Emery Played A Blinder.





I think today we got a glimpse of pure Emeryball, effort and commitment first, artistry and style second,or even third. We will have to get used to it and in fairness, if we get three points, that won’t be a chore. For those that think winning is everything, Yipee, we one. Now you can stop reading.

Emery had a clear game plan, the players executed it and we got all three point. That in itself is great. We started well and United started very sluggishly. However, we could have been one down very early if Lukaku had not done an Ozil bounce ,onto the bar, when he should have been sliding it home.

We then got a gift when David de Gea stood and watched Xhaka’s strike go in the middle of the goal. It may have looked like a terrible error from the United stopper but in fairness to him I think it was just a freak shot. Xhaka struck the ball well from about 35  yards, The ball was flying straight ,and him being a left footer,  de Gea would have expected any swerve to go to his left. However, Granit had struck across the ball and it veered violently to his right at the death, leaving the keeper flat footed and looking rather silly. Unlucky for him, but great for us. As in some 80% of PL games, the first goal defines the outcome and this proved to be the case.

For the last hour of the game it was and even game but with United having most of the big chances, fortunately , they missed them. After halftime I thought we were organized and solid and Emery had great tactics in that he left 3 up front, which kept them honest and left us with a threat. Our manager has to be complimented for this as it would have been easy to introduce a defensive minded midfielder and try to shut the game down. But he didn’t and it was a brave for the second time today, the first time being when he started both Ozil and Ramsey. They both had very good games by the way.

Now, for the penalty. Many say it was soft,but given how Lacazette does everything to stay on his feet, even when he should go down, I’m in no doubt it was a penalty. Lacazette won the penalty and was down to take penalties, but he gave it to his friend and strike partner , Aubameyang, who dispatched it. A great bit of class from Lacazette but I’m not sure how well it would have gone down if Aubameyang had missed.

This was a fine result and sets up up well for the run in. But it was hardly us battering them. We could just of easily have lost, given the chances both team created. It was workman like with fine individual performances from many players,Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil and Lacazette all did very well. Oh , and Leno, he had a stormer.

Perhaps United were a bit off their game? Or perhaps we were good enough to knock them off their game? It’s always a good idea to look at the overall performance and seperate it from the score.

All that said, Emery got just about everything right today and we got 3 points against the runaway train.

Enjoy the win and the rest of the week.



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  1. Thanks G.

    I am not sure but I feel the difference for Utd was that they had the skill and creativity of Sanchez & Lingaard behind Lukaku with the pace of Rashford & Martial off the bench for the cup game and today it was the more direct threat of Rashford alongside Lukaku in a two, Marital just coming back from injury and on the bench.

    With the Arsenal closing down the threat from the wings better in the second half though Martial was always going to be a threat when he came on, the tactical tweaks whatever they were by the coaches (i don’t pretend to know!) worked well alongside the performances from the central defenders (forgot to mention Monreal earlier who was great!) and midfielders closing it all down. I felt Utd didn’t have the creativity in possession today without Lingaard or Mata.

    Arsenal did play with panache at times, in difficult changing conditions, & with Utd allowed to be more physical. I give praise to this performance especially after a confidence sapping midweek result when everything thstbcould go wrong, went wrong. If Emery felt comfortable enough to put on Eddie then he was feeling more comfy then usual!

    I’d like to be the fly on the wall when the coaches watch Rambo in CM (for the first time this season!) again on the laptop.

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  2. < not forgetting the extra fatigue and less rest for the many of the Gunners on the pitch. And AMN who was one of the fresh players for the Arsenal had cramp late on as it's been a while since he played a full ninety minutes.
    There was a bit more space on the pitch for Utd in those last thirty minutes but on first impressions, without having checked the stats, they seemed less dangerous then in the first half.

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  3. Rambo didn’t get to enjoy the three points in his last NLD though he of course scored a great goal to earn one, & he helped to earn a crucial victory in his last game against the big money rivals he rejected in order to sign for the Arsenal.

    Aaron Ramsey. Legend.

