Oh Blimey,What Was That?

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Seriously, that was dross

The end.

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  1. I see many say Emery in the coming transfer window has to buy a replacement for Ramsey, maybe sell Ozil and replace him too, but does Emery have to, does he even think he has to, after all both have been mainly consigned to squad men roles, so why should Emery in his own mind even consider that he has to replace either of them, his words in recent weeks that Joe Willock could very well fill the Ramsey role, suggests to me that signing a Ramsey replacement, on the terms or conditions or the importance that many of us on here would understand, is not even in Emery’s thinking, why should if as has been the case all season, Ramsey was only a bit part player, despite the impact, Emery surely sees using his budget to bring in starters to the team much more important than replacing a bit part Ramsey.

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  2. well stillarich maybe Emery can be our Rioch, and ten Hag can be our Wenger. In his one season Rioch bought Bergkamp and Platt, got us Euopa league football, but was let go, partly due to his handling of the bigger name stars in the squad, and partly cos a better manager was possible to get.

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  3. lol…classic post, brilliant. It is great to know that no matter how dreadful our football gets, something in here will without fail put a smile on your face. COYG

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  4. Ed, playing out the back thing went by wayside some time back. I have some sympathies.

    Bellerin and Holding (we may disagree, but think Rob had very good chance of winning a regular spot) injuries were damaging; bigger factor could be realisation that prem is a different animal to anything he has worked against before (and of course I think we as a club face a different animal to the normal prem animal).

    Whether that means change of plan for good, or on hold until he can find a player or three he believes can make playing from back work better, who knows.

    Once abandoned, the aim was presumably a bit more pragmatism and caution; the target so clear- to try make top four- without much or any concern, I expect, about building a style for the future or anything. Just try and make it. The chopping and changing reflected this largely game by game approach, and the reality that no formula worked particularly well; or it did, for a game or two, then it didn’t.

    In the midst of that, his big wrestle with Ozil. Unlike Wenger, he is almost certainly not his type of guy. By no means as simple as not rating him. can’t imagine he has failed to appreciate having such a huge talent at his disposal, but he could be at a loss trying to think what to do with him. Ozil possibly demands, like few others, trying to find a way to support his strengths, and mitigate any weaknesses. You can’t just plunk him in a team and expect it to work out, especially not if you have strong impulses at the time for caution or pragmatism.

    So…what does he do, try and set up a team to get best from Ozil, even if that doesn’t fit with his general ideas, or he can’t figure out a way to do it with the payers he has?

    Perhaps some similar stuff applied with Ramsey. Who knows. What’s clear is at the end he knew Ramsey was vital, and had to play when it mattered, but injury struck.

    Another big change was the willingness to use Laca and Aubameyang together. Don’t know when that occurred, but was some time back. Some success with it, but at least not quite enough.

    They noticeably seem to get more joy in Europa, even against better teams and players than Brighton and others. Pgmol a factor, but more so that many/ most prem teams know the formula of defend deep and give attackers no time or space, and attack mostly through counters, is a well tried and tested formula against us, and gives a very decent shot at a result, better than decent away.

    A system, though, after the initial playing from back ended?… not really or not at all. More like trying all sorts, maybe everything could think of, but nothing sticking for too long.

    We may not be used to seeing a coach who is feeling acute pressure, with concerns about his own future, who does not have a decades-in-the making set of principles to fall back on which he will never give up at his stage. Something very normal in football, basically, but not for us for more than two decades.


  5. Fair enough Ed, and good point, it seems to me that Wenger gave an incredible amount of liberty and self responsibility, ie when Gibbs asked what to do in a training session, Wenger said to him, you must know what to do, how to react— and by that I think his players could explore their own potential, where as UE doesn’t seem to do that. Which player looked great aside of Lacca this year? To me everyone looked thwarted. Sure, the talent pours through but thats not always enough?

