A Point Won.





A point is a point, as they say.

I have to be honest though, Everton were awful.

In the spirit  of the blog , let’s look at the positives. We fielded an awfully young team and we didn’t lose. I thought David Luiz had a fine game, I feel that when he is on the ball he brings an urgency and progression that drives the team forward as a unit. Chambers was solid and for once we saw a CB pairing that worked well together.

Xhaka once again showed that  his distractors rate his performance before a ball is kicked, some of his long passing was sublime and he ended the game with a 90%+ passing,he also made some important clearances and interceptions. He is a fine player and I hope Mikel can convince him to stay.

Amn and Saka did not let themselves down in any way,both looking dangerous on the rare occasions that the ventured forward. I suspect they were told to be conservative.

No need to be critical of any of the other players because all we can ask is that the give their all, i think they did, no lack of effort from anyone.

Mikel has a big job, but I am convinced he is the right man for us.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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  1. I thought the whole team played well today
    although Auba looked abit off today. Xhaka, Chambers excellent, Martinelli, Saka, Torrera top mentions and Ainsley, Luiz, Reiss and Emile all putting in a good shift to. The only player I haven’t mentioned is Leno which shows how well we defended. He did catch all crosses that came anywhere near him and done everything asked of him. The subs done well as well which shows what a strong squad we have especially when you consider the amount of players we have out.
    Many pundits only commentate on results but make mistake this 0-0 draw was an excellent performance.


  2. media for weeks now, “Arsenal defense a shambles, can’t keep a clean sheet to save their lives”

    Everton 0-0 Arsenal

    media “Arsenal far too conservative” and also laughably, “Everton unlucky not to win”, that would be the Everton who did not manage even one shot on target.


  3. Arsenal sit 11th in the table, first time since 1983 that we will be in bottom half of the table at Christmas.


  4. With an average age of 24 years and 50 days, our starting XI against Everton was our youngest since May 2011.

    So why did Freddie Ljungberg include so many youngsters? This is what he told the media after the game:

    on whether new head coaches being in the stands affected the players…
    It’s so difficult to say. I hope that they cared but at the same time I wasn’t happy with how we played against Man City. I don’t think we had enough energy, we didn’t respect the game enough, and that’s why I picked the team I did today. I said when I did this that I would give everybody a chance. I think I’ve given everybody a chance to play. If people then run and try hard in training, I would reward them and these boys have been doing that for three weeks. I felt like, ‘OK, this is your time so show me’. They did. They really, really put an effort in there and I’m really proud of them.

    on whether picking younger players was a statement…
    I think we have a lot of talent but from what I said before against City, I wasn’t happy with the effort we put in. We played a top team and of course they’re very good, but you still need to run and you need to put in an effort. What I put on here today, I know they’re young and don’t have any experience – some even made their Premier League debuts and we had an 18-year-old at left back who’s a winger – but they did really, really well and dominated a game against Everton away from home. We, as a club, should be very proud of that.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  5. ha ha ha Robbie off AFTV trying to play the racist card in regards to the away fans singing for AFTV to get out of our club, now mind, he does say it was not racist but still somehow that it was, or at least very akin to being racist,

    now my take on it is that when he was a luton town fan and got abused he maybe was called a black cunt, but today Gooners called him a cunt, so you can see its like being called a black cunt, but without the back bit, just the cunty bit,
    I think Robbie has taken the wrong route here, he has now made sure Arsenal fans will hound him and his fuckers out of the club. Not before time either.


  6. Today Calum Chambers played his 100th game for Arsenal


  7. The ship was steadied today but as commented on still doesn’t stop the media bemoaning the fact we didn’t win, but guess what the defence looked organised and we kept a clean sheet. I mean Big Sam even recognised the fact. Can’t believe I am even impressed by that!
    As sad and as difficult as it is, this is where we are at and it was a solid brick to build on.
    Looking at the two teams today and two managers I definitely feel we have the right man.

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  8. I sincerely hope Arteta, does well for the club. But would have liked Freddie given time as I don’t see Arteta to peform better than Freddie. And I think everyone here will agree both of them are no upgrade on Wenger. The big man will be missed for a longer time than anybody can think of. With Emery gone and Arsenal sitting
    11th on the points table a historical low the WOBS at AFTV Gumner blog Talksport LT Arsenal. Legroan etc can they come forward and say sorry to us and Wenger. As time has proven the pro Wenger fans knew that Arsenal are in safe hand under Arsene Wenger and wishing Wenger out was a big mistake.

