Arsenal Go Cherry Picking.


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Well that was lovely, wasn’t it?

Emery made six changes and we scored five goals. No one can complain about that.

We started with two creative players in mkhitaryan and Ozil and low and behold, we created tings. Things like goals and stuff. Hennrikh with a goal and two assists and Mesut with a goal and an assist. Both played well and as a result, the team played well. I would have prefered to see us with four at the back from the off, but the result justifies the selection, I suppose.

People were baming young Matteo for the goal we let in  but I felt he was clearly fouled and the goal should never have stood. After that he was targeted and I felt he stood up to it well.

We have to remember that Bournemouth have lost 8 away games on the trot and shipped a load of goals in the process, but still, we comprehensively beat what was in front os us, so well done Emery and the lads.

Some of our attacking play was glorious, with Mesut being the orchestra leader, he really is a joy to watch.

We go into the NLD on Saturday lunch time only four points behind them and them struggling for form. I expect Ramsey and Xhaka to come in and that could mean Musut is back on the bench. Personally I think that would be madness, but we shall see.

This was a game where our performance matched the result. Lovely stuff.

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  1. Mesut Özil really makes us tick. I love watching him do his thing on the pitch. The victory was great and the goals welcome, but there’s still work to do defensively. The last 20 minutes of the first half were chaotic and frustrating to watch, fortunately we were only up against a rubbish Bournemouth team so we were not made to pay for it. Anyway we won in the end, which is what counts and it was especially gratifying to see the return of a more attacking formation and performance.

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  2. Thanks George,
    Playing every three days I won’t grumble about only one of the club’s two best footballers being selected to play in the football team, specially when Ozil had a horrific 2018 with injuries.

    Much better then midwinter when neither were being selected and with only one fit CB barely available it wasn’t the best footy we have seen.

    With the season on the line the manager appears to have found the ability to pick Ozil and Ramsey, I still hope it’s all fitness related as otherwise it doesn’t reflect well on the new gaffer and only a non-jammy ill fated doughnut could tie themselves into a stale torus knot whilst pretending otherwise.

    Fortunately with returning CBs and some stability back in the squad with less idiocy compounding the injuries and reducing the squad to it’s knees, with a stronger squad then last season. As I wrote after the new year with no further big injuries I’ve been hoping for a return to some consistent better form. Can’t happen overnight but some better signs.

    Don’t expect both Chelsea and Utd to drop out the running, squads are so strong & with Utd now playing their best footballers (ducking weird innit hahaha *sobs*) at least one will finish the season well – I certainly enjoyed the Tottenham result. Wow. That own goal.

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  3. Some of that was a joy to watch and a priveledge to be there. Ok, opposition accepted,but still a very good team performances. Our magnificent creatives take the plaudits and rightly so, but they all played a part. Our forwards had a good day, I really hope Lacca is with us for a very long time., the more defensive Mfs for the most part effectively worked incredibly hard and balanced the team. Gwen was targeted after their goal, which looked a certain foul to me, our French youngster looked shaken for a bit but recovered his composure and got on with it.we could have had more, looked at least one decent shout for a pen, from my distance anyway.
    One thing I found significant, the players seemed to be really enjoying it, helping themselves to a feast of bounty for much of the game.
    We all know that Emery is more cautious than Wenger in terms of formation, I am sure he has reason to be, not being a manager of the club of two decades standing, I cannot see him playing two creatives against tougher opps no matter how much the fans and players enjoyed last night. I suspect a case of fun fun fun til Emery takes Ozil away, but we shall see.
    We now face a wounded animal, a very divey wounded animal adept at faking wounds.but our players should go to that game with great confidence.
    We didn’t win a trophy or take down a giant or a rival, but last night was just one of those sporting joys, for me at least.

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  4. I think the players really love Mesut back having on the pitch after founding himself on the fringes. Papa mark his twitter even with a YaGunnersYa

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  5. You’ve got to feel for Emery. He obviously knows how to set up a team to play attacking football. But too often he does not play our best players even when fit. Tactical reasons or policy? My position has evolved over time and I am clear Emery, like Wenger, has to comply with policy.
    One thing is clear, however, not playing the best players does not work.