    Im not sure I can pin it down, other than like you the bullshit of playing it out from the back which was bloody frightening at the beginning of the season and made a mockery of a world class goalkeeper( Cech) as so you are right, there is no obvious system except that there seems to be often a lack of intuition between players which was still there last year, Kos was a better player,8he also looks constantly knackered and uninspired) so was Elneny and to me at least so was Özil. I dont like the way UE handled either Ö or Rambo. Our midfield strength and creativity pushed out in what seemed just to make a stamp of authority. Its taken until pretty much the last games to get Auba and Lacca starting together, which seems a simple solution to the rest of us?
    But surely there must be some system being employed, otherwise what else are they doing in training and how has he won anything and stayed in management? And if there isnt then why arent the team playing more fluid intuitive football as they did last year? And as you pointed out he waves his arms around and tells people what to do, so he must have some personal idea? Or perhaps thats all just a placebo for the Wob who wanted Klopp type theatrics on the touchline because Arsène didnt do it that much (he did, but just not that much)?
    To me Ive found a lot of our play the season, embarrassing, considering the potential of the players. Even Aubas lost that magnetic smile he had.
    Like you Im baffled at what his system is, but like dark matter, it must surely be there, or is he just a bull shitter who would be better off at Everton or West Ham? Perhpas one thing his system is, is to keep changing and moving players and things around? It wouldnt be my system .
    Sometimes I think hes been given the benefit as it was just a change for the people who had come in during the Wenger area, subs other than 70 mins, shouting and waving, changes it keeps the mob(wob) happy?
    So Im as baffled as you by the team changes and like you not convinced by the tactics, but I still think he must be telling them something in training in how he wants them to play. Have the lads given up since Dubai? Somethings missing, some sort of team spirit and understanding? Finishing off Brighton showed it, normally a second goal would have seen them off and they would have collapsed, but some killer instinct was missing, the chances were there though.
    Dont get me wrong I like the bloke personally and feel sympathy for what he had to do coming in, but really we should have been third this season and I dont like the way we’ve been playing and things are a mess with a hope in the EL that seems like a mountain to climb this Monday.

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  6. Holy God, SKY pushing for Monreal to get a retrospective ban for the penalty yesterday, do they cover spurs or liverpool games,

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  7. well Mills maybe the system is get it to the overlapping fullback, I did notice in recent games that many times when Ozil had the ball, moving from wide towards the area, he would stop, turn back and play a harmless ball wide to either iwobi or kolasinac on the left, or to mkhitaryan or AMN on the right, no intent to go at the area, to find the pass to the strikers. Mkhitaryan and Iwobi the same, unless loads of space ahead of him Iwobi nearly always is looking for the left fullback to play the ball to. I feel that they are under strict instructions, all the arm flapping on the sideline is a giveaway to this, the lack of what I would call instinctive play from our midfield and wide forwards is another sign of it.

    That we have seldom all season long had a half time lead, and normally only seen the high tempo attacking football in the second halves when trying to salvage games, after bringing on one of our strikers and ramsey etc, suggests to me that its micromanagement of a cautious system of some kind.

    by the way, talking about bringing on subs, what was Emery thinking yesterday, for a spell we were crying out for a sub, then he waits and waits, and just when we had a head of steam up, he brings on 3 at the one time and took us off the rails completely.

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  8. #WengerBall49
    ‏ @tekz49
    38m38 minutes ago

    U guys love that “it’s still Wenger “ 🤣

    20 odd games unbeaten “it’s emery”

    Then Key “Wenger players” get injured or left out

    Then you start to see Emery’s tactics start to fail us with out any Wenger influences!

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  9. Lewis
    ‏ @LGAmbrose
    5h5 hours ago

    Lewis Retweeted Daniel Storey

    Arsenal can now get 70 points maximum. They’ve only picked up fewer twice in the last decade.

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  10. Lewis@LGAmbrose
    5h5 hours ago

    Arsenal can now get 70 points maximum. They’ve only picked up fewer twice in the last decade.

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  11. I also though it was a bad move to mess things around with 3 subs, clock ticking and at that point putting a lot of pressure on the Seaweed.

    Also for me I havent liked the swapping around of the midfield, for me the midfield is the place where it all happens, defence and attack, just do your job etc ( not an easy thing I know) but if the midfield isnt strong and creative then what can happen? Chopping and changing isnt too good for players, squads work in a bit different ways that UE has played it this season (imo). His strcit instructions as you say, seem to be a massive restriction on players who are normally brilliant. Fuck me, how is Rambo leaving, surely it just wasnt cash? Id like to think not.
    As I think of other players who havent played well this season what happened to Mkhi? Seemed much less effective than under Wenger? I didnt like the way he became the scapegoat yesterday though, he gave the ball away, but so did Paddy against ManUre. Our defence was just as much to blame (if we are looking for that stuff) but so was Dixon and Nigel against bloody hairy chest all those years ago.

    People are calling for Monreals head too, but he was a better player last year. Maybe they just are confused, I dont know, just clutching at straws, or looking for nothing or whatever!

