A Letter To Unai .

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Dear Mr. Emery,
Sorry to be so imposing, but can you explain to me why it is when Mesut Özil is the most natural no10 in the world and Torreira who is a player who is ideal as a defensive midfielder that you play them the other way around? Why is Mesut was restricted and force to come back and defend when hes a instinctively attacking,creative, roaming passer of the ball and has two hungry goal scorers waiting and the T allowed to roam in the gloam where he wanted?Also why did you sub T, (when he was needed) for a talented youngster, who isn’t ready yet that went a bit awol against Liverpool?
Is Guendouzi manipulating you? Hes plays in every game, and mostly not very well, despite the propaganda policy on the website. Getting stuck in against Spurs isnt enough, surely it needs to be every game? Its a mystery to us, but there are rumours, and slander and unless you went to Eaton or somewhere other spiffing school and chums within the establishment, then you will be slandered.
Why is it we seem to be weak for the second game running in central defence not clearing a cross coming in from the right hand side? Why do the central defenders go off searching for the meaning to life instead of covering the central area in the box?

I’ve seen today, people who were very negatively vocal about Weng and the dreaded AKB word, now saying it would take more than three years to do anything and that you had to fill big shoes and that Arsenal had only stuck to Wenger out of loyalty at the end ( loyalty in this case means three FAC wins and charity shields and other finals and semis and CL football in the final five years etc ).But does Frankie the Lamps need that long? Does neighborhood friendly Mr Rogers need that long at Leicester? Neither of them has the trophy cabinet of Dr, Calamari Fritte that you do, so what’s happening?

But please Mr .Emery why did you/we/them get rid of a player like Ramsey who we can see was obviously needed? Is Tierney and upgrade on Monreal? Is Luiz and upgrade on Kos?

Leaving Xhaka out of the game because the man reacted to the endless vocal abuse he has to sop up is acki kacki in my amateur opinion. If the fans are too sensitive then they deserve a taste of their own medicine that they are too quick to dish out. Now that situation has escalated to something even more dramatic which the parasitic world of (all) media types loves to stoke up as part of its puritan fake moral proclamations: points mean prizes, and clicks means cash. Ahhhhhh arrrrr, saviour of the universe. But why the Puritan-Victorian morality? Will phallic shaped vegetables be banned from the training ground room eatery? Will anyone who plays on Sundays be banished to Australia? Anyone that shaggeth outside of wedlock be sent overseas to the garlic stinking dog eating hair armpitted country called Europe?

Since Mr. Wenger departed the building, dignity has run off with the dish and the spoon, and the building has a new visitor, a strange jealous-green amorphic poltergeist called “B.Lameculture. A strange apparition that psychotically perceives life in isolation and refuses to take any responsibility for its own haunting actions. Its comes out with whispers in the hallways and says ” this is our club” yet we find no real owner. Its spread its guilt and fear creating negativity, depression, anxiety and anger, and spreads its jealousy all over, it brings out banners, it fly messages behind planes, it lurks on twitter and other outlets, and says things like ” that country called Europe can keep VAR, we dont need it as we invented football, and our refs are the best”. We know that when someone says something like this, their father died in WW2: they fell out of a watchtower.
I digress, or do I Mr.Emery. Please save your own Arsenal here, and save ours as the Special- brew one is waiting with his destructive football and dances at midnight with B.Lameculture and anything that was of value will be buried forever and drag us to Purgatory, which is worse than Chipping Ongar. Without even a tombstone. There will just be a strange hump behind the Yew trees at the side of the Arsenal graveyard, grown over that the Sexton will not even be able to properly find, unless you tip him a shilling and he will tell you of his ol dad, who recalled Arsenal Values and how it was a hundred years ago to the very date that in the great fire that was a-destroying the club as the tried to rescue it by climbing up the drain pipe but came a-tumbling down and was killed , ” poor little blighter” .
Hope is terrified and locked in the panic room with sugary type foodstuffs. Dignity has gone on holiday by mistake with the dish and the spoon. Fred the Shed has dug out the old Anderson shelter and is hiding with his memories. And Flowing Football has gone elsewhere and may not be heard of again, rumour has it its with a Miss Peregrine somewhere, sometime.
All around are the echoes of sneering laughter, and the dark art of punditry croaks and cackles that boil and bubble at the Arsenal. And its bloody irritating.