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  6. I had an inkling beforehand that Ozil would score having seen him on Saturday, and what an important player he is when on top form. Those chip finishes of his seem to work in the way that a downward strike of a golf club sends the ball in the air due to the natural loft of the club: quite extraordinary stuff, and a privilege to watch him.

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  7. Ozil’s not a goal scorer.

    But he has a trademark finish.

    To anyone who thinks he is on the same levels as mere mortals like Mata or D.Silva, great players that they are, my advice would be: stop snorting bleach.

    “Tactical reasons”?

    I’m glad Billy Big Blagger was employed to convey such Sports Communications on behalf of the Raul and the Boys from Brazil. The Scarfists have been observed to be protecting the very type of person the day they are against in Football. Which is mad, and very, very: funny.

    Billy Big Blagger/AFTV media have:
    Zero credibility left.

    We all owe a debt of gratitude to Ozil and Bellerin for turning the taps back on this shower of parasites. They did the club a great service.

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  8. Any chance of St Kane being charged and banned for what was a very soft headbutt, but an invasive action that maybe against the rules, one which others have been banned for.
    Thought not.
    Wish John Cross would just let it go in his love Spurs and their manager, he is clearly gutted at their recent Spursyness, and we all know, being an Arsenal fan and journalist, he has to try harder, but some of his scribblings are becoming quite sickening. Fulsome praise for Poch for apologizing to Mike Dean, but never a mention on this manager, scarred by Michael Owen in 2002, sending out players drilled and instructed to cheat referees and opponents on an industrial scale, as we will no doubt witness next game.

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  9. quote Rich

    Was indeed a foul on Guendouzi

    Commentator did that weird thing on replay of suddenly not having opinion of own and weaselling out with ‘referee didn’t think that was a foul’, as clear foul is shown. Didn’t cost us tonight thankfully.

    yeah its amazing how the dress it up when its Arsenal,
    look at ian wright making all sorts of excuses for Kane’s head into the cfc player, according to wrong wrong wrong its only been mentioned cos people want to get at Harry Kane, really that is what he said, but then both he and Shearer said that was not a dive by the city player for the penalty, now I want city to beat LFC to the title, but that was a clear dive

    I think there is far too much closeness between pundits and journos with the players, well with some of them, you notice how they call certain players by their first names, its Harry this, Deli that, Mo the other etc etc, when was the last time Ian Wright referred to one of the Arsenal players by his first name

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  10. from Emery’s comments re Ozil and the upcoming spurs game, I feel we will see Mesut on the bench on Saturday

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  11. Eds
    After the complaints from clubs and coaches and players lifted the lid on Danny Murphy’s employment by Sporting Agencies and Agents it is clear:

    The majority of the plundits are Sports Communications agents (PR reps) for a multi-billion industry.

    I appreciate that some twerps will take offence at such observation and tragically, self-defeatingly, play the petty jingoism card but the fact of the matter is people in the sport of cricket have taken the former England cricket captain to task for exactly the same hawking of his clients whilst working as a plundit.

    If anyone, particularly any Billy Big Blagger, has some kind of a psychological or marketing (hehe!) problem with football fans discussing modern sport then that is their problem and not anyone else’s!

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  12. Taylor and Fatty Moss on Saturday, oh dear

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  13. I laughed at Shearers analysis of the Trippier own goal, totally blamed Loris, and despite the close up replays showing Trippier did not look back to see where Loris was at all, Shearer went on about how he had looked to see where the goalies was, used the long range video to show this, but ignored the video that clearly shows he only looks at the ball, he is looking down all the time, the own goal was completely on Trippier, but he is one of those nice England hero’s from their heroic world cup campaign of last summer, so its not his fault.

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  14. Don’t want to say too much and jinx the man but very pleased with how Kos’ comeback has gone so far.

    My gloomy mind made it all too easy to believe ‘long term achilles problem plus achilles rupture’ could be the end of him, so it is really good to see an old favourite back, helping team and clearly enjoying being there.

