Ozil is the Star as Arsenal Trash Newcastle

In this podcast yours truly Shotta and Blackburn George express our enjoyment as Arsenal trash Newcastle 4:0 in the EPL. We both agree that Mesut Ozil was Man-of-the-Match, once again making a mockery of his critics. But we are both cautiously optimistic about the future.

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29 comments on “Ozil is the Star as Arsenal Trash Newcastle

  1. MOM was not ozil it was Saka all day, ye boys have ozil eyes


  2. OH! Haha… Really enjoyed this. For many reasons

    Apart from the content, which was so great, it was First time I have listened to the podcast. Enjoyed hearing the voices behind the names… Good step. Hopefully will one day see the faces that match the voices… Am some distance across the globe so that could be some time in future.

    Don’t even know if the the voices matched my expectations… maybe George sounded as grumpy as I thought and Shotta… hmmn….well, yeah I guess, sounded studious also as expected… That is not to say George is not studious, but grumpy first came to mind

    LOL. Well Done guys! Keep up the good work

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  3. agreed with most of that, just a few thoughts on the subjects covered

    Man City ban
    its about time UEFA took on these rule breakers. Any club who accepts an invite to enter any UEFA competition agree to abide by the rules of UEFA, just as those clubs in the EPL agree to the rules of the EPL, and those in the lower 3 divisions agree to the Football League rules. And when any club are found to have breached the rules they are open to what ever punishment that is laid out in the rules. We have seen clubs in England fined, deducted points, relegated for breach of the rules. When it comes ot UEFA we have seen clubs fined, and a number of clubs, including one of the biggest names in the history of UEFA competitions, AC Milan, banned from entering any UEFA competition for a season(like city an initial 2 year ban, brought down to one year on appeal, as seems possible for city too).
    If clubs don’t like the rules of UEFA, EPL, FA, FL or whoever, then don’t fucking enter their competitions, and when you do and subvert the rules(cheat) and get caught, don’t fucking whinge and whine about it.

    Nketiah playing
    he had to get a start sometime, when better than when lacazette has been so off form. Eddie was not involved alot on Sunday, but he still hit the bar with one effort and brought a good save out of the keeper with another. He made many good runs where he was not found, especially in the first half when it seemed like every ball to him was over hit, mainly the longer balls from David Luiz, Mustafi and Xhaka. Would say that having him up front aided our play cos he is mainly a penalty box player so that helped keep their CB’s pinned back and left room for PEA to come in and score.
    Nketiah like all strikers, especially young ones, just needs a few goals to build his confidence that he can do it at the top level.

    I’ve been saying for some time that its complete bullshit to say he has lost any of his ability. It has always been about playing him in his best position and playing guys around him that can utilize his talents. Remember in the EL final Emery had Ozil basically man marking Jorginho, and yet idiots blamed Ozil for not carrying us to victory.
    Since Arteta came in as boss, Ozil, nor Xhaka, nor Mustafi have changed as players, they are just being asked to do what they do best and have always tried to do. Having the team set up to allow them to do so is the reason it appears to some that they are doing something differently.

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  4. Like

  5. Arsenal U23 midfielder Robbie Burton has joined Dinamo Zagreb on a permanent deal, seems fee is less than £1M

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  6. People go on about Guardiola’s six-second rule in defence. I think Atletico have like a three-second rule in attack. This is no news flash, but it’s direct but precise – that midfield is stuffed with technicians, and always has been. It’s not my preferred style of football, and they’ve been off the boil this season, but you have to appreciate the teamwork, and how fast their runners shift after they win the ball.

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  7. Grumpy in a friendly way Georgy…. LOL

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  8. Was impressed with Robbie Burton pre-season but, on balance, think a good call for him to move on, and interesting, bold choice where to go.

    Find valuations of youth players very strange these days though. Dom Thompson supposedly went for 3 mill to Brentford and my impression is Burton is fair bit more accomplished than him, and yet is going for 800,000

    Meanwhile that City kid Matondo went for 11 mill and his youth career didn’t strike me as sensational.

    Oh well. Good luck to him. Our former youth players spread all over place now.

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  9. One compensation for having to endure pgmol lot is occasions like tonight when rivals are in Europe and are reffed normally and evenly. Found that hugely enjoyable in tonight’s game.

    Frustrating that European games are so few, relatively, to really make it obvious and undeniable *, but I’ll take what I can get.

    *Also not great for my theory, I suppose, that Pool have made last two finals, but still, it looks unmistakable to me that the officiating is superior, and to get good results, especially against top opposition, they have to work and strain harder for it, can’t take liberties with their fouls, and aren’t likely to get nice handy big favours.