Oh Mr.Emery, only twice in 41 years have I stopped listening or viewing a game, and that’s both on your watch, the EL final, the last five minutes which I couldn’t take anymore, and the second half yesterday, I went off to watch the new series of Atypical.And didnt feel guilt or shame nor care what anyone else thinks. And Atypical was poorly written and executed too except for a few instances. There’s only Midnight Diner that’s any good on Netflickery now, and maybe the spirit of Arsenal lives on there with the Master, telling stories of its past glories?

Should this be happening when it doesnt need to. Please help if you can.

Yours sincerely,

Mills Peckwerwood,

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  1. Horrible injury to André Gomez.

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  2. Shamrock Rovers have just won the FAI cup on penalties, the game ended 1-1, two very late goals, a penalty for Rovers scored by Aaron McEneff, whose brother Jordan is in the Arsenal U18’s, Dundalk leveled in stoppage time, extra time saw no more goals, and Rovers won the penalty shoot out
    The Rovers manager is former Arsenal youth players Stephen Bradley, he is a scout for Arsenal in Ireland

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  3. After today’s games Arsenal are 5th, and are 6pts behind 4th place Chelsea, but are also 6pts ahead of 16th placed Aston Villa

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  4. don’t tell anyone in the media but spurs still haven’t won an away game since January

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  5. Rumors tonight that Xhaka is to be made available for Transfer in January,

    lets hope that Pep’s praise of him on Friday is a sign that Man City might move for Granit, it would be great for the lad if he got to play in team and for a manager that would appreciate him.

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  6. “The ref has to view the monitor.”

    “We’ve seen so many inconsistencies with serious incidents missed.”

    “Refs want to view the monitor but Mike Riley says it’s too time consuming.”

    “It’s making a mockery of the league.”

    @RefereeHalsey slams how VAR is being used this season

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  7. Totally stupid game management by the manager………..no wonder the players seem confused.

    What on earth was Cebalos’ role in the team.

    Why would you bring on children as subs against a physically mature and experienced Wolves team; especially when you are trying to hang on to a 1-0 lead.

    Ozil was brilliant……………as usual (when given the chance to play).

    Preposterous .

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  8. Something I noticed yesterday when Wolves had a free kick near our goal, but in a position where they were more likely to float a ball into the box than go for goal, Sokratis stood in the wall, leaving Ceballos to cover a Wolves player in the box. I thought that was strange given their respective roles in the team and made me question the defensive coaching. Was I wrong?

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  9. VAR’s probably going to be talked about more than ever before after this weekend, thanks to Liverpool offside and Son red.

    Understand if anyone finds my interest in what really happened with latter odd or distasteful…but, there it is, I do like to know what causes these things.

    On that note, I’m expecting Son to have card rescinded as there seems near unanimous belief he didn’t cause it, was a yellow, and it was either way Gomes landed after trip, Aurier clattering him or combination of two. Broadcasters chose not to show footage that may have cleared it up.

    Did see following photo (not gory) on twitter, which to me shows Son pinned ankle with, presumably, a lot of bodyweight on opponent and therefore lot of force momentarily.

    Anyone reckon this could have been cause of damage

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  10. Top stuff Mills. Read it last night in the comment section of previous blog.


