Manchester City vs Arsenal Is A Big Test

There is never an ideal time for any team to play Manchester City, whether home or away, but here we are.
Good day one and all…
It’s going to be the battle of the Spanish managers this afternoon as Unai Emery take his Arsenal side to the Etihad to take on compatriot Pep Guardiola’s Mancity. It was another of their countrymen though that outwitted the latter using vintage Rafa-ball midweek.
Before their unexpected 2-1 defeat to Rafael Benitez’s Newcastle the Citizens has been on a rampage, scoring 33 goals to just two in an eight-game winning streak. Following the SJP lack of inspiration Pep will demand a very strong reaction, so we can expect them to fight tooth and nail to not only put that disappointment behind them but to also reduce Liverpool’s lead in the log standings.
Arsenal have a different agenda though as we just want to ensure we stay in the fight for a 4th spot which is up for grabs between ourselves, Chelsea and Manutd – at this point still very much in our own hands.
Games against Mancity haven’t been easy for us in recent history and being down to the bare bones at defense was certainly the last thing needed in preparation for this trip. Mancity have scored 11 goals to one in the last four matches between these two sides, we also lost seven times in our last 11 visits there.
Given that record what Arsenal probably need to do is play from the back and hope to break on the counter but Emery said he will take Mancity on at their own game. To be  honest I like it. Pep is not going to let that type of complacency at SJP happen at the Etihad and will pick an ultra-attacking lineup. so we might as well just go for it than to allow them to relentlessly build attacking wave after wave without getting a look in.
Going that route is going to be one enormous task but for the last six weeks all we as fans asked for, begged for, is for the team to get out of their shell and display the type of bravery that saw us going on that amazing unbeaten streak, and if that is something Emery want to go back to I think we should applaud it.
Attacking teams’ defense rarely get tested and if we can get both Aubameyang and Lacazette to run at them who knows, we may just win our first away game against a top-six side following a 20 winless streak.
With almost two thirds of the season done and dusted, it’s time that we put the foot on the accelerator. A must-win for both sides which could either be a thrilling contest or quite a long afternoon for us… but because I respect bravery I will definitely be rooting for the former.

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  1. Mandy there’s a lot for the club to consider. I mean part of Arsenal’s and Kroenke’s MO (modus Operandi, not Mesut Ozil) has been to appoint people and then stay out of their way. Which on the whole is a good approach I feel. As long as they have the right people. I suspect they are evaluating that through this season. What they choose to do with that assessment will be interesting.

    I liked the setup post Arsene. Don’t forget Raul was brought in to work more on the commercial side. Reportedly contacts with Nike and other sponsors. I suspect he might have played a big part in the Adidas deal which reportedly doubles our income. So he holds value to the club. But it was intended for the football side’s strategy to be driven by Sven. Once Gazidis left, I think Raul made a play to be the boss and control both sides. It is certainly after Ivan’s departure that we went on this economy business. There was some letter leaked too apparently, which I haven’t seen, but that it was leaked might suggest someone unhappy at this new direction? Oddly Arsenal fans in their new found love for positivity all supported this so I guess it didn’t work (Should have waited for us to lose like R&W used to)

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  2. Fins, I was always uncomfortable with Raul’s history. But I figured, hey, we need to swim in shark infested waters so maybe it’s a good idea to have a shark on our side. Didn’t count on Gazidis chickening out. Ornstein apparently saying that Arsenal didn’t always like to deal with the likes of Raiola, Mendes, Joorabchian but that Sanllehi has direct relationships with these people so that could change.

    Wenger told us to protect our club’s values. I’m not sure we’re doing that tbh and that is my biggest worry.

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  3. Potentially concerning Shard. No matter what qualities and experience he may possess, cannot see Raul or anyone else getting affordable bargain gems from that bunch of agents you mention!
    Don’t get the Gazidis thing, I always felt he had been quite up for losing Wenger for a while, and got his way, then pissed off, but what do I know, probably completely wrong.
    I don’t really know enough about Raul, but I do know he is a newcomer to the club, put in a very powerful position very quickly, I hope he yields that power wisely. As you say, traditionally the Kroenkes can be a bit laissez faire. Let’s hope Raul is worthy of this lack of interference should it continue?
    Would like someone a bit more steeped in the clubs history having some role, as I say, give Marc Overmars a say in our MO .
    On another note , would love to know what really happened with Arteta, did the club turn him down last minute for lack of experience, did Arteta want more funding and control, like reportedly , a couple of high profile managers?

