Confidence In Arteta Is Plummeting.

In this edition, Shotta and Blackburn George, @Arseblagger, observe how confidence in Arteta and the football club is falling rapidly after a bloody home defeat to Wolves.

 We are one of very few Arsenal pod-casters, if any, who are willing to take a critical view of some of the recent developments on- and off-the-field at Arsenal, which  should be cause for concern to any honest, fair-minded fan of the football club. Show your support of our efforts by Liking and Subscribing to our podcast wherever you listen.

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73 comments on “Confidence In Arteta Is Plummeting.

  1. Quick note before I have a listen:

    The Billy Big Blaggers are copying the content from the last two months of podcasts from George & Shotta. Almost line by line. As we could predict they would.

    It seems incredible so soon after the cup victory but Freddie’s latest comments confirm it, it wasn’t just the one bad close season call but a number of them that combined with poor decisions over recent weeks show us a team that is lost. He’s lost the dressing room, as we predicted when the squad list was announced, and it’s a serious question if Arteta can regain that, and any semblance of cohesion on the football pitch.

    What a duck up!

    In answer to Tim’s query, I thought that corporate asset stripping is more of a vogue these days then anything else? Remember what happened with Carrilion construction? So many examples in the UK of late. More then a vogue. Or trend. Not a conspiracy but a religion! For sick people. I am not a believer. Nope. Lol.


  2. For me Arteta has destroyed the way Arsenal play football
    If you turn the offensive players mind set to defending then don’t expect goals flowing.
    We got 1 of the best defensive midfielder Partey why don’t we try Ozil as n10 Paul Merson mentioned it could work a treat
    Our youngsters still lacking maturity and experience to play for Arsenal


  3. George you saw you nearly spat your drink out when Arteta said we need to be more efficient. Did he say infront of goal? Surely he meant in all areas of the pitch?


  4. Its over.
    Arteta’s era has essentially ruptured in record time.
    Leaving out but training with Mesut has exposed not just his inexperience but also the limits of his capacity, understanding, and even his personal future as a manager.
    He’d been cut so much slack because he played under AW, captained us & Everton, and assisted Pep to PL titles.
    But he just is too negative a tactician.

    I have never been a fan of the Barca style of football.
    It always felt a little too insecure to want to hold on to the ball denying the opposition possession for 5/6th of a 90-minute game.
    Where is the sportmanship in such perverted gamesmanship?
    It was and is no more than a reflection of the internal politics of Spain at play.
    Yes you win trophies, but only when you can also spend more than the rest.
    The overly-controlling on-field positional micro-management takes initiative away from players and without 4-6 exceptional talents constantly re-callibrating, lesser teams see through you and end up turning you over.

    This is NOT the Arsenal way.
    Yes, the Kroenkes are f**kin’ clueless themselves (THE REAL PROBLEM), and are definitely the major reason for locking out Mesut, but MA has shot himself in the foot completely with nothing to hide behind.

    You omit a maestro as great as Özil and its no wonder Auba’s not happy. Laca’s been undermined. Pepe’s confidence has been shaken. Willian looks like he’s seen this before and is just going through the motions. Too much responsibility on Saka, Eddie, Joe, Bern and even Gabriel. The entire team clear on what Mesut brings. (The point you raised about Guendouzi was quite interesting PG and only adds to MA’s lack of nous, if more than a disciplinary issue.)

    Well here we are, 14th after 10 games.
    Is he capable of any proper tactical changes without our best player?
    The gods say NO.
    Its not a fluke that Partey is out. That Martinelli is out. That Martinez was sold.
    Or that Pepe cost 22 million more than his peak valuation.
    Something’s about to give @ the Arse….
    Will the final nail be @ the Tots on Sunday?

    We wait and we wonder.


  5. As fans are returning to grounds they are told not to celebrate goals to much…… finally something were good at!


  6. We will likely find out how loud 200 people booing sounds at some point in the next two games sadly. Personally never ever booed the team or slagged individuals off at games but that’s me.


  7. 2000 even


  8. What did Freddie say, Fins?


  9. so Arteta now saying he needs 5 or 6 new players in the starting 11 to be able to play the way he wants us to play. So who are the five he already has that he wants to keep, Leno, Gabriel, Tierney, Partey, Aubameyang, with maybe Saka making it six of this side. No fucking wonder the players are downing tools, when the boss is saying half of them are not good enough and he wants to replace them.

