Arsenal vs Watford. Match report.



The worst team in the league had 31 attempts at goal. an all time Arsenal PL record.

We were Shite.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks.

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118 comments on “Arsenal vs Watford. Match report.

  1. Here’s that full twitter thread for reference:


  2. Labo, @ 7.38am. I’m minder to use that as a blog. (tweaked if that’s ok?)


  3. That is scary reading Labo, really is!
    Ok, it is 11 years ago, but Real or not, how can you surrender such a lead to 9 men…and David Silva, and the decent Morientes in your team!
    Admittedly, have always been a little suspicious of the methods of certain Spanish teams, especially back then,- looks like Real slaughtered them in the last 15 mins with 9 men! Did anyone tell Ivan or whoever about this!
    All I will say, Valencias form didnt look great going into that game from that caption.
    Still, Emerys achievement at Sevilla is there for all to see, rapidly getting the impression others have that he is a bit of a one trick pony, albeit pretty decent in the right environment and right players, but ours may not fit his bill, a shame really.
    The solution- a team of Nzonzis and Banegas! Strangely, our best willing attacking box to box runner was…Ramsey.- ok he is a lot more than that I am guessing Emery didnt rate his fitness or something, not mentioning the money!


  4. George that was me just typing on the go responding to both Mills and Mandy and its so error strewn, spelling and wrong tense.

    You can maybe use the gist of the to formulate a blog


  5. That was my plan, If its ok. Or you can expand it yourself.?


  6. You can go ahead then and add your flair to it. I’m up on Thursday anyway with a preview.


  7. gee the Arsenal Truth site is a complete idiot, its the site that published a totally made up list of wages our players were on, not a single one was correct, not even the £52k a week to Bendtner, which was a joke by NB that idiots ran with. But the totally incorrect list of wages was repeated ad hoc by many other bloggers and big twitter accounts to the point that many took it as fact. Not a single one of the wages was correct.

    And as you say when we won the cup it was only an attack on AFC that came from that site. Negativity sells.


  8. Arsenal Truth sounds like the kind of site that asks ” are Orcs real?”?


  9. @ eduardo792 it is very difficult to find decent Arsenal sites to have debates with people.
    I get turned of by the blame everything on Wenger mob and the so called Arsenal sites that match the media narrative so much so you would think they were extensions of the MSM.

    Not much original analytical thought just discuss what has been repeated to death on Sky, Match of day, Sun etc sooooo boring.
    Just like the rumoured 40mill budget this summer (which apparently came from AST) which was proven to be total horse.
    The amout of blogs that attacked the club (including AST) based on conjecture and rumour to get thier clicks is sick honestly.
    Part of the negative online culture associated with Arsenal was cultivated by these so called ‘fans’.


  10. Weird. Had a look back at that Sevilla Pool final. Pretty sure I thoroughly enjoyed that one and that I tweeted afterwards it was a victory for football.

    My impression- if I remember- was that Pool were playing a parasitic game of football for most part, not looking to play much at all through centre mid, manic pressing, looking to harass players into mistakes; Whereas Sevilla were looking to play all over pitch with some beautiful passing and movement going on.

    Basically it had looked like the pressing stuff was likely to win day, then football came to the fore and they dismantled Liverpool 2nd half with loads of wonderful passing football.

    The 2nd goal in vid was high point of stuff they were doing. Lot of movement, playing through pitch, some key one touch passes. Banega was particularly good I think. Was it having a load of Spanish players and others with skills honed in Spanish football?

    Anyway, fuck knows, we may have been playing some of that stuff in early months of last season, but not really since.


  11. Weird, I remember tweeting it was a victory for football when Sevilla won this game in glorious style second half, playing football all through pitch, lovely passing and movement, including one touch stuff, which is often key for me when playing through pressing. 2nd goal was emblematic of how they played.

    It had annoyed me Pool looked likely to win while largely ignoring passing, especially in centre mid, and being largely based on manic pressing, not playing at all in danger areas etc (life before adding Mane, Salah, Van Dijk and keeper to their formula), against a true footballing side!


  12. rich do you think Emery can get AFC playing that sort of football, or is he scarred by his PSG time and is now more negative in his approach


  13. Emery told time is running out as Arsenal are urged to go for Mourinho
    – headline on newsnow.

    Its started Shotta called it, all it needs now is the fool boy blaggers to campaign this hard.

    be afraid, be very afraid

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  14. Lets hope its just kack talk. Odd thing is no matter if he does come, hes still go to live up to Wengers legacy! He couldnt live up to the Fergs…


  15. oh no! Started imagining what would happen if he then started winning things, doubles and the CL…”man in the raincoat” scenario? (meaning how GG was called when he went to the Spuds).
    Certainly would be AFC~s most surreal moment.
    Nut of he failed at AFC then he would be the real specialist in failure…


  16. New post is up, I have plagiarized from Mills and Labo.


  17. Ed

    No idea. Actually, no, I don’t see it. In part, think it can be explained by prem being a different animal to elsewhere- thanks to speed, refereeing style and against Arsenal refereeing.

    If you want to play passing football right through pitch at top end of prem you need…City’s players.

    Every other team seems to be prioritising physical qualities in middle of park now, with maybe one creative force, like Spurs have Eriksen. Even Pool to me exemplify that approach. Aside from wingbacks, they rely extremely heavily on that front three for creativity.

    Even with City their plethora of diminutive ballers was, not coincidentally, underpinned by guys partly there for physical characteristics. First they aimed for two fast big full backs, then the big centre back arrived, now the big central midfielder. But of course, with their budget, they also went for targets who can play.


  18. Ed,

    I’ll try again as didn’t answer question well. Don’t know about scarred by PSG but do think prob operating primarily from place of fear. *

    Intensity of prem may well have shocked or spooked him, so that idea of passing through pitch went and, since then, I don’t know. Probably trying all sorts to get it working but each time thinks ‘just maybe’ another rude awakening comes and it’s back to drawing board.

    We don’t seem at all close to finding a good formula. I differ from most here ,must admit, in that I have hell of a job conceiving of what that good formula would be with players we have.

    *Can only think he is extremely keen if not desperate for this job to work. Supposing he loves management and is ambitious to do so at highest possible level, failure this year with us, and the near certain job loss with it, must be a horrible prospect. It’s not at all obvious what level next position would be.


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