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  4. An element of positive selection by Emery, some excellent performances, a good day at the office.
    Made even better by seeing Phil Neville crying on motd, apparently they should have won by two or three in his world.
    Will always be good to beat them

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  5. ‘However, Granit had struck across the ball and it veered violently to his right at the death, leaving the keeper flat footed and looking rather silly.’

    Also noted he struck that shot into 15-20mph winds. A sphere is gonna’ veer. That’s physics. But a break we may have earned from our effort.

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  6. Am gonna hold up my hand and admit I expected another negative counter-attacking Arsenal vs a negative counter-attacking United. When the teams were announced I was bowled over by Unai’s selections. Forced or unforced, it was positive front-footed line-up compromising Arsenal’s best players. Who would have thunk that? I commented on twitter it would have been a major surprise for Solskjaer as he must have been expecting a similar line-up as he did for Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool. Unai had “out-tacticed” the Ole Gunner to borrow from Big Sam. I am not a tactics guy but in the first half we dominated central midfield but both teams were having major success attacking down their respective left flanks. We deserved our lead but tbf they had their chances and squandered them. Am not sure it was a tactical masterclass. Their tactic was to become more physical, to disrupt our possession and get Pogba more involved down the middle which was very productive. But their physicality was their undoing leading to that pen. And that was all she wrote.

    Major takeaway: How in the hell will we replace Ramsey when he leaves in the summer. He was central to our midfield dominance on both the attacking and defensive side. This is the type of massive, team-leading performances that we have come to rely on in all our big games in the last 5-6 years. Whoever let him leave on a free should have been fired a long time ago. It is inexplicable.

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  7. Orbinho
    ‏ @Orbinho
    7h7 hours ago

    Mesut Ozil with four chances created today – the most in the game. He has created 34 this season, which is more than any other player and interesting given the lack of playing time

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  8. Stuart MacFarlane
    ‏ @Stuart_PhotoAFC
    3h3 hours ago

    Moment of the game for me. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with Alex Lacazette before taking Arsenal’s penalty for the 2nd goal. #afc #arsenal #Laca #Auba

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  9. Credit to Unai Emery, he unhooked the trailer and Arsenal played to their potential. Humbling the crap out of all things Manutd and some Spurs fans too who involved themselves in this battle, except Jenas and the younger Neville of course, they’re too thick-skinned. Dunno what the hell was up with Ian Wright, he looked bitter as can be during the post-match review last night, almost sad.

    If I was George I’d be gloating, he took a lot of flak on twitter for refusing to see the team better off without both Ramsey and Özil in the starting lineup. But he’s such a better person than I am.

    Moving on to Rennes: if we beat them by the scoreline, last Thursday’s away trip there will be all forgotten.

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  10. well on reflection we got lucky, very lucky, for once, as well as everyone played, utd had all the big chances, easy chances, lukaku really cocked up with that one that hit the bar, they also hit the post, Leno was very much in the running for our Man of the Match, and this despite the defense and midfield really putting in a shift, but we were opened up a lot, our first goal was as much down to a De Gea mistake as it was to anything wonderful Xhaka did, our second was the kind of penalty we never get, but should, but also it was from a Man Utd point of view, very needless, it was silly form the defender, Lacazette looked to be heading no where, also PEA’s actual penalty was as poor as his one v spurs last week, it totally relied on the keeper going the wrong way. Not a good style of penalty taking as far as I’m concerned.
    We have many times totally dominated utd in these games, only to end up somehow on the wrong end of the result, so I’m not complaining, and I would suggest that its this fact that has so many elevating this performance way above what it actually was.

    Regardless of performance, its a result business, and we got the result, it now means top 4 destiny is in our own hands, win all 8 remaining games and we are certain to finish top 4. We have only 3 home games remaining, 5 away, and this is the rub, we’ve won only 2 of our last 11 away games in all competitions, and those were v Blackpool in the FAC and Huddersfield in the league, and its 2 wins in last 10 away BPL games, Bournemouth and Huddersfield. So an almost complete turn around in our away results is needed if we are to fight off Spurs, Man Utd and Chelsea in our battle for a top 4 place. Yes we don’t have any of the top 6 to play in our last 8 games, but in those last 10 away games we lost to Southampton and West Ham, and drew with Crystal Palace and Brighton, so we certainly can’t take Everton, Watford Leicester, Wolves,and Burnley lightly, now can we.