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  10. Plan agreed on entry requirements for overseas players in England post-Brexit in 2021
    Tuesday 01 Dec 2020
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    The FA
    A new points-based system has been introduced for overseas players post Brexit

    The FA, the Premier League and EFL have come together to agree a plan for entry requirements for overseas players post Brexit.

    Football’s Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) proposal was submitted to the Government last month by the FA, as the governing body for football, and has now been approved by The Home Office.

    The criteria will provide the framework for Premier League and EFL clubs to sign overseas players when the UK leaves the European Union (EU) after 31 December 2020.

    Post Brexit, clubs will not be able to sign players freely from the EU. Players from EU countries who want to play in the Premier League or EFL will be required to gain a GBE, like all other overseas players without the right to work in the UK.

    The GBE will operate a points-based system, where points are scored for senior and talented young players based on:
    • Senior and youth international appearances
    • Quality of the selling club, based on the league they are in, league position and progression in continental competition
    • Club appearances, based on domestic league and continental competition minutes

    Players accumulating the requisite amount of points will earn a GBE automatically, while players just below the threshold may be considered for a GBE by an Exceptions Panel.

    The system meets the joint objectives of the Premier League, EFL and the FA allowing access to the best players and future talent for clubs, as well as safeguarding England teams, by ensuring opportunities for homegrown players.

    In the Premier League, the number of overseas U21 players a club can sign will be limited to three in the January transfer window and six per season moving forwards. This enables the recruitment of the best players from around the world to train and play together with homegrown talent. Under FIFA’s rules, the UK’s exit from the EU will also mean that clubs will not be able to sign players from overseas until they are 18.

    The leading football bodies have also agreed to work together to continue to improve the player pathway system.

    The Women’s game has also had their GBE proposal approved by the Home Office. This will also operate a points-based system, where points are scored on:

    • Senior international appearances
    • Quality of the selling club, based on the league they are in and former league position
    • Club appearances, based on domestic league and continental competition minutes

    The agreement is in accordance with the Government’s required criteria and will come into effect when the UK leaves the European Union, in the new year. It will be implemented in the January 2021 transfer window and reviewed in full ahead of the summer 2021 transfer window.

    Mark Bullingham, our chief executive officer, said: “Despite having different starting perspectives on how Brexit should impact football, this is another example of how the football authorities can work effectively together for the greater good of the game.

    “We have a strong working relationship with both the Premier League and EFL and will monitor this new agreement together to ensure it evolves to best meet our joint objectives over time. We will also discuss improvements to the player pathway for the mutual benefit of football clubs and homegrown talent in this country.”

    Richard Masters, the Premier League’s chief executive, added: “The Premier League has worked with the FA to come to an agreement to ensure no part of Brexit should damage the success of the Premier League, or the prospects of the England teams. We welcome the news that the Home Office has approved the Governing Body Endorsement plan for the January 2021 transfer window.

    “Continuing to be able to recruit the best players will see the Premier League remain competitive and compelling and the solution will complement our player development philosophy of the best foreign talent alongside the best homegrown players. Following the January transfer window, we look forward to reviewing the agreement with the FA.”

    EFL Chief Executive, David Baldwin, said: “The EFL has contributed to the discussions with our colleagues across football as the game prepares for the UK’s exit from the EU, and it is helpful to be able to provide clarity for EFL Clubs by having an established position to a long-standing issue ahead of the January transfer window, albeit in the short term.

    “The objective of the EFL throughout this process has been to ensure EFL Clubs continue to have the opportunity to sign players from overseas to enhance the quality of their playing squads, while recognising the need for restrictions, and we will continue to assess the application of these rules and consider the long-term implications early in 2021.”

    The necessary documents for players, can be seen below.



  11. Martin Atkinson named PGMOL Game Manager for our game away to Spurs on Sunday


  12. Arteta says his preferred formation is 4-3-3


  13. Real Madird could be dropping down into this years EL


  14. I wondered when Josh Kroenke started to take more of an interest whether his father had given him the Arsenal as a toy to play with and as a test of his ability. And I also wondered whether as a younger man he listened to Fins big bloggers and the fan tv lot. And as a result of all that he felt that the things stopping Arsenal stepping up from top 4 to world leaders was Arsene and the ageing Board rather than lack of investment in Arsenes chosen players and sweeteners to the referees.