    Wenger understood that when everyone knows everyone and understands each other and takes responsibility, the managers job becomes different, a tweak here and a tweak there, and how to enhance things with positivity. He had teams working as unit for over 20 years. Paddy said that AW relied too much on this, but it was obviously as success, and if one or two contexts hadnt been there( the lure of players to Barca) and the influx of Chelsea cash) who knows?
    My problem is aftv says these players arent good enough, but I think they are, just needs a system that works,that is creative and stable and is obvious to them? Could be wrong but its how I see it.
    It can be hard when a manager is screaming at you on the touchline and your in the middle of what he can see and you cant and by the time hes said what to do its mostly moved on.

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  12. Mills I suggested a few months back that Emery lost the dressing room over the way he treated Ozil, results went down hill from the time Emery was stating Ozil was just another player and was being left out for tactical reason, and then contradicted himself a few times by saying Ozil was not actually fit or training, when Ozil was pictured training and he himself had declared himself fully fit. Add in Ramsey and Cech (along with Ozil that is 3 of Emery’s 5 captains), all being left out of the side. Players smell bullshit and Emery’s actions certainly had the aroma of bovine scatology. All 3 players are it seems very well liked within the squad, certainly Ozil and Ramsey would I’m sure be viewed by the other players as top notch players, and when a manager leaves out such guys, results have to support the decision or the other players soon stop believing in what the head coach is telling them. If you as a player think the coach is talking total bollocks about one aspect of his team selection or tactics, it would not be unusual to question everything he is saying or doing, I fear this is what has happened.

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  13. Sure looks like it Ed. I wonder if the players ever still have private meetings to discuss things, sometimes when they needed to get up and get on one they did and often with great results.
    What also worries me are great players making irrational mistakes, AMN, Leno, Xhak, even Kos etc, seems a sign of confusion and a lack of confidence? Its a real shite when you know what to do and someone else is saying do it this way?
    Emery seems to have dropped so many players and then fallen out with them, plus the whole Den Suarez loan was worse than Kim Källström, at least KK bagged a pen against Wigan.
    A difficult situation though for manager and players? Its all well and good aftv groaning on about getting new players, but what if we get a load of clodhoppers and become the new West Ham? Nein danke.

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  14. I really can’t stand all this “Emery needs his own players” soundbite, to go with that you have to ignore then that everything we were told about Emery as a coach was a total lie, and if that is the case then we should not be wasting money and time on him or any players he wants in.


  15. What’s up folks! Hope yawl are having a blessed day!!!

    Rough times!

    On a positive note. I went to Disney’s Animal kingdom theme park on Saturday. Was wearing my Arsenal T shirt and got to meet quite a few Arsenal supporters. What I love about Arsenal supporters is that they seem so sincere, not like City fans who have jumped on the Bandwagon for example. Could be my bias, but I don’t think so.


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  16. Your best write up thus far George (smiley).


  17. Should laugh I suppose. Follow about 4 ex prem officials on twitter. Knew one- ex linesman- a raging Pool fan, and git to boot, found out few days ago another, the other ex prem linesman of group, is a Spurs fan. Bloody hell.

    So then today another ref account I see a bit from- not top level but media presence recently on issue of black refs- think because Andy/Anicol follows him… and he is glorying in us fucking up and, in short, is another Spurs fan.

    Couple clicks later I’m on another big ref acct- ref support- so look at one of first messages on there, from young female ref- YNWA in bio.

    Not good for this conspiracy mind I tell you! But what I think it really underlines is how bogus it is likely to be that not just most but all top flight refs, and presumably linesmen too, just happen not to support big clubs.

    Did they decide at 12 they wanted to be top refs, and so avoid forming attachments to big clubs, or are they phenomenally out of step with rest of country in terms of how many support big clubs?

    If there were an even North South balance any biases might more or less cancel each other out.


  18. I agree with you, Mills.

    I think to myself, why did UE leave PSG, a club with limitless funds and top, top players?

    That he seems not to have got on with the inspirational players like Neymar might be relevant, and, might explain his lack of interest in Ramsey and Ozil.

    Undoubtedly he is doing his best, but, as I said before, either here or on another blog today, I do not recall, perhaps he was simply the wrong man for the job.

    I have also said before that the nonsense about his having to get in “his own players” in transfer windows over a period of a few years is, just that, nonsense.

    Yesterday we finished with 5 players signed by him and were still toothless and vulnerable at the back.

    Maybe, this year is his experimental year, to allow him to assess what is really required in the EPL, and we will find a new tactic and a new team spirit next season. One can only hope.