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  11. it seems Gedion Zelalem leaving Arsenal for Major League Soccer in the USA, a massive talent whose career stalled due to injuries.

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  12. To paraphrase you Eddie: if Mustafi did what Fred did on that Lacazette penalty it would have broken the internet.

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  13. oh labo I am not saying it was not a penalty, just that its the sort we seldom if ever get, and from a utd point of view it was madness from their defender as lacca was heading down a dead end

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  14. 2 years ago Arsenal set record for most points to not get top 4 place, think it was 75 pts, it looks like that record might very well be broken this season

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  15. a possible slight advantage Arsenal have over our 3 other top 4 rivals is we don’t have any of the top 6 to play while each of our rivals have 2 each to play

    spurs have liverpool and man city away

    man utd have man city and chelsea at home

    chelsea have liverpool and man utd away

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  16. I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the reactions of those pundits who argue tooth and nail that players got every right to go down at the slightest of contacts sneer “never a penalty”… but can’t help think “do they even hear themselves”.

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  17. Shotta,

    I wrote afte the cup game against Utd that I felt the 4231 was the wrong option for a stuttering leg Gunners side at the time against dangerous opponents playing two very good strikers and couldn’t understand why the coach who’d been playing a three at that time more often chose not to for that particular game.
    So reverting to a reliable three at the back with the proven pair of Ramsey and Xhaka who’ve beaten champions in cup finals ahead of three was not a bad move! Finally. Better late then never…

    …the club might be able to replace Ramsey.
    In a decade? If they’re lucky? Though there’s no guarantee that the Nelson’s or Eddie’s will hit the same heights in their respective positions, or exhibit the same character as seen in players like Ramsey and Bellerin, players and more importantly characters who’ve never won the plaudits by from Billy Big Blagger or the Sports Communicationss peddlers but are admired by everyone in the game and beyond.

    If the club’s Values have changed then they won’t attract and keep such admirable talents and characters like they have been able to do whilst not being able to offer as much wonga as others, as there will be nothing left to make up the difference. Simple maths really but as we have seen simple sums and means can be very challenging lol!

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  18. Good point, a few middling teams and some cloggers, I write with maximum respect of course, to play in the run in.
    We know what such teams and players have done to us in the past. No more Charlie Austin and Shane long this season, but similar exist elsewhere, waiting for a certain breed of British style ref to help them ambush us,so nothing should be taken for granted. Wolves, Everton , Watford and Leicester, some will certainly bring their physical, diving, perhaps hoof ball game to our away fixtures, emery will need to be ready.
    I am also quite sure we haven’t seen the last of the PGMOLs exploits as we attempt to drive the monied, the influential,and media darlings from the top four. At least one of our rivals seems incapable of any PGMOL enforcement of the games laws, as we saw again this weekend, Spurs get another offside goal and should have had two red cards.
    But at least our last few league performances have provided very decent grounds for hope. Perhaps the players are getting more used to what UE wants.
    More of what we saw for much of yesterday will do this team a power of good.

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  19. Forgot to mention Burnleh away, a Sean Dyche kick fest if ever there will be one!
    He appears to hate us as much as Pulis, still, we are just a little bit better than them

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  20. Not trying to get ahead of myself, and obviously have taken on board those comments about away form, the PGMOL and kickfest – but when might St.Totteringham’s Day fall this year?

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  21. At moment I’ve settled into very result-focused watching of us, with top four battle foremost in mind, so not thinking too much about performance, though it all still registers I suppose.

    Top four and I will consider it a successful season, and be very pleased with our finances getting the CL boost. I’m glad to be well positioned for that fight, but there seems no getting around it we likely have to find our best away form it this season or last to seal the deal.