  15. so we will not see anymore foreign players join English clubs, under the age of 18, no more Cesc’s or Bellerin’s, or Szczesney’s or Gnabry’s can come through the Academy


  16. so if its 4-3-3 that Arteta wants to play and he has no more than 6 starting players for that formation, who are they and in what position

    we can assume Partey, Gabriel must be part of it, his captain, Aubameyang, too. Leno was chosen to keep over Martinez so surely he is in there too, and Tierney seems likely to be one too, that would mean one of Willian or Saka not in the picture, nor Bellerin, nor Pepe.

    New buy, New Buy, Gabriel, Tierney
    New Buy, Partey, New Buy
    New Buy, Aubameyang, Saka

    now to my untrained eye that is just plain pie in the sky stuff


  17. I see David Luiz has been ruled out of our EL game on Thursday due to being traumatized by his head clash with the wolves player on Sunday, but he was fine to paly the first half, yeah right.


  18. Cedric, Mari, Ceballos(loan), Partey, Willian, Gabriel, Runarrson are Arteta’s signings so far, so why wouldn’t 5 or 6 more of the same level make us title winners,


  19. anyone see the laughable article on football.london about how Arsenal could finance new signings in January with the money they will save on wages when Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis, Macey and I think it was David Luiz, leave for free next summer.

    these are the sort of people so many fans take their lead from,


  20. Europa tomorrow. Actually look forward to those games whereas haven’t for weeks in prem (and struggle to see myself doing for a while)

    Very interesting selection. Don’t think there’s been any boldness yet with youth players. Can make argument that for squad, asset even, management stakes Laca should play, maybe Elneny (back up to speed) or Ceballos,too, but if you’re not going to play youngsters when qualified, effectively, really is unlikely you’ll ever find the games for them.

    Bit of dilemma with Eddie/ Balogun,too. If priority is persuading Balogun to sign, should be him. If we’re looking to get some confidence back for Eddie, him.

    Meanwhile, Smith-Rowe really should be starting this one. Otherwise don’t know what thinking is with him


  21. just realised that nearly all players that signed for Arsenal under AW signed cause AW was their main attraction and wanted to play for him.

    I can not say that after AW, a players motivations to sign for Arsenal are for purely “footballing reasons”


  22. 900ft

    “What I tried to do, what I believed in, was that when you play teams who, on paper, you’re a bigger club than or you think they’ll have a low block and you need someone to unlock it, Mesut has the total quality to do that. I think there is a space for a player like that in those kinds of games.
    “When I left in the summer, he was in the squads and now he’s not. What’s happened there, I can’t answer. I don’t know if something else has happened, I have no clue. But if you look at pure football qualities, I think my answer is quite obvious. When I was interim coach, I would play him in the games when I thought he could unlock defences, even if I knew his defensive job was not as good as some other players. So that’s my opinion — there should be a space in certain games.”

    Between the lines he’s saying the same thing as the rest, Sven, Arsene et al:

    The Gunners are now a Mobsters laundrette.


  23. Is that why little Joshy signed off on the Pepe “deal”?Nothing to do with AFTV (Save as a PR consultant?)

    We are staring at the lowest common denominator here.

    Look to the bottom dollar, down at the last a split rung on the ladder.

    I can appreciate why Fizman waited till he was on his deathbed before he sold out to these gigantic K’s.
    better still I wish he’d lived long enough to sell out to the slightly less awful owners of City who to be fair to them have copied the now old Arsenal model, building an academy, hiring scouts, instead of the exact opposite.
    At least they are not classic, by the book, vulture capitalist corporate raiders! I’d prefer the owners of City and that’s an inditement! There is zero mystery at the Arsenal. We can see what is happening here.


  24. Mikel Arteta faced the media on Wednesday as the club prepares to welcome a limited number of fans back for our match against Rapid Vienna.

    Our manager discussed a range of subjects, including David Luiz, Calum Chambers, our Europa League campaign and more.

