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Feck. Bollocks. Balls.

We were doing ok; then we conceded; then the familiar tale of trying to break through a deep defence while being wide open for counters. Urgh.

There’s gotta be another way. It’s gotta be better to lose another way than this way. Our way doesn’t seem sensible enough to me. It doesn’t seem to calculate the odds well enough. Or….we just aren’t that good. Still, maybe I’d prefer to be not quite good enough another way, or the other way: putting defence first and refusing to play what feels so much like a sucker role, one that allows teams who concentrate on defence and wait for breaks against us to look so smart.

Probably there is overweighting of the most recent, painful game going on. Just the week before our win featured a lot of us sitting back defending a lead (admittedly without the counter threat for plenty of it)…but still…it, this defeat, was bloody painful and aggravating. It felt so familiar, the sights, the tale, the blasted asymmetry. How can being light in defence while trying to get through a team who are defending deeper be smarter than being organised with a lot of numbers in defence and attacking into huge spaces with few defenders? Boy, it isn’t the whole story, which is a season or even seasons long, but ,ah, that doesn’t help on the day when it is the story of the action, and it is a story that has played out so many times before.

Of course, there is the big old issue of defend and counter being dependant, in its smartness, in its likelihood of securing a good result, and in the sheer spectacle of it, on the other team playing ball, literally. If they go for the exact same approach, then you will often get checkmate, or rather stalemate. The big spaces will not be there for either side to attack into. Something will have to give. Someone will have to push.

It’s also not true that defend and counter is adhered to 100%. The D & C team will sometimes  push up some and commit players to non-counter attacking, attacking attacking, or whatever the hell you want to call it (Utd’s first was not a counter, but did feature exploiting a nice gap behind our defence); they won’t always be totally set in a deep defensive block; they won’t always ensure there is no space at all behind their defence.

In addition, it doesn’t always work, of course. Sometimes- often even, if there is a gulf in quality- the possession team wins the day. Sometimes their extra possession and their extra time probing around the opposition box leads to a breakthrough. Sometimes they get in front, and have their increased chance from there of looking smart while the opponent looks dumb, or has to change, and face the threat of conceding again while they do so. Sometimes. The odds depend on quality more than anything else, but luck and chance are also factors.

It is all far better judged over time- months, a season, seasons- than in one game, obviously. Though, frustratingly, the nature of things ensures no two games are exactly the same, so while it is clearly not fair to judge one game as a conclusive measure of one idea against another, one team against another…a perfect means of judgment can feel, finally, painfully elusive. In a lovely neat Scientific experiment you could run it again, and again, and again. 10 times. 20. 50. Are you really so smart,eh, Mr Solskjaer? Is defend and counter really so f*cking smart? But no. Ten league games against them takes five seasons. Ten home league games ten years. The casts changing all the time. The variables. We can get ten games or more per year against teams who primarily play defend and counter against us, so there’s that, but again little is constant, or not quite enough is the same for the results to be completely satisfying.

It isn’t science. Too many variables. The luck factor. Arghh. So speaks a man, hopefully not too weird a man, who has just been burned by football. Whose passion, drug, vehicle of joy or whatever, has just delivered another good ole kick to the balls, bad trip, crash.

All this talk but in the game it is more a thing of emotion, with something like reasoning riding along in the sidecar. Meaning what exactly I don’t know. Reason isn’t king? Even emotion isn’t king, as in this case it isn’t in charge of its own destiny and destination? Ah, the lot of the sports fan, ey (where can i get me a bedsheets to deface? What’s Talksports number? etc)

Pulling back from all that, pretending not to be a emotional wee beastie, timorous or no, an immature goon, or anything like that; a person of sense or science or something, shit in order; head kept, dreams not your master, triumph and disaster not fooling you, no sir…where are we at? What is a reasonable set of expectations currently? Should we focus on trying to be better in attack, or in defence? Is there a way, on our budget and from the exact position we are in, squad wise etc, to try and keep (or forge for one set of the disenchanted) an attacking identity while NOT BEING SO F*CKING SUSCEPTIBLE TO F*CKING COUNTER ATTACKS (sorry)? What next? What does the future hold in store?

