Great Result For Arsenal.




A fantastic result away in Germany against a team that had not previously lost at home to an English team. Saka was excellent, 2 assists and a goal. Wonderful stuff. Martinez looked most assure, distributed the ball well and made some outstanding saves, he has a shout for MOTM too. Xhaka played a great game and led the team with commanding authority.

We looked terrific on the break and not one player had a bad game. Everything is rosey in the Arsenal garden, or is it?

The truth is they had 24 attempts to our 16, At times they strolled through our midfield as if it wasn’t there. In fact very often it actually wasn’t there. There was no control in midfield and the space between it and our defence was huge at times. We were 1 goal up against the run of play,and it was a lucky deflection. That said, we had missed a couple of golden opportunities prior to scoring. But so had they. We got two late goals ,when they went down to 10 men, that gives the score no semblance of reality.

Anyway, it’s great to win and that is our most difficult fixture out of the way. We should be very happy with the result, and very aware of how it could have been completely different.

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63 comments on “Great Result For Arsenal.

  1. this tweet really made me laugh, its the level of stupidity that gets me, I really don’t know where one would begin with this

    “We are literally 5 games in and your on about sacking the manger who’s had a year to change 22 years worth of work”

    I’d probably start with the amazing notion that Emery should be changing the work of the last 22 years.

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  2. Only need a 4-0 win tomorrow to go third easy as.
    Confident of a win but unfortunately not a huge one. Interesting to see the line up with Sead picking up a knock but Keiran and Hector not ready. Will Ainsley be playing both left and right back. To be fair Zech Medley has done a good job at left back before and obviously Callum and Mustafi can both play right back although obviously all three are CBs and ideally you rather use designated full backs for home games when were expected to pile forward on all fronts.
    It is amazing how we were supposed to have such a large squad and yet after our first European away and a few knocks were already struggling to fill wholes.
    I take it Reiss and Leno and the usual CBs will comeback in but the rest is pure guesswork.

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  3. Aubazettes
    Spurs bottled 2-0 lead against Arsenal
    Spurs bottled 2-0 lead against Olympiacos
    Spurs bottled 1-0 lead against Leicester

    All that in the span of 20 days. Bottle FC

    no media criticism for this, nor the fact they have not won away since January, imagine if it was AFC

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  4. George

    Posts came through not too long after I’d mentioned it. Cheers


  5. ian I seen that Kolasinac was in training today, and as for Medley, he is only back from injury and hasn’t played for the U23’s in a while due to injury.
    Also I really don’t think we are struggling to fill holes, and I would say that Nelson is very unlikely to start, but then again with Emery is almost impossible to know what he will do. He is probably as likely to start Nelson as he is to bring in Ozil, maybe even more so


  6. Been a long while since I’ve felt bullish going into prem games but that Watford showing has taken it to another level.

    Hope for a win obviously, and I guess we’re decent favourites, but that’s about it for expectations.

    Think there’s decent chance he’ll stick with Mustafi over Sokratis, even slight chance of Chambers, who did lot well the other night but just isn’t right for full back unless given good protection, and cover if pushes forward.

    Also reckon Martinez might just keep spot. Was impeccable the other day, and still feel his maximum potential level could be higher than Leno’s.


  7. the Sunday Mirror are reporting Arsenal are monitoring PSV Eindhoven’s £50million-rated striker Donyell Malen – two years after allowing the young Dutchman to move back to Holland for just £500,000, this comes a day after they reported Liverpool were in for the lad


  8. rich I think there is no chance of Emery picking Mustafi or Chambers over Sokratis, or him picking Martinez over Leno for tomorrow’s game

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  9. rich if Emery does leave out Leno and Sokratis tomorrow then I might start to believe the rumors that there was a bust up in the dressing room after the Watford game. there was claims that a few of the players let rip about the tactics used.


  10. I see that Alan Shearer has explained on BBC match of the day that Watford’s defeat today, was down to the same 3 things every team’s defeat is down to, well according to his magnificent analysis, namely a lack of ‘effort’, ‘hunger’ and ‘desire’

    Not sure if he added that they needed to get in their faces, that is usually another good one he trots out. Stone age football analysis 101


  11. just noticed we’ve jon moss as ref v aston villa, good god how is that guy still on the pgmol list


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