Arsenal with a Slow Start and a Fast Finish



Well that was a funny old game.

We went one nil down after about twenty minutes and it was lucky it was just one. They were well on top and we looked like a team that’s been shipping goals for fun.

However, HOWEVER !!! I say, then we turned the tide. A beautifully constructed goal involving Ozil Aubameyang and finished by Lacazette seemed to give us a boost of confidence, we got on top and ran out 3-1 winners. It could,and should, have been more too. Aubameyang missed an easy chance and Lacazette missed 2 absolute sitters.

I was surprised when Ozil was subbed off for Mkhitaryan but I have to say that Henrikh did very well for his cameo.

Not wanting to point fingers, but I was happy to see the back of Mateo, to my eyes he had a poor game.

We go to Spain a week tonight full of hope. All in all it was a good night.

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  1. I thought Sokratis really struggled tongiht

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  2. Nice one George, a late goal to help win a game is always a great way to finish an evening kick off!

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  3. Hoping Torreira had a niggle and that’s why he didn’t start!

    It was Lacazette’s close control that took the breath away on first viewing last season.

    Third goal for him for the Arsenal in European SFs. First brace since Steve Bould and only the third after Charlie George (I think).

    Laca entering his prime years…safe to say he’s the closest to RVP in style we’ve had since?

    And obviously a great complement to Auba, both of them outstanding IMO tonight.

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  4. The first 10-15 minutes Özil being starved of the possession and then Valencia’s early goal made it looked like we were in for a long night. Thankfully we got our heads in the game as Laca got quite animated after they scored and it was only right that he started the fight back, after which there was only one team in it. Were forced to with for the that third goal eh.

    Good win and finally we got something to take into Ramsey farewell party at the Emirates.

    Agree on Matty. Few passes he overhit and couple others didn’t got to its intended recipient, he also got robbed of the ball. Got me thinking, after Ainsley strong finish to last season he should’ve been given more chances in central midfield. Hector injury opened up a door for him though and as a developing player I don’t think he disappoint. Would love to see him getting chances there next season though, he got very quick feet.

    PS: Just saw your comment on previous post Mills. Your preview was brilliant and it would’ve been a shame if I bumped it down.

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  5. A game I followed on Twitter and on here, and it seemed to go somehtng like this: keen anticipation, anxiety, growing concern, despair, gallows acceptance, hope, euphoria, complacency, anxiety, slight depression, amazingly brilliant relief. I’m glad to see your comments about Lacazette, Fins. He looks the real deal, and the goals he scores are so often important and game changing ones. Doesn’t it make a difference when good players step up and deliver when it matters, trusting to their own skill rather than straight-jacketed adherence to the coach’s plan. And who am I to know whether or not they are encouraged to do that, especially when transitioning quickly from defence to attack.

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  6. Strange game indeed could of been three down early on and yet in the end we won 3-1 after missing a hat full. Auba and Laca our goal hero’s both wasteful on a night when we could of put the tie to bed.
    After the poor start we have to be very happy with the three goals that did go in and praise the team for grinding out a dominate position.
    I think that the boss should have come off earlier as he seem to be struggling for a while and will surely miss the weekend fixture.
    Strange game and strange individual performances it seems everyone did something good and everyone did something bad but as a team we generally covered each other well and produced a good display.

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  7. Afternoon everyone. Thanks George, nice to see you with a spring in your step again. Thanks Labo, didnt need to, but many thanks.

    Great comments on the game everyone. Ian’s assessment of the ‘strange game’ compliments Georges run through, it was really strange! Felt like the oddest semi Ive ever witnessed, even before the game the atmosphere felt flat, I kept thinking ” is this really a semi?”.I know the EL is looked down on, but winning it does mean a lot. I think we all collectively felt a great relief at goal number three. Its could well be a tough one in Valenicaville, needing cool heads and tough defending, and a nice early goal or two? Early on it seemed that Valencia had really done their homework on Arsenal and they will smart on learning one or two things from last night.

    The club could do with giving the Seaweed a pasting this Sunday, and lets hope for no injuries. Im sure it wont be a popular view, but I would rather rest a lot of top players incase the Seaweed are under instructions to give us a booting and risk a loss in the PL than lose the EL 2nd leg. But I would rather remain injury free and win both games.


