Arteta’s Throwing Of Ozil Under The Bus is Unforgivable

Podcast: Mikel Arteta’s Throwing of Mesut Ozil Under the Bus is Unforgivable according to yours truly and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger. In our opinion he not only threw him under but also ran the wheels over him, an act of deceit and disloyalty which makes Arteta unsuitable for the role of manager of Arsenal FC.

We note how the TV broadcasters and Arsenal’s biggest social media accounts literally ignore Arteta’s actions but it cannot conceal the fact that in losing  to Leicester last Sunday Arsenal lacked virtually any creativity, something Ozil could have provided.

Leicester exposed how Arsenal can be easily defeated by any smart counter-attacking team. Due to Arsenal’s very predictable tactics George and I predict another Emery-like downward slide. We made the same prediction during Emery’s 22-game unbeaten run and we see the same signs 6 games into this new season. 10th in the tables and sliding.

We wish it wasn’t so but there is no hiding from the truth.

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17 comments on “Arteta’s Throwing Of Ozil Under The Bus is Unforgivable

  1. Positivistas: My apologies. The podcast was to be published simultaneously with Uncensored Arsenal at 11:00 pm EST last evening but I failed to hit the publish button and went straight to bed. It was a long day, starting with recording the podcast and ending with its production and publication. My sincerest apologies .


  2. Oh ffs
    George supporting Ozil, shocker, jeez he is his cyber lover.
    Ozil clearly has shown in matches over the last 2 years that he does not suit the Arteta/ City strategy. If he had been doing the business in training he would have played.
    Yes we are lacking creativity but then we are also far more competitive in midfield and defensively.
    George derided Emery and anyone who supported him and proclaimed long and loud that Arteta was the man we should have chosen . Well we have- live with it


  3. “. If he had been doing the business in training he would have played.”
    Lol, fucking hell, I thought everyone had accepted that this is bollocks, but no. Fucking unreal.


  4. The PR war continues and Ozil clocks up another victory.

    The Guardian reports that he is supporting free school meals for 1400 children this week.

    I see another anti-Ozil partisan has taken a shot this morning..

    Free speech and all that, but what real point is he making?

    Arsenal win games by scoring goals.

    How does running around a lot in training make and score goals in games?

    He has not played well enough for 2 years? Any evidence for that other than some bloggist or other has said it ?

    Doesn’t train well?

    Where is his evidence other than by inference?

    Are you present at all the training sessions?

    Why would the club pay hundreds of thousands of pounds a week for nothing simply because Ozil does not train as hard as Arteta wants, whatever that is?

    Have you not realised by now that there is more to this nonsense than conduct during training.

    Nevertheless, I respect your right to have your own opinion on this which, am I not correct, is simply your opinion and not based on fact?


  5. Oh, yes, Ozil played in all of the Arteta pre-covid games and we only lost one, so he must have been doing something right.

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  6. “If he had been doing the business in training he would have played.”

    See you bought the training narrative.

    If Ozil never trained/played for 2 years he would still be a better option in games than Chris Willock, Ed Nketiah, ESR etc and is a better player all day long than Ceballos and Willian.

    Also the long term injured players that made the squad presumably all train better than Ozil.

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  7. spot on gee, Mari for example will not be back in full training till early to mid November, so add 2 or 3 weeks minimum for him to get up to speed, he might need some game time with the U23’s too if he is to challenge for a starting spot, so we are looking at December for him, that means we left out a fit Sokratis for October and November, so that we might have Mari available in December. By the way Mari is now very likely to be only a back up player to Gabriel, so just how many games is he to play, Football Reasons my arse.

    I seen a piece yesterday about Arsenal’s lack of creativity and dull play under Arteta, there was a shit load of replies, all bemoaning it, but not a single comment mentioned Ozil, just shows how so much of the fan base have bought into the narrative.
    With the signing of Partey, we actually seem to have the players that would mean we finally could set up to suit Ozil, in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Xhaka and Partey anchoring midfield.
    I would not be surprised to actually see us play 4-2-3-1 now, but with Willian and Ceballos in the team, I expect Saka will be the one to make way. Its looks like Arteta really not keen on Pepe or Nelson, they mustn’t work hard enough in training either, if only they were Kia’s players


  8. David Luiz out of Dundalk game and also likely to miss the Man Utd game.
    Arteta also revealed that he wanted to loan out Reiss Nelson but the lad wanted to stay and fight for his place.