We will find out, in time. The perfect analysis does not exist because the perfect test doesn’t. We don’t get to play each game 20 or 50 times under the same conditions, with the same variables etc. Luck and chance will have their say. The things of perfect scientific tests, while leading to some very handy discoveries and inventions, well, they’re not generally the stuff of real, wild, chaotic, messy life. They’re only a part of it.

We do ,however, get the months, year after year. We get a season and then another; that has to do and it is not, after all, that bad a way to judge the merits of teams, systems and ideas.

          I hope I haven’t overreacted too gratuitously. But, f*ck me, that prick dancing again on our home patch. Utd again getting to look clever, and, horribly, actually be clever, while using a style that doesn’t place much onus on having to actually build play very intelligently…oh well. Onwards. The mind straining towards the impossible a little, half-craving those ten years of games in a week or something. Thankfully not getting it. Or at least not getting it because it aint fucking possible. These frustrations do make the good days sweeter don’t they.

Rich @Whatsinaname81

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  1. Ah – apparently not. Seems to me it is a site in which we lash into the players and we double the lash when it comes to the manager.

    Sort of ACLF but with knobs on.

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  2. Hugely disappointing.

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  3. But you know that.

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  4. I’ll accept my chastisement. Think it’s probably deserved.

    I tell myself it’s not about seeking to hammer players with criticism, only to get catharsis and clarity through analysing situation, but maybe there’s no difference and that’s a weak excuse.

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  5. Reading Women 0-3 Arsenal Women

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  6. Anicoll, I don’t want to dissapoint you with my comments bro. It’s my honest feeling on the matter. He is the one not playing our best players. Mek mi hold mi corner, cause that is all I feel at present. I have nothing warm and fuzzy to add at present. I don’t want to bring down the vibes at all.

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  7. Good to know. I will take the bits about the board sacking Emery & picking the team as absurd implications of my observations instead.

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  8. Hi Anicoll

    It was mentioned that consideration had to be given to losing our 2 best defensive defenders were lost during the game.

    We came under a lot of pressure in the 2nd half and missed our chances, but the game was not representative and in the hypothetical never land if we played them again (with our defenders back) we would beat them.

    Disappointment can make fans speak more harshly than they mean to.


  9. Laurent Koscielny not as badly injured as initially feared. Confirmed as bruising and soft tissue swelling to his face and jaw – no fracture – assessed on a daily basis.
    But, Sokratis has ankle injury and is not expected to return to full training until the end of February

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  10. Fabrizio Romano
    ‏Verified account @FabrizioRomano
    1h1 hour ago

    #Inter director Marotta to @SkySport: “Perisic has asked to leave but there is no offer for him. We will see in the coming days. We will listen to the request of Perisic, he has put in a transfer request; we must try to satisfy him but also respect the value of him” 🇭🇷 #transfers

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  11. Is anyone a tiny bit pleased from the result at the Nest? Looks like misery doesnt like to be alone so the Chickens obliged to suffer too.

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  12. so guys with basically 100 hours of the transfer window left how many if any signings do you expect Arsenal to make, and when it comes to it, do you expect any of the first team squad to leave this window too.

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  13. I think none most likely at this stage, some chance of one, two would be very surprising.

    Don’t see any outgoings, aside from maybe a loan for youngster or two (but think they can move later anyway).

    Ramsey did send a tweet earlier about looking forward to the next week which made me a little paranoid, but would be a massive surprise to me if he left at this stage.

    Elneny is a contender for leaving but with squad having taken all the hits can’t see that happening either.

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  14. Oh, as we’re playing Cardiff that’s probably what Ramsey had in mind- going home and then big game against City.

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  15. I expected to be proved wrong Ed, but I dont think Arsenal will make any. Persic? Suarez? I cant see anyone going either. But I dont have a problem if Cahill came in-this seems to be an idea that divides many AFC followers. I dont think anyone will go out either.
    But Im just sitting on the computer and havent a clue whats going on in the churning belly of the club. The Ornacle said that Sok “isnt bad” and as I asked recently, what does it mean “isnt bad” one month out for a good defender like that is bad in my book. But that doest mean Im right though.
    What about you –whats your thoughts?