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  15. Yesterday was great but I still think we’re pretty set for sixth. If we were to win the next two however anything is possible, well third anyway.
    spuds home form is better than our away form although a Derby is a Derby so you don’t know what’s going to happen. I think I would be more inclined to start defensive on Saturday but formation and personnel is all up to Unai so I’ll let him decide.

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  16. By way, there could, in time, be a new one for malcontents to moan about in vein of Gnabry- Kris Olsson.

    Kept track of him quite a lot first couple of years after he left as i liked him as player; not done so for a while so didn’t see he moved on to Krasnodar for 4.5 million in Jan and has just got into Sweden team.

    Highlights are a very good watch of his time in Sweden.

    Quite a few former academy players from roughly same group making good careers for themselves at moment : Gnabry, Hayden, Kamara, Olsson, Chuba impressing in Greece.

    Good to see. May be plenty more younger ones in years to come as well. Bennacer certainly looks to be going places. Malen. Jeff.

    Too long to watch it all but goals and assists at beginning are nice

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  17. Eds

    That would require an admission that the England full back does not have the top level technique required at the top of the game.

    If anyone thinks being able to admit that you need more skill in the modern game is anti-English then: Association Football is no longer the sport for you!

    I’m still sore about Shearer’s poor technique in the foul costing Sol Campbell and England a WC SF place.

    Not as bad for a striker ignoring an easy pass for a teammate to score an open goal in a WC SF, like Kane ignoring Sterling and going for the head butting glory.

    Imagine the coverage if it had been Sterling who acted so selfishly as captain on the biggest stage? LOL?

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  18. Loved Lacazette’s technique on the free kick.

    He’s a strong athlete but I’m not sure he’d be as good a footballer if his technique was shite!!!!

    Controversial stuff. Apparently. I know…

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  19. fins there was nothing lacking in his skill of the pass, it was clear as day that what trippier lacked was the calmness to actually take a look to see where his keeper was, this despite him having lots of time to do so. Maybe he had a worry over his level of skill to preform the actual skill of the pass back and so panicked and took no look,

    on calmness, annoyed that ian wrong wrong wrong and alan butthead shearer did not notice how Mesut shaped up like he was going to curl the ball around the keeper but then calmly sidefooted the ball to Mkhitaryan to fire into an empty net, Ozil the Relic of the modern game that he is.

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  20. Taylor at the weekend. Ok!
    This is an opportunity for the PGMOL to hinder Arsenal, help a media darling who are having a wobble, and perhaps, most important of all, Riley can again ride to the rescue of his fave north west giant, as, this time, Utd look to secure a place in the top 4 this season, a move that will surely please not only Riley, but his brand conscious bosses.
    Sounds too good to be true for the PGMOL, so many clear benefits from a single match for their boss.
    I hope our boys are prepared for all manner of shenanigans

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  21. Harry Kane cleared to play in NLD v Arsenal after Andre Marriner tells FA he saw clash with Azpilicueta,

    so surely the FA should be suspending Marriner for a game or two, as any ref who sees that and takes no action, even a booking, is not fit to Ref.

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  22. Mighty interesting selection for weekend. Damned if I can do it.

    Laca starting, Auba bench…maybe. I’m almost sure it would be a good idea to give confident, in form Ozil a crack at them, though not nearly as sure as some of you are, I think, he should definitely start. My reasoning for is that, beyond his great quality, if not now when, in terms of big away game against top six team?

    3 or two cb’s? Ramsey coming in fresh to face old enemy? Revitalised Mkhi? Iwobi in good place? Xhaka back with Torreira? I honestly haven’t a clue how we should or will play it.

    Things to consider are that Spurs will, obviously, play with plenty of aggression, and likely get away with lots. More importantly, they will be happy to defend, draw us on, and play balls over top into space. Son a big threat both with that and with picking up ball and driving at us.

    Thankfully, we’ve a few confidence boosting wins and needed points in the bag, so that gives a better platform if we want to try go right at them from off with an attacking team, but i am pretty much torn between that and emphasising defence early on, trying to give nothing away cheaply, and then look to grow into it form there.

