Will It Be A Cup Of Cheer?

Arsenal head to the King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City in the Carabao Cup. The winner will go on to play either Lincoln City or Liverpool next week in the quarter-finals.

Good day one all.

With two wins from their two Premier League games, both Arsenal and Leicester have met early expectations. In matches this past weekend though, the Gunners left it late to shake off a plucky West Ham side, while the Foxes came from behind in victory over Burnley.

Attention now shift to the domestic cup with the chance to continue that positive momentum ahead of testing league fixtures for both sides this weekend. However, escaping defeat at Leicester is not something Arsenal have done a lot of in recent years; having lost each of our last three trips up there in all competitions.

Even so, we have progressed past the third-round of this competition in 1 of the last 17 seasons. Mikel Arteta already won two trophies in his nine months in charge, but it remains to be seen just how seriously he will take this match, especially with a trip to Liverpool a matter of days away.

Likewise, Brendan Rodgers’ side got a difficult jaunt of their own to Man City. So if him and Mikel ring in the changes as expected, this could come down to which side got the better squad depth and how well they gel together with playing time in such short supply.

Team news

Eddie Nketiah is likely to profit from rotation, and join Bukayo Saka and Nicolas Pépé in a front three.

One would assume Mesut Özil is a possible option in behind, but he hasn’t had a look in post-lockdown and that is unlikely to change.

We still got so many defenders still in the treatment room, that David Luiz could be the only one coming in. Cédric is carrying an injury and it’s unlikely Kieran Tierney, who was withdrawn 10 minutes before West Ham to mess with that particular gameplan, will be risked ahead of the Anfield trip.

In goal, new boy Runar Alex Runarsson could be in line for a swift debut.


On paper, a bit of tricky encounter for the Gunners, considering three straight defeats from our last three trips to the KP. However, with mass rotation anticipated both sides, it should be expected for our depth to carry us through. COYG!

— @LaboGoon

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  1. Liverpool is not till Monday, so lots of scope for a near full strength starting 11 tonight, its just a question of how serious Arteta will take it, and just how many fringe players he wants to give game time to, or as he would put it, how many of them deserve some minutes.
    Going from Arteta’s comments, he will take it serious as he sees it as another cup we can win, and he knows any silverware keeps his star rising, and winning the CC gets the club a European place, although it will be in the new 3rd tier competition.

    I doubt very much if we will even see Ozil or Guendouzi in the match day 18. Not really expecting Torreira to feature either, not with all the transfer rumors surrounding him, it does seem he is set to leave soon. Same might apply to Reiss Nelson.

    Saliba likely to start, as should David Luiz and Elneny. would expect Cedric to play too, despite him being on .com’s injury list yesterday, but that was before training and he did take full part in it. AMN probably starts too. Nketiah probably starts up front, with Pepe getting a start too. Would expect Tierney to miss out through injury. Our new keeper might make a quick debut.
    from the training photos there was very few of the youths involved so not expecting to see any new faces from their ranks tonight.

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  2. Think the issue for the top clubs with this competition is that the quarter and then semi-final come at a time of real fixture congestion. It seems to me over the last few years only City have the strength in depth to take the CC in thier stride. I certainly wouldn’t see Liverpool in the next round as impssible should we progress this evening.

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  3. Nelson Semedo has joined Wolves in a £29M deal from Barcelona, this will probably see Bellerin to Barca rumors resurface again

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  4. Surely with the issue of homegrowns Hector leaving is a non starter.
    Generally I think we have a good record at Leicester apart from the recent maybe out of context results. Obviously with no idea of the line ups form and previous goes out the window so let’s look forward to a good cup tie with us returning as victors COYG.

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  5. what has him being homegrown got to do with anything, there is only a non homegrown quota, of 17, out of a maximum squad of 25, but if you actually wish you can have a squad of 17 players over the age of 21, all being non homegrown.
    U21 players do not have to be included in the squad.

    any way its rumored that Barca are signing Max Aarons from Norwich, a loan deal with obligation to sign him next summer for £20M

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  6. the guy from Kerry in Ireland who sent abusive tweets to Ian Wright was in Court today in Kerry charged with harassing Ian Wright and for sending a grossly offensive and obscene message

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  7. With the late start to the season, a month, fixture list is pretty congested for teams playing in Champions and Europa League competitions for the first half of this season. At present we got a pretty big squad that could still get trimmed in next two weeks. Clubs like Liverpool and Spurs* may need to priorities very quickly.