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  19. Emery could yet finish the season with a considerable success, though after that, performance,seems a long shot. But they seem a little different at times in the EL, we shall see.
    As for his own players, he clearly pines for Banega and Nzonzi for some reason, and didn’t get them.
    He might lose a few he doesn’t want, and gain a few he does over the summer, and suddenly things fall into place with him, with a massive improvement.
    Or he might just bomb next year, in which case we can prepare for Paddy Arteta Freddie or whoever in just over a years time. The Ajax manager is an interesting shout Eduardo, though not sure he would be given the time, patience, or protection from the PGMOL from a fired up Palace or Watford CM to finely develop such young players to Ajax standards. Wenger tried similar and was thwarted at every opportunity in this shitkicking league with hostile media and the AFTV types.
    Interesting and I am sure valid points on Emery overcoaching, but that seems to be the way these days, at least with many teams. Does seem a shame that individual skill and initiative suffers, but who values that in this league unless it involves a Liverpool or Tottenham player

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  20. Alleged Liverpool fan Mike Dean ( with a fondness for Tottenham) in charge of the City Leicester game

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  21. ha ha ha, liverpool haven’t had a single player booked for diving this season, and some still think the PGMOL are unbiased and even fit for purpose.


  22. is this the night man city blow the title


  23. yet MOTD want Monreal done for respective diving yesterday,as I saw posted somewhere, no mention of the dive that won Liverpool the free kick from which they scored the winning goal, let alone Salahs antics.
    They are trying to do for Liverpool what that did for Leicester

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  24. city just get it done, thank god for that, just need them to beat Brighton on Sunday, can’t take Liverpool winning the title

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  25. something I have found very odd today is the amount of fans I’ve seen state that Arsenal have finished the season 5th and in the Europa League final, with a very good chance of winning it. Just the 3 things,
    1. we have win at Burnley if Man Utd beat Cardiff at Old Trafford to finish 5th.
    2. yes we have a 3-1 first leg lead, but Valencia took the lead in that game and had us on the rack for a spell, its crazy to take it for granted that the tie is over as a contest.
    3. if we do make the final we either face Chelsea who have finished above us in the league, and who have several players who can swing a game on their own, Hazard might be playing his last game for them, he could go out with a bang. If its Frankfurt then we face a team that was able to knock out CFC after a 1-1 at home, so again not easy even if it would look easier than defeating CFC and big ollie giroud.

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  26. We finish 6th and Watford win cup final then we’d have to start in Europa league qualifying round on July 25th

    6th and City win then it is in at group stage

    5th and it’s group stage.

    Win Europa League and, well, fuck da Europa league.

    Think it all means that, extremely annoyingly, there’s no scenario where we can blow off that Burnley game, really, even if make it to EL final.

    Very odd scenario ; guess the case is stronger for resting players for a final, but can you ignore that nightmarish early start and happily pick 2-3 youngsters for the burnley game?

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  27. The diving thing is an extra kick in the balls (but maybe a bit numb at the minute so as long as I don’t think about it beyond ‘f*** off, not too painful)

    Quite fancy we might lead stats for dissent bookings as well. Feels like there have been a fair few in last month or so alone.


  28. rich isn;t there about 10 days between Burnley game and Europa league final, no need to go weak in Burnley game


  29. Tonight’s game a pretty good one for me on subject of what we might need.

    Can imagine many of our fans liked look of Ndidi and Choudbury. Interesting thing for me is that you have to try account properly for how they would do with us.

    For instance, yesterday, trying to break down the massed ranks, are either of them much good at that? My guess would be not particularly.

    Similar theme with big lads Dunk and Duffy yesterday. Playing primarily with everyone back, packed penalty box, no time or space for attackers, dealing with crosses. Pretty damn good. Having to do what Sokratis and Mustafi did- i.e tasked regularly with starting moves against that everyone back opponent, while occasionally having to deal with giant spaces on counter? Who the hell knows. Chances are not too suited to it.

    Back to the midfield two mentioned earlier, while they’d be a good bet if we were looking to play just like Leicester, the demands on passing ability on our cm’s in games like yesterday are a completely different proposition and one where, unfortunately, many of our fans are ready to slam a player for a single bad pass if they have decided against them.