    Please find the latest team news update from our medical team ahead of Thursday’s match against Dundalk.

    Updates since our last match:

    Rob Holding
    Right hamstring. Sustained hamstring strain during the warm-up at Manchester City on October 17. Rob has progressed well and is aiming to be back in full training within the next week.

    David Luiz
    Left thigh. Sustained slight thigh issue during Sunday’s match. Will miss Thursday’s match and is being assessed ahead of our match at Manchester United.

    Right calf. Slight calf issue. Back in full training and available for selection.

    Continued status on longer-term injuries:

    Calum Chambers
    Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Chelsea (h) on December 29.

    Latest update on Calum:
    • Now back in full training and progressing well towards full match fitness.

    Pablo Mari
    Left ankle. Sustained significant sprain to ankle ligaments during Manchester City (a) on June 17.

    Latest update on Pablo:
    • Continuing outside running and strengthening programme, together with light ball work.
    • Aiming to integrate into full training after the November international period.

    Gabriel Martinelli
    Left knee. Sustained injury during training on June 21.

    Latest update on Gabi:
    • Successful arthroscopic procedure undertaken to repair a lesion in the cartilage of the left knee.
    • Has now commenced running outside, in addition to daily strengthening and recovery programme at London Colney.
    • Aiming to return to full training by the end of the calendar year.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  9. Mikel Arteta was back in front of the media on Wednesday as he looked ahead to our Europa League clash against Dundalk.

    Our manager discussed a range of issues, including our attacking play, David Luiz’s fitness and more.

    This is what he said:

    on the performance against Leicester…
    I think they were different halves. In the first half we interpreted really well what the game needed and we were very dominant, very aggressive, won the ball back in really good areas and didn’t give the ball away in any dangerous areas. Apart from that we created enough chances for sure to go ahead on the score, we didn’t manage to do that, we scored a goal that was disallowed and the second half we started, probably fatigue wise, to make more mistakes in more difficult areas and not be as effective as threatening as we should have been. The moment we created an open space, they had a good action and we conceded a goal. We lost the game from a very small margin and I am disappointed because we should have done better there.

    on the lack of goals from Auba and Laca…
    Well, from everybody because when we are at home and we’re not able to score a goal, I am concerned. I am concerned about the second half, we should have done better, we only had the chance for Hector. They didn’t have anything to be fair until after 75 or 80 minutes, but still it is something we have to improve in the final third, the solutions we have to give them to attack better, to be more continuous, to be able to sustain attacks in longer periods and put the ball in the box more. We have been working on that so hopefully we can improve it.

    on whether David Luiz is out and whether Mustafi has been offered a new deal…
    To the first, with David he is still having some discomfort in that area, Must is completely fit to play and obviously the internal contractual situations will be discussed internally.

    on how happy he is with Mustafi…
    I have been really happy with Musti since I joined and the performances that he has had. It is true that he had a long-term injury, he has worked so hard to get back into the position he is today. I just want him to show again the trust we have him in, play him and get the performance we have had in the past from him.

    on his confidence in Mustafi…
    I think there were a few cases when we joined in that position and what we tried to do it is help the players as much as possible, encourage them to play with confidence and try to give the right solutions and then it is up to them to show with their performances where they are.

    on the pressure of being expected to win…
    Well the pressure is related to this football club that you have to win every game. We didn’t win against Manchester City or Leicester, we lost 1-0 both games from very small margins and you can see the demands that everybody puts on us, which is the best thing because we are the club that we are and that should never change.