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  4. mandy isn’t overmars connected to raul through barcelona

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  5. Mandy, your question on Arteta just made me realise something. A couple of decades ago, Arsenal made a safe choice for manager by hiring Bruce Rioch rather than the inexperienced (in England – a bigger deal then) Arsene Wenger.

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  6. It’s interesting that no one had anything to add to what other positives there are right now.

    League position makes it possible to push for top 4. Guen n Torreira. Lacazette’s attitude and quality. Possible chance of EL.

    What else? I want to be positive about us.

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  7. Shard,

    As you will agree, if fans are looking for future positives, or alternatively negatives, they will nearly always come out identifying the negatives.

    Psychologically, no one wants to jeopardise themselves, or the club, by being too optimistic and then getting smacked in the face with a wet kipper when life does not play ball.

    Negatives are a two way deal because if they are proven to be the case, there is always the get out “I told you so”, whereas if the club do much better than forecast, then it is a pleasant surprise and people will quickly forget your gloomy assessment.

    For myself, I see a lot of good things that have happened as regards the style of play Emery aspires to, and some of the young players he has brought in, together with the youngsters coming through, look like future stars and players are the crux of the future.

    I am really positive about our club’s future — and I am prepared to take my chances, and beat off any marauding wet kippers, if necessary.


  8. Ed, not sure if MO was before RS, but wouldn’t surprise me, isn’t Raul connected with everyone?
    Shard , really hope Emery isn’t a Bruce Ricoh, no disrespect to him. Emery certainly doesn’t seem too radical, though he is ruffling a few feathers with players., perhaps too many for some
    Positives certainly Lacca, as I say, really hope we don’t do anything silly with him this summer. Would also say Gwen and Torreira, the latter is tired, but not surprising, but Xhaka Gwen and Torreira could make a very effective MF in a formation that allows for more width, and or creativity .xhaka looks better with Torreira. Holding certainly was a positive, and hopefully will be again, ditto Bellerin. Auba and Iwobi have had their moments, there was the run, time to get back to something similar. A fit Sok has done well, with Kane in his pocket. And good to see Kos return, long may that one last, especially at the moment. And Ramsey has sometimes been excellent, despite difficult circumstances.
    Of course there are negatives as well, we don’t seem to have made that leap to do what even lessers do from time to time and just occasionally, beat the big boys away, but that has been going on for a while. And , I really wouldn’t underestimate the effect of injuries, very serious injuries on this squad, depriving us of some very key players, and helping knacker some who have had to play through.
    I am hoping the powers that be have learned a lot.

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  9. Finally there is some unbiased data comparing Emery vs Wenger after 25 games in my newest blog: Emery vs Wenger – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly http://uniteforvar.com/?p=1691

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  10. Shard.

    Youth team/players for sure. May not impact this year but real talent there.

    Most top six games done for year- Utd home Spurs away only ones left.

    Could try embrace the uncertainty and newness of someone different at the helm.

    Also, again not immediate, but ahead we have prospect of finding out if perhaps with a few more Emery guys we start playing better.

    Always scope for some personal improvement as well, I reckon. Might sound pathetic, but it pleases me a little if I can react better to things than I have in past, feel like I’m on a better footing in terms of perspective, etc.

    Typically, I backslide, or come on internet to moan almost immediately if I have sworn off it for days, but there’s still plenty in there to find something positive in, I think, even if it’s just getting back from the depths of a bad one quicker than before.

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  11. Shard significantly when AW arrived he didn’t ask DB10 to leave! The manager and the squad had been selected to complement each other, strange as that might seem!
    (Might have helped that Dein didn’t run away 3 seconds after AW arrived)

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  12. All these positives have made me more depressed. Players playing well but team isn’t. Youth team players looking good but not used. Holding and Bellerin did well but now injured. The league position and the fixtures as Rich points out present us with a good chance of top 4. About the only positive I can see. Oh and I suppose we can hope Suarez will be an exciting player too, as he is one of Emery’s guys.