    * I do hope they don’t get a bye for last night’s match because it would set a precedent.


  8. Surely they can’t do that in the Covid situation


  9. Chris Wheatley
    Mohamed Elneny starts against Leicester today. Those close to the player tell me he’s staying at Arsenal, contrary to recent reports in the Egyptian media. #AFC #LeiArs


  10. The PGMOL are back, looking after one of their favourite teams


  11. He is clearly after a Prem gig from Uncle Mike


  12. Commentators on Talksport very complementary and apart from 80-90 mins we sounded well on top.


  13. That was a good win under the circumstances. In the long run I’m not sure how rewarding it will be but let’s wait and see.
    We have some seriously talented youngsters and again we have some really difficult decisions to make. I’m not sure loaning Reiss out again would be the best course of action, in fact I think I rather see Pepe go out on loan.
    I know Leicester made 11 changes but even in the first ten minutes you could see we were alot better than against West ham and apart from the last five of each half we played well and the passing and movement generally was good.

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  14. Arteta on Ozil and Guendouzi
    “The team is evolving, you can see the level they are achieving.
    We are picking the players that we believe are the best for each game.”


  15. Every word Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta just said on Mesut Ozil, Lucas Torreira transfer, Leicester

    A full transcript of Mikel Arteta’s post match press conference after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Leicester City in the Carabao Cup third round

    ByJames Benge

    22:24, 23 SEP 2020

    Mikel Arteta in his post-match press conference after Arsenal’s 2-0 win over Leicester

    You’re still unbeaten in the cups, what did you make of tonight’s game?
    I’m really happy with the performance, first of all the attitude and the way we approached the game mentally.
    The senior players took the lead straight away and I could see that they came here to win the game and after we’re so happy with all our young players, the way they’re developing and the way they played.

    What does Mesut Ozil have to prove to you to get back into contention?
    I’m really happy with the performance here, how difficult they’re making things for the coaching staff to select the squad.

    Why has he fallen out of favour?
    The team is evolving, you can see the level they are achieving. This is where we are at the moment. We want to evolve more and play better and compete better.
    We need to keep maintaining that.

    So you believe other players are better suited to the way you are playing
    We are picking the players that we believe are the best for each game. You can see we keep training, it’s what we’re trying to do.

    Reiss Nelson did well tonight
    He played really well. He had a really good performance. He wasn’t in the squad for the last two Premier League games because of the competition we have up front.
    Everybody needs to fight for their places.

    Do you expect him to leave on loan?
    We don’t discuss the things that are happening behind closed doors. He played tonight and he played really well.

    You said Arsenal are evolving, have they evolved beyond Ozil?
    You can see that the players we are changing, we are using, it’s very difficult every week not for Mesut but for some other players as well to make the squad. Every week we try to pick the right players.

    If Ozil isn’t involved in this game it’s tough to see him being involved again
    It’s difficult for others as well that aren’t involved in the Premier League and didn’t play tonight either. We have a squad of 26, 27 players at the moment and we can’t give playing time to all of them.

    Can you understand why you get so many questions about Ozil?
    Of course I understand and I respect your questions but I have to try to do my job as fair as possible. I try to select the players that are, in my opinion, in better condition.

    Was Lucas Torreira not playing because a transfer is close?
    I’m not making decisions because players might leave or stay. It’s just for the players that we see every day in the best possible condition to compete and win football matches.

    Is there a chance of a move to Atletico Madrid?
    I cannot discuss any internal matters.

    You may have two trips to Anfield in a few days, how big a test will that be?
    You can imagine, probably the toughest place to go in Europe or the world. That’s the fixtures, we have to go there.
    Let’s go first on Monday, let’s prepare well and see how it goes.