    on whether he’s concerned about not scoring and the role Nketiah has…
    It is the role of everybody, first of all mine to give them the solutions and structure to attack better. Obviously this block and the way they set up is not easy at all, but we opened them up five or six times in the first half and should have scored a goal. It is something we are not too used to because we have not faced teams [like that] too regularly but I think it is a really good sign when Leicester suddenly comes to your house and acts like, it is because they really respect you now and they are concerned. We have to take that as something very positive and and as an advantage because if teams are going to start to do that, I’m telling you we are going to win a lot of games.

    on the strength of the Premier League…
    In the last eight to 10 months, the improvement of the teams in quality, organisation and the way they are competing… It’s been the biggest I’ve seen in recent years. That’s why you can see the difficulties of teams winning by big margins. I think in my opinion that’s not a coincidence and you can see that in every Premier League game, so I think the league is in a great place at the moment.

    on Mesut Ozil’s social media activity during games…
    I don’t follow social media but I always expect everybody that is involved in our organisation to be supporting the team every time we play.

    on Dundalk and what they’ll offer…
    We’ve got some Irish staff here and there are a lot of positive things about them. From what I’ve seen they’ve got a really determined coach that has found a really good cohesion with the team. You can see in every reaction when they are playing, how united they are. They’re really well organised, they make it really hard and they will be coming here with incredible passion. They’re underdogs and that will give them a lot of energy and I expect them to be at full gas tomorrow, trying to beat us here.

    on if he’s been talking to Barry Solan ahead of the game…
    Yes, with a few of them.

    on the story behind the appointment of Dundalk manager, Filippo Giovagnoli…
    I think it’s a great story and linking different backgrounds and different countries into that history is a good one to hear. I watched a long interview with him because I wanted to know who he is, what he is trying to do and what he is trying to express to his players. This is where I found out what happened and straight away he said he could feel that the players believed in what they were doing, which is everything that a coach wants. I think they have created a really good chemistry that has given them a big boost from last season. Big merit to them for the work that they are doing.

    on the chances of an upset tomorrow…
    I don’t know. This is football and I’ve seen a lot of things in this game, so I don’t take anything for granted. I always expect the opponent to be at their best. After that I try to convince my players what we have to do to win the game and execute it in the best possible way. That’s it and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

    on Dundalk’s strengths and weaknesses…
    As I’ve said, their strengths are the unity of the team and how hard they work together and how well they are organised. There are a few bits where they look really dangerous in certain contexts. Against us in certain situations it’s a little more complicated, but yes, if you allow any team time and space, they will create issues. They’re really strong on set-pieces as well and I’m sure they will have prepared them for tomorrow, so we will have to control the normal aspects we do every week.

    on whether there are any players that he liked the look of…
    I will highlights the team and the spirit that they have and how they competed, and in the game against Molde you could see straight away how much belief they have in what they do.

    on whether David Luiz could play against Dundalk…
    There is no chance he will play against Dundalk. There is a big doubt for him to play at the weekend too.

    on whether Willian is available for selection…
    Willian has been training with us for two days and tomorrow he might be involved in the game at some stage.

    on whether Bukayo Saka will be available…
    Bukayo picked up a knock but he’s been training fine.

    on whether our upcoming game against United will impact the team we see on Thursday…
    Well, we try to game by game, but obviously in the last 10 days we have picked up a lot of issues at the back with our central defenders. We have to cautious and we have to manage that position very carefully because if we lose another one, then we will be in big trouble, so of course, we will have to keep an eye on how we manage the squad in the next two or three games.

    on the FA’s Leadership Diversity Code…
    We will support any cause like that, that brings equality to our society and opportunities to everybody. We were talking about the opportunity with the coach from Dundalk and we can open the doors for everybody. In this industry I think we should do that and it’s much better than it was 10 to 15 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot improve and evolve it. I think all of these causes are really positive for our environment.