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  16. Feel free to find as many positives as possible Andy. I admit ,I’ll be impressed.

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  17. dave it is one month out for sokratis

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  18. As I said bad in my book (doesnt mean Im right though). Will be interesting to see who UE plays again Cardiff, who will he pair up with Mustafi? I personally prefer Xhaka in mid rather than at the back. He may stick the Licht or Nacho in the centre( he has too!).

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  19. In three days time or so, it will be 11 yrs since the Spuds won a trophy.

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  20. This decade 2010 to 2020 will now be the first decade since the Second World War Spurs haven’t won a trophy.
    Yet, still, the media, with their agenda can do nothing but praise them, in stark contrast to another club when we did it spend money


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  21. A few rumours that Los may need surgery on a clot, despite his jaw not being broken.
    No idea if true, but always assume the worst with out players injured, the same goes with Sok, whose injury was described as not bad, but will still miss 6-7 games.
    If Kos is out for a while on top of this, leaves us very short, we have Mustaphi, Monreal can play there, Mavropanos who is inexperienced and will be rusty, other youngsters, and there is always the option of unbalancing our mf by putting Xhaka in there, or maybe Elneny?
    If Kos really is out for any amount of time, think the club should at least be considering external options unless they are in the mood to take a huge gamble on the season

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  22. Now Poch pretty much says top four is a trophy, wonder if he will get the media stick that went Mr Wengers way when he said anything remotely similar


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  23. Mandy how would you feel if AFC signed Gary Cahill on loan for rest of the seasons, seemingly it would be £4M in wages, and any loan fee

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  24. Sounds a bit expensive to me for someone who hasn’t played for quite a while

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  25. Cannon Insider
    ‏ @CannonInsider
    6h6 hours ago

    Tuesday night’s game vs Cardiff will be Head Groundsman Reece Watson’s final one at Arsenal.

    Watson, a boyhood Gunners fan, will depart after 13 years of service.

    The Carpet will miss you, Reece 🏟 #AFC

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  26. With Kosc, as said, needing surgery to drain blood Emery may see this as an opportunity to start Guendouzi in midfield to Xhaka to the back. He got a weird obsession with the kid and I see that as leading to most of the imbalance.

    Shoehorn him in lineup alongside Xhaka and Torreira, to play without either Ramsey and/or Özil, move Xhaka to defense to play him alongside Torreira.

    Hope to see the Greek kid starting tomorrow night. That would be ideal preparation for the Mancity game.

    Bit outlandish of an idea, but if we play Monreal at LB, Kolašinac can move higher up the pitch in place of Iwobi, isn’t that we he is playing most games anyway and certainly makes his present felt? If you’re reading this Unai… I’d love that.

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  27. Here’s the latest team news update from our medical team ahead of Tuesday night’s Premier League clash against Cardiff City:

    Laurent Koscielny
    Bruising and soft tissue swelling to face and jaw. Being reviewed on a daily basis.

    Left ankle. Expected to return to full training by the end of February.

    Hector Bellerin
    Left knee. Being fully assessed prior to surgery.

    Henrikh Mkhitaryan
    Right foot. Being integrated back into full training.

    Rob Holding
    Left knee. Recovering after surgery.

    Danny Welbeck
    Right ankle. Recovering after surgery.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  28. Revenue lists for 2017/18 season, we are 12th on commercial revenue, 5th of the English clubs, match day income of £99M as % of revenue is by far the highest of any club on 25%,

    our total revenue was £439M, Man Utd’s was £666M, City £568M, Liverpool £514M and Chelsea £506M, spurs just behind us on £428M

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  29. Oliver Holt has presented Spurs with the “Lasted Longer in the FA Cup than Arsenal Cup”, yeah same round but now its an achievement, to have your fixtures two days later than another club, if you are spurs

    and still people tell us that there is no agenda

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  30. oh dear. Trouble is the agenda is like something from the playground. He probably voted leave. When was the last time the Spuds won the FAC? (see Im in the playground too!!!)
    Certainly Im happy for the Spuds to win the most losses in a semi final ever cup, in fact they won it so often they were given it to keep.
    Dont worry Ed, that article will be wrapping up greasy chips tomorrow.