  16. Whatever the rights or wrongs of those who didn’t play, those who did, they did well , impressive


  17. Very decent effort from the Arse, away to Leicester these days is never a walk in the park, regardless of Brenda’s 100% tweaks. For our part we rested key players as well as our opponents. Winning is a welcome habit, maintaining sometimes elusive momentum is almost a victory in itself. And our likely reward is another test against the league’s best where only a noble defeat or a courageous victory awaits. You can only beat what’s in front of you but we were denied a stonewall VAR-friendly penalty, whilst Leno’s early one-on-one at the other end quite possibly saved the game as well as settled many Arsenal nerves.

    The ‘only’ fly in a sad looking ointment was the absence, in an otherwise perfect setting, of the much missed Mesut. If he was going to play again for Arsenal, it would likely have been last night. The normally open and honest Arteta was almost inevitably less than forthcoming on the reason for MO’s continued absence which merely added fuel to the bonfire of excuses surrounding the issue. Mesut’s speaking out against the Chinese treatment of muslims is the latest theory intended to explain our club enigma and whilst the Russians may interfere with the US elections, it seems a stretch to imagine the Chinese endeavouring to throw their censorious tentacles over the outcome of the Caribou Cup, a competition so illustrious it is barely broadcast anywhere, let alone CBC1.

    Aside from Ozil though, all in all, a very satisfactory evening.

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  18. everything is pointing to the conclusion that Ozil, along with Guendouzi and Torreira may never play for AFC again, and if they do it may very well be a EL or FAC game against weak opponents. Of course we might see Ozil thrown to the lions by including him in a team with 11 changes from our EPL starting 11, maybe even next week in the CC v Liverpool, if they beat Lincoln tonight. The game is expected to be only 2 days after we play Liverpool away in the league on Monday


  19. Obviously something very different in the cases of Ozil, Guendouzi and probably Torreira than, say, Martinez, maybe AMN and maybe even Bellerin. We played Martinez even though it must have been far along him leaving.

    Don’t know what difference is exactly but presumably it’s all about trying to push players toward exit door/ not damage chances of them doing so. I’d guess they know it won’t work in Ozil’s case but still aren’t willing to take that tiny chance before the window closes.

    After, it’s not even certain he’ll get minutes then. Much shorter gap this time before the next window when same things will be in place again


  20. one thing being used by the idiots to reason why Ozil is not in the team, is that he is not working hard enough in training, and of course is not a hard worker in games, so then figure me this, why is Guendouzi and Torreira not getting in the squad either, after all Mikel Arteta, who never lies or at least his word is now Gospel, has said all players were given a clean slate, and all of them are in full training with the first team, and in fact all trained with the reserves on the match days they have been left out of the first team squad.

    So are Torreira and Guendouzi lazy sods now too, or could it be possible that either Arteta is telling lies, or at the very least not telling the whole truth, maybe its that the Ozil haters are not seeing the actual meaning of Arteta’s answers as clearly as they believe they are.


  21. reports from Sheffield media is that Sheffield Utd are making progress in talks to sign Folarin Balogun from Arsenal


  22. I am not Torreira and Guendouzi biggest fans but i think they should be given a go and it shows how you can be the fans favourite for a few days (they even gave Torreira Viera’s song after one display as well as singing we have our Arsenal back after 2 games of emery in charge)

    Guendozi who i think is a decent prospect with some very good attributes should be getting more game time if not just to put him in the shop window, same for Torreira.

    Not sure if the slate has really been wiped clean in the case of Guendozi, Torreira and the unmentionable one.


  23. Generally, I wouldn’t play someone on the verge of a transfer out, especially for good money, unless there were specific reasons to do so – e.g top player for a key game, or don’t actually want player to leave.

    As for players you want to leave but aren’t close to transfer out, or don’t intend to go…fuck knows


  24. As much as I would be delighted to be proved wrong, I fear Ozil is a ship that has already sailed.
    If it really is over him publicising the genocide of the Uighur Muslims, that would expose huge hypocrisy within a club which has been quick to embrace the BLM cause along with the rest of football, nothing wrong with taking a knee for the Uighurs as well. i hope the club are not picking their just causes and the persecuted to support based on media/ financial pressures.But I do wonder, perhaps the woke world does not extend to the plight of the Uighurs.
    Is it down to Ozil not taking a wage cut? His high wages? A combination of things? Some injury or issue we don’t know about? Is he a terrible person, a team disrupter, the devil incarnate?
    Whatever it is, very much doubt if it’s down to talent , or as some suggest ,commitment.