    on whether he hoped to give more game time to Reiss Nelson…
    Well, we ended the window with a large squad and we had a few plans in mind for Reiss and one of them was to send him on loan to get more minutes because of the competition that we have up front. The reality is that he’s been really good in training, he wants to stay here and he wants to fight for his place. It’s what he’s doing and he’s going to get chances in the right moments. What I’m happy with is how he’s assimilated the situation with not playing a lot of minutes in the first few weeks, but as everybody can see, things are changing very quickly and we’re getting more and more injuries because of the schedule that we have. He will get the opportunities and then it will come down to him as to whether he takes them or not.

    on whether Reiss understands why he isn’t starting…
    Well, I tried. Obviously to compare things that happened eight or nine months ago is difficult in a positive or negative way all the time, but I always try to have a very open communication with the players and try to get their thoughts out of their mind and try to tell them when they play or don’t play, the reasons behind that, and most of the time they haven’t done anything wrong, there’s just a lot of competition in these positions and we are favouring other players in that moment. That’s it.

    on why Reiss didn’t go out on loan…
    Yes, it was a mix of a few things. Reiss was also really convinced that he wanted to fight to stay here, and when you see that willingness and passion and that security in a player, you feel tempted to keep him even though you know opportunities are going to be restricted and he’s not going to have a lot of continuity in his play. But things change very quickly and if he plays well and does what he can do, why not? Why can’t he start to play more games?

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  10. Is Gabi in contact training

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  11. I see Mustafi says Ozil has trained well and is still doing his best in training. Mustafi said he could not say anything negative about how Ozil is training. So first Per and now Mustafi say Ozil is training well, but hey ho what would they know, they only see him on a daily basis training, not like they are clued up like the media, pundits, and of course the bloggers and twitter experts on the matter.

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  12. arteta v emery – first 26 games v last 26 games

    12 v 11 wins – arteta
    8 v 6 – arteta
    7 v 8 emery

    trust the process i guess.

    i am struggling to see the difference between the 2 Spaniards.

    There are more than a few similarities tho.

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  13. from optajoe

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s @premierleague
    shots this season total to 0.43 xG in 540 minutes – the same tally that Gareth Bale managed in 18 minutes vs West Ham on his return. Bleak.

    More like this in the latest edition of Snapshot by @matt_furniss

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  14. arteta v emery – first 26 games v last 26 games

    12 v 11 wins – arteta
    8 v 6 – Draws arteta
    7 v 8 – losses emery

    trust the process i guess.

    i am struggling to see the difference between the 2 Spaniards.

    There are more than a few similarities tho.

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  15. that should be:

    8 v 6 draws
    7 v 8 losses

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  16. By the time Emery was getting to the end of his last 26 games he had lost the team and was in a steep downward spiral on his way to early retirement.

    In his first 26 games Arteta had ‘new manager bounce’ and had Ozil playing for him for 10 or so games when he lost only once.

    These figures do not look equal at all when you take the above into account.

    I am not anti-arteta.

    I am anti those people who are dressing him up as some sort of saviour or miracle man when in truth he is beginning to look and sound more and more like Emery.

    How much of what he is quoted as saying at the press conference actually makes sense?

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  17. Yes you would have to compare first 26 for both.
    However you would have to factor in Unai picked up a fully functioning team from Arsene while Mikel picked up the trainwreak from Unai.
    The problem now is we have a young coach in his first role unable to stand up the owners and trying to create a team in the image of some great former coaches.
    The tactic of trying to rely on CB ‘s to start the creative process will not work until the CB’s and the rest of the team are set up to do so and right now we don’t have the personnel.
    Our best goalscorer all round game is poor, our supposedly creative midfielder is negative, our record signing winger can’t take players on cross the ball or get it past the first man on a corner, the CB’s struggle for speed and at the moment are not skilled enough to find accurate passes into the forwards or midfielders and a keeper who is not confident in the air.
    At the moment I still think we will get better especially when we are able to field the same defence game after game after game.
    However Mikel will have to play bravely and not enforce his team to be so cautious.
    At three nil up after 46 minutes against minnows Arsene would have been putting on 13 year olds but Mikel was putting on first eleven players.
    Unai was getting stale and Mikel has started that way hopefully his team will morph into a perpetual motion.

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