    If Arsenal fans have any doubt that we are hanging on by Auba’s goals. Here’s the Premier League top-scorers since 1st March 2019 – just look at Laca’s tally. Emery is killing our creative juices:

    14 Aubameyang
    3 Lacazette
    2 David Luiz
    2 Ramsey
    2 Sokratis
    1 Chambers
    1 Nketiah
    1 Özil
    1 Pepe
    1 Torreira
    1 Xhaka

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  11. My patience with UE will probably last until the end of the month after which if there is no improvement then it will be time to act and the short term solution is Freddie

    In the summer Joachim Low will be available and I would choose between him and the Leeds manager Bielsa who has (without any English) transformed that club

    Long term we must as in 1996 have a vision and not opt for a safe but unimaginative man

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  12. Thanks Mills: just the tonic to add sparkle to a Monday morning.

    If you were the sort of person who enjoyed conspiracy theories it would not be beyond the bounds of possibility to see some of the decisions of late as some kind of maggot intent on destroying all from within. Maybe the club is now rotten to the core, and will soon attempt to skin and film the ulcerous place with the appointment of Jose. I think I hope not, but am wary of the attraction that any port in a storm offers.

    And just to say Mills that i thought of you last Thursday when on my way to the Emirates via The Wallace Collection.

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  13. Thanks to PG, Labö and Mr. Head -did you meet up with Stringham, Templar and that old reprobate Widmerpool? Ive heard they are often lingering in front of the Poussin…


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  14. Indeed they were, Mills ‘disappearing only to reappear again, once more giving pattern to the spectacle: unable to control the melody, unable, perhaps, to control the steps of the dance.”
    Which could be said of our current players and manager.

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  15. Certainly we seem to be stuck in the Valley of bones.

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  16. ArsenalNZ
    · Nov 3
    Season 19/20 – Arsenal dispossessed per minute (central MF)

    Willock – Dispossessed every 32 mins
    Ceballos – 44 mins
    Torreira – 69 mins
    Guendouzi – 80 mins
    Ozil – 161 mins
    Xhaka – 185 mins

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  17. reports claim Arsenal have axed 8 of the Academy staff, including Steve Morrow, who was Head of Youth Scouting


  18. Interesting situ arising? So Bayern have given the boot to their manager Kovac. Weng is at the top of their list, with Jose next after that. But they also want Teuchel. But Jose is lined up with us, if Teuchel leaves PSG ( why would he do that?) who fills the PSG job? Jose or Weng? Im sure Wengs not on his way back to us, but I get a feeling ( could be just wind) that Jose wants to get his claws into us.

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  19. Ed, it looks its being put down to Per “wielding his axe”, but did you get the feeling others are behind this?

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  20. hard to know, have to wait and see who all has got the boot

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  21. They overturned Son red. Weirdly, it means the statement after- saying it was red because injury was consequence of challenge- must have been deemed incorrect. They upheld Xhaka’s for his non dangerous trip that time.

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  22. but Rich, Xhaka didn’t cry

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  23. the squad for our game tomorrow has been named, Xhaka and Ozil not included, but Tierney who has been left out of the Scotland squad due to an on going injury problem is included. No Smith-Rowe either





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  24. Arsenal Academy
    Here’s how #AFCU21 line-up this evening in the @LeasingcomTrphy

    Macey, Omole, Mavropanos, Medley, Olowu, Smith, Burton, McGuinness, Tormey, Olayinka, John-Jules

    Bench: Bola, Clarke, Coyle, Swanson, Hillson, Cottrell, Greenwood

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  25. Ed
    Aye. I was edging towards yellow being right initially mind *. But then saw a pic showing Gomes ankle twisted under Son’s bodyweight- non tackling leg tucked under butt, torso slid over ankle and pinned it for split second- in manner that could very easily cause serious injury with forces involved.

    I’m guessing every single news outlet saw same photo but all of them have gone with image which suggests no contact.

    What to make of that choice? I think if neutral, as news should be, you’d pick the photo where it looks worst in this particular case, i.e the one which tries to answer question of if red justified and tackle dangerous.