  25. our next 3 fixtures are

    Monday – Liverpool – away in EPL

    Thursday – Liverpool – away in CC

    Sunday – Sheffield Utd – home in EPL

    then on the Monday the transfer window shuts, a very busy 11 days coming up for the club, then its an interlull


  26. Mikel Arteta was up in front of the media on Friday as he previewed our next Premier League game – a trip to Anfield to face the champions.

    Our manager was asked about the challenge, Nicolas Pepe, transfers and more.

    Read on for a full transcript:

    on whether having no fans in the ground at Anfield will help Arsenal…
    I think obviously the crowd makes them stronger because it is a unique atmosphere they are able to create at Anfield. As well you are able to see how well they are playing without any crowds as well, so we know the challenge ahead of us, so let’s embrace it, let’s go for it, prepare well and try to go there and win.

    on how much confidence we take from our last two performances against Liverpool…
    They are all very different games, the one we played at the Emirates and the one we played the in final were very different, and I think it will be different again [on Monday night]. We know the standards that they have set in this league, how consistent they have been and that is because they dominate almost every aspect of the game. So we need to be at our best, we need to compete really well against this team and hopefully the boys are able to do that on Monday.

    on how the game will be different…
    They were really different, the one at the Emirates and the one we played in the final against against them. They have some variability depending on what they do, how we have to control those aspects, how we can attack in different ways as well. It is like quick waves all the time with them, without much time to breathe. It is a really quick game, it doesn’t see long sequences of passes against them. We had to be at our best, that’s for sure.

    on what he has been working on with the team since the West Ham game…
    Obviously I’m not going to discuss that, but we had some time to work and tried to prepare better. But every game brings different challenges and in this league every opponent causes you issues you have to resolve. We are evolving, we are getting much better and on Wednesday already we did a lot of things much better in the same aspects, so we need to keep improving.

    on the latest on Lucas Torreira…
    No, we don’t have any updates on Lucas or any other player at the moment.

    on being linked with Jorginho at Chelsea…
    We are still open to improve our team, we are looking for different options depending on what happens with some of our players here so we are getting prepared just in case we need to do something.

    on what potential qualities he sees in Jorginho…
    Sorry, but I cannot talk about players that play for a different team. [Discussing] their qualities is not appropriate from my side.

    on how hard is it facing the same opponent twice in a week…
    It is normally difficult enough to play the same team in four days and for the players as well to adapt. Obviously, the first game has a big impact on the second one and it is really tough to beat the same opponent twice in that short period. When you talk about Liverpool that challenge is much bigger but I just want to focus on Monday. Let’s try to get the best possible preparation against them, go there, and most importantly have the belief that we can go there and win. We all have to believe that we are capable of doing that.

    on the importance of starting the game on the front foot…
    Yes, it is really important to start well but it is also really important what happens after 20, 30, 80, 90 minutes because they’re a team that are really consistent in their performances. They are able to constrain the opponent to do very little against them and they can dominate long periods of games. You have to be able, when you have the right opportunities and the right moments, to be ruthless – you have to do that. As well, you have to suffer for periods because you know and you have to expect that they’re going to have the experience.

    on when fans will return to the stadium…
    I don’t know. Obviously, with the news and the new guidelines given by the government it’s not looking very positive in the next few months and we have to bear in mind the situation we have in our society. We have to respect that and I think we’re all trying to create a safe environment. It’s in the interest of everybody, first of all the Premier League to keep playing. I think we have achieved really good standards at the moment and have kept the positive [tests] really really low. That’s the first aim, obviously we can get the fans back in here, it will be great for the football world as well.