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  31. Arsenal have been awarded the “more goals scored than Tottenham in this seasons FACup” cup.

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  32. Good Morning,

    Unai Emery has already come in for some criticism for this and that (many this and thats are unsurprisingly much the same ones that poor old Arsene came in for).

    I have been both delighted with the long unbeaten run we had, and then I have been disappointed with the losses we experienced.
    The thing is, no one walks into any job in life and becomes an overnight genius, and there are undoubtedly certain players who need to feel his ‘love’ or to get a short, sharp rap of the headmaster’s cane – figuratively speaking. And I for one have experienced both n my time.

    Any manager who stands on the sidelines and displays his passion by emotively gurning with each move of the team; sometimes a grimace here, and then a messianic leap for joy there, when we score, as if he has been personally prodded with a sharp fork in the nether regions — that man deserves the support from all the fans, and the time to work his miracle, and with all the ridiculous money being spent on players by most of the other top clubs, he may need a miracle.

    He has my support – thru thick and thin.

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  33. Oliver Holt probably feels very silly with yesterdays result after that article.
    Look back at his articles, almost like he is on the Spurs payroll or something, or maybe has a valued contact there. He supposedly supports Stockport County but spends much of his journalistic life bigging up Spurs, and laying into Arsenal, often for the same reasons he uses to praise Spurs

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  34. Holt is a proper prick aye.

    He wrote article on back of Neville’s long-running propaganda campaign about us turning into a ‘precious’ team who ‘didn’t like being tackled’ from before Invincibles era onwards.

    Holt deemed us ‘physically squeamish’, which I thought extra c**** as he was talking about the era of horror challenges/injuries (and teams generally being allowed to kick shit out of us)

    So, a proper twat. He was bit more friendly to Walcott for a while but think that coincided with him doing his autobiography.

    Also one of those likely to beat fans and club with hounding out ‘greatest ever manager’ when I am pretty sure there weren’t many articles praising said manager in last 10 years of his time.

    Feel like I’d have seen it/ remembered if there were, because there were virtually none.

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  35. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-utd-arsenal-highlights-solskjaer-15741012

    Bit gratuitous eh. Just have to wait and wait and hope for a time we can properly shut those fuckers up.

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  36. City selling an 18 year old without a single game of senior football for over 10 mill. Things are getting strange alright with transfers of 17-22 year olds from here, often with limited or very limited exposure to senior football.

    Hudson Odoi reportedly 40 mill after 5 starts. Diaz, City again, was about 18 mill the other day. Solanke the same, having had few chances and not done great with them at Liverpool.

    I sure don’t want us to lose any hot prospects but has to be noted that, as yet, despite having as many good prospects as anyone, bar Chelsea maybe, and despite plenty of them leaving, we haven’t got near to enjoying these sort of prices for anyone who has left.

    I’m happy to attribute nearly all of that to luck, circumstance and just one of those things…but there’s a small element of doubt in there. It seems odd that time and again a few rivals are doing so well in prices they get for players- young and older- leaving while that never seems to be case for us. I can’t think of any sensible reason for it though.

    Do City, say, unjustifiably have a better reputation than us for producing players, which increases value in that category of ‘promising but yet to make mark on senior football’? That seems unlikely. Or are they in slightly better negotiating position thanks to players signing one contract more or for an extra year as youngsters, thanks to higher wages?

    Feck knows. It’s not looking that great for us with keeping powerhouse young right back *Daley-Campbell at minute as he won’t sign first pro deal. My feeling is he is probably at least equal to that Matondo as a prospect, but it’ll alas just be a modest development fee if he exits at end of year (quite likely to Germany as they are so keen on British youngsters right now)

    * extra annoying as he is real deal in terms of power, size and aggression, and we don’t tend to bring through many/any like that.

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  37. My latest Yorkie Show, lots of bad puns but great rocking tunes

    Dave picked a number of the songs in todays show.


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  38. Unai Emery held his first press conference of a busy week on Monday – and you can read every word right here.

    Our head coach was asked about reported transfer targets Ivan Perisic and Denis Suarez and the likely return dates of our injured centre backs.

