Arsenal: Personality at the Vitality


Good afternoon fellow Positives.

A tricky trip to Bournemouth safely negotiated and the required three points banked. By no means a fluid performance but we worked hard against opponents who are much improved from the callow Cherries who tip-toed into the top flight just two seasons ago. For us it moves us on to Chelsea’s shoulder and a win in the NLD will put us in front of the Totties.

Of our lads I shall pass the man of the match award to Lucas Torreira who did his usual thorough job across the middle of the park until his early, to me unexpected, hooking. The Uruguayan’s withdrawal must have been with an eye to the busy fixture list and he had done more than enough in his 80 minutes of action. Elsewhere a good performance from Leno, Hector I enjoyed too. Auba’s movement troubled Bournemouth all afternoon and his decisive finish was the final difference between 1 and 3 points.

In truth though it was a not a game in which any of out players stood out. It was a real team win with each contributing to a deserved final outcome.

What we need to do a lot better is hit the target. 20 shots at goal, but just 4 on target. And in the strayed 16 some absolutely wild attempts from Mhki and Alex Iwobi. For a long period in the second half we had Bournemouth pinned back and were peppering their goal. Come on lads. You know we won’t get 20 strikes next week or at Trafford Park so let us at least make their keeper save the ball.

The effect of not scoring a third and fourth goal today was that as Pawson pondered his whistle, instead of strolling about and checking the flights to Poltova, we were facing a 95th minute free kick on the edge of our  box and the dire consequences thereof.  Yes Shkodran, I do mean you.

Four minutes added on, then five. A tense final few moments, with the strings tightened just a notch by Emery himself. Bringing on Eddie Nketiah = Good. Bringing on Eddie Nketiah after 93 minutes and 45 seconds = Bad.

Of our opponents young Brooks looks a fine prospect and was unlucky not to have his name on the scoresheet, and Lerma eh? Goal of the Month contender.

So off we go to the Ukraine.  A point required and the Europa Group won, which would be handy although hardly pivotal. The big focus this week for Emery, for the players, for all Positive fans will however be next Sunday, 2.05, and do not be late.


Enjoy your week.


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  1. Well done on the report.. couldn’t watch so much appreciated
    Sounds like the kind of game where you say… Phew! final over!
    Let the unbeaten run continue esp with more wins on the book!
    Long may in last in all competitions

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  2. Very fair summary Andrew and agree, that could well be the Own Goal of the Decade – so decisive, a real net-burster!

    Mky’s shooting boots were clearly left at Colney for the day although he was always involved in the game, and in ways Aubameyang often is not (despite his evident game-by-game prowess in front of goal – our leading goal-scorer for the season so far, no less).

    That Ramsey seems set to move on remains a mystery with his calm, cool head exuding the kind of midfield authority, when he eventually came on, that most teams would willingly give their right winger for. Still, his Arsenal career isn’t over until it’s over, as they say.

    Torreira though. And saved for rainier days with his early exit, he’s some player, for sure.

    And our splendid away fans outsinging the home crowd all afternoon long was great to hear.

    With Kos due back imminently, this result has set the week up very nicely.

    Well played lads.

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  3. Nervy finish, but ultimately a deserved win. Will always take an Arsenal win in November, or is that just a myth?
    A win against a decent team who have been extremely unlucky against top teams recently. Can see the impressive Eddie Howe ending up somewhere in North London one day.
    Wish we would stop pre half time brain farts, today served as a timely reminder to do just that with the opposition coming up
    At the risk of sounding just a tad negative, just do not get the Ramsey situation, especially with Ozil not playing today. We are told he is off in the summer, so why not use this fine player a bit more? He adds so much.
    Assuming he is fully fit, can only think he may sold or involved in some kind of swap deal in Jan, either that, or he/his people have seriously pissed off the club, cannot rationalise his exclusion any further, not as if he isn’t good enough, or versatile enough to do a job. That kind of game was made for him

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  4. My own entirely speculative effort on The Great Ramsey Mystery is based on the thought the club might be avoiding risking an injury ahead of his sale in January, in favour of a replacement for poor old Danny Welbeck. The fee for Aaron might not be so great so close to contract’s end, but the space on wages that would be freed up may prove to be too convenient to be ignored.

    It will still be a sad and sorry day should he end up in Arsenal exile and whilst I was never one of Jack W’s greatest fans, my admiration and appreciation of Ramsey has NEVER wavered (and no, my account hasn’t been hacked from a mystery IP address registered in Alabama).

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  5. Torreira sub prob result of a couple of hard international games- Brazil was brutal game- including late-ish trip to France.