    If rivals drop enough points, and they do all have some games against each other, maybe we can drop points in 2 or 3 of those away games- not sure- but without doing any calculating it feels like it’s more likely to be 1 or 2 we can get away with.

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  22. I’m sure Mikey O Riley is doing his maths homework already

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  23. Although we don’t have to play any of the top six we do have the least home games. We have five away games where so far this season our form hasn’t been great.
    Manure have five at home and also play Cardiff and Huddersfield in the last two games so I still think their favourites for third.
    I think we may need 7 wins from our final eight games to get top four which is a tough ask.

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  24. Now performance wise…gotta say the lack of defensive security alarms the hell out of me.

    It meant that while yesterday was a day to be happy, with the result we wanted, plenty of top performances, good moments in attack, midfield, defence. goalkeeper…very obviously it could easily have gone the other way, a number of times (if that makes sense)

    I guess simple truth is probably that while I accept our place as being a team who fight for top four there’s always the other part of me evaluating us against what I want us to be, a team who can challenge for title.

    On that level we look like a team who can’t keep it nearly tight enough at the back if we play offensively; and aren’t likely to offer enough threat going forward nor be mean enough in defence, if we try play defensively.

    Like said ,though, I am pretty much completely reconciled to it being all about top four this stage, and additionally I have the normal unfocused hopes that we can be a stronger team next season.

    These last two results were huge. Now fingers crossed, but first the hope we can pull off something special on Thurs.

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  25. Ian

    Doof. Seven from eight is a huge ask. That’s kinda why I didn’t want to attempt any calculations.

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  26. I know the man has scored two FA Cup winners, but this may have been Aaron Ramsey’s finest hour. His commitment to a cause he’ll no longer be a part of in four months is just incredible.

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  27. Watched bit of that Charlton first half on weekend and Bielik had some seriously impressive moments.

    Got a bad feeling he’ll exit club in summer though.

    One year left on contract apparently at that point, and he strikes me as someone who is very keen to get on with career and won’t sign on again unless he thinks he’s firmly in first team reckoning.

    Will a good loan in League one be enough for us to feel sure enough about him to convince him that is the case? Even then, words, might well not do the trick and like many a young player now he could easily say ‘show me the game time’ and hold off signing until he gets it.

    Tricky situation. Not necessarily any fault with the club either in how it has gone so far or will go in future. Definitely one I’d regret seeing leave though as there’s serious potential for him to be a very special player.

    Think he’s headed off to u21 Euro’s this summer, so long as fit, which isn’t guaranteed as his record is patchy- perhaps that could be the decisive moment. A strong showing there could give the club a much better indication of where he’s at than in league one, where if Saturday was a guide, it looks oh so easy for him at times. Never know he could end up playing against Guendouzi if France there as well.

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  28. Nice write up, thanks to whoever did it.

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  29. Rich I don’t mind a dangerous opponent the in form team in the league with four of the best strikers in the league in their squad having some decent chances in a contest.

    It’s getting outgunned at home against Cardiff that was slightly disturbing!

    Fortunately since then the coaches have managed to rediscover the magic formula of playing the best footballers at the football club more regularly. Sounds crazy, I know, but that’s the story! Though you wouldn’t have heard it if you’d have been listening to the strangely blinkered bleatings from Billy Big Blagger and The Sports Communications massive (allegedly professional as in paid for PR consultants).

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  30. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    1m1 minute ago

    HALF-TIME: #AFCU23 0-0 #EFCU23

    @XavierAmaechi and @TyreeceJJ9 have threatened in moments, but we’re yet to break the deadlock 👀

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  31. Arsenal Academy
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalAcademy
    2m2 minutes ago

    A well-earned point for #AFCU23 against table toppers @Everton ✅

    Well played, lads 👊 #PL2

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  32. Fins,

    Suspect you’re right I shouldn’t be too harsh about Utd getting good chances against us. My instincts are to hate any side getting good chances against us, and I’m aware that’s pretty much irrational, and could always easily lead to daft judgements and way too much harshness about our performances.