    I feel it when I’m tense- any poor pass painful- and the stadium does too far as I can tell; meanwhile, with the twats, it feels like any bad pass from a hated player produces hate.
    So how’d you fancy that promising young, mostly defensive midfielder who has developed well in a defend and counter team? Up for it

    As for what we do actually need, guess it depends on what we have in mind for next year- might we be planning to play more like Leicester, who, as it happens, are much like most of the league, or at least that bunch of contenders below top six. Nearly all are variations on defend and counter. Even when their seasons are effectively over A strange, strange sight for me. But that’s how far the game has moved in that direction.

    All will be revealed I guess, though I think our finances may be travelling towards Leicester rather than in Man City direction.

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  30. I hadn’t checked Ed, but if so, yeah, different situation then.

    I’m irked because i wanted us to go weak, or rather I really wanted a good few of the youngsters- Eddie, Willock, Mavropanos and maybe even Saka or Amaechi to get a shot.

    We couldn’t find opportunities for them even when playing so poorly, and even though developing our own is surely absolutely essential for us, so I hoped here finally was time we could play them.

    July 25th though. What a spanner in the works that would be.


  31. According to the Daily Cannon, reports from Brazil are says on Edu is on his way this summer for the TD role. Not the first we have heard of this of course.
    Perhaps he can unearth the next Neymar, without this players pathetic attitude and propensity to hit the deck that Son or Salah would be proud of
    Don’t know enough about this role, or the context of Edu within it, but it is good that he should understand the clubs modern day values, and recent tradition of playing of this club, a bit of Brazilian flair in the right areas would be welcome


  32. Rich the finances were south of the LCFCs of this world when the club had to blood a teenage midfield of Denilson Song & Fabregas in the PL.

    Teams in the PL either look to play the way you describe, or they are looking to play with two playmakers. That’s a generalisation but it’s good enough for our purposes.
    Which is why a coach like Pellegrini would’ve been the right choice for AFC not someone who’s have been a fishbot of water at Ajax or…

    Bringing in Emery, with his previous rep, to manage a team with Ozil as it’s star player is either: sabotage of a boot room, a footballing identity, akin to GG blowing up his own title winning team and falling out with most of his players (sound familiar?) for a little bit pension, or the act of a football illiterate.

    I’m not jumping on the AFTV bandwagon. I just don’t admire an overcautious style in football that doesn’t value the midfield: even Benitez…lord almighty Hayden is probably more suited to playing in CM in the PL at this moment then our most prominent midfielder this season (Guendouzi!)
    The three subs, left too late with ten mins to go, none of them a goal scorer, with a goal scorer left on the bench, was not encouraging. But I wish Emery well on Thursday!



  33. Edu Gaspar ey. Post playing career seems he had a job with Corinthians, assisted Carlos Queiroz’s Iran at 2014 world cup (some defensive tips there), then this general co-ordinator job with Brazil national team.

    No idea what latter would involve but got to think he has some pretty deep and good Brazilian connections.

    I liked him as a player. Bit of a reference to just how strong- ah, the days- we must have been that he wasn’t first choice in mid most of his time here. Invincibles season appears to be only one he played loads.


  34. Well Mandy if it is Edu for DoF role or what ever the call it, we do know he has a good knowledge of the workings of the Bosman ruling


  35. The problem with Emery deserving another year with HIS players is that to suit him we get in a totally different set of players suited to a different style. And if that doesn’t work, then what? We hire someone to revert to Wenger’s style, or continue on with Emery’s cutbacks are the key routine?

    Emery and Raul’s vision is inherently short termist and no matter the EL or top 4 or anything, it will push us into being a permanent mid table club.

    And any sentimentality or nurturing environment we’re supposed to have towards the club’s employees has been thrown out the window by these two. So I don’t see why they get the benefit of such niceties as it being only one year.

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  36. Shard@1:30pm, that’s a pretty scary scenario you paint there. A complete loss of identity in as little as 2 seasons…damn! If it happens the blame would have to be on the board or Kroenke for disrespecting the work identity AW had created for us. We could end up even worse than Man Utd scrambling for a new identity.
    Worrying times


  37. Guess you can certainly say that Eduardo!
    As for the clubs vision, probably i interpreted it wrongly ,but was led to believe they would be working towards a firm development type model, young, attacking players that can be bought relatively cheaply, stand a chance of winning things, ideally, keep and develop the best of them, but sold for a lot of money if we really have to let them go. With a few older players on the books going to make way for these changes. Would certainly make sense with our funding and self sufficiency model.
    Hard to see that as things stand, apart from Gwen and AMN, not many kids getting a chance. I hope the club does have such a lofty vision, and that Emery or any who follow him are held to it. Am guessing Edu, should reports be true, will be a major architect should such a vision exist.
    As for Emery, he may have to step outside his comfort zone to survive for too long if this is really the way the club want to go, hope he is up to the task


  38. Mandy and Aman,

    This model of buying young, developing players and selling them on for a profit was and I think remains the plan. Emery was supposed to improve the players we have so as to increase their transfer value (such as with Mustafi and AMN), while Sven was to go about building a side to keep compensating for players gone and to replace underperforming ones. All good so far.