    Still favourites for tie of course, but I can look to it with hope that they’ll have to earn it fair and square.

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  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8018021/Premier-League-clubs-continue-snub-pitchside-VAR-monitors.html

    ‘Referees have tentatively used the monitors in Premier League games since mid-January following a directive from the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).’

    Isn’t that just flat out wrong. Aware of it being used once in FA cup by Michael Oliver, but has it been in prem? Seems like deliberate attempt from press and pgmol to mislead.

    Bulk of story is claim that not using monitors is the doing of the clubs, who were canvasses at start of year and again recently. Supposedly smaller clubs still opposed to it and feel it will favour big clubs and refs could be swayed by their fans. Bullshit. Real reason, surely, is that current way allows them to make calls like letting Maguire avoid red.

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  11. Looks like has been used once in Norwich game, by Tierney, to upgrade yellow to red. If that’s only instance, simple accuracy should dictate that’s what they wrote.

    Justification for why Taylor didn’t last night from article is beautiful : ‘Kavanagh’s call effectively meant Taylor would have to dispute his colleague’s decision if he reviewed the incident for himself on the touchline – a big call given the VAR official had already viewed replays.’

    Tying themselves up in knots with bullshit- suddenly, access to replays does mean you are more likely to make right decision; but the threshold is high because the onfield refs view is best, and they don’t want incidents re-refereed???- rather than follow the procedure used everywhere else, and with good logic behind it.

    They want the cover, to allow them to not send off players they should, etc, and will say anything to keep it. I doubt it is the smaller clubs who are really behind that.

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  12. Nice one George

    Has your old mate Adrian Clarke has been listening in?

    Or…perhaps he knows what a football is?

    It’s a tricky one. I don’t know which way to punt.

    Either way he starts off his latest breakdown appreciating as you and Shotts do and as most football fans who watched the arsenal football game on the weekend could see, that Ozil was different class at times in this match.

    In this era of blatantly, comically, PED busting players scoring five hundred million goals in their first five games I for in one am going to enjoy every second we have left of this “lazy” player effortlessly caressing and whispering his way through a football match, seducing us all with that three hundred and sixty degree fish eyed vision.

    And I think that Adrian and Mikel would agree.

    Arteta knows.


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  13. There is only one reason why McGuire wasn’t sent off, Manchester ref Taylor and Manchester VAR ref, Kavannah were, for some reason most likely under orders rather than any club loyalties, tilting the game where possible in Utds favour, and that has been going on since Riley took over, as we know all too well
    Would be interesting if this happens in Europe….a couple Madrid officials in charge of El Classico , or a couple Milan refs when Inter play Juve.
    Not a good look Mr Riley, especially when the Manchester team benefit the way they did this week.
    Bit Riley doesn’t care, VAR has made it easy for him, or at least his interpretation, his assistance towards the big north west two makes him untouchable , just wonder if he makes a bit extra out of it as well
    As has benefitted McGuire, Rooney, Scholes, Ferdinand, Vedic, Nevilles, Royo, the non entity that did Wiltshire, and others , you don’t send a Utd player off unless completely unavoidable, which is why Keane sometimes bucked the trend

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  14. Mandy, got a feeling almost all Keane reds came before about 2001, ie before pgmol. Maybe one or two after, as first head, before Hackett, was keen on applying rules properly, partly because of consistency it allowed. They may still have done pretty well in those days but nothing like what was to come.

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  15. Could be right Rich, in my memory, he was the only one I can think of that got any number of reds.
    Don’t have the stats, but would imagine Utd got very few reds since Riley took over in 2008.
    I am reading Wenger is looking into maybe changing the offside interpretation on VAR, perhaps one day, he will be able to take on the rather strange interpretation of refereeing in this country, and make the PGMOL accountable, who knows.
    The officiating by two Manchester refs this week was shocking, but hardly surprising to anyone who has seen what Utd get away with. Which might increase exponentially if Poch becomes their manager btw.
    Zero sympathy for Chelsea btw, another side that gets away with things unless they are up against a true holy of holies.
    Can only see an EPL PGMOL enforced annual Liverpool vs Utd battle once they get Utd up to speed, with others fighting for scraps. Good for the brand you know.
    One/two club domination exists elsewhere, but it could kill the game here . Not sure where the FA stand on such things, in fact, not sure where the FA stand on anything, except maybe self preservation
    What might be interesting is the reaction of owners who are perhaps very interested in being part of some Euro super league, but are being thwarted in that aim, should they ever unite in their cause

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  16. I do remember Robson getting away with absolute murder in the league and then looking astounded when getting sent off or yellow carded in Euro games.