    By my reactions over years, it appears what I truly want is something like us being able to regularly put together performances like the Villa cup final, against even our biggest rivals : clear superiority, control, strong in attack while defensively secure, very nearly impervious to the role of luck, chance, randomness. Flat out better and with an excellent chance of victory

    I suppose basically I want a sense that if game was played again repeatedly we’d get the positive result more or much more often than not.

    I’m always having to try impose realism against what I’d ideally like to see, and Utd game is a pretty good example of it.

    Purely on finances, we’d have to be doing extremely well- distinctly overachieving, in short- to be resounding favourites against Utd in any game. Especially now Mou’s gone, anyway!

    Guess there’s nowt wrong with hoping to be such a team, though, so long as it doesn’t become demanding it.

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  33. So according to the vampire brigade:

    Emery’s braveness in selecting Ramsey in midfield was “vindicated”…

    He showed “attacking intent!” (In a must win game given the number of Away fixtures coming up).


    This, my friends, is what we call “Sports Communications” on behalf of Raul and his Boyos.

    Ignore the chat in the stands all season long, the concerns the average fan has with the persons attempting to hide in the shadows behind the new coach. Which has nothing to do with AW and anyone attempting to claim that’s the issue is only demeaning themselves.

    The Billy Big Blagger has completely destroyed any remaining credibility they had left with these comments. After the gegenpressing nonsense from pre-season quantitively showed the divergence between their opinions and he Football on the football pitch! Lol?

    I’d prefer to watch some gibbering clowns on AFTV Media bounce up and down then have such nonsense inflicted upon my ear drums.
    It is better content then the equivalent of a badly done high school PR /marketing exercise.

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  34. < though I will forever remain grateful for the failed attempt to paradoy the Ozil instagram post.

    That was a work of beauty.

    A greater expression of delusional narcissism will be hard to find in this universe. I for one am grateful for such things.

    The Arsenal footballers made a show of shaking Ozil's hand as he walked off the pitch. Yet again a very public display of support for their teammate.
    The Arsenal fans have also been making a very pubic display of affection for both this player and Ramsey in recent weeks, though of course the lying clowns can't tell their listeners that! The players and others can be observed to excelled at their Sports Communications.
    The footage of the older brother/cousin getting Ozil's shirt for the child in his charge for the day brought a smile to the face of most Arsenal fans. We have players in this squad who understand that you can express these ineffable Values without even having to utter a word to the cameras. And when they do speak like Bellerin, they speak with grace efficiency and directness, the Arsenal RB drove the stake through the heart of AFTV's credibility, they have been dismissed and these other blood suckers are left just hanging on now.

    Back to school for our Sports Communications/PR clowns.

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  35. Rich

    I felt we were fortunate that the better technicians for Utd were not on the pitch.

    Both their early goals in the cup game came from outstanding examples of skill and quality. Maybe the younger Leno might have had the speed to close down the wriggling Sanchez, but maybe not given that Sanchez’s first touch is a little bit more, um, reliable then the £75M cart horse (he’s not a bad player but let’s be fair anyone who spent that much money on him is taking the piss! Raul probably thinks it was a good deal…).

    Similarly Arsenal’s opponents over midwinter were fortunate that Ramsey and Ozil weren’t on the pitch, often with Xhaka also missing (CB…? Was it a bad dream…?), this midfield triumvirate had he quality and took control of the game on Sunday for the first quarter and did dominate the midfield until the opposition made some changes.

    These top level contests are like heavyweight bouts for me when at their best, you can’t dominate the opposition for ninety mins but you can enjoy the see saw ride especially when your team win!

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  36. Fins

    We were wrong to ask Emery to do what he’s now doing because he’s now doing it.

    Also, it was right to freeze Ozil out and terrible for him to put out that photo after we lost to Bate, which was the player’s fault for not executing the manager’s plans, which have now changed to include Ozil because he’s now doing what Emery wanted.

    If those sentences are confusing that’s not my fault.

    Btw, I’m not anti-Emery. I don’t think Emery is inherently defensive minded either. But I won’t just swallow the nonsense from Raul and Kroenke. Letting Ramsey go for free is the opposite of careful financial management, and the talk of respecting values to that is salt in the wounds.