    This is the full transcript:

    on David Luiz…
    He is feeling fine, obviously he had a really nasty cut but they keep monitoring him and checking him, and he was absolutely fine. We made a statement to clarify the situation. Some people can have the perception of whether he should have continued or not, thankfully we have one of our leading authorities in this country, which is Gary O’Driscoll, our doctor, who has massive experience in not only football but rugby as well, and he knows exactly what to do. He did all the testing, he followed all the protocols and we were very comfortable for him to carry on playing. But really you have to make a decision in one minute, when someone is bleeding, when you have a massive concussion next to you with someone whose life is under threat, and maybe it is a moment where we can think to give these people a little bit more time and use a temporary substitution for example if we find ourselves in those positions. I can tell you that everything was done in the right manner and the only aim here was to protect the welfare of the player. That’s all.

    on how a concussion substitute would help…
    If you have any doubt, at any moment and you need an extra two minutes or five minutes to check someone, maybe we can think about that. After five minutes you need make a decision to find a sub, the player is really pushing you, he is talking about everything, David was constantly asking about Raul, he went to see Raul, he was totally conscious about the situation, the player wants to carry on playing and the doctor has to tick all the necessary boxes to be certain that the player is okay to continue. Of we have any extra doubt, okay we give them a bit more time if necessary but you cannot play as well 10 or 15 minutes with 10 men in football.

    on whether the rule should be brought in now…
    I don’t know, it is just a suggestion. You want to be extra careful, extra cautious. I don’t know, maybe it is an option.

    on whether David could face Tottenham on Sunday…
    I think he will be fit to play if the scar is healing properly and he is comfortable heading the ball, there shouldn’t be any problems.

    on how excited they all are about having the fans back…
    It is going to be extraordinary to have them back, it will feel strange, the club has done amazing work to facilitate everybody at short notice to be able to attend the stadium and I am sure it will work really well. I am feeling sorry as well for thousands of fans that I am sure would like to make it, but can’t be there.

    on whether there could be a lot more fans attending in a few months…
    I don’t know, with the way the pandemic has developed. Before, we thought it was only a two-week lockdown and we found ourselves in it for three or four months. Who knows how it is going to develop? What we can do as a club, we will do our maximum obviously.

    on the vaccine helping to get more fans back…
    Yes, that would be great. As I said, we are ready to host as many as we possibly can. It is going to depend on how the pandemic develops, the new measurements when we start to open things up a little bit and see how people react to that. Hopefully we can do that.

    on our lack of form…
    Well, I am really worried with the results and the margins that we are losing games. When we analyse the games afterwards, why we are losing these football games when they are so tight, there is a reason that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We need to recover that. Sometimes it’s a lack of confidence in certain moments, we concede that we’ve probably not hit our standards, and obviously the goals we need to score to win football matches more consistently. When you compare what Wolves did and what we did, in a normal scenario, we should not lose that game.

    on the lack of goals…
    Well, there are many factors, if you compare the Premier League with the Europa League, it’s different. If you look in the last few years, how the team has shared the goals in the Premier League, it’s been quite limited. That’s not an issue that is happening now, it’s an issue that’s been happening for years. That has to be resolved. To put almost 80 per cent of that responsibility on one man is not fair. As a team, we have to resolve that. As a team, we get into a lot of situations and sometimes the service is not right, sometimes the timing is not right, sometimes the last execution is not right but as a team there are certain things that we have to do better. Again, it’s coming from a long way. We’ve been winning matches producing similar numbers but we’ve been very efficient. That sometimes is a state of energy, a state of mind, a state of confidence that you are doing everything right. When it gets to the moment you hit [the ball] and it doesn’t hit the post, and if it does hit the post, it goes in. That’s the difference. Football in the end is about the cohesion and the energy and belief of the team. When you lose games that gets touched and that’s one of the beauties of this sport, how you react against that adversity.

    on how we’re going to spread goals around the team…
    I never think about the future in a negative way. I try to work as hard as possibly can to believe that it is good to get changed tomorrow. I think it is the first time in the Premier League that we’ve produced 33 crosses. I’m telling you if we do that more consistently, we’re going to score more goals. If we put the bodies that we had in certain moments during that game in the box, it’s maths, pure maths. It will happen. It’s about how consistently we can do that, with what level of quality. We will keep trying, don’t worry.

    on what differences he expects from the first game..
    Nothing different, I think we know each other much better now after the first game where we had periods where we had difficulties to attack, the way they set-up. I saw a really committed team, really going into every challenge really focused. They were hard to beat, they went ahead after we conceded a goal and the team had a really good reaction after that so they need to win and I’m expecting that they come here with the aim to make it difficult and to come here and try to win the game again.

    on whether the Europa League will be treated differently…
    We’ve been really consistent in other competitions. Apart from the Premier League, I think we’ve played 16 competitive games and we’ve won 10, lost five and drawn one and all of them in the Premier League. We cannot treat any game differently. We go there tomorrow with a really bad taste for losing the game against Wolves and we have to put it right. The best way to do it is to be at your best level and win football matches.