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  17. He got 12 in career, Mandy, including Europe and national team. 7 in prem. Only one of them domestically after pgmol came in. Particularly nasty elbow to head of Mcateer.

    Weirdly, one of them was 2nd yellow for a very blatant dive to try get a pen. I know that, contrary to perceptions of your Barton’s et al, those most likely to put in really bad challenges are also likely to take a dive, but didn’t know Keane had that in him.

    Elleray dished out 4 of them by way. On reflection, a guy whose main job was schoolmaster at Harrow would prob be more difficult to control by anyone dodgy than current crop are. Unintended consequence of professionalism, but of course the main problem is if someone dodgy is in charge, and even deeper one is whoever made that happen and supports it continuing.

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  18. More recently, Vidic picked up 6 prem reds but, comically, 4 of them came against Liverpool. The one fixture where Utd and Pool both can reliably be expected to face fairly normal reffing thanks to some sort of balancing out.

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  19. Anyway, sorry about bombarding site with stuff about this. It’s an obsession of mine, obviously. Can justify it to self as, well, I’m so convinced these bums have been hurting game and, especially, club we love, for so long. But, ah, I know I go on too much about it.

    Anyway, on positive front, been covered already, but worth mentioning again how beautiful some of Ozil’s stuff was this week. Reckon you could pretty easily get two or three minutes worth of video of the sublime touches et al, and when you think he’s perhaps had a hundred such games as that in career, and plenty of good things in other games, it adds up to a lot of truly beautiful football, and is well worth celebrating.

    Particularly liked touches he took when ball threaded through from behind. There tended to be a moment each time when wondered if pass and run, and then touch would work out, then satisfaction as it did.

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  20. Dan Critchlow
    Team News: Mari is available for selection, as is Guendouzi. Soares and Tierney back in training at the end of this month.

    Özil will miss Olympiacos due to the birth of his child. Torreira may miss the game with illness, but could travel if he improves in the next 24 hours.

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  21. Our medical team have given us an update on a number of players ahead of our Europa League clash with Olympiacos.

    Here’s the latest:

    Calum Chambers
    Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee during Chelsea (h) on 29 December. Successful surgery completed. Rehabilitation process expected to take between six to nine months.

    Pablo Mari
    Available for selection.

    Mesut Ozil
    Will miss Olympiacos (a) due to personal reasons.

    Cedric Soares
    Left knee. Progressing well with gym work. Aiming to be in full training by the end of February.

    Lucas Torreira
    Has not travelled on the club flight to Athens on Wednesday due to illness. Being assessed in the next 24 hours. If there is a significant improvement will fly to Athens in time for the match.

    Kieran Tierney
    Right shoulder. Dislocated right shoulder during West Ham Utd (a) on 9 December. Good progress being made in rehabilitation process and has commenced participation in group training sessions. Aiming to be in back in full training by the end of February.

    Copyright 2020 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  22. The team that has suffered most these past seventy years due to these Clowns is the team that has made only one final in that time. And chose to ignore Clough.

    The FA have a Stirling record.
    What fool would attempt to defend it?

    Mike Riley and his pgMOB are and have evidentially been, by the numbers, against English Football (association),
    and those who can’t accept that need to deal with it. Grow some Footballs.

    But if you mention The Rugger and a soggy biscuit they’ll all be there in a hellish circle with their mates in a jiffy. Having a grand old time.

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  23. < Last sentence applies to the pgMOB

    Evidentially there is little doubt that most of these clowns prefer to watch Rugby Football then Association Football.

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  24. A shorter and better edit of the above would be to note that the FA make the MCC look positively progressive.

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  25. Sounds like that about sums up the FA.
    I believe they also get around £30m p.a. public funding for whatever they do.
    Guessing they make a right noises on women’s football, diversity, grass roots , perhaps head injuries, and it keeps the accountability away.
    It is said keeping accountability away will become easier , for some, in BJs post Brexit Panama, sorry, Britain

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  26. Mandy

    It’s all good we can just join the back of the queue where plebs like us belong so we can beg our betters:

    “Please sir can I have so more”

    Bloody communists like Charles Dickens and Mary Mary Shelley, I’m so glad such Foreign Marxists were defeated at the last general election and we can all progress back to the Victorian Dad Viz comic sketch (let’s be real the comic is better then the reality out there).

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  27. You’re a Viz fan! Victorian Dad is brilliant! Quite a fan of Male Online these days as well, some similarities with Victorian Dad

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