    Except Emery hasn’t shown himself to be the least bit interested in development. Now that Sven’s stats + scouts based approach has been shelved in favour of Raul’s contacts book, I would expect we will keep signing cheaper players and selling them on for a profit, but without much thought to playing to a philosophy of attacking football that Wenger instilled, or that we see in Ajax, and without much ambition to come back to the top.

    Even Edu’s time at Corinthians apparently revolved around his connection to Kia Joorabchian. He was to them what Jorge Mendes is to Wolves apparently. The football part will be increasingly in the hands of our friendly neighbourhood agents. It’s the new business model. Well, new for us. Old news for Raul, and why he’s sabotaged the ‘boot room’ and shaped the club the way he has.

    You know I supported the club through bad results and bad performances. That was because I believed in what the club’s vision was and what they were trying to achieve. What I said here, unfortunately, is just what I see the people at the club now are trying to achieve.

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  39. Great. If that all comes to pass Shard, poor football with no ambition, I suspect the empty seats will return and quick.
    I dont know what the Kroenkes do or dont want from the club, but if they are not too fussed on who is running it, smacks of neglect to me. Why they would want a bunch of agents charging premium prices, as opposed to the Ajax, or Sven route is beyond me, if this does turn out to be the case. Fro what we are told, we cannot afford to exist as some sort of happy hunting ground for so called Super Agents.
    The next year will be interesting, Just hope Edu has a few young Brazilian prospects up his sleeve, but we shall see


  40. great point Shard about getting in Emery players, didn’t Ivan Gazidis say at the time of the appointment that this would not happen, that the head coach would have an input, but would work with the players given, and that the AFC style of play would continue.

    as I’ve said a few times in recent threads, was everything we were told at the time of his appointment and for the first few months of his reign, lies, complete and utter lies.
    I said earlier in the season that the only thing that had changed at Arsenal was the PR, both from the club and the bloggers and of course the big twitter accounts.

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  41. ed
    That was basically the reason Emery got the job. The reasons and expectations given were
    1)Attacking football to build on Wenger’s and Arsenal’s established style
    2) Not needing to rely heavily on the transfer market
    3) Promote the development of youth
    4) Promote and represent well the values of the club
    5) Deep knowledge of all players at the club with specific plans to improve them

    Unai himself promised an attacking style, with pressing football.

    I would have no problem if Unai had delivered worse results while striving to achieve these aims. Instead he’s doing almost the completely opposite, playing horrible football, alienating and pushing out our best players, asking for more transfers,not playing the youth, while delivering minimal improvement in results (compared to our worst season, with a stronger squad)

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  42. GOAL FOR #AFCU18: @Bencottrell8 receives the ball on the counter and tees up @BukayoSaka87, who finds the back of the net from 20 yards 👊 ⚪️ 0-1 🔴 (5) | #U18PL

    Goal for @DCFCAcademy. Brown pounces on a mistake by Smith to level the score… ⚪️ 1-1 🔴 (14) | #U18PL


  43. just noticed that Balogun not in the U18 squad tonight


  44. derby take the lead with a 25 yard skimmer in off the post 2-1


  45. 3-1 now, an even better strike from outside the area, oh no.


  46. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    2m2 minutes ago

    HALF-TIME: @DCFCacademy 3-1 #AFCU18

    @BukayoSaka87 gave us an early lead – but now we’ve got it all to do in the second half 😩

    #U18PL 🏆


  47. its now 4-1 with Derby’s Archie Brown scoring a hattrick, he only had 4 goals all season before this, less than half an hour left for the greatest of great escapes for our lads


  48. How many other Big or nearly big European clubs look to hire a DoF from S.America?

    When Overmars was stalling on a new contract at Ajax?

    I can praise an agent like Sterling’s and Chambo’s whilst still having some critiques about their manner. But do you want to hear what I have to say about the S.American slaver/mafia/agency conglomerates?

    Fook my football boots i’d better keep me gob shut!


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