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  26. I’m pretty damn sure they would have with us. they sure did for Coquelin the other day, selecting the one which, without context, looked a though he had gone for Mason studs up, instead of clearing ball with only motion he could have, and studs ending there at end of swing.

    *unless applying logic of FA statement, which said wouldn’t have happened without foul and therefore responsible and red.

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  27. Arsenal Academy
    HALF-TIME: @CambridgeUtdFC
    1-0 #AFCU21

    Harvey Knibbs’s goal five minutes before half-time gives the hosts a slender lead at the break

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  28. Emery has confirmed that Xhaka is not only no longer Captain, he is no longer even on the 5 Captains list.
    Emery bowing to the boo boys, fucking bullshit


  29. Arsenal Academy
    Goal for #AFCU21. @Tyreecejj9
    finds space inside the box to slot a well weighted pull back past Burton

    (58) | #AFCU21 |

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  30. Xhaka stripped of captaincy, it will most likely be given to a guy who is popular, but has yet to sign a new deal and we could lose him this summer.
    Looks like another very decent footballer is being driven out of the club , probably for much less than we paid for him, unless they feel he will do better without the pressure and profile of captaincy.
    Shame they are kicking a man when he’s down rather than backing him.
    Suspect Emery is trying to impress those above, knowing how precarious his situation may become.
    Xhaka will be a big loss should we part ways, he isnt a true holding MF, but the closest we have to one at the moment , if he is out , the team will suffer for it, Gwen not sufficiently experienced or tactically disciplined for that role, and Emery clearly doesn’t trust Torriera, except as a number 10! Confused….you will be….

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  31. Emery was asked if Xhaka would play for Arsenal again and his reply was

    The future is Arsenal’s club future with the players we are here and the coaches we are here. We have a very important match for us tomorrow in the Europa League and then on Saturday in that way we need to take some decisions about some circumstances that have happened.

    I say to you what is about Xhaka but now is about the match for tomorrow, [that is] only my focus and our focus is tomorrow. We need time, he is one of our players and we want to respect and protect him and also continue in our way. At the moment he is not in the group but my decision is as I say to you.

    Tomorrow’s match is now the focus and the most important. We have a lot of work to do to improve, to take confidence. We were speaking also the team this morning about our moment and speaking about our match tomorrow, our match on Saturday.

    Really expecting to play and looking for what to see the team tomorrow and how we can respond against Vitoria away. That competition for us is very important. If we win tomorrow we are going to be the first in the table, it’s our target in this group. Then we’ll do something important in this competition.

    when asked if Xhaka has asked to leave Emery said

    We are speaking a lot about that and it’s clear there are not more words about that. The decision I took I told him and I told the other captains and now it’s continuing. Then the time is giving us the next matches, the next weeks and months how we can continue with every player and with him also. But now the focus is tomorrow.

    He’s not here we are other players and it’s very important I respect a lot this competition and this Vitoria team. We have Saturday another important match and our focus is only the two matches.


  32. Looks very clear that Xhaka is finished at Arsenal as long as Emery is here


  33. one thing that stands out in Emery’s comments re Xhaka is that he is trying oh so hard to show he is the big man, making the decisions, rumor has it that Xhaka asked for a transfer last week, and now Emery is coming out saying several times that taking the arm band off Xhaka is his decision, that the possibility of Xhaka leaving is also his decision, that Aubameyang being the new captain is another one of his decisions, Emery trying to show he is in command, he is the big boss man, Jose lite once again.


  34. Jeorge Bird
    Not sure why, but all of the staff profiles for the first-team and academy have been removed from http://Arsenal.com


  35. Orwell observed, and I’m paraphrasing here, you can’t write clearly if you’re not thinking clearly. Emery is showing that to be the case with verbal pronouncements. I don’t think it’s because English is his third-ish language, either.

    Xhaka goes from being a mainstay in his team to being an outcast because of one emotional outburst? An outburst that’s completely understandable when you acknowledge the dynamics acting on a brand-new parent in the public eye? It does not add up.


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