Atrocious Arsenal Breaks Our Hearts. Again

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Here we go again, another day another load of tripe. Twelve games in and we are 8 points off , not the top, but 4th place, and 4th are City, they won’t be staying there for long.

It’s the worst return after 12 games for 37 years. “WE’VE GOT OUR ARSENAL BACK”

I believe that every single player that Emery has gotten his coaching through to, has gotten worse. Every player looks to be worse than we know them to be. It’s terrible.

Of the game itself, we were comprehensively outplayed. Our center-mid of Torreira and Guendouzi were shocking. The hype over Matteo makes me giggle, what exactly are people impressed with? He plays football like a Jack Russell herding Sheep. Lucas looks lost, he chases the ball like the same Jack Russell might do. No control in MF, no protection to the defence and absolutely no creativity.

I thought Ozil had a good game, but Lacazette and Aubameyang were poor, especially Lacazette. We played three centre backs, and did we look more solid? No, there were just more of them.

Everytime Guendouzi got the ball he appeared,to me at least, to set the play off back towards Leno. We then tried to play it about at the back ,until the pressure told and someone lumped it.

If Emery stays much longer I think top 8 will be beyond us.

It’s football Jim, but not  as we know it.

The performance and the result was so predictable that it’s not even funny. There is no silver lining, no light at the end of the tunnel and no joy in watching this team play football.

I’ll see you again after the next game and I will say the same thing all over again. Bellerin, Tierney and Holding were supposed to make the difference, well they haven’t, and won’t. So what have we left to think might make “the difference”? Who are we pinning our hopes on now? Which injured player can we claim will come in and save us?

It’s an absolute mess. And do you know what? It could get worse. It feels like the end of the line, but I fear there is more line to come.

Good Ebening.


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63 comments on “Atrocious Arsenal Breaks Our Hearts. Again

  1. rumors that Bayern Munich want to sign Bernd Leno next summer as a replacement for Manuel Neuer

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  2. Orbinho
    Arsenal have allowed an average of 16.4 shots per game this season – the worst of any season Opta have measured.

    It’s a 38% increase over the worst season under Arsene Wenger and sets a new bar after last season was a record at 13.1 under Unai Emery

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  3. It’s hard to judge whether any of the players are any good when they seem to be chopped and changed so much under Emery. I imagine a better coach would make this team far more effective. Manu and Spurs would kill to have the attacking players we have. But the defensive issues which have raged on for many years have yet to be properly addressed and the midfield is fragile.

    And now we have “noises” from the Arsenal board/owners that they have faith in Emery. Do these people actually believe the fans are dumb? The man should be sacked forthwith, the hope of getting top four is virtually impossible and these clowns who run the club must be expecting us to win the Europa Cup. Is that their great plan? Is Baldrick advising them?

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  4. Should never read much/anything into most articles, but just read one saying board refuse to panic about situation and intend to review end of season, unless things deteriorate.

    For me the questions are:
    1, Do board see us as having any chance of getting top 4 from here, this season, with Emery?
    2. How good exactly do they think our chance of winning EL is? 20% etc?
    3. How damaging will it be to miss champ league for a fourth year in a row?
    4. What candidates do they have in mind if they call time on Emery?
    5. How do they rate chances of said candidates in improving team?

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  5. According to Mr Arsenic, the great Ornstein is saying there is division in the dressing room over the treatment of Xhaka, and Auba becoming captain.
    Also saying Auba has been told to stop engaging with AFTV after he liked anti Emery and Xhaka posts.
    Should Auba even need telling that?

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  6. Rich, just wonder if they too have given up on Emery, despite what they say , and are prepared to wait for someone like Arteta or Paddy in the summer?
    At least it looks like Jose isn’t in the frame

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  7. Mandy
    If they had someone they thought of as outstanding candidate lined up, that’d alter thinking for sure.

    Even that though surely depends on urgency they feel now- do they believe we currently have a shot at top 4 for instance? 5% chance feels generous to me. Can they live with that, so to speak, or should they be in panic mode or something like it at the prospect?

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  8. Doubt that very much Rich, would guess they are banking on EL, and for all the risk of that.
    As things stand, Wolves or Utd would knock us out most likely, let alone other European clubs already in or who may soon be
    Sounds like they have let things deteriorate and need to get some control back

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  9. If, like myself, you don’t subscribe to The Athletic, always worth a look at Arsenics twitter feed, usually pretty quick with transcripts of what the likes of Ornstein are saying about the club, as is the case this morning, that’s if you attach any credibility to such sources of course, a pinch of salt always worth having on hand

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  10. Irony for me is that Emery talks of process (with little evidence of their being one in positive sense), but he could well be part of a bigger process. A tumultuous one, where me move through another manager or two, plenty of players, and maybe even high level staff, before finally arriving upon something that really works.

    The big problem with that, apart from fans, including me, wanting good times as soon as possible, is that the rest of the football world is far from static; and our resources and building blocks are closely linked to on field performance and success.

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  11. Positivistas: I hope you support the work by George and me in the Uncensored Arsenal podcast at https://www.spreaker.com/episode/19964388 or https://uncensoredarsenal.com/index.php/arsenal-prediction-10th-in-the-league/

    Am not bragging but for the past year George and I have been the 1st bloggers and podcasters to observe that (1) very poor performances in the unbeaten run was unsustainable, (2) Emery is a poor coach and (3) Raul is destroying our club. Notice almost all the others initially dismissed us but slowly but surely this has become the consensus especially #1 and #2. I have no doubt they will soon realize how “degenerate” is Raul to quote Finsbury.

    We did not come to our prediction of 10th place lightly. As always we called it just like we see it.

    If we are to get fans behind us to demand real change by the Kroenkes please spread the word and by Liking and Subscribing this podcast.

    Remember we are not on NewsNow and we haven’t sold our souls for popularity.


  12. Hallo? anyone other than wenger… easiest deal in history…ya get me fam?


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