    I will try not to bring everyone else down. Support is good, and positivity is good. If only our football was too. Sigh.

    Btw, this detachment/dismay doesn’t happen during matches. There it’s still Arsenal, and I guess being able to watch Arsenal play is the biggest positive of all.

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  13. Shard the positives are definitely the two young CMs, allegedly signed up by the person who just quit their job!

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  14. Shard if you want to se a geniune negative read this thread and then compare with what you have seen since August.



    And if you fancy a walk in the darkness:



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  15. Wenger didn’t even ask Pat Rice to leave fins. That’s how much he recognised that a club needs to have a culture beyond just the skills and tactics.

    I was amazed that we let Jens Lehmann go. I’d expected to lose most of the staff, but thought Jens would stay. I wonder if Bould really gets to do much nowadays except be a point of continuity. Maybe he’s enjoying learning new drills and preparing for coaching in Spain.

    Yo soi Esteven BoulDADeeo. Booynas Deeass.

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  16. fins at 11.03.. NOOOOoooooooooo..

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  17. Says in the thread above that a young Isco got fobbed off by UE, and then went to play for Pellegrini at Malaga before eventually moving to Madrid eventually becoming Ozil’s replacement after his move to n5.

    Reading the thread in the link there is no doubt that the second halves at Chelsea and City were due to instruction.

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  18. Fins, I am trying to crawl OUT of this rabbit hole. Not dig deeper.

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  19. I was there when Emery made his first trip to the Emirates. He used to wear an orange tie then for Valencia. Can’t remember if he wore it that day. Just that the entire stadium stood to applaud David Villa whenever he had the ball. There were some rumours we would buy him to pair him with Van Persie. Never in my life since or before have I ever wanted a transfer to happen as much as that.

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  20. Oops. apparently Unai joined them a year later. Anyway that memory still made me happy.

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  21. Why did we not go for Manuel Pellegrini? won the lg with city, prem exp, managed superstars, managed Villarreal on a budget, plays good football and would have been perfect to sturdy the ship after A Wenger. The game against Man City has made my mind up about emery. Play Suarez ahead of Ozil after a few days in a new country and team mates ahead of our leading assist maker and arguably best player. On top of that instead of trying to score a goal for the fans at least to take something away from the match, he sticks on a CD instead of chasing the game. Pathetic tactics and Cowardly approach. That west-ham outplayed us when we played speaks volumes.

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  22. Online Gooner are reporting that Svens parting gift will be the summer signing of young Belgian winger Leandro Trossard, for around 25m euros.
    Never heard of him either, a trossard sounds like some kind of medical device but if there is any truth in this, guess it fits the young developmental route

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  23. Gee

    Probably because a senior and admired figure in the sport like MP would’ve had no problem with AW as his DoF.
    After all they’d already been trading players with each other for half a decade!

    Not the kind of trades our Raul is a big fan. I’m looking at the Neymar and Paulinho signings here. Hopefully that’s just an unfortunate part of his record.

    Hopefully the rumours of this dude having not so great a time of it at Roma riding in on his white stallion to save the day and clear up all these stinking droppings after Sven got fed up with the fermenting smell left after Ivan ran off before tidying up (his mum wasn’t happy with him!), these rumours are all true!

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  24. Have heard the Oracle of Ornstein thinks Monchi is on as the club takes on a more Iberian feel.

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  25. Is he a Catalyst for Change?
    Round 2!

    Ding ding!!

    Or as some others would describe:
    A hostile, messy, ongoing drawn out, damaging and degrading takeover.
    Perhaps not irrecoverable but: it certainly ain’t pretty eh?

    These Elysian unmentionable secret handshake “Values” that nobody is apparently allowed describe outside the fan base (what value do class and dignity have? Not enough for some!) went out by window with the bath-water?

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  26. Unai Emery is not going to bring home three trophies in the next four years.

    Not if as those supporters of Raul argue he needs several transfer windows!!