    Here’s what Unai said:

    on missing Laurent Koscielny and Sokratis…
    Good afternoon. They are not OK for tomorrow but it is good news for example for Laurent Koscielny because he didn’t break his jaw. Sokratis doesn’t have a big injury but he isn’t OK, I don’t know how long but I think maybe two or three weeks.

    on a chance for Dinos Mavropanos now…
    He has been working with us for the past month and playing with the under-23s and he is OK. The first half can work with him for the squad tomorrow and he is in the squad with the possibility to play.

    on Ivan Perisic and whether we’ve made an approach…
    It’s one thing the club is working on, the possibility with different players. I don’t know exactly which players, but it’s players with the possibility to help us who can play on the wing, right or left.

    on whether Perisic wants to join the club…
    I think all the players who can come here and help us is good news.

    on Denis Suarez…
    It’s the same. This transfer is not easy and the message is that the club is working on different players. The possibility, if it can be [done], is good for us.

    on his confidence of making new signings…
    I don’t know because this transfer window is not easy. I know the club is doing all they can to achieve one player to help us.

    on whether he’d be disappointed if there were no signings…
    No, because we were speaking about these possibilities two months ago but we know it’s not easy.

    on the defensive situation and new signings…
    It’s the same. I can’t say to you and example, it’s for all the situations. It’s not easy because I don’t want to come here, sign and player and it’s not very clear if he can help us be better than the players we already have in the squad. It’s a difficulties and [there are] other things, but this is one example where we can only bring players that we are very convinced will be able to help us with a good performance.

    on whether we have enough defensive cover…
    We have enough players who can play centre back in the squad. The problem is we’re having a lot of injuries in this position. We have enough players. If we can bring another player, and all the other players we have are well to play, then we could maybe have a problem in the future.

    on the game against Cardiff and the emotion…
    All our thoughts are with Nantes and Cardiff and to the player and the pilot’s families and friends, and tomorrow we are going to remember them. After, we are going to play one match and be remembering this situation but also giving together for one recovery for Emiliano Sala and for the pilot. Also, our thoughts are with his family and all their friends.

    on how many players he hopes to sign before the end of the week…
    Nil or possibly two. Between nil and two. If they aren’t coming to help us like we want, then we would prefer them to not come. Two because we are looking at two different players who have the possibility to come here.

    on the confidence level in the squad…
    I trust in every player, I trust in our squad. Our focus now is very clear. The Premier League is the first focus. We’re going to play also in the Europa League with a big motivation because I think it’s one title and also one way to the Champions League. But first, the Premier League is the first competition for us and tomorrow is a very, very important match also for us.

    on whether it’s a must-win game…
    We played against Chelsea with the same situation and we won. We are speaking in the dressing room every time for this importance in our way in the Premier League and in each match. If you win against Chelsea but you don’t win tomorrow then you are losing three very important points. We have very big respect for Cardiff because they are a very competitive team. They won in Leicester and the played their last matches where the results were only just against them. Tomorrow, we need to impose ourselves and also show adaptation. I think they are going to play with a big motivation also and with a big fight in a lot of duels against us. We need tomorrow to be concentrated on the three points like we were against Chelsea.

    on if the defence is still a problem…
    Our challenge every day, every match, is to take a better balance in the attacking and defensive moments. We are scoring a lot, that’s a good statistic, but we are receiving a lot more than we want. It’s a lot of work but with patience, tomorrow I want to win and if we can score a lot it’s better. If we receive one goal because we are attacking and also pushing a lot, I prefer it like that. But every match we are working, between us, we need a clean sheet and we need also this balance to be better. But the first idea in our mind is to win.

    on whether issues are those he inherited in the summer…
    The way is just starting. I say to the club we need to know everything, we need to take time in our way. Now I know all the players better, the team, the club. We need to be winning our way but we also need patience at times. The progression is getting better with each moment in the present and future. We work for that. I think we can improve the players here, and I think we can also improve finding out what we need for the future. Together with the club, the players, we can do this way. Our way is very demanding and the first objective is to get to the Champions League, but we know other teams are very strong now and we know we are playing against teams who have advantages over us with the time they’ve had. I trust in us and know we need to play this way with passion.

    on Mesut Ozil…
    I am demanding of myself and I am demanding of every player to improve. We do better in our performance. That’s first for me, then for other players like Mesut Ozil, Petr Cech, Alex Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Matteo Guendouzi because I think we can improve and we are very critical of ourselves to find our best performance every day. I want Mesut’s best performance every day and when he’s playing to give us his best quality and commitment.

    on players leaving…
    I think there is a very small possibility of letting players leave. It’s difficult to name a player who could leave.