    on Eddie Nketiah and whether he thinks he could get an England call-up…
    Well, I don’t know. Obviously if he keeps performing in the way he has been with us in the last few months he will have a really good chance and as well, I think culturally, England and the actual manager are really brave with young kids. It’s up to them, they have to be consistent and keep doing what they’re doing at club level and then that opportunity will come in a natural way.

    on what he thinks Liverpool’s weakness is…
    I think they are getting better and better and they have less weaknesses. They are a fantastic side. The issue with the weaknesses of opponents is how many you are able to exploit and how many opportunities you get to do that. With all the incredible things that they have, you know that they are going to try and still be able to do them. So I want to focus on what we can do and what we have to do and control our own aspects.

    on the need to be ruthless on Monday…
    You know, in big games like that, every detail is really important to get a win. We have to dominate a lot of aspects in the game and how we manage the game in certain aspects as well. When we have our opportunities, we have to put them in the net.

    on whether he tried to sign Thiago…
    We don’t discuss the things that we try to do in the market.

    on whether he’s a player he admires…
    Yeah, I really like him from my time that I was in Barcelona as well. A player with incredible personality, great talent, very special qualities to play in midfield. I think he’s a great signing for Liverpool.

    on the importance of winning away to a top-six club…
    We want consistent results. We have to be able to go to any ground and get the points, and live with that belief. We’ll try to do that on Monday.

    on Nicolas Pepe…
    I think he’s come a long way. We know what the club paid for him when he joined and that was obviously an extra pressure but he’s a player who’s had to adapt, it’s a different style. He has a really good attitude. We can see develops in a lot of phases of his game. He’s very settled here, he’s like by the boys, he’s a really good character to have around and I’m really positive that we’re going to have him for many years and that he can perform at a really high level consistently.

    on him helping Gabriel and vice-versa…
    I think it’s always nice for them to have some compatriots next to them, it obviously makes things a lot easier in the first few months when they cannot speak the language. I think for both of them they know each other and they’ve spent some time together now. I think it’s a positive thing.

    on how key Willian’s big-game experience will be…
    For me it’s much more important that the overall mindset of the team is right and they have the actual belief that when we get on that plane to go to Liverpool, that we can go there to win. If we all have that, we’re going to have a much better chance to perform at our highest and have the opportunity to grab the points.

    on whether they believe in themselves more than when he arrived…
    I haven’t been to Anfield with them yet but I’m expecting that every ground we go to, we’re going to prepare for the game to win and that they realise they are good enough to do that. Obviously that has to be by an incredible performance individually and collectively. We need to manage every detail the game requires.

    on Auba and Laca’s understanding…
    I think the front players need to create a certain chemistry between them and that feeling that when they look at each other in the eyes, they understand each other, they communicate on the pitch to see what they are feeling. I think we are getting that with them at the moment. Not only them, but with Willian as well and the way he’s come in the team straight away. With Pepe, Bukayo – when he’s playing there – and with Reiss. It’s really important, it’s something we try to promote in training as well. Hopefully they can keep linking and improving those relationships between them.

    on how concerned he is with lack of finances for those further down football’s pyramid…
    I think the club is playing without the fans and financially the implications that has, how that can still be sustainable, the things we have to achieve as a team to try to improve those finances as well. I think it’s crucial for every club that this doesn’t have too much of a delay because then the challenge ahead is brutal.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source


  27. If reports are to be believed, that ooo aaaarrrrgggghhh chap has chosen us. Whether the club have the funds is another matter

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  28. Balogun trained with the first team today, maybe there is hope he will sign that new deal yet

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  29. on Saturday Arsenal U18’s play Crystal Palace U18s at 11am, then at 1pm our U23′ play Spurs U23’s, and then at 5.15 on BBC 1, Arsenal Women play Spurs Women in the Womens FA Cup

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  30. The ITK Wurzels confident of a shiny new signing.


  31. Can’t imagine how bad the whingeing and moaning will be if neither of Auouar and Partey end up joining. Amazing what a carry on there is compared to waking up one fine day to discover we’ve signed Dennis Bergkamp etc.