    Raul, by the looks of it, needs as many transfer windows as he can get. But I’m not so sure why he needs them though I have one or two screamingly obvious suggestions why he is so keen to pump out such Sports Comminications. I honestly hope he wasn’t involved in that Neymar transfer. Not for my sake!

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  27. So:

    fingers crossed AFC don’t draw a tougher team then Chelsea in the Europa and that the Chelsea manager still refuses to play his best
    Striker ( & Higuain is also Cup tied?).

    That’s my positive for the day! Basically the same hope as it was before the Chelsea home game. Hehe.

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  28. Ah ha as Alain Partridge would say!

    Another nugget from Raul’s admirers:

    Apparently “UE doesn’t want specialists but generalists that’s why he doesn’t like Ozil” (even though he apparently wanted to buy Ozil when at PSG????!!!).

    As a helpful non Football comparison for context:
    Think of yer bits of pieces all round cricketers versus specialist batting or bowling all rounders.

    Mark Ealham (no disrespect! or Andy Flintoff?

    The choice, dear readers, is yours!

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  29. < bits and pieces all rounders vs all rounders with proficiency in batting or bowling

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  30. Well if that’s the case lets hope we dont end with a cunis, Fins.

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  31. fins why would Higuain be cup tied, haven’t the rules changed on that

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  32. I liked Mark Ealham, a better player then me! I always enjoy anyone who has the talent to play at that level.

    But I am guilty of having enjoyed Flintoff by a big margin in comparison.
    Grateful for the efforts of his patient coach/mentor at Lancashire.

    In the cricket there’ll be some discussions on the need to bring through or find fast(er) bowlers at test level following England’s recent tours. Anderson can’t go on forever!

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  33. There will indeed be many discussions aobut the cricket – and many of them led by those who hark back to the good old days, which if my memory serves me correct weren’t actually all that good. Cricket is a very different game these days: its various forms all requiring unique approaches. One size no longer fits all, whereas football has changed very little over the years. I wonder how popular a league would be with teams of 8 playing two 20 minute halfs and no offside?

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  34. The only reason cricket had new formats was because the traditional format wasn’t making enough money. Even so there were some formats of cricket that came in and were mildly successful as gimmicks. Like the Hong Kong 6s (which I quite enjoyed) and there was something call the Super 8s. Even the IPL was preceded by the ICL which the BCCI and ICC moved very quickly to ban. They had seen what Kerry Packer did to the cricket world a few decades ago and weren’t going to lose out once more. So they suppressed it and made their own version.

    With football this idea is reflected in futsal and beach soccer, or even cage football. But while the traditional game keeps making money, these will remain sideshows unless someone very very rich decides to push it regardless. More likely the changes in football will come through changes in competitions. The CL for now remains king, but at some point, US, China, West Asia and maayyyyyybeee India will become legitimate destinations for top managers and players. And then we’ll see a true Club World Cup and Super Leagues.

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  35. So ManCity are back on top the league but Liverpool have a game in hand. Interesting. From a few weeks ago when they could have gone 10 points clear to now. City have more experience in title race. But there’s still the effect other competitions have. City especially will want the CL. Liverpool will feel this is their best chance to win the league. Maybe that works in the Reds’ favour. If they can handle the pressure.

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  36. Not a big fan of baseball myself

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  37. The Super League is coming. Sooner or later.
    The Champions League < The Super League.

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  38. As long as they’ll be playing Association Football I’ll be watching.

    Some concerns out there on the Qatar/PSG World Cup having 22 minute quarters (There are other reasons to ignore that tournament).

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  39. Never been into the other Football codes.

    Union? League? Ozzie Rules?
    The other lesser forms, even the discredited variable ones from someone’s playground?
    Not for me (That is: an opinion!).

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  40. < I missed the Super Bowl Football final (NFL code). Was it a good game?

    The Arsenal Directors were at the super bowl and not in Manchester and to be fair it must have been better then watching their team not have a shot in the second half against City.

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  41. https://betweentheposts.net/manchester-city-arsenal-3-1-pep-guardiola-thoroughly-outclasses-unai-emery/

    City’s extravagant set up on the weekend was not so different to what we saw in the 2017 cup run and league when playing three at the back, though Welbeck or Giroud were very different in style and obviously status compared with Aguero.