    on whether he has had previous discussions with the medical team about the need for temporary concussion substitutions…
    Yes, we have had conversations regarding that issue and there have been conversations going on. Obviously, what happens in football is very common in other sports and it’s just a suggestion that we want to be extra protective, which I think we have to be in certain moments when we are considering the welfare of the players and how to have a fair competition while the game is still running. It’s an option and Gary [O’Driscoll, Head of Medical Services] has a huge amount of respect around the world and a huge amount of experience in all these kind of things.

    on what he thinks has been learnt from Sunday…
    I think there are certain things in this sport that are inevitable, so that clash, hopefully not but the probability is that it happens. I don’t know to what extent how can we avoid that, I think it’s almost impossible. There are so many unpredictable things that can happen when you have 22 players running in all kinds of directions, fighting for a ball. Again, I insist with the protocols and with everything that we did in terms of the testing and trying to protect the players straight away. You could see the assistants in the stadium and how quickly they went to look after Raul, and from here, we want to wish him the best recovery and love to his family as well and to Wolves because it was a really difficult time and let’s see what happens in the future. But honestly, it’s difficult to avoid these circumstances. It happened in the past and we hope that it’s never going to happen again, but nobody can guarantee that.

    on Thomas Partey…
    He’s been training separately in the last week or so and we have to scan him again to see how he’s feeling. He’s a player that is so willing, that is pushing us every day and he wants to do it. At the same time, we have to protect him and make sure that when he gets back in the team, he is ready to do that and to whatever extent of minutes we can use him, so it’s going to be crucial with the moment he starts to train with the team to see how he is feeling and how he is evolving day-to-day.

    on whether he thinks Thomas could be involved on Sunday…
    We don’t know again, he is really pushing every day and he’s trying to get around the doctor and the physios but he hasn’t trained with the team yet so let’s see this week if he can get a session or two and then assess him, we need to scan him again so we can see the extent of the injury and how it’s healed. I know if it’s up to Thomas then he wants to play tomorrow. We have to see medically that he is safe to participate at all.

    on whether he feels more obliged to name a stronger XI with fans there…
    I think honestly with the names at the end of the day, we’re going to play players that we believe can perform at the level that is required in this competition. Obviously we have a massive game on Sunday but we need to get back from the defeat as well, and it’s important not just to the respect the fans who are here, but for the club we represent. We need to give a really good performance and we have to win the game.

    on Calum Chambers…
    He’s evolving really well. He’s played some minutes with the under-23s in recent weeks. It’s been a long injury and you know that injuries like that take a long time to get your body, your biomechanics completely natural to compete. But I will say that now he’s very close to returning to play.

    on how impressed he’s been with Calum…
    He got injured against Chelsea if I remember correctly and he was starting the game. He was having a really good time. I think his performances were much more stable, he was growing in confidence, he matured a lot from his spells on loan at different clubs as well. Then he’s also a fantastic character. He went through the injury in an incredible way, everyone that’s involved with him during the rehab, during training, says incredible things about him. He’s such a nice guy, a great character to have around, and is a player we can utilise in different positions which is really helpful as well for any squad. We want to have him back and I think he’s very close.

    on playing in a back three v back four…
    The discussion between the back four and the back three depends on the phase of the play, and whether we are in one formation or another. With the same players, we can play in one way or another. I understand your question and I think it depends a bit on the opponent, how they set up, what they do and what their strengths are, where we can get caught and where we can hurt them. But it doesn’t really change much from five to four. There is only one phase where we change something, the rest is always the same.

    on how useful it is to have players who can play different positions for switching formations…
    It gives you some adaptability. Even Calum, playing in a back four as a right back, if you want to use him in a back three to do certain things, he’s very comfortable in that area. You get some height and you get other characteristics that are different to Hector or Cedric in that position for example. It depends on the players. The player has to be in a position they are comfortable in, that they can fill in and that they can give you their maximum performance.

    on Lacazette playing a bit deeper…
    We wanted to play our team so we had two strikers. A way to do it with the qualities of Eddie and Laca was to drop Laca a little bit [deeper] in some situations. It’s something he’s very comfortable doing, while Eddie’s more of a pure No 9. It’s something we can use as well in the present and the future.