    Proud to say
    PA has been vindicated.
    Untold Arsenal has been vindicated
    A big thanks to Ed ,George ,Shotta, Labogoon, and all PA Uncensored Untold readers and writers.


  9. Shotta article at Uncensored
    made my day.

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  10. Have to add Untold to that list, a very high profile blog that has been constantly attacked for their defence and support for Arsene. Tony and the team there has done a very good job as well.

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  11. I was happy for Freddie to be given the chance as interim manager and grateful for his efforts.

    I am also glad that he was not given the permanent job as I feel that, whilst he may become a good manager in the future, he will not be a great one.

    I say that not just because he followed in Emery’s path with some of his tactics, like the suicidal playing out form the back, which was particularly bad against Man$ity, but mainly because he seemed happy to denigrate one of his players in public, as he did yesterday.

    NO great manager does that and no manager should do it.

    We can put is down to lack of experience, but it is still a black mark against him.


  12. Jjgsol, what did he do?


  13. He said in his press conference that if Ozil had not been injured he would not have played him because his actions when coming off last week was unacceptable.

    Comments like that are, in my view, not for public statements.

    Wenger never criticised one of his players in public,

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  14. My mind gets stuck in what he said, it somehow ruins the current mood of change for me. I’m surprised tbh, Freddie did never do it before, didn’t he? Make negative statements like that?

    But the thing is the way people jump in and spread the old vibe of Emery: oh, he’s not afraid to drop big names. Yes, dropped Ramsey and Özil because they lacked focus, consistency or whatever… then got what? They said even Mertesacker reacted to Mesut’s attitude too (was it right?). Well, apart from the belief that PM wants the best for the Arsenal way, I don’t think his comments last summer and this summer did him any good in “getting through” to Özil as he wanted. He didn’t and won’t.

    Xhaka and Özil showed frustration mainly because of the bad results coming from the system the team had to play, it’s never been just their personal pride. Xhaka got stripped of captaincy, now Özil got benched and publicly told. You can’t get trust from them if you don’t look at why they acted that way, you can’t motivate them if you keep dismissing their real concerns then tell them to pull themselves together.
    Why does it keep happening with players like Ramsey, Özil, Koscielny, Xhaka? And not with some certain others?

    Speaking of the old vibe, Cech said after he left that we would get benefits in the fitness department following Emery’s training method in long term. What have we got till now? Same old, same old injuries. So much for competitive spirit.

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  15. Matt Smith among six Arsenal youngsters involved in Arteta’s first training session

    by jeorge bird

    New Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta held his first training session today, with a host of youngsters taking part.

    Matt Smith, James Olayinka, Tolaji Bola, Zech Medley, Robbie Burton and Tyreece John-Jules were all involved, with the latter having been the 19th man for the draw with Everton.

    The substitutes from the game at Goodison Park – Emiliano Martinez, Shkodran Mustafi, Konstantinos Mavropanos, Matteo Guendouzi, Joe Willock, Nicolas Pepe and Alexandre Lacazette – were also present along with Sokratis, who was suspended, and Mesut Ozil, who had a slight injury.

    Kieran Tierney, Hector Bellerin, Dani Ceballos, Rob Holding and Sead Kolasinac are all injured.


  16. spurs stadium announcer “Racist behaviour from spectators is interfering with the game”

    english media, “if these claims are proven then spurs should face punishment”

    it was the fucking spurs announcer who said it, to their own fans, there is no if about proving it, as it was clear for all to hear, no matter how hard sky tried to ignore it. No matter how Anthony Taylor ignored it, despite the player bringing it to his attention. If the EPL or the FA are serious about being anti racism then there has to be a points deduction for Spurs. Plain and simple. But we know that at best there will be a fine of about £20K at most.

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  17. blogger. I agree with you entirely.

    The repeated insults to Ozil that he is lazy and that he is just turning up for his money, are nonsense but repeated by ignorant people who think they know all about something they nothing about.

