Goodbye Emery, What Now?

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A very good morning one and all.

After last night absolutely abysmal display, who would have thought we would be calling it a good morning? But good morning it is.

I was going to do a match review , pap on about our awful form, lack of style and the worst run of results since 1992,but no need, Things have changed, Unai Emery and all of his staff have been sacked. “Don Raul” and his gang of gimps have finally been forced to pull the trigger. The inevitable has happened, but these executives have a lot to answer for. Not a single one of them comes out of this smelling of roses. In the celebration that Emery has gone, we must not lose sight of the total incompetence displayed my these carpetbaggers.

Now the discussion moves on to who come next?

We all have the chance to display our total expertise in selecting and appointing a successor.

The usual names will be thrown into ring.








Nuno Espírito Santo


and so on.

We will all be sure we know who it should be and also who it shouldn’t be.

Let’s look for a moment what we would like. We need a coach that has a vision, an attacking philosophy that matches our established brand, that the players will respect and give 100% to, great communication skills, is universally respected, fluent linguist , in other words, someone like Arsene Wenger. Of course it can’t be Arsene, that ship has sailed and he won’t be seen again at the club, in any capacity. The problem is there is no one that matches that profile. All of them will have some of those qualities but none will have them all.

I could go through all of them and say why I don’t like that particular one, or why I like some more than others, but seriously, who  cares? The problem is I would actually trust my judgement more that the chancers that will make the decision, and that isn’t because I have a clue, just that they don’t.

Anyway, i’ll just say my preference would be to be bold and go for Mikel Arteta.

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  1. Georgaki-pyrovolitis for manager….

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  2. Apparently the carpet-baggers went to the US to see the Kroenkes at the start of the week. By last night, the decision, seemingly, had been already taken.

    Delighted to see a genuine legend take the reins and would love for Freddie to bring a Wenger-like approach to the first team, based on his own gloriously effective playing years.

    At any rate, the team should be watchable once again, at least.

    Good luck Fred.

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  3. Whenever Ornstein has spoken I hear this which takes me back to teenage years and a sense of hope


  4. I’m happy that the club has finally made the decision to move on from Emery and equally excited to see what Freddie can do with this undoubtedly talented group of players.

    He had this to say back in April on his on his success with the u23’s:


    I honestly think Freddie is someone all Arsenal fans can get behind to help get us out of this Emery-induced funk. He knows what it means to be a Gunner and everything about the Arsenal way.

    Come on you Freddie!

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  5. Here’s that Freddie quote again on u23’s, my browser show it didn’t went through:

    “We have quite a few top talents now. How I see it is that Bukayo Saka, Xavier Amaechi and Tyreece John-Jules don’t have to be so far back in the pitch. What they have learned is that they need to stay where they will be dangerous.

    “Other boys will play it out from the back and find pockets. We can feed Bukayo. And then he’ll be in a situation further up the field where he can be a game changer. But if we don’t feed the ball to him in the right place there won’t be that action.

    “And that’s what we’ve been working on.”

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  6. “What they have learned is that they need to stay where they will be dangerous.”

    facts are all other Arsenal teams including the Women’s team were playing better attractive winning football than emery teams before and after he arrived. Just hope his dead football is truly gone with his coaching staff and never show it and their faces again.

    Out of the list of potentials you have up i would probably go with Ancelotti but i would have picked Pelegrini ahead of emery but not Arteta so what do i know.


  7. If you doubt that the new manager should be anyone else but Arteta the read the following book.

    “Mastering the Premiere League” by Lee Scott.

    This is the tactical innovation @ Man City instigated by Guariola, obviously as his right hand man Arteta will have learnt a lot and be in a position to implement his own version at the Emirates.

    Hopefully, he will be given the chance sooner rather than later.

    Personally I would be delighted.


  8. I hope Freddie can make it his own, if not, Arteta would do fine. Poch would be interesting, as would be Rogers.
    But I suspect that Saintly Ghost chap from Wolves will be on his way.
    Whoever it is, someone needs to clip Rauls wings, and put some proper governance in place.
    Just reading Mr Arsenics twitter, not only did Raul make the initial intervention to take on Emery, he tried to extend his deal this summer, then tried to line up Jose recently if stuff on there is to be believed. Raul is a man who lacks judgement, either that, or has his own agenda, they should dispose of him forthwith
    lots of articles about how the players lost faith as well. Apparently, suggesting losing Ramsey, and loaning in Denis Suarez as a potential replacement wasnt Emerys finest hour with the players, or us!
    What an absolute disaster.
    Come on Freddie, show em, hope the players do their very best to back this Arsenal legend, we dont need Rauls super agent managers


  9. Mandy, the stuff on there may be true, but it will be because a guess work, not knowledge of inside information.


  10. “someone needs to clip Rauls wings” – agreed.

    is there a Harry Rednapp style portsmouth arrangement going on with transfers at the club with a lot of under the table dealings?