    The team and the coach now seem to share a vision, and it is showing in performances more. The results were always ok because shock horror, Wenger actually left us with a good squad and the funds (and structure – now destroyed) to add to it.

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  37. Shard

    We were also wrong to predict that both the best footballers at the club would return to the the football pitch when the football coach’s job was on the line.

    The Arsenal fans showed their feelings with a fair few songs for Rambo yesterday. Mirroring the praise for Ozil the other week, ignoring poor Miki hehe! A clear and unambiguous expression.

    There are very strong parallels with the Bellerin take down of AFTV in this moment. When the Sports Communications consultants are arguing against the footballers of the football team they say they support then their remaining credibility (not much!) on the football has been placed by their own hands where it belongs:

    Into the bin.

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  38. fins

    I’m not sure Emery would have brought Ozil back into the fold even after the Bate loss. He, like all good coaches are, is stubborn. I don’t know what went down between the two, and I’m guessing there was also a direction from Mr Ras-Al-Gul to push him out.

    If the rest of the players hadn’t intervened, I’m thinking Ozil would still be in deep freeze. But the players didn’t believe in what was happening on the pitch while Mesut had his feet up, and the moment he’s back they played with much more joy and showed him their appreciation whenever they could.

    Ozil is quiet and unassuming for the most part, but he is a fierce and smart cookie. He’s nobody’s fool, nor does he suffer them easily. Ozil won this round, and so Unai and Arsenal get to win too. Because Ozil represents Arsenal values. Ras-Al-Gul came out of the Lazarus pits with his League of Agents in tow.

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  39. Fins

    ‘These top level contests are like heavyweight bouts for me when at their best, you can’t dominate the opposition for ninety mins but you can enjoy the see saw ride especially when your team win!’

    I like that. On subject of them possessing quality, I hadn’t appreciated how good their move was which culminated with Xhaka making that tremendous last ditch tackle/block on Rashford. Was very near perfect.

    I’m still holding onto them being low on quality, in elite terms, in the build up phase should opponents ever sit deep against them and force them to play without final third space and counter opportunities. Similar vein, it’s not quite the Utd of myth to be so heavily geared to counter attacking football, nor is it, arguably, fitting for one of the world’s richest clubs to play like that.

    They do have me a bit worried though that with the right signings they could evolve rapidly, keeping a similar counter threat but improving in possession style.

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  40. Shard

    Now that The Jokers have been telling their audience the Arsenal fans for months that the Arsenal footballers haven’t a clue I can finally see the insane humour.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t laugh at the cackling maniacs as they throw themselves into a vat of boiling acid in what is a genuinely tragic example of self harm (for the Arsenal) in full view of the watching football world, but it is funny.

    The League of Extraordinary Gentleman including heroes like Pat Rice and Bob Wilson, and now including Aaron Ramsey and others in the current squad trumps the weird inbred Wexit acolytes and scary clowns from the League of Gentlemen every time.

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  41. You could almost call them the Bane of our existence.

    Btw, did you see the fantastic NEW policy announced by Ras and Jaash (slow drawl)

    Players to be SOLD if they refuse to enter negotiations with 2 years left on their contracts. Hmm. I could swear I had heard Wenger say multiple times that with 2 years to go you need to know what you’re going to do with players. It’s almost as if players have some agency over their futures, that all policy needs some exceptions under certain circumstances, and that not everything needs to be announced. But where would be the personal acclaim in that eh?

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  42. Strange that even moneybags city are struggling to get players tied down quickly to deals. If I’m an agent and I know the manager and the club want to keep my player I’m going to hard ball for as long as possible.
    I’m sure we are going to see a regular updating of the squad and that means sales however players like Papa who have performed well have a good shelf life and a better value at the club than if he was sold won’t be moved on.
    Another point is who sells first and then looks for a replacement, the fate of these players could depend on many factors, how easily they can be replaced what is the cost and availability. If there is a fantastic youth player in their position then the door may be slightly more ajar. Nothing regarding players is ever so black and white, the policy may be an aspiration but definitely not written in stone.