    on whether he’s spoken to the team about his process after our recent run of form…
    Our process has to be reviewed constantly with what you do, what we’re trying to achieve, why things are working and why they’re not. Or if things are working, why the results are not working. I think if you focus on just one thing, you can get carried away and not look from the focus that is needed. I was certain that we would have moments of adversity and they are necessary. You learn a lot from moments of adversity. The challenge in a moment of adversity in this industry is how you react to them. You can become impatient and get frustrated and when you share that frustration, it obviously brings a big lack of confidence. For me, the dream that I have with the love that I have for this football club, is to achieve the level that this club deserves and build a project, but believe me, it takes time and this not a month or three months. This is time and time and time, and a lot of good decisions and a lot of support. This is where we are and I’m ready to fight. I’m ready to fight all the way through because I believe that we can do it. We are going through difficult periods, we will see who responds, who doesn’t and how we react as a club through different periods, and how we stick together when things aren’t going well. When things are going well, it’s easy. Everybody wants to be there on the front pages, on the TV celebrating, being part of something, but unfortunately, at the moment we aren’t that good and the lines are really thin. We need to be really humble and understand that these are thin lines, but if we do it, we can compete against any team and we’ve shown that. We’ve shown what has happened against certain teams over the last five years and what we’ve been doing against big teams in the last 12 months, and it’s not because of me or something easy. It’s because of the belief, the trust and the response that every player had in their reaction. It’s no surprise that we can compete against any team, but our reality today is that we can also lose against any team, and Wolves with what they did, they won against us. It happened the same against Leicester. With thin margins and who deserved it more or less, at the end of the day, we lost and there are certain things that have to be corrected straight away, but unfortunately sometimes they take time.

    on Gabriel Martinelli returning from injury…
    Gabi is another one that even in a moment of adversity, you see him training and everything he brings to the team, his energy, his passion, his motivation, is translating positive emotions to everybody. He tries and goes and goes again and he wants to score a goal. He’s ruthless in training in every single action and the more players and staff you have to add that, at the end that gets translated to what happens on the football pitch and over time you will be stable. Gabi’s pressing brings something different to the team and we need players like him.

    on remaining patient with Martinelli after such an injury…
    Time is the key word in this industry, and nobody is going to give you time! The moment the ball doesn’t go in the net and you lose a football match, you’re going to question all the rest, so with Gabi it’s the same. Now he needs time. He’s done it for a period of time and in certain moments throughout a game, but consistently for three years, two or one? He’s never done it. I’m sorry, he’s never done it, so we cannot put that pressure on him. It’s like with Bukayo and other young players that we have, they’ve never done it in their career, so why do you expect him to do it today? And in which environment? In which context? Patience, but he’s a positive guy to have back on the team because he’s such a character.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  25. a decent article on why we are doomed. the players are not stupid. this is basic jim stuff.

    arteta has more chance steering the titanic clear of danger



  26. if those are his planned tactics then yes he is worse than emery, FA cup or not.


  27. expect a maroune fellani type signing to complement the basic jim strategy. trust the process bro, trust the process………


  28. When we look at all culture( what I mean here is everything created by humans), no matter the hierarchical placement that’s imposed upon it, what can it be but entertainment at its basic level?

    All culture is made to be shared, even if sometimes it isn’t, and no matter how cultural things are, if we find it attractive and interesting, we want to get to know it better and then basically have some form of deeper relationship with it?

    Just because people adopt it for various reasons, identity, superiority, politics, greedy sticky hands grabbing, it cant ever really be anything but entertainment?

    It looks like George and Shotta etc are arguing for something that isn’t positive, that is retro Wenger, but the irony is, that what they are shouting for is positive, top entertainment, not even retro Wenger but maybe something beyond him, or on the evolutionary path to new possibilities at the very least. Of course some want to have a relationship with cultures that explore other elements of life’s spectrum, Stoke for example etc They are democratically right, but I’m not sure if that’s what they even want?

    So we see the standard for Positively Arsenal still flies! Maybe in some perspectives higher than ever.

    Some for the best games I ever played in the team I captained we lost, some of the best games I ever saw Arsenal play we lost, but those losses weren’t boring dull negative games but truly exciting moments where the struggle was monumental, and I was proud to follow or be part of a team that really tried; every player doing their best, rising up.