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  23. well Mandy if we can beat spurs then we will be 1pt off spurs, utd could be 2pts off them and CFC could be 4pts behind with a game in hand, meaning spurs right in battle for 3rd and 4th spots, with still game to play v city, liverpool, and I think utd too. Riley might see it as better for utd if its a 4 into a battle for 2 spots, than a 3 into 1 spot battle.

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  24. Always a bizarre look with these retrospective rulings when a ref says he has seen an offence which on many days refs’ award reds for, and yet admit deeming it acceptable and not even a yellow on this particular day.

    Pretty much guaranteed to happen in this instance, though. Harry could have quite a collection by end of career of these escapes. Getting more arsey and pushing his luck as time goes by.

    Can add this one to bad red card challenge at City, and scissor tackle which injured Newcastle player first game last year and should also have seen red.

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  25. Sniper
    ‏ @clockendsniper
    31m31 minutes ago

    Bournemouth’s goal last night was the 1000th PL goal conceded by Arsenal. To put things into perspective Spurs conceded their 1000th in January 2012 and Liverpool in October 2017.

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  26. The officiating is a complete joke. Marinner one of the bentest out there.

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  27. Arsenal have a maximum of 17 games left to play this season, 10bpl and a possible 7 more EL games if we make it to the final.

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  28. Used to think Marriner was ok, partly because anyone Ferguson gets banned from doing Utd games (lasted well over a year on back of a defeat against Everton) can’t be all bad.

    Sending off Mitrovic early in game against us for an ankle stamp also made me think he was different.

    Gone right off him in recent times, though, Makes some terrible decisions where pens are concerned (one on Bellerin in that same Newc game as it goes) another at Stoke last year, might have been Bellerin again. Think there’ve been others as well where he is perfectly positioned for clear pens but plays on.

    Shocking decision for me to let Rojo stay on for that awful challenge on Guendouzi.

    All that said, he is at least one who looks to my eye as though it might not primarily be an issue of bias : he might just consistently let an awful lot go and be too lenient with all levels of foul play.

    Last night he looked from off as though he had a big dose of the Clatts, and had decided from off to let loads go, and be very reluctant to use cards.

    It looked so much like someone who has almost completely lost connection with rules as they are, and gone full pgmol instead, meaning altered approach for certain occassions, officiating in tune with the brand.

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  29. Vic Akers joins Boreham Wood in coaching capacity
    Andrew Allen –
    February 28, 2019

    Boreham Wood have confirmed that Vic Akers OBE has joined the club’s coaching staff as they look to arrest a recent spell of poor form that has seen them tumble down the National League table.

    Akers, 72, left Arsenal last summer after more than three decades at the club. He spent 22 years in charge of the Gunners women’s team, which he founded in 1987, winning an unprecedented 32 major honours along the way. He was also a regular on the first team bench alongside Arsene Wenger as part of his kit man duties.

    Vic, who was recently crowned the first British adult to wear shorts every day for 50 years, is set to work alongside manager Luke Garrard for the final 12 games of the season with the sole aim of helping the 33-year-old keep Boreham Wood up.

    Speaking to the club’s official website, Vic said: “We have got 12 games to go and they are going to be 12 cup finals for us. [Chairman] Danny [Hunter] thought that it would be a good idea if I was to come in and Luke [Garrard] agreed with it.

    “It is certainly a nice challenge to come back into the game and use my experience for Luke, because obviously there are one or two things that I see that he maybe doesn’t, because he is so involved. With me coming in from the outside, it is maybe a bit different.

    “I have already picked one or two things out today, so let’s hope we can turn it around and get the results we need – maybe four wins I think would do it for us.

    “The most important thing for us is to not get beat. If we take a point out of every game, that is 12 points and we would be safe, which is important to us.”

    Arsenal have a close relationship with Boreham Wood with the Women’s side playing their home matches at Meadow Park. You’ll also remember we took part in a pre-season game there last summer.

    We wish Vic and the Wood all the best for the rest of the season.

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  30. Still not seen the highlights but from the radio coverage it was particularly encouraging to hear how good a return to form (and evident fitness) Mky has made.

    He seemed to be in the thick of it all and if we Emery could get a tune out of him, Aub, Lac and Ozil in particular, I genuinely think we are in with a shout for top 3 (yes, I know).