  11. Well, good morning friends. Best news I’ve had in a while. I have to say Unai looked like he knew it was over last night, and the players did too, especially in the second half. I just hate that we threw away this easy run of games. But come on, Freddie!

    I wish Raul would get the sack too, but he won’t.

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  12. Maybe PG, think he takes a lot of it from Ornstein/ The Athletic


  13. Bet Ozil looks smug today


  14. Ozil smug? bloody relieved I reckon!

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  15. Ozil has outlasted Emery, as reports suggested he believed he would, not that that was a difficult task in the end
    Hope Freddie releases our attacking players…. and they flourish like birds that once were caged, or something


  16. The team lack belief in themselves – at least it looks that way obviously I don’t know. Arsene kept them doing what they do best irrespective of the scoreline. When they have conceded in recent games there is a shell shocked look about them.
    It is a relief to me that the men in charge now will have worked under the great man, and won’t be in his shadow trying to prove themselves.


  17. how about a curve ball choice for our New Head Coach, former Gooner, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, has been manager of Feyenoord since 2015, winning one league and two cups and their community shield too


  18. George and I have recorded a special podcast after the sacking of Emery to be published tomorrow. Look out!


  19. Don’t bother profiling Vieira or Henry they have no pedigree and are a million miles away from the job.
    The rest as they well it’s interesting.
    I wonder the last time both ARSENAL and the spuds have sacked their managers within weeks of each other.


  20. Van Bronckhorst is more compelling than most.

    Solskjaer failing at Man U shouldn’t put us off going for a young-ish former player, be it Ljungberg or whoever. All the better because they played under AW and know what that identity means. The naive dream would be to capture some of whatever is going on at Atletico Madrid with Simeone. Not in terms of style, but the sense of two entities that are made for each other.


  21. Classy message from Emery posted by the club on .com


  22. I’m just glad it’s over, shame he’s not taking a few others with him! I hope it’s not too little too late and Freddie’s job is not going to be easy, but hopefully he brings a fresh approach and the players and supporters respond positively.

    Mills, re your thoughts about Karma from the last post – it’s all about balance as I see it. Whatever you do, good or bad it will come back to you as balance must be maintained. That’s why nothing, good or bad lasts forever (thankfully!)


  23. some rumors doing the rounds that Ljunberg will be naming his own coaching staff tomorrow, if true then it looks like he is being given a run of games in charge, maybe to show if he can be the permanent man for the job.
    rumors has it that Robert Pires and Gilberto Silva will be two of this coaches.


  24. one name mentioned as being on the list of Coaches on Arsenal’s list of possible replacements for Emery is 51 year old Vitor Pereira, who is currently in charge of Chinese side Shanghai SIPG. I’d never heard of him before, but this is his managerial honors list

    with Porto

    Primeira Liga: 2011–12, 2012–13
    Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira: 2011, 2012
    Taça da Liga: Runner-up 2012–13
    UEFA Super Cup: Runner-up 2011

    with Al-Ahli

    King Cup of Champions: Runner-up 2014

    with Olympiacos

    Superleague Greece: 2014–15
    Greek Football Cup: 2014–15

    with Shanghai SIPG

    Chinese Super League: 2018
    Chinese FA Super Cup: 2019


  25. if Freddie Ljunberg can quickly get the first team playing the type of football he had the U23’s playing last season then we really could be in for some special football.

    He normally had the U23’s in a 4-2-3-1 formation, The football was quick, fluid, geared for attack, lots of quick incisive passing and direct running. Ballard excelled as the battering ram CB, with Medley more of a ball playing CB. The fullbacks were encouraged to overlap, especially Osei-Tutu at right back. CM normally had one sitter, Burton mostly but Olayinka done that job too. Willock had a Ramsey type role, where he was the runner from midfield who got in scoring positions. Saka really excelled as a wide dribbler, he was given less defensive responsibility, as Freddie explained about his attackers, he wanted them fresh and full of energy so that when we had the ball they could exert most damage on the opposition. Saka, Amachei(no longer with AFC), John-Jules and of course Nketiah the main attackers used. Very potent at U23 level.

    Freddie also had them play lots of rehearsed Dead Ball moves, be it at free kicks or at Corners.


  26. Hope Freddie really gives them something to think about. He will need to , if as it appears, Raul wants a Super agent manager
    Some interesting names for backroom staff , wonder if he can bring Vic Ackers back?
    And who will be gk coach, he should have a good contact book on that one


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