    The writer concludes with a Jekyll and Hyde remark regarding Arsenal, Shotta was already ahead of the curve here with his analysis of Arsenal’s football this season. Therefore I can only recommend his latest study for you all.

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  42. And as ever Arsenal Column for a sober gr*t free discussion on the footy is a great resource for Arsenal fans:



  43. Modern football is eurgh no. 153476…

    Apparently City will block one of their loan players, Yangel Herrera, currently at Huesca in Spain, from playing against Girona in an upcoming game.

    Was never sure if Girona were officially part of City group of clubs, but thought they more or less were. As an added delight, think Pep’s agent brother plays a massive role in running of Girona.

    Shame on Fifa/Uefa for letting this crap develop.


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  44. May be in a slightly worse mood than normal on the old modern football thing as I’m currently reading the Football Leaks book.

    An interesting read to say the least. Wish some of the rest of you would read it so we can share a heartfelt ‘bloody hell’ afterwards.

    Lot of the juicier stuff is in contracts, with far more dependant on bonuses etc than I realised; tax stuff- it seems most of the big players are at it on a massive scale; third party ownership- eye-watering details on what desperate clubs will sign up to.

    Some of the details are fascinating. Ronaldo’s winning pen in Zidane’s first CL final for instance triggered 30 million in bonuses/ clauses to be activated. Amazingly, it meant not only 3 million or something in bonuses to Zidane immediately but meant his basic wage for next two years was doubled (from something like 5.5 to 11). So that spot kick guaranteed Zidane an extra 13 million or so in an instant.

    Something very weird, for me at least, at glimpsing those money realities behind the action we watch at highest level.

    Uglier though is the third party stuff. Supposedly , none of these deals, where clubs give up rights to their players from low percentages to 100%, for some quick cash, permit third party to influence club on whether to ever sell a player.

    The reality is very different : typically the deals include very harsh penalties if offers over a certain amount come in and the club doesn’t sell, or player doesn’t want to go. For instance if an offer is made which would earn the third party, say, 8 million on their investment, but club or player doesn’t want the move, the club is obliged to pay investors what they would have earned.

    A new one on me is that some agents are creating similar situations even without third party, as I previously understood it, ownership.

    Raiola when he negotiated a new Mkhi contract with Dortmund for instance added a clause that once it reached last year of contract, they either had to pay him- Raiola- a large cut of any transfer fee, or pay him many millions if they didn’t sell him.

    So, despite talking tough, they had very little choice: to keep the player would have meant paying Raiola millions and then losing Mkhi anyway in a year (for Raiola to make more millions). I still find it hard to fathom how any mature adult, especially one who seems a nice guy like Mkhi, can consent to such sleaze, which seems to benefit no one but his sleazeball agent, but it seems to be routine.

    One more interesting titbit is how the year before Pogba moved there was actually little chance of him going, despite much talk and clubs being lined up and Juve open to selling, because of a dispute over image rights. He signed away 100% of his image rights to the agent he had as a kid who was forced out by Raiola. Apparently no club would do a deal when they can’t have image rights. All sorted out eventually by a 10 million payoff, from an unknown source, to get the rights back.

    Beautiful game eh.

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  45. Arsenal have reportedly signed Reading’s 18yo Goalkeeper, James Hillson, on a youth loan to cover for injured Karl Hein and as active competition for Arthur Okonkwo

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  46. Emery’s press conference: read every word
    Rob Kelly 07 Feb 2019

    Unai Emery faced the media at London Colney on Thursday ahead of our Premier League clash with Huddersfield Town.