    Those four are world class or close to world class and thanks to our ‘mixed’ winter form, we have dipped somewhat below the radar of our opponents/pundits/neutrals/fellow fans.

    Despite a challenging first season, Emery deserves credit for getting us to this point at the start of March. Even if I/we don’t always follow the reasoning behind his selections/tactics/philosophy etc.

    Take down Spurs at the weekend and that really would be a game-changer in terms of everyone’s perception of where we are overall. Anticipate Spuds will dive themselves into a draw at the very least but here’s hoping. At the very least, I would hope to see our players employing the head butt by way of retaliation for any diving, now Kane has rendered this tactic wholly legal.

    Well done him, no one else could have managed it.

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  31. https://mobile.twitter.com/ArsenalGoaIs/status/1100925066701955072?s=19

    The reason why Ozil developed or mastered this technique is because:

    He is lazy.

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  32. Any idea about normal timescale protocol for FA charges?

    Poch’s deadline to respond to charge was at 18.00 this evening. Don’t know what that means exactly,though.

    I thought proceedings took place immediately after deadline, in which case, unless he’s gone Jack Nicholson in there it should be over by now.

    Pretty sure these things are always done and dusted within the week in time for following weekend if occur on previous one. And got a feeling it’s normally on the Thursday evening

    * You can’t handle the truth! Son,, we live in a world that has walls and rooms with no trophies in them, and those walls are guarded by men like me. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Martin Glen? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. And I’ve just lost my damn cheese room….

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  33. What Kane did was pretty soft, but pretty sure others doing the same have been banned.
    But England players, especially their captains, and with their lack of reds for what they do on the pitch suggests to me Spurs players as well are all protected species.
    But you are right, Kane has opened the flood gates, anyone about to be banned will use this as a precedent even though actual contact was pretty minimal at best. Hope Arsenal’s lawyers will leap to action should they try and ban, say Granit for a similar offence. Nothing like encouraging head injuries, is there Mr Riley and co.
    The pgmol are sadly predictable in what they bottle.

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  34. Not seen Kane’s head butt from more than a couple of angles but at the very least there is intent there, to threaten, to intimidate and he’s brought the game into disrepute.

    The reason Manure felt able to foul us to Hell and back during the 50th Game was because they felt they knew they were never going to face sanction from the Crook-in-Chief, ‘referee’ Riley.

    Middlesex’s diving and assorted histrionics anytime they are losing suggests to me that, for some reason, our Spursy opponents are developing a similar mentality as Ferguson’s United. Diving, fouling and now head butting with impunity – it all just feels so familiar.

    And that ain’t great for the game.

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  35. Always felt the late season injury for Miki when he’s been in good form before the first leg against A.Madrid was a huge blow against quailty opponents, along with not having the option of playing Aubamayang!

    Even then it took outstanding saves from Oblak to deny Ramsey amongst others to give the visitors a strong advantage for the second leg.

    Which is why many were left scratching their own footballs when observing that the Arsenal have been neglecting to play the best footballers in their squad, for whatever reason, as and this might be controversial or against the Sports Communications briefing being followed by your stand up Billy Big Blagger but playing your best footballers tends to help with the old football. Who could have imagined such a thing?

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  36. Agree AA , Kane was certainly aggressive and posturing, he put his head into the very close vicinity of his opponents head/face, even though from what I saw, I doubt he meant significant or damaging contact, but that’s not the point, you don’t need blood, guts and broken bones to see red. Looked like something punishable to me.
    I have read a few articles suggesting Fergie really rates Poch, prob wants him at Utd, and has even offered advice/mentoring over dinner or wherever. Who knows what he taught him! And I am pretty sure after his Michael Owen incident, Poch is a willing student.
    Strange, Leicester were just as cheating when they won the league, almost as if they want to make it look like the league is actually competitive! A shame they do t permit us in on the act.
    I am hoping Raul is wise to some of these things that go on, not to be part of them, but to somehow e ready for or even combat them , he seems the type who might be a wise guy.
    Wenger clearly knew what was going on, but not sure how much Ivan and co were willing to do about it, not sure how much Ivan was willing to do about much. Sorry, uncalled for!

