Artetaball Makes An Appearance.


I’m tempted to say something like that was a game of two halves,but I wont because that would be pathetic, so i’ll say it was a game of one third and two thirds. The first half an hour was none too impressive, but after that, we were well on top.

Arteta set the team up, with his selections, to best combat the deep block in a disjointed game, and it worked. With Xhaka and Dani in the midfield it allowed Ozil to do his Ozil thingamabobs, drifting into space, with a good chance the ball would reach him. And it did. Xhaka did what we have seen him do recently, and played in a hybrid CM/CB/wingback/fullback position, which allows Saka to bomb on and gave Dani more time and space. Xhaka will not get many plaudits, but he had a huge effect on the game.

I keep banging the drum that Ozil has not regressed, and he just needs the team to find him in space, i think that was exactly what happened today. He had a great game.

Ceballos also had a fine game, his passing both penetrative  and accurate. I hope this is the start of a nice little cameo from him that lasts until the end of the season.

I would be mean to not mention Saka, what a talent he is, but as I mentioned, he should say thanks to Xhaka for allowing him the freedom that he took advantage of.

Another player that had a fine game, was Mustafi. He is an exceptional defensive header of the ball. In fact he has been good consistently under Mikel, it’s a shame that he gets no recognition because……. well because he’s Mustafi.

Oh what joy it is to have our Arsenal back. Ok , I know, but it feels like a corner has been turned.

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  1. Very enjoyable. How things can change in course of a game,ey! First thirty or so had me ruing the way teams sitting deep against us, and generally to extent, get to have masses back to make life so hard for opponents to break them down AND lovely space to work in when push forward. Almost like, style and aesthetics aside, the perfect way to play…

    But then, oh boy, if those opponents have ability and click, and you start tiring, damn it’s a different picture. Suddenly it doesn’t look clever at all, nor effective. Thank goodness.

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  2. Well how things have changed in the span of 3 months. The de-Emery-fication ™ of the team continues. First the défense got shored up and now we turn up the heat offensively. I think we all agreed that the talent was there to have a team that, at minimum could compete for top 4, now we are seeing them play to that level. We have a ways to go but still much to play for.

    I enjoyed the effort and commitment of all the boys today. Can we lock up Saka for 10 yrs? I won’t go thru the lineup as all did well, very happy for the guys oft maligned, Oz, Mustafi and Xhaka, they played well and it is great to see!


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  3. As Deiliah might say…

    Still got urge to talk about game but can’t be talking to myself.

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  4. What is up with Souness’s soul by the way.

    Caught 15 secs of him after game, saw where seemed to be going, got away pronto. But see online that he indeed went in for some heavy Ozil slating today.

    I mean, even if he isn’t his favourite type, or thinks he has weaknesses, or whatever, can he not enjoy the sort of stuff Mesut was producing today? How can a football lover, with no real skin in game, not enjoy it, and instead seem peeved?

    Thought before that the Utd way under Ferguson seemed to produce a lot of stunted, unhappy characters away from the pitch. Same seems true of Sounness.

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  5. Arteta: ‘He [Dani Ceballos] had some issues as well, the way he behaved. He completely changed his behaviours, he started to train like an animal and he was ready to play.’

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  6. rich souness starts the day off with a preset opinion on certain players and no amount of good play will change his mind on it, ozil is a long term hate figure for him, much like how pogba is too.
    its much like the oft trotted out opinion that Granit Xhaka is a red card waiting to happen, when its now over 3 years since he got a Red Card, the second of his time at AFC, if not mistaken, both Reds were issued by Jon Moss, at least one of them total bollock, remember they tried to tell us that it was a new rule, when no such rule existed. But how many times in the last 3 years, in fact how many times this season, have we listened to one pundit or another tell us during a game that “Xhaka is a red waiting to happen, a liability”
    soundbite is king in the world of football experts

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  7. what do you guys think of Mikel Arteta’s style of dealing with the media questions, he seems to be very open, surprisingly so, when it comes to his frank answers on players, like today he basically said Ceballos was not getting in the team due to lack of fitness and then a poor attitude, but that once he changed his attitude he was selected, similarly open about why Pepe has been out of the team, and today about Guendouzi being left out. On the same topic he gives straight answers as to why players who the boo boys have targetted such as Mustafi, Xhaka and Ozil are in the team, that they are doing exactly what is being asked of them.
    Is his straight talking just him publicly saying what he is saying to the players privately, is it him being very honest with the players, after all he has made it clear time and again, buy into what is being asked of them or don’t get selected.

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  8. today was the first time since Wenger was manager that AFC went 3-0 up in an EPL game

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  9. Ed

    Still staggers me when think of how Phil Neville went after Xhaka during the world cup. Phil Neville, who I’m sure had some good games in his fashion, but was so damn limited in his ability compared to what Granit can do with a football.

    He sat there, slamming into Xhaka, ‘not having him as a player’, without a trace of doubt on him not only that he was right in savaging him as a player and person (character, intelligence etc), but that it’s ok to do that to any player, with a casual air.