    I do find it a bit painful the thought of us being very close to someone very good, after perhaps years of tracking them and months trying to make it happen, but being short of dough and vulnerable to city swooping in and sorting it in matter of a day or hours, but, hey, that’s the reality


  32. reports that Ozil will play for our U23’s today, Saliba too, maybe Guendouzi also


  33. Utd getting help….again…the ref had already blown for full time, but Riley’s minions of today lack the courage of Clive Thomas

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  34. Arsenal u23’s lost 1-0 vs Spurs u23’s earlier today:

    Hein; Oyegoke, Clarke, Ballard, Bola; Akinola, Olayinka, Cottrell; Cirjan, Lewis, Balogun

    Subs: Alebiosu, Azeez, Okonkwo, McEneff, Di


  35. Report – Superb Flores scores brace as Arsenal U18s beat Crystal Palace in enthralling encounter

    U18 Premier League

    Arsenal 3 (Flores 59, 85 Edwards 66) Crystal Palace 2 (Omilabu 45, 83)

    Marcelo Flores scored twice as Arsenal U18s got their second victory of the season with a 3-2 win against Crystal Palace.

    Coach Ken Gillard made a couple of alterations to his team, with Zane Monlouis and Edwards replacing Zach Awe and Luke Plange.

    Arsenal suffered a setback in the 36th minute when centre-back Alex Kirk went off injured, with Taylor Foran replacing him.

    Matters then went from bad to worse for the young Gunners, with David Omilabu putting Palace ahead just before half-time.

    Flores, though, managed to equalise for Arsenal in the 59th minute after he was set by Omari Hutchinson.

    Edwards then justified Gillard’s decision to start him as he found the net following good work from Kido Taylor-Hart.

    Arsenal brought on Jack Henry-Francis (who was making his debut at this level) and Zach Awe, with Mazeed Ogungbo and Hutchinson being replaced.

    In an intense finish, Palace clawed themselves level, with Omilabu scoring again.

    However, Arsenal still managed to take all three points as Flores scored the decisive goal with just five minutes left.

    Arsenal: Graczyk; Laing, Kirk (Foran, 36), Monlouis, Ogungbo (Henry-Francis, 77); Patino, Bandeira; Taylor-Hart, Hutchinson (Awe, 79), Flores; Edwards. Subs not used: Ejeheri, Plange.
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    Report – Flores amongst scorers as Arsenal U18s beat Southampton on opening day

    Report – Frustration as Arsenal U18s are beaten by TottenhamWith 1 comment

    What will Arsenal’s U18 squad look like next season?With 2 comments
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  36. Mandy, I remember that Clive Thomas corner! What a ref, fergie would have got no favours from him, he took no shit from anyone.


  37. Arsenal Women 4, That Lot 0. FA Cup 1/4 final. Nobbs, Evans 3.


  38. Just looked up player from City u18 after seeing impressive clip of goal today. Carlos Borges. Only thing I found was his agency describing them in blurb as someone who ‘packed up his bags at the age of 9 and headed to Manchester’.?

    Surely they’re not- or weren’t, as would be 7/8 years ago- up to that sort of malarkey, recruiting kids that young from Europe. I’ll give benefit of doubt but you just never know with that lot.

    Know they heavily use private schooling as part of youth recruitment and seen plenty of weird stuff with them in past- Rabiot went there at 12/13 or something, and another few who have seemingly come from abroad at age rules don’t permit it.


  39. seemingly this quote is from Arsene wenger’s Book

    The Child who dreamt about football…

    I was managing Arsenal, I was twice offered the chance to take over at Real, its terrible to turn down your childhood club. But I had a mission, besides, I must be the manager who has said no the most times: to PSG, to Juventus, to the national teams of both France and Japan. And each time was hard, but a commitment is a commitment. I am sure that moral code is another thing that I got from my childhood.

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  40. Ian, a real shame there are no refs like Clive Thomas , and a few others of his generation any more, can imagine what he would make of a cheat like Riley. Not sure Riley could even exist with Clive around!
    Such a shame Fergie/ Riley/ Scudamore were able to corrupt them, with not a word from the media

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  41. 9 days left in the transfer window, a lot of people expecting Arsenal to do many transfers, both in and out, we also have 3 games during those 9 days.