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  37. former ref Keith Hackett says the Kane incident was clearly a Red Card offense, the severity of the butt does not matter, its the intent, even an attempted headbutt that does not land is a sending off,

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  38. Actually on reflection I wish that Mesut Ozil had not mastered his attacking techniques and movement for the delight and joy of football fans and especially children all over the world.

    I wish he’d track back and tackle more then he does (he does), so that he can completely fuck his knee making an attempt at a tackle he doesn’t have the technique to make (unlike the backheel tacking and amazing Uruguayan!), just like Gazza! Did him no harm *coughs*

    Makes. Perfect. Sense.
    To an idiot.

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  39. I see a few of the idiot bloggers and similar idiots on twitter have had a little hissy fit over the stupid report that “Arsenal due to lack of money will recall Emmi Martinez from his loan at Reading to take over as back up keeper next season when Cech retires this summer”

    Well I’m not sure how Arsenal can recall a player who will return to us at the season’s end anyway, and Martinez said when he went on loan in January, that Arsenal told him it was his chance to stake his claim for the role of back up to Leno. So far his loan has gone very well indeed, in fact its by far the best he has been on his many loan moves. But to pedal it as AFC will do this move due to lack of money or that we will “recall” a player who will be with us anyway, is just click bait bullshit.

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  40. Emery on the north London derby: full transcript
    Rob Kelly 01 Mar 2019

    It was a busy press conference room at London Colney on Friday as Unai Emery faced the press ahead of the north London derby.

    Our head coach discussed Saturday’s game against Tottenham, Mesut Ozil, the race for a top-four place and more.

    Read a full transcript below:

    on being nominated for PL Manager of the Month for February…
    Good afternoon. I don’t think about that. My focus is on tomorrow and the idea is the same. We want to be consistent and win tomorrow. I am only thinking about our performance, not in mine or one player’s. I know that if we win, we are all better than if we lose.

    on how he’s getting his side mentally prepared…
    Matches like tomorrow’s, the players know that it’s important for us because we want to get three points to improve in the table. Then afterwards, it’s special for the supporters. We are playing for three points and more tommorrow.

    on the key things he takes from his two north London derbies so far…
    Each derby is very different to any other one we can play, and also whether we play home or away. It can be very, very different. I think tomorrow is going to be a special and exclusive match, different for them and for us.

    on team news…
    No more injuries. Our other players are all well.

    on winning tomorrow and being one point behind Tottenham…
    We’ve been speaking about the opportunity and each match gives us the opportunity to win three points. Sometimes we can take the big opportunity like tomorrow because there were 10 points difference between us and Spurs two weeks ago. Now it’s four points. Tomorrow we are going to play together and it’s very important for both teams. It’s very different if you win or lose. This is a big opportunity for us to play with confidence in our moment, respecting them because they lost two matches but they are still having a very good season. We want to play with confidence and also free in our minds, with a focus on our game plan. All individuals can have this confidence.

    on Harry Kane avoiding a ban…
    I don’t know. I don’t control that. If he’s playing tomorrow… We are going to play with the best players on the pitch, our best players, and the big test is whether every player can be ready to play to show how we are now. We want to show the difference between our players and their players.

    on Mesut Ozil’s goal v Bournemouth…
    Each player has the skills and Ozil has the confidence to shoot like that. I think it’s also amazing that football can have players with these skills and able to do different things on the pitch.

    on whether he’d rather Ozil would finish ‘normally’…
    I prefer goals.

    on whether he’s done enough to start v Spurs…
    For us, we are doing a plan for a lot of matches and each match is different, whether it’s home or away, the opposition and how we are in each moment. The most important thing is whether each player can be OK for tomorrow. Then we decide to play. With this, we’ll decide whether Mesut will play tomorrow.

    on how Mesut has reacted to being in and out of the team…
    The first thing is that he had injuries. Sometimes he’s had a bad back and then he’s sick. That’s the reason. I spoke with him and I’ve spoken to you, telling you about when he can be consistent and available to do training, to take the rhythm and the confidence to be able to play matches. That’s better for us.