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  43. If I were an agent and I know this is your policy, I wouldn’t agree to more than a 3 year deal when signing for you. Get a new contract every year, or have the freedom to move on. If the club don’t like it, I guess I still get a move.

    These things often have unintended consequences. What about a guy who wants to stay and is a valuable squad player but hasn’t been offered a new contract with 2 years left. He now thinks/knows you want to sell him or at least don’t value him. Does he play as hard? Do you keep selling and buying all the time?

    It makes no sense to announce this. Rather than making you stronger, it’s making a rod for your own back. No one ever announced 1 yr rolling contracts for over 30, nor when it was modified. No one announced a ‘socialist’ wage even when it was discussed. Nor an end to it. It was just done as and when deemed necessary.

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  44. Alex Lacazette is now eligible for Thursday’s Europa League clash with Rennes after his Uefa ban was reduced to two matches.

    Our striker was initially serving a three-match ban following a red card in our last-32 first-leg game against BATE Borisov, but will now be able to play in this week’s match having already served his reduced two-match ban.

    The Uefa Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body’s decision reads as follows:

    “The appeal lodged by Arsenal FC has been partially upheld. To suspend the Arsenal FC player Alexandre Lacazette for two (2) Uefa competition matches for which he would be otherwise eligible for serious rough play.

    “Note: Lacazette has already served the two-match suspension following Arsenal FC’s Uefa Europa League matches – round of 32 second-leg match against BATE Borisov on February 21, and round of 16 first-leg match against Rennes on March 7.”

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  45. but shard where was this actually announced, there is nothing that I can see on Arsenal.com, the only places seem to be in the redtops going on twitter comments from fans who attended a fans forum, and even then its being said that it is players who have broken off talks that will be sold.
    is there actually a transcript anywhere

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  46. Daniel Ballard has received his first senior call-up to the Northern Ireland squad ahead of their vital Euro 2020 qualifiers.

    The 19-year-old has heavily impressed at under-23 level this season, making 17 appearances in the Premier League 2 and Checkatrade Trophy.

    Under the guidance of Freddie Ljungberg, Ballard has developed a reputation as a tough-tackling defender who’s willing to put his body on the line – and over the course of the next month, he has the opportunity to further his development by linking up with Northern Ireland’s senior squad for two Euro qualifiers.

    The games will be played as under…

    Northern Ireland v Estonia
    UEFA Euro qualifier
    Thursday, March 21
    Kick-off: 7.45pm (UK time)

    Northern Ireland v Belarus
    UEFA Euro qualifier
    Sunday, March 24
    Kick-off: 7.45pm (UK time)

    Best of luck, Danny!

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  47. Team head to Dubai for training camp and match ✈️
    Arsenal Media 12 Mar 2019
    Team in training

    The team is heading to Dubai during the forthcoming international break for a training camp and a match against Al-Nasr Dubai SC.

    The match, which kicks off at 6pm local time on Tuesday, March 26, will mark the formal opening of the newly built Al Maktoum Stadium.

    Tickets for the game priced at AED 100 (category 3) and AED 150 (category 2) will go on sale on Saturday, March 16 through Platinum List and onsite at Al Nasr’s, Al Maktoum Stadium.

    During the five-day trip, the squad will visit the Rashid Paediatric Centre and the palace of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance.

    Emirates Airline, whose partnership with the club is one of the most recognisable and longstanding in the world of sport, will be helping to bring us to Dubai, and will be supporting the visit by connecting fans in the UAE with the club.

    Head coach Unai Emery will use the training camp as a key part of our preparations for the run-in and the Premier League home fixture against Newcastle United on Monday, April 1.

    He said: “It will be great to get some warm weather training and break up the usual routine as we enter the final stage of the season. The facilities in Dubai are fantastic and it will be an honour to be part of the formal opening ceremony for the new stadium.”

    We’ve played Al Nasr once before, back in November 1976. Malcolm Macdonald, John Matthews and John Radford were on target in a 3-1 victory.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the sourc

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