Will We See Some Swagger vs Burnley?


during the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and West Ham United at Emirates Stadium on August 25, 2018 in London, United Kingdom.

Good day and all.
Arsenal got their Premier League campaign underway with a winning start against Newcastle last Sunday. This afternoon we are going at it again… hosting Burnley at the Emirates Stadium.
The Gunners weren’t at their best up Upon Tyne eh; had a hairy moment or two but being the first game and all the Magpies just couldn’t find the back of the net. Likewise we could’ve scored one or two more but for unfamiliarity within a matchday XI, blended with youth and experience, and an initial touch in the attacking third not quite there yet.
My point is I don’t think we ought to read too much into the performance of a side missing quite a few expected to be the backbone of this seasons campaign, but rather take comforts of an away clean sheet and not showing the defensive underbelly so often derided for.
Burnley endured a run of poor results on the back of a European jaunt at the start of their PL campaign last season. However, this time they got off to a perfect start with an impressive 3-0 victory against Southampton at Turf Moor. A win they will take great confidence from building up to today, if one takes into account they scored 15 goals in a five game pre-season winning run prior to that. While they would like to maintain that momentum, Sean Dyche wouldn’t mistake them for Brazil 1970 as he is well aware that the Clarets doesn’t have a pretty head-to-head record against the Gunners.
Since bringing his side up to the PL he is yet to win a single point against us – in fact the last time Burnley beat Arsenal was over four decades ago. They also got a recurring trend of shipping goals at the Emirates; while conceding on average one goal/game at Turf Moor, they leak three on average at the Ems. One player that would be licking his chops for this fixture is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Since signing for the Gunners he has faced them three times, scoring a brace in each match.
With that in mind it’s unlikely that the Clarets will “have a go”, but rather opt to be well organised wanting to make things difficult for us with two banks of four, while patiently waiting to play it long or over the top whenever possible.
One of our drawbacks last term was that too often we allowed the opposition to play in our half, which in turn let them grow into games. This is something we need to minimise because the Clarets are a side that if you give them a bit, they can turn it into imposing bursts that will make you doubt yourselves. Ergo we should try put them on the backfoot from the onset and not leave things too late.
Unai Emery got himself a headache this week with Lacazette, David Luiz, Ceballos, Torreira, Pépé and even Özil and Kolasinac all reported to be available for selection, while there’s concerns over the fitness of Xhaka who suffers with back pains.
Whomever gets the nod, all eyes will be on our shimmering attack to see if give a good account of themselves ahead of tougher opponents in our next two league games.
Both sides will want to maintain their winning starts so this could be a tricky encounter, considering Arsenal will make quite a few changes and Burnley, well, Sean Dyche must be thinking “they have to crack some time”.
With the cheer that followed our transfer window starting to simmer down the Emirates faithful are anticipating a good campaign with better football compared to last season. So fingers crossed to Gunners give us all much to happy about.

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66 comments on “Will We See Some Swagger vs Burnley?

  1. We are top of the league….

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  2. one thing I don’t like is the Emery windmill on the sideline, the over the top long talk to the subs.

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  3. Nerviness a given from me unless 3-0 up but think that was an objectively nervy one.

    Relieved to get the points. Pretty vital with next two games being so tough.

    If sublime skills are your thing, Ceballos and Pepe provided about ten separate pieces of it today, Willock grew and had some good moments in game as well. As team, all quite bitty and fragemented though, I thought. Burnley played their game to a high level. Dean made his normal expert, vital contribution to that.

    Xhaka was missed for me. Very little control of game aside from a good front foot 10 min or so spell early 2nd half. Quite likely he would have helped improve that side of game.


  4. Dyche once again showing he either has minimal self-awareness, grasp on reality or that he has no shame.

    Moaning about decisions and giving another of his diving speeches apparently (unchallenged no doubt by comms and pundits).

    They were filthy. Countless times saw our players holding heads after aerial challenges, occasionally catching sight of elbow that did it.