    on whether he trusts Mesut in big games…
    I want to watch every player play in all the matches against the big teams, against all the teams.

    on Claudio Ranieri losing his job…
    It’s not good news when one coach is sacked. For us, like the coaches, it’s not good news. I think he worked very hard in his career and he won the Premier League three years ago. For me, more than whether it’s surprising or not, it’s not good news for coaches.

    on how we can get at Spurs…
    I think tomorrow is a very different match to other matches. It’s not important about their moment or our moments, because both teams will play with motivation. It’ll be different for us because it’s away and more against their supporters. For us to prepare, it’s about thinking about the best Tottenham, and thinking we need to be strong going into the match tomorrow.

    on whether they talk about finishing above Tottenham…
    Usually I’m not thinking about the ‘if’s. I’m thinking in the present and the moment. We will prepare to deliver the best performance individually and collectively. We need to be strong and we need to be very concentrated over 90 minutes and we need to read different moments in 90 minutes. When we get our chances, we need to be efficient in attacking moments against them.

    on whether we need to finish in the top four…
    That is the same. I want to enjoy each moment, I want to enjoy tomorrow, and I want to be very efficient in each moment. Tomorrow we will play and we will enjoy it. I know that if we win, if we can produce the best performance tomorrow, we will be happy and we are going to be better off in the table – but that is not my target today. My target today is to prepare for the match as best as possible and to take the best confidence in our gameplay. After, to help the players to do their best over 90 minutes on the pitch.

    on why we can win tomorrow…
    We can feel stronger with our supporters at home. They are going to feel the same tomorrow I’m sure, but we need to be concentrated and to play our game, remaining focused with our strong tactical and individual things on the pitch. It’s a big test for us and a very big opportunity for us and we need to feel our moment, because it’s very important to go ahead in each moment to take the three points.

    on playing at Wembley…
    Yes. I am looking forward to playing the match tomorrow and watching our performance, and hopefully enjoying 90 minutes with a very big atmosphere. We know our supporters are going to be with us, more their supporters, but our supporters will be there. Together, we can be concentrated on doing the rest.

    on objects being thrown onto the pitch…
    Focus on the match and our activity in 90 minutes doing the individual things, not wasting time with the referee, the opposition or their supporters. The focus is being strong in our gameplan and playing.

    on where the derby stands in terms of passionate derbies…
    These two matches at home, we won and lost. We played both well but tomorrow it’s very different. Our objective is the same: play with a big personality. We know its a great test for us and that we can take a good position in the table playing with our personality, if we can get our chances like we want.

    on the passion…
    I think each derby is important for all. Above all, it’s the emotion and controlling that is very important. After, the enthusiasm is very important in each player and to show everybody we feel something different.

    on Pochettino not winning trophies…
    He’s young. He has done a great job in all the teams in his career, especially here, in Tottenham. I have a lot of respect for him like a person, because he’s a good person but above all like a professional and a coach. He’s young and he’s going to do important things in football. I hope tomorrow won’t be the case. I know him, respect him a lot and he’s a very good coach.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  41. Still we wait for Pochettino’s fate.

    Managed to sort out Wenger’s ban last year by early Friday even though that was a Sunday game whereas Spurs played Saturday.

    I’m thinking either a suspended sentence, taking apology and previous good behaviour into account; or, if it’s a ban, they’ll shameful delay till after the game to issue it.

    Clock’s ticking. Can’t imagine them announcing it much later than six.


  42. Everyone knows poch and kane should both be missing tomorrow but the spuds have different rules applied to them from the powers that be.
    When the rules are applied so differently to different clubs the media should be jumping up and down questioning the integrity of our game however listen to the silence or even worse the media agreement that everything is fair and just. Basically it’s discusting.

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  43. It’s so blatant. Almost deliberate knowing how it boils our piss

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  44. Well and truly showed up FA’s colours anyway. Fuck knows why but they really do like Poch and those bums. Almost comical, really, and would make a result tomorrow a tiny bit sweeter.

    Not a peep from media either, nor any of those leaks which emerged about a day after Wenger’s Moss and Taylor clash regarding contents of conversation and can only logically have come from ref/FA side.

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