    Emery’s way proved to be a disaster and yet, almost at the first opportunity, Freddie chose to do the same.

    I hope that for the future of his career that is the first and last time he does that.

    I only wish him well.

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  18. jigsol I don’t think Freddie in any way suggested Ozil was lazy, now Freddie should not have given the media ammunition against one of our players, but showing dissent when being subbed is not on, and as long as each and everyone of our players are held to the same punishment if they show dissent, then its ok, but if this is just another ploy by the club to force Ozil out, then its not on, also not on if it was Freddie trying to show he is the big man. As I said, it has to be the same rules for each and everyone of our squad, same punishment. Only time will tell.
    Arteta has many things to sort out, but despite what the media are suggesting, I think Ozil will be front and center in Arteta’s team, as will Xhaka. I think we might even see Xhaka get the armband back.


  19. labo made a great point on twitter over the backlash at AFTV, he basically said that Gooners did it cos they are by and large behind the appointment of Arteta, and are not prepared to allow AFTV to start their negative campaign against him, something two of their biggest twats clearly are trying to start, the blud fam idot and the datsun sunny boy. Its been a long time coming, but better late than never, and it will be interesting to see what happen towards them on Thursday, Luton Town man Robbie has in my opinion really misjudged it and should never have tried to play the “like” Racism card.

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  20. Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka, who is eligible to play for both Nigeria and England, says he is weighing up his international options but will not rush his decision.

    “I am always thinking about it but I haven’t made a decision yet,” the 18-year-old told BBC Sport.

    Saka, born to Nigerian parents, has so far represented England at youth level.

    The Arsenal youth academy graduate said neither England nor Nigeria had so far approached him about his senior international future.

    “No-one has been in touch but when I make a decision you will find out,” said Saka.

    The talented winger is having a breakthrough season with Arsenal.

    He made his Premier League debut at the age of 17 – making history in the process when he became the first footballer born in 2001 to play in the Premier League.

    The young Arsenal star paid tribute to former Gunners coach Unai Emery for giving him his chance.

    “I have a lot of thanks to give him because he gave me so much confidence, he gave me my debut and he kept pushing me. I am grateful to him always.

    “It’s just something I have always dreamed of, coming up from the academy to the first team.”

    Now Saka says he is focused on the future with Arsenal’s newly appointed manager, Mikel Arteta.

    “I have heard positive things about him and I am looking forward to working with him.”


  21. what can be done to rid the game of the sort of incidents we seen at the spurs game today, many say deduct pts off spurs, but is that the right way to go, I would suggest spurs have to act, as all clubs in same situation have to, and identify all those responsible and ban for life, i would say only points deduction if club fails to act. If pts are taken off spurs for this, what is to stop fans of other clubs going to games and getting points deducted off rivals, could cost a team a title, a top 4 place, relegation. Fans that do racist acts must be weeded out, there is enough cctv in all stadiums to identify anyone doing racist acts, and its up to the clubs to ban the fuckers, with zero tolerance.

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  22. have to laugh at oliver holt demanding action against racism in football, the stupid cunt works for the Daily Mail.

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  23. sky claiming that kevin volland the german forward could become Arteta’s first signing for arsenal, but wait for it, the report suggests it will happen if Edu and Raul and co can persuade Arteta to sign him. Doubt there is any truth in this, but if it is true that the execs are trying to persuade him to sign the player, then we are in deep shit.


  24. Thanks for the response jjgsol. I didn’t see the game or post match comments, but totally agree that those things should be kept in house. It seems like in the era of social media everything is up for public consumption. It will be interesting to see whether Arteta is strong enough to resist the temptation to air our dirty laundry in public just to be ‘seen’ to be the big man. I hope he’s strong enough to let the actions on the pitch do the talking instead.

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  25. Ed

    Could be a bumper month for false transfer stories with us and I hope Volland stuff is in that category. Believe he’s talented, lovely left foot, does some clever stuff…but never struck me as player much suited to prem, and definitely not as someone suited to us at the present time.

    Watching Willian’s immaculate performance yesterday again got me thinking how much we’d benefit from one of those types. Don’t know what to call them- wingers, wide-forwards?- attacking player with great touch, passing, shooting, speedy, good dribbling, connects well with mid behind and other attackers.


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