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  8. Didn’t see it, but the result is everything, and the result in the end was decent enough, unless we have one of the awayday panics, which can happen with this team..slightly.
    Winning this trophy and all it brings would be hugely important for many obvious reasons.
    Sounds like our strikers did us proud , in goals and work ethic.
    Away, I hope we go for it in Spain. If Emery really is a defensive manager, well, if recent games have taught us anything, our defending Is just isn’t good enough to rely on such tactics. The odd game aside, asking this team to try to win by defending is like asking Jeremy Corbyn to get out there as a rousing cheerleading poster boy for the remainers. Ramsey will be missed, one of the few who runs through the lines to help our forwards supply lines. he had his issues but boy do I miss Alexis, and to a lesser degree,Theo and Ox on that front, Ozil and Mik are different players. Though Iwobi can do wide things on his day.
    Goes without saying, hope we make the champions league, have extra money to spend on the defence, but also attack minded runners who know the width of the pitch who can help Auba and Lacca to new heights at this club.
    Further ahead, without myself really understanding such roles, just hope we get a proper DOF who can set the tone of the club for the next few years or longer, who isn’t put off by the negativity, who is steeped in the true modern tradition of the club, maybe one who worked with Wenger would be nice, just in case Emery really does have any ultra negative agendas. That, and promoting scouts who really understand the club and its recent traditions.
    But well done to them last night.

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  9. Whilst Laca is good in his way, he does not have the all-around goalscoring skills that RVP had.

    I think RVP was as near that one can get to Henry, both being AW’s creations.

    I think it would be a mistake if we went to Spain to defend. That would be playing into Valencia’s hands. We need to attack them and put them on the back foot, whilst not allowing our concentration to falter one iota.

    That means no more suicidal back headers, AMN, please.

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  10. I watched the game expecting us to win, but with no real excitement. Find it difficult to comment on the game because I was very tired when it kicked off and slept off during halftime.

    Glad we won, and I think we are in good position to make the final. Have a feeling we are more likely to meet Frankfurt.

    Still hoping we don’t give up on the league even if we are unlikely to make top 4 because momentum is important. It’s easy to switch off and say it’s all about the EL now, and then not be able to switch on.

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  11. I’m very sorry to hear about your flat semi Mills

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  12. lol! Odd thing was as i wrote that, I too thought thats sound a bit impotent. Heres hoping for something more uplifting soon… (lol), got to be careful of what I write in the future!!!

    I know the Spuds have a on going semi problem, and dont make it to the final according to the stats!!!! Luckily despite all Im not a Spud.(lol)

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  13. Props to Mustafi too, a solid outing to file away alongside his recent efforts as a defensive RB in a four,
    Billy Big Blaggers objectively can’t comment on the actual football, we have observed that it is beyond them!
    But on PA a good football performance will be recorded and acknowledged!

    I’d love to see Mustafi RB (in a four) more often when Bellerin is out if only to free up AMN to play in midfield where he has more credentials, experience etc. then Guendouzi…

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  14. jjgsol

    Thank you for the feedback, very interesting to read your thoughts.

    I’ve never made a connection between RVP and Henry as the variation in speed was or is a big difference for me, but I understand and agree with your meaning.

    Time is still on Laca’s side, we may see him kick on in his game even more if he has better luck with injuries then in his first season. I’m expecting him to improve even if it’s marginal and I can’t see it!!!

    And whilst I’m praising the good performances it would be remiss of me to ignore the referee conducting himself like some kind of professional! Sure he made errors like we all do every day, save that the balance of those few or couple of big errors in the first half in particular wouldn’t have caused a mathematician to laugh! If you know what I Mean.

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  15. Very wary about tomorrow’s game with Greater Manchester’s finest, Taylor yet again, 7th time this season! Still a chance to do Utd a favour.
    Just checking some stats being the sad git that I am, unless things change in the final two games, highly unlikely with the refs we will get, we will have had 8 negative penalty balances ie conceded more than we were given- since 2008/09, yes 8 in 10/11 years! We have been an attacking team, and far cleaner than some I can mention, yet no other team in the upper echelons comes close to these appalling stats.


    In the preceding years going back to 2002 on these records, had only positive penalty balances.
    Something happened around 2008/2009 to change things, perhaps they didn’t like Stan investing, or coincidently the time Mike Riley became head of the PGMOL. Why aren’t the club presenting this type of data to get a more even hand?

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  16. ref doing his utmost to help Tottenham, two clear penalties for Bournemouth and a red for Dier denied, but Son just had to push it.

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  17. Unbelievable, history being made, Spurs down to 9, Foyth with a nasty OTT tackle

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  18. Has the spuds’ cheating finally caught up with them? It’s still too little, too late though!

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  19. Tough job for the PGMOL, they will have to be looking out for Utd, Spuds and Liverpool in the coming days without looking suspicious, not that suspicious has ever bothered Riley

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  20. Yes, they are positively blatant. They clearly know that no one is going to ever mention the Elephant in the room.

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