    Copyright 2019 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.

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  39. Ed.

    I am delighted to read UE comments on the transfer situation.
    The malcontents will be in a complete meltdown to know that we are not buying any Messi’s of this world which they expected the club will sign after Wenger is gone.

    I am enjoying the times .So will be the old gaffer. 😉

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  40. rosicky, his comments about not signing a defender cos we would have too many when all are fit, is right out of the Wenger handbook

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  41. Still giving the benefit of the doubt with the Ozil scenario but is starting to look like Mourinho, a coach who wouldn’t play Mata at two clubs, has a better eye and is more flexible then our current gaffer. Fuck me. I hope not.

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  42. Wenger has said that Arsenal will always have a place in his heart, but personally, I hope he has moved well on from especially the malcontents, but also the machinations of the club at the moment, as he undoubtedly plots the next stages in his life/career.

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  43. Bundesliga club Augsburg have confirmed that former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is their new assistant coach.

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  44. Rich

    I always thought of Paulinho not as a footballer but as a financial company with offices in the city of London, grand canary and after his stint East in Hong Kong too.

    Now the club have replaced the nous of AW in the market, locked him out of any such role for the club, with a preference for the management consultant who spent big bucks on the aforementioned non-footballer?

    I hope not! Otherwise The Damned United has truly arrived at The Arsenal.

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  45. Am I being fanciful in suggesting the £40m for a player who has not played one minute of first-team football is another bit of virtual financing for Man$ity like the enormous and unrealistic sponsorship deal they had a couple of years ago?

    Where is the money coming from and where did they get it?

    Money laundering???????

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  46. Let’s see how the new gaffer gets on over the next few months but I see he’s back down to less then three match fit starting CBs.

    That won’t help!

    In fact if you consider Mustafi’s recent niggles he’s at least a full match away from being truly ready.

    So: no fit CBs. Still.

    Which is what happens when you start a season with three fit CBs at the Arsenal. Jeezus. What a monumental fuck up that was. Especially when you like switching from a back three to a four, and have a player who, you know unlike the rookie, or Xhaka haha yikes (fortheloveoffootballpleaseNO!) Can play at CB or put in a good performance in CM as against Tottenham last week when you like to play out from the back but only had Holding Chambers or the unavoidable Kozza in the squad who could so.

    If test match touring party found themselves with one opening batsmen in a squad (three to four options is the norm) I don’t think anyone could argue against any such critique: that would be: irrational.

    To be be fair as a football fan I like to see a football team with some CBs on the pitch. Likewise a test match when one team has no openers, it’s not really the same is it. All fairly simple stuff. No need to throw the blame game slur around and have it rebound again upon oneself.

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  47. < and I was writing exactly the same sentiment here last season when's people were blaming the defensive coaching! Lol!

    One more experienced senior CB brought in this season. Torreira. Worse GA/GD.

    No comment on the defensive coaching from me!

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  48. Positively Arsenal ? I do not think so.

    This site is a joke these days.

    Support the club through thick and thin – not a fucking clue

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  49. You cannot get it through your heads that the dispute that Arsène Wenger has left the football club, at a time which was probably about right for both sides, has actually happened.

    The future of this club will be whatever it will be – the players, managers, coaches and success or failure will come and go. It always has and it always will.
    So fuck you and your whining.

    I think that covers it.

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  50. Please forgive the ranting.
    Hopes for a better run of form as anticipated against Chelsea were supported by a return to fitness for the two most experienced CBs, Koscielny still on his way back.
    Two unfortunate injuries for the two aggressive players. Prayer beads are ready if Koscielny is out for the week, though a short break might even aid his long term return to full fitness and stamina: #pleaseplayMonrealatLCBifheisready? Anyone but Xhaka?

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