    Really starting to think there’s some ‘if not now, when?’ with Mkhi over Ramsey, with club conscious of age, it being a few years since stellar Dortmund form and what for us, particularly, is a hefty contract.

    Feel like a shit drawing attention to him/it but it’s hard to talk honestly about situation without it. I’ve forgotten whatever I saw of him when in those Dortmund days but I just can’t see him recapturing what must have been a very high level to bring the stats and, I think, player of year accolade.


  6. Great stuff Andrew5. With the change in formation it look like Unai is adapting to the PL and at times is willing to play the opponent rather than going in there with them knowing what to expect. If anything… winning in the fashion we did today will only make us work that much harder building up the NLD than having a false sense of security.

    Poltova you say?

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  7. Honestly, no matter what the shape or tactics, in what universe is Miki and Iwobi better than Ramsey and Ozil, or even anywhere like as good?

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  8. have to disagree at a finger being pointed at Mustafi for that last second foul, it was the correct decision, the bournemouth attacker had a free sight at goal right on edge of our area, Mustafi had no other choice, the question on the freekick was how did a simple lofted punt towards our goal result in not only the guy who got fouled being in behind a row of our players, but there was another two or three too. Mustafi was probably our best defender today, with Bellerin next up, but I see both getting slaughtered on the web.

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  9. Well done our boys. Should have been at least 3-1 but they did give us a game.
    Shkodran should really cut the silly mistakes out of his game or he’ll never be considered an elite CB. I couldn’t watch that free kick at the end of the game. The ol’ BP needeth not the bump.
    It was again interesting to watch us without our maestro. Howe’s frontline with its 2 boxer-built CFs, a debutant skillful Welshman & lo-pro super quick terrier were s handful. UE got his tactics spot on. Going toe to toe with them in the pressing and muscle departments in the first 45 eventually wore them out. I was screaming for a 3rd to knock them out after the 2nd cause they were on the ropes but Mhki didn’t oblige me.

    He, Mkhi was super for the most part today. He has really been putting in the effort. More game time, a few more goals and HM7 should be back to his best soon.

    Sokratis set it off physically in the first. Shkodran alerted Fraser of his presence as well. Holding protected and provided admirably on the left side. Kolasinac overlapped well and assisted Auba for our winner. Leno’s preparing us all for Cech’s retirement and as for Torreira?
    Nothing new to report. The boy is an exceptional player who is definitely making his presence felt in this league.

    Congrats to captain Granit for continuing his fine form from the inter lull. Overall…well done Arsenal.
    Well done Arsenal


  10. PG, Ramsey and Özil not do enough defensively. They are both too positionally “free range” for what UE wants and the results bear him out.

    Mkhi and Iwobi are not better players but they are positionally consistent defenders with much better recovery when we lose the ball. UE knows.

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  11. Corr : PG, Ramsey and Özil do not do enough defensively.


  12. Huddersfield win at Wolves to go from bottom to 14th, and sends Southampton into relegation zone


  13. Aman, did you watch the game? BTW, Ramsey and Ozil both cover more ground than those other 2 . Are you seriously suggesting those 2 are not smart enough to follow instruction?

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  14. We needed an own goal of a lifetime and a good goal to be ruled out, so don’t give me that “results prove he was right” I say, the performance proves something very different. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t very good either.

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  15. Appreciate the positive comments AA and I promise I haven’t hacked your account. Sorry to say this, and I know I’m overly sensitive to it, but I’m afraid you are already seeing Ramsey in Arsenal exile. It’s pretty clearly happening, IMO. I think now it depends on whether he wants to stick it out being a bit player until the summer and pocket the extra fee on his next contract, or get out in January if he gets tired of sitting in the corner. I really have no idea which way it will go. But I hate seeing his talent wasted like this.

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  16. PG, it’s not a question of intelligence or how much ground they cover. It’s primarily about maintaining the discipline to defend your designated area of the pitch and the quality of the defense.

    Ramsey tackles and steals the ball quite well but because of his natural tendency to attack and his average speed of recovery, he is nowhere to be found 50% of the time in a game. For a CM he is a counter-attack liability defensively.

    Özil as stupendously talented as he might be reading the game offensively does not tackle or use his body enough defensively. He has a naturally “stainless” approach to his game and looks pretty awkward when simulating physicality. Offense is the best form of defense for our maestro and there’s no point in pretending or trying to force him otherwise. Iwobi is no great defender either but his power of recovery just nudges him into UE’s starting eleven against certain opposition.