    Our head coach discussed our away record, Denis Suarez, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and more. Read on for a full transcript of the press conference:

    on this being a good opportunity to improve away form…
    Good afternoon. Yes, but difficult. These matches are difficult and they are playing for the possibility to continue in the Premier League. Their last results have not been good but with their new coach, I am sure that they are going to play with a big ambition and a big performance on Saturday. I think they have good players with a good organisation. They push a lot and I know it will be difficult. For us as well, away games have been a challenge and each match is a new challenge. Each match is also a very big opportunity for us to fight for the possibility to take three points and continue in our way better than how we are doing in away games now.

    on being patient and calm at Huddersfield…
    The organisation is about thinking to go into the positions. I think they are going to do high pressing and they are going to build up with good organisation to break our lines. It’s not about thinking that they’re going to be deep defensively because they’re organised. I think they are going to push and they are going to do a lot of duels on the pitch against us. We are working on that and we also need to improve on our away form, how we can do better playing against teams who press high against us.

    on who is likely to be available…
    Ainsley today is training with us as normal. Mkhitaryan also played 45 minutes on Monday with the under-23s. Today, Aubameyang is sick but I think he’s okay for Saturday. Also yesterday, Laurent Koscielny was sick but today he is training well. I think the other players are well and will be OK for Saturday.

    on whether Mkhitaryan will be ready…
    We thought last week that with two training sessions after six weeks being injured, it was not enough to play against Manchester City. But after this week, playing with the under-23s and working with us, I think it is the first time I can think about him being with us.

    on Maitland-Niles’ return…
    He stopped for 10 days but physically I think he is okay. He was working with us well today and if tomorrow he is continuing with a good feeling, he can also be with us on Saturday.

    on whether Denis Suarez will start…
    The first day last week was adaption to us and also with 25 minutes against Manchester City. But already from the first day with us, he was already with good performance, but this week he worked Monday with our coaches and also yesterday. Today he is working with different adaptation and better than last week. I hope he will continue, he is improving every day with us. Then I hope he can show in the next matches how he can help us better than in the first match against Manchester City.

    on Sven Mislintat leaving this week…
    I have been working with him for eight months and my relationship with him is good. Also, when I arrived here, there were young players coming here, and they decided to because his responsibility is with some players. I think he has a very good scouting responsibility for his past and his present. I worked well with him but after, it is one decision between the club and him. I don’t know exactly all but I respect him and the club. I worked well with him and I wish good luck for him in his future.

    on criticism of himself on social media over our away form…
    But my first critic is always myself. I work over the criticisms of me because I know that work in the present can change our way. How we are doing at home and away, we are with the possibility and the opportunity of taking the top four. But we know it’s not easy. One month ago, we were in the same situation and I think we are strong at home. I think we need to do better away. We started very well away, changing also our mentality to get more points away, but now we need to recover this confidence, to recover this performance and the next opportunity is Saturday against Huddersfield. We know that defensively we need to do better and it’s for all, the combinations, our best possibility with the defensive combinations. We’ve tried playing with three centre-backs and two centre-backs. We’ve won with three centre-backs and two centre-backs. We have to continue in our way with passion and also stay calm, but above all we must work hard and take a good feeling in training and then show it in the match. This week for example, we’ve had good days of training because the feeling of the players and their wish to work every day is good. I want to do the same on Saturday against Huddersfield. After that, we know we can win but if we cannot win it’s different. We need to be confident and take more confidence and continue working.

    on whether this is a must-win match…

    on the north London derby being played at Wembley…
    When? In March? You are asking me about Saturday at Huddersfield… and you are asking me about March?

    on whether he follows Arsenal Women…
    I follow each team in Arsenal. I want all off our teams to win when they are playing for Arsenal.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  47. “going to play with a big ambition and a big performance on Saturday…have good players with a good organisation…push a lot”

    Man talks up the opposition more than Arsenal.

    Maybe I’m just used to Arsene but this stood out, especially because he never seems to talk us up playing with big ambition and big performance. Only about how we will work. I didn’t know he had such phrases.

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  48. “Rich February 7, 2019 at 12:34 pm” – I’m afraid if I look too closely at the sleazy underbelly of the modern game I’ll be walking away, I’ve already got one foot out the door!

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  49. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    4m4 minutes ago

    Goal for #AWFC: @VivianneMiedema latches onto an inch-perfect pass and pokes the ball past the onrushing Chamberlain 🔥

    🔴 1-0 ⚫️ (18)


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  50. Arsenal Women
    ‏Verified account @ArsenalWFC
    2m2 minutes ago

    HALF-TIME: Arsenal 1-0 Manchester United

    @VivianneMiedema’s cool finish is the difference at the break 👊

    #WeAreTheArsenal #ContiCup

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