Goodbye 2019, You Will Not Be Remembered Fondly

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A desperately disappointing result, especially given how well we played in the first half. In that half we were very compact , energetic and aggressive in the tackle and pressing. The goal though came from a set piece rather than any good bit of creative play. However, we were value for the first half lead.

Ozil and Torreira had done very well and Aubameyang had put in a real shift. But the warning signs were there to be seen in the last 15 minutes when Chelea grew into the game.

The second half was a totally different kettle of fish. Chelsea were totally dominant although we seemed to be containing them. Then Leno decided to give them a helping hand by completely missing a ball in from a free kick. A free kick needlessly given away by Lacazette, who all in all had another disappointing game. If Lacazette is not careful he will be scapegoat in chief as soon as Xhaka sprints out the door, How we missed Xhaka today, I might add, his understudy, Guendouzi, had a poor game as he seemed the only player not to understand the team shape.

Talking about Matteo, the winning goal came when he did his normal poor attempt to win an aerial ball, and nodded it to a Chelsea player , setting them off on a breakaway.

So as disappointing as it was, we have to accept that we were not good enough in the second half. I think a draw would have been a fair result, but who said football was fair?

If Xhaka has indeed decided he has had enough of us, we desperately need a CM to fill the gap, as there is no one near his level on the roster capable of stepping up.

Have a nice new year and don’t fret too much, Mikel has this, it will come, sooner or later



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53 comments on “Goodbye 2019, You Will Not Be Remembered Fondly

  1. yeah rich, kamara by all reports played well when out on loan but was still mostly on in when senior players were missing. He has done very well in Scotland.
    I wonder what it would say to our young midfielders if we were to bring back a former Academy player to put in the team ahead of them.
    Only yesterday a John Williamson blocked me on twitter cos I questioned his view tha, Robbie Burton who turned 20 a few days ago, was the biggest talent in our Academy. I merely pointed out that when a player has not made a first team squad by age 20 its unlikely he is the biggest talent in our academy. For me Burton is a tidy little player, but nothing spectacular, maybe he has more to his game that I have noticed, but its the least I’ve ever been blocked for by anyone. Usually I’ve told someone what I sort of idiot I think they are, or at the very least shown up their views as idiotic, before the block me, but maybe JW has a special affinity with Burton.


  2. Happy new year guys. Let’s hope 2020 brings an improvement in our fortunes on and off the pitch!


  3. Ed

    Strange thing to be blocked for. Think it is possible with him he knows family a bit or something.

    Burton was a surprise for me how well he did on tour, also looked pretty good on some clips from this year. Biggest talent in academy- even assuming that excludes ones already involved in first team- does seem stretch though. You’d certainly think biggest talent would have got some minutes somewhere before 20!

    I’m sure Williamson would block me double quick if I interacted with him, honestly anyway. Stopped following him number of times when he irritated me, particularly during Wenger time.


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