    Yes against the brutish-type teams, at least 45 minutes of physical tussling drains enough stamina & confidence that allows our technical superiority a better platform to shine through. UE is doing a Muhammad Ali with his team for reasons he & his coaching staff know best.
    Like any player who dorms the red and white, I love Rambo & Özil but I’m not blind to their limitations.
    Re: Andrey Arshavin


  17. Great to see a win igniting such a positive outcome, in so far as I am able.

    Let me assist on two points therefore;
    1. Mkhi had a rough game today, and he is nowhere near the player he was 5 years ago at Dortmund. If he was however he would not be playing for AFC. As he is however, and in spite of his struggles, he is a good player. He has scored goals before and he will score goals again.

    2. Emery preferred to leave Ramsey and Özil on the bench today and set up differently. His job and he gets on with it. If he is wrong then he is slaughtered, it goes with the job. I doubt if he relies on average distance run, why would any coach ? I appreciate there is a ‘favourite player’ issue here but try and get a grip.


  18. Oh my word. Ali didn’t stand on the ropes and let Foreman hit his chin, he won all the rounds.

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  19. Its a poor fucking do, when the tactics are to have your best 2 players not playing.

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  20. Unai Emery dissected our performance against Bournemouth when he faced the media shortly after our 2-1 win at Vitality Stadium.

    Here’s what the head coach said about the result, the talking points and his tactical decisions.

    on securing all three points…
    The result is very important, but we spoke in the dressing room at half-time after they’d scored and the process is in our mentality also. The result is very important and we went up 1-0, but they scored so we needed to keep calm and continue our control, which is getting better on the pitch.

    I think we knew this was a difficult stadium and a difficult team, and they were four points behind us, and it was an important game for them to be near us. I am very happy with how the players and fans supported and pushed us today. The control over the 90 minutes with keeping calm in a lot of moments was very important in this victory.

    on returning to winning ways…
    Today is 17 matches unbeaten, but in the last three matches we drew and it is not enough for us, for our mind, for our objective – and today, to win, we were speaking during the week about how important it was to win, and that it is very difficult. It was a big moment for us.

    We have lots of matches coming, and we are playing teams with the same objective as us. I think the team spirit today and the supporters helped us to feel more strong.

    on Ozil starting from the bench…
    We thought how we can be better in the match today which is very demanding with the physicality and the intensity – but every player is important. Also today we tried with three centre backs like we’ve done at some stages this season and it’s another possibility for us to improve and find our best performance.

    on when he would have brought Ozil on…
    It depends how it is coming the match, how it is coming in the 90 minutes, and I decided for another option. In the beginning of the season we were speaking every day about being organised and competitive – and it’s the same today.

    on Auba playing in a central role…
    Yesterday Lacazette felt a small injury and also we need Aubameyang and Nketiah. Today the most important thing for us is that not only did Aubameyang score for us, he was also working in the 90 minutes. He helped us in all the things, the tactical moments and the defensive moments.

    on whether Torreira is injured…
    He said to us that he was a little tired and that there was a possibility. He was giving us good balance but also we have to be clever because he played with the national team for two matches and sometimes you need to listen to the player when they sometimes need rest. Matteo is working very well and also I think we need every player. This change was because we need to give him a rest.

    on why he played three at the back…
    We played like that in pre-season and in Qarabag, and it was an opportunity for us to find our best performance, best system and best combinations. For example today there was Sead Kolasinac and Alex Iwobi which is a very interesting combination. Also when we are pushing with Hector Bellerin wide we need some players for balance. The most important thing for us is finding balance in the defensive moments because we are conceding more goals than we want, but we don’t want to lose our good performances in attacking moments with scoring and the players performances. But we need to improve and we need to do more.

    on whether he will rotate in Ukraine…
    For us the Europa League is very important. We want to finish first in the group. It’s a long travel and suddenly after we will play Tottenham, but I want to give the team rest for the competition. We are going to think for Thursday’s game. We are going to decide on Tuesday how we can prepare better to win there and then think about Saturday.

    Copyright 2018 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  21. I’m not sure I watched the same game as some, cos i’m being told by many that Sokratis was outstanding and that Mustafi was awful, I can only assume that its a case of give a dog a bad name


  22. well maybe George, as I did see someone praise Sokratis for a tackle made by Mustafi


  23. Trouble between Russia and Ukraine again, our game on Thursday could be in doubt


  24. A5 Ramsey and Ozil weren’t left on the bench; Ozil was left on the bench. Ramsey’s current position *is* the bench. Favorite player bias or whatever, that is simply a fact.


  25. beat spurs next week and we go above them in the table.

    I wonder will the PGMOL role out Mike Dean for this one


  26. Dean rolled out, Arsenal ahead, Ali dives, Mustafi sent off, Kane penalty
    I wait to be pleasantly surprised should the above not happen.

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  27. Good victory after not a very good performance but happy for the 3 points against a difficult opponent where