  42. If we do sign Aouar some of our fan base are likely in for a big disappointment, as I’ve seen so many on twitter describe him as a “Generational Talent”, and second only to Mbappe, but if we compare the two, Aouar is 22 and not capped at senior level by France, Mbappe will be 22 in December and has 35 caps 15 goals and is a World Cup winner, now Aouar has played 16 times for France U21’s, which is not a whole lot, for example Guendouzi has 13.

    So whyere is anyone talking about Aouar as a Generational Talent, do they even know what it means, is the lad that good, if we sign him we can but hope, cos he will be in trouble with these muppets if he does not meet their overinflated expectations

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  43. Here is the latest team news update from our medical team ahead of Monday’s match at Liverpool.

    Updates since the last match:

    Emile Smith Rowe
    Sustained an injury to his right shoulder in training. Now out of protective sling and aiming to return to full training within the next week.

    Right calf. Being integrated back into full training in the coming days.

    Kieran Tierney
    Tight left groin before West Ham United (h) on Saturday, September 19. Now back in full training.

    Cedric Soares
    Right calf. Missed Leicester City (a) on Wednesday with tight calf. Being integrated back into full training in the coming days.

    No other issues from Wednesday’s match at Leicester City

    Continued status on longer-term injuries:

    Calum Chambers
    Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Chelsea (h) on December 29.

    Latest update on Calum:
    • Continues to run outside with team mates and taking part in light ball work.
    • Aiming to be back in full training in October.

    Pablo Mari
    Left ankle. Sustained significant sprain to ankle ligaments during Manchester City (a) on 17 June.

    Latest update on Pablo:
    • Continuing outside running and strengthening programme, together with light ball work.
    • Aiming to return to full training within the next two weeks.

    Gabriel Martinelli
    Left knee. Sustained injury during training on June 21.

    Latest update on Gabi:
    • Successful arthroscopic procedure undertaken to repair a lesion in the cartilage of the left knee.
    • Continuing daily strengthening and recovery programme at London Colney.
    • Aiming to return to full training by the end of the calendar year.

    Shkodran Mustafi
    Right hamstring sustained during the Emirates FA Cup semi-final on July 18.

    Latest update on Musti:
    • Successful small procedure completed soon after injury.
    • Continuing outside running and strengthening programme, together with light ball work.
    • Aiming to return to full training in October.

    As part of Premier League protocol, all members of our first-team squad and support staff continue to be regularly tested for COVID-19.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  44. it seems Arsenal want to move out Macey, Sokratis, Mustafi, Chambers, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Torreira and Ozil, also maybe some of the younger lads on loan, and want to bring in Raya, Partey and Aouar, the question is will any of those AFC want out be sold by the end of this window, and will we sign any more players, I would say there is lots of doubts over any and all of the wanted sales, and indeed any of the signings.


  45. Ed

    Been very disjointed what I’ve seen of Auour so far but does look a very good player.

    One vivid memory is tuning in to watch Saliba soon after we signed him and being slightly concerned by how he was beaten by Auour couple of times in an otherwise good game. One moment was absolutely exceptional as he cushioned long ball with an unexpected drag/first touch to sweep it past Saliba. I’d guess silky touch, especially first touch one of biggest strengths.

    More recently seem to recall him looking great against City and me thinking along lines of ‘that’s us stuffed then’, as seemed performance v likely to make Pep go for him.

    On international front guess it has to be taken into account how stacked they are and that manager is ultra loyal to guys he trusts.


  46. Leicester going full tilt for Utds penalty record


  47. Seeing some of the results this party weekend, I would take scrappy wins over teams like West Ham everyday of the week and twice on weekends. And it will not diminish my love for Arsenal one iota. No amount of negative comments or podcasts will make me support the team less.


  48. Is someone asking you to support the team less Labo?
    Or are you telling others to support like you and value in the way you do?
    See for me, the values of the club meant more than 3 points. But I’m not saying everyone needs to be disappointed with the clubs treatment of Ozil, Ramsey, Kos, 55 employees etc. People have their own values.

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