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Arteta’s Throwing Of Ozil Under The Bus is Unforgivable

Arteta’s Throwing Of Ozil Under The Bus is Unforgivable

Podcast: Mikel Arteta’s Throwing of Mesut Ozil Under the Bus is Unforgivable according to yours truly and Blackburn George, the Arseblagger. In our opinion he not only threw him under but also ran the wheels over him, an act of deceit and disloyalty which makes Arteta unsuitable for the role of manager of Arsenal FC. […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: Holding Out For Hero

It was Liam Brady’s birthday yesterday. Apart from the small wave of memories which washed through me refreshing the parts of an old man which once sparkled with the spring waters of hope and ambition, thoughts of our erstwhile midfield maestro set the gears turning. Chippy is one of the faces which leaps to mind […]

Arsenal Behind Tottenham Says The Data

It seems like ages but it was only six months ago that the good and the great in both mainstream and social media declared that Arsene was either deluded or senile for deciding to not sign an outfield player in the summer transfer window. The rags who are supposed to be “fair and balanced” did […]

Arsenal Versus Leicester: The Coquelin Event Horizon

Everyone feeling a little bit happier now? A shot of league cup and North London Derby victory in the old veins has done the trick I trust? It may not have made a difference to our league position but by Jimminy the world seems a brighter place after a win doesn’t it? The league position […]