    For years I wrote on UA about the need for sportsmanship in the contemporary game, and all that it represents and brings. But my tiny voice means jack when we live in a world of multi billion deals etc. I know that, I suppose I’ve spent most of my life fighting windmills. Mills fights windmills, windy Miller. I’m not sure any agenda driven policy from the FA will create true sportsmanship, it comes from know all is relative and you need the opponent to create something together. Don’t we watch sport for its excitement? People laughed at Eddie the Eagle, but most didn’t, he did achieve excellence, it was just relative; yet he brought something else to sport, guts, determination and the want to take part and be a part. If football isn’t exciting, then why watch it? Why would you spend endless money on something where the returns are slim? OK there’s massive arguments against that statement, but some of the GG years were really tedious and poor and not much hope, but I never lost hope in the Wenger years Why? Mostly we played to win. Sometimes we couldn’t and we set up defensively and played well. Played to win.
    Ok it didn’t always work out and they didn’t always rise to the occasion, its normal, but mostly they did. Arteta’s Arsenal are not playing defensively, as in a side that is set up to be defensive they are set up to be headless and not knowing. Like the Ouroboros, they seem to be just scoffing its own tail: in circles, eating away at themselves instead of the other team?

    The greed for money and I suppose the need for power, but mostly money means nearly all culture is tarnished at the moment(-no I don’t ever think there is some kind of uncompromised culture that can be made, as the idea of audience is always in the room, and its a good thing). But when money calls the shots before culture is even made then what then?
    I recall Neo Rauch saying that often he feels massive pressure as one corner of his canvas is worth 250,000 pounds, and what should he do? How do you shake of that pressure, than imposition on top of you? Well that imposition is everywhere, especially in football?
    Adorno was right in some respects about the culture industry, but I think he was a cultural snob and loathed culture that wasn’t bourgeois or to his political position. The idea (his) that the Zauberflöte is the highest cultural creation ever, can only ever be an opinion, even if its an informed opinion?
    He’s entitled to his opinion, I personally think he was wrong in that hierarchical ideas outside of organised competition that’s based on fact rather than opinion ( i.e. football) are subjective and therefore no better or worse than anyone else’s, no matter how informed. But some of his view point might shed some light on what going on in the world, culture seems cynical, looking over its shoulder to ask unseen puppet masters “is this allowed”? Liberty means loss of liberty but surely liberty is the donkeys carrot we all chase, as paradoxical as it might be?

    The other day that bloke N.W Clerk wrote that “sport shall prevail”. It has to, who wants to watch all the time something that’s really boring? Well some, take the folks who liked Warhols films, but I think the majority of people don’t want to. Of course it doesn’t mean that the majority are right, but films like Warhols lower the standard to its most basic level and the only way further down is don’t make anything, or more positively(?), taking things up again to more complex levels of creation?

    When Arsenal (etc)play really well, we all get out of our seats, we like to be dazzled, we like to see skills that we cant do, even if for a second we shout at players and tv screens instructing them on what they should do, but we really know we cant do it. We like skill and intelligence, we like genius,it excites us ( and here we understand Adorno and his love for the Zauberflöte)we might be jealous of it, but we respect it. I might be using some broad statements here, and I cant bring facts forward as its based on emotion intuition, after many years of playing and watching.
    Perhaps since 1970 and Brazil we’ve all been in love with beautifully crafted football?

    The Arsenal post 2005 up to the last Wenger trophy harvest were years we Arsenal were really respected by other fans, because we played so technically well-well that was my experience in speaking with fans of other teams.

    What makes me feel sad in life is that when people are jealous they stomp on things, they stomp on subtlety and intelligence and that which we call beautiful as an established idea. We know who these people are. Limiters: ” I cant therefore you cant”. But why do we have to sit in limitation? Equality and sport don’t sit together at all because of the way its set up. Sportsmanship covers that problem.

    And what George and Shotts and many others are fighting for is for a relationship that brings joy and excitement, hope, these things uplift life and give a feeling of wellbeing, and that’s why we make culture, and that’s why we want to be involved with it.

    Positively Arsenal remains, Positively Arsenal.

    Love from Mills, the professional pseudo intellectual twat. xxxx

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  29. I am expecting nothing less than full on youngsters tonight, I will except the odd first teamed but that’s it. We have a chance to get excited by youth like the old days I hope Mikel doesn’t miss the chance.
    I am trying not to look ahead (mainly because of dread) and looking forward to enjoy tonights match COYG.


