth Cup at the third round stage, but they can hold their heads high after pushing the Gunners all the way at AESSEAL New York Stadium.

    Patino and Ogungbo score either side of a penalty for the Millers


  15. Patino’s goal was described as a 25 yard rocket into the top corner

    Ogungbo scored with a header at a corner, it was he who had conceded the penalty that seen the Millers level the game


  16. @elliot__ross
    Arsenal are a glorified internship for the son of a billionaire who married into his money. They repeatedly entrust the running of the club to lightweights, chancers & opportunists who easily dazzle Josh with a bit of smarmy business school chat.
    9:06 pm · 13 Dec 2020

    This is a less cynical speculation then my own.

    My speculation on the PR was incorrect this week they rolled out Edu not Vinai. They truly are an elite PR team.
    After total silence all season. I’m not the first to wonder if they’ll leave Per in charge with no back up staff after the new year.

    My hope is that Flamini and Arsene will put a bid for the club together backed by the wealth of the ruler of Wakanda.


  17. tonight’s epl results

    wolves 2-1 chelsea

    man city 1-1wba


  18. Edu: It’s quite clear what we need. (about transfers)
    We need a player with creativity in the middle, we don’t have that in the squad right now.

    if only AFC had a player under contract that plays in the middle and is creative, I can’t think of anyone who fits the bill, can anyone assist with this

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  19. I wonder if the PR genius ever realised that every single time one of these cretins utters the nonsense that the players dropped from the squad were dropped for “technical” reasons they are driving a stake through the managers heart in front of not only the fan base (Billy the Big Blagger has finally caught up with his click feed. Lol. Same as with Emery.) but far more significantly in front of the squad.

    So after the Villa game they were rolling out some players to the press to back up Mikel now it’s the big boys lucky Arteta.

    Shotta he’s been a dead man walking not since the Villa “contest” but since the day the squad list was announced. The form curve (for the whole team) does not lie.


  20. Think one reason they’d be loathe to make change now is that new guy would be hit with current squad troubles regarding unhappy players, contract issues, etc- ie no fresh start possible at moment until that has played out. Think that’s Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi and maybe Kola. Not sure where Lacazette is with contract. Torreira will be another issue this summer or even before as no indication he’ll get in Atleti team- they have two midfield subs ahead of him in pecking order.

    Think he’s safe unless disastrous run continues, with another 3 or 4 losses. So, I suppose, not that safe, as it is very possible.


  21. With the pgMOB chipping in betting against relegation ATM looks like a tough bet.


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