    Anyway, Neville’s wife gave an interview last fortnight or so. As always seemed likely, definitely something missing with the guy mentally or emotionally, or both. Stunted. Low in self-awareness. Never made a drink for her in 20 years together and doesn’t know how to make cup of tea!

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  10. Well summed up George. But I would disagree with the heading of the article. With due respect it was WENGERBALL at the Emirates last night and not the Artetaball.

    Good show by the lads and a spat on the face of the WOBS who ridiculed Mustafi Xhaka and Ozil.

    One thing we should be wary off that inspite of the nice show we should keep in mind it was only Newcastle.

    Will we be able to play like this against bigger teams?


  11. There I was feeling quite happy with a win, lots of goals and another clean sheet! Job done. Then I made the mistake of hanging around to listen to the pundits and Souness totally spoilt the moment.
    The first half was the worst we had e ever played apparently. We need the grit and determination of Spurs, at this point I hung on to every word. When he was asked about top 6, I lost the will to live.
    It was then followed by a criticism of players negative comments about the Emery regime even though every interview includes the leading question what has changed under Arteta.
    Why didn’t I just switch off and pour that glass of wine, we won the game and by a decent score that will do for now.
    Keep at it lads.

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  12. Souness is an idiot, a dinosaur relic from another age, it is widely acknowledged he had to quit management as he couldn’t deal with the younger generation of players, modern day athletes, and human beings who didn’t train in coal mines or live battles, sink 16 pints after training, players who had an opinion and weren’t afraid to confront him with it
    He is just part of an overwhelming Liverpool connected mafia of players who dominate the football airwaves . Amongst their number is someone filmed spitting at a member of the public
    A shame ex Arsenal players aren’t as vocal and forthright as this ex pool bunch

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  13. Speaking of dinosaurs, anyone else feel a bit iffy about how much our social media team making of Saka’s nutmeg?

    I loved it, a moment of joy to savour, but part of me, oversensitive no doubt, feels uneasy about drawing so much attention to it. Teams use any justification to kick us, including that sort of thing. Remember that man P Neville again talking about two-footing Rosicky.

    Ach, maybe it’s right to show a bit of defiance and celebrate a good moment. Just for me personally I don’t need it, as it was more than enough to see it during the game.

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  14. know what you mean with that nutmeg Rich, not as if opponents need any encouragement to target our players, nor do the PGMOL to permit them.

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  15. Indeed Saka is already being targeted with no PIGMOB protection. I wonder if it is intended for them to think about joining someone else where they will get protected.
    Also there is something awry with the England selections and again I think that our better youngsters might feel they’d be better off elsewhere.

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  16. Markby, I agree with you. Saka was booked for falling over the Newcastle defender when he was pushed off balance by another Newcastle defender.

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  17. The other thing about the Saka nutmeg was it was the first time all game he got past Larzaro, indeed I thought he was in the defenders pocket until that point. Don’t get me wrong he is a wonderful talent who always looks to go forward but he wasn’t MOTM.
    As others have said Mezut was wonderful, Dani grew into the game and Granit was steady well as Granit maybe that’s why he was named so.
    This wasn’t an excellent display and the score flattered us abit but considering mason was up to his old tricks you have to give the team enormous credit.

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  18. Arsenal Academy
    Here’s how #AFCU23 lineup this evening in the #PL2

    XI: Hein, Swanson (C), Mari, Holding, Omole, Smith, McEneff, Cottrell, Greenwood, Balogun, Coyle

    Substitutes: Clarke, Hillson, Medley, Ogungbo, Azeez

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  19. Balogun gave our U23’s an early lead v CFC U23’s, but now trail 2-1

    Holding and Mari both taken off at half time, might suggest they are being saved for the EL game on Thursday

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  20. Arsenal Academy
    FULL-TIME: #AFCU23 1-2 #CFCU18

    The Blues leave Meadow Park with all three points

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  21. Pgmol got their work cut out helping this Utd side into CL but, by God, they’ll give it their best shot.

    Ha, just heard it was Manchester’s Kavanagh on VAR. Same guy who overturned a Utd red vs Wolves on VAR duty last year. Taylor might be Manc as well

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  22. Sounds like Utd got all the decisions today, but as much as I despise the way Utd are helped in every way possible, I have little sympathy for Chelsea

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  23. Mikel Arteta on Guendouzi’s absence from the matchday squad against Newcastle: “The reason is that players who, in my opinion, are training better, behaving better & are more applied to deliver on the pitch what we want, are the players that are selected.” [beIN]

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  24. Ed. Interesting thing with Europa is that while it tends to provide great opportunities for youngsters and to mix up team in group stages, in knock outs pressure so high for us to succeed you wonder if it’ll make us risk averse and basically go with strongest 11.

    I actually think we’ve a lot of options at present, plenty with much to prove, young players who need opportunities somewhere, Maitland-Niles for instance.

    Think Saka might get a rest this time and would be wise move for me. We’ll never know if Wilshere playing so much at young age had any impact on subsequent problems. Most likely not, I think, but still enough to give us pause for thought with how much to use kid like Saka.

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  25. some reports that Arsenal U23 midfielder, Robbie Burton, has signed for Dinamo Zagreb in a permanent move

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