  30. May have come from Benge or some name I probably shouldn’t trust, but allegedly Smith Rowe not starting tonight.

    You can always make a good case for prioritising senior minutes- for confidence, form, fitness, happiness, prep for bigger games ahead- but if you’re serious about bringing through youngsters and trying to make use of our excellent academy…the argument or more like need to prioritise youngsters has to win out sometimes.

    Think it might be 3 seasons back Smith-Rowe debuted, injury hit loan to Hoffenheim, very good one with Huddersfield, impressing with u23’s recently, nice cameo last week. Massively unimpressed if he doesn’t get chance tonight. Doesn’t bode well for hopes of Balogun starting nor debuts for Azeez or Cottrell either, though they might get on for last 5 if we’re 3-0 up I suppose.


  31. Not sure what he’ll be trying to prove by not playing the youngsters to be honest. Punishment?


  32. markyb- I’m sure Willock will play, prob Nelson, good chance nketiah,too (prob him with Laca behind), but that may well be it.

    Never been daring with youngsters in cups but tonight is something different.

    Don’t think it would be about trying to prove anything : a dash of trying to keep some senior players onside, but mostly thoughts on future games and how it may help chances there a fraction of a percent if seniors needed then can play tonight and get minutes or form.

    Maybe I’ve jumped gun after that tweet earlier. Hope so.


  33. we will soon know the team but some journos are saying its

    Cedric, Mustafi, Mari, Kolasinac, AMN
    Pepe, Elneny, Nelson
    Nketiah, Lacazette


  34. yeah that is the team

    subs Leno, Macey, Tierney, Holding, Chambers, Saka, Ceballos, Willian, Willock, Azeez, Smith-Rowe, Balogun


  35. Hmmm. Suppose some calls might make more sense to me if knew intentions on players futures. Kola for one


  36. Arsenal U23s were beaten 1-0 by Brentford B in a friendly at London Colney today.
    by jeorge bird

    George Lewis made his return from injury, while first-team centre-backs Sokratis and William Saliba were both called upon. Arthur Okonkwo featured in goal and Tim Akinola was in action in midfield with Nikolaj Moller leading the line. Winger Kido Taylor-Hart was also selected, as was defender Jonathan Dinzeyi and midfielder Catalin Cirjan.

    Saman Ghoddos scored Brentford’s goal in the first half with a fine strike and Arsenal missed a penalty in the second period.

    There were some former Arsenal youngsters in action for Brentford, with Dominic Thompson and Fin Stevens both featuring.

    Arsenal were without the likes of Folarin Balogun, Ben Cottrell and Miguel Azeez, who all trained with the first-team yesterday.


  37. Not much to get excited about in that line up hopefully the youngsters on the bench get a decent amount of time and the football makes us smile COYG.


  38. Lacazette gives us the lead with a powerful swerving shot from 35 yards


  39. Pablo Mari puts us 2-0 up with a header from a Nelson corner


  40. Nketiah makes it 3-0
    a great move with lots of one and two touch play at speed, Nketiah headed in after the goalie saved his first shot


  41. HT: Arsenal 3-0 Rapid Vienna

    Lacazette, Mari, Nketiah with our goals, its 3 but could easily have been 6, AMN, Mustafi and Lacazette all could have scored other good chances, we are several levels above our opponents.
    Nice to see us play attacking football at speed. Nelson and Pepe very involved as is Lacazette, and Cedric and Mustafi are playing some very good balls up to the forwards


  42. Rapid score, Kolasinac blocked it on the line twice but nothing he could do about the third shot, we had lots of defenders in the box but no one marking up


  43. we’ve gone very close with another couple of chances


  44. Ceballos, Willian and Smith-rowe on for Elneney, Nelson and Lacazette


  45. we’ve butchered another couple of chances


  46. Smith-Rowe taps in an AMN pass after we cut them open again 4-1


  47. Chambers on for Mustafi


  48. FT: Arsenal 4-1 Rapid Vienna

    Lacazette, Mari, Nketiah and Smith-Rowe with our goals. We got 4 but could easily have had 8 or more goals. Rapid several levels below us, and we played with a rarely seen freedom. Lots of one and two touch forward play at speed.


  49. Well that sounded a lot more positive and nice for the 25,000 who reckoned they were there to see Mari and Chambers back from injury.

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  50. Get French Football News
    Breaking | Patrick Vieira is going to be sacked by OGC Nice, according to @LatourBertrand


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