    Most infuriating one for me, however, is the business of free hits being allowed when ball is released. Not aware of single instance of them contributing to a yellow for totting up. Undoubtedly take a toll on players and, probably, serve to inhibit them as well. More importantly it’s just sheer dirtiness, and a ref is supposed to do something about it. Got to be deliberate that while they may give signal they are playing advantage they never have word with player or signal they are watching them/ totting up.

    It’s shite. And as for booking a guy for being a few yards short of ten (from fluffed free kick) while being ok with a hard, deliberate knee to back you had perfect view of…?

    What vision of the game and justice in it is that? Safe to say rest of top six almost certain not to have to cope with same thing against Burnley. Pool probably least of all

    There’s no reasonable explanation for it.

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  5. It was a fantastic performance from Ceballos while Pepe put in a late show. Loved his nutmeg.

    I think that this two players are going to make a difference this season.

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  6. Dyche is a facilitator, probably was always going to say it, sows a seed in all minds, will be widely and copiously repeated. No chance of their rough house tactics even being mentioned. Dreading the filth that Pochetionos lot will get away with scot free. It will be intersting to see if they backtrack on a Harry the Hero dive and still give the penalty.

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  7. Bloody hell, Burnley are horrible. Thing is, that kind of performance must be knackering. It must be such a bummer to sprint like that for 90 and still lose. Really hope they don’t go into a tailspin.

    I think Guendouzi has made a great start to the season, Willock doesn’t seem out of place at all and Dani Ceballos looked as good as they say. We’ll play much more difficult teams, but Burnley is definitely at the upper end when it comes to intensity, so it’s promising how much time DC and JW seemed to have on the ball.

    I think Nelson might need a little more time, but I want to see him involved.

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  8. Oh, totally forgot about Nacho Monreal. Late on he made an amazing burst deep in our half to win the ball back, which sort of suggests he’s still fresh and will be involved this season, which is something at 33/34. .

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  9. spot on Rich and marky, the ref was awful, he allowed the dirt, and dyche is spouting out a mantra that will not get called by the media, in fact its likely that MOTD will agree with him tonight, and so we will see other teams do same dirty stuff to us with no punishment from the pgmol game managers

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  10. looking at the tactics and formation we used in both our games so far, I ask the question has this been due to Ozil not being available, or is it a sign that Ozil aint going to be at the hub of our team once again this season. I have not seen today’s heat map for the game but I would suggest that it will be akin to what we seen last week v Newcastle, a big black hole in the middle of the park


  11. I see RVP is now lying through his teeth, claiming that Arsenal never offered him a new contract and of course the attention seeking twats are falling for it and doing what the love to do, slag off Arsenal and Wenger.


  12. A good start to the home season with a welcome 3 points. It’s still too early to formulate any other opinions about the team, but it was a pleasing result with no early kick off sluggishness. I can’t pick a MoTM as I thought everyone played well and no one stood out particularly. If pushed, I might give it to Lacazette or Aubameyang for their individual moments of audacity and tenacity that led to our 2 goals.

    I’m particularly enjoying the honeymoon period as the crowd were generally supportive and I heard no moaning or berating of any of the players. It would be great if we have turned a corner in that respect, but I won’t hold my breath!

    I am disappointed about the 2 pointless and easily avoidable yellow cards and what has happened to the Emirates pitch? Have we let our award winning grounds keeper go, only to replace him with an apprentice? I’ve never seen the pitch look so shoddy even at the end of a long hard season, never mind first game of the year!

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  13. do you remember earlier in the week when the bloggers and big twatters made such a fuss about how Leeds had to do a presentation to AFC to win the right to loan Nketiah, how it meant Eddie would play game in game out, well he did not even get off the bench today. It must have been a similar PowerPoint presentation as that used by Emery to get the head coach role

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  14. I don’t get some of the OTT praise for Ceballos that I’m seeing around the place? He certainly put himself about, but he’s a bit of a ball hog and there was no end product today. Comparisons with Cazorla are way premature, apart from the fact that he’s on loan with no option to buy, so if he turns out to be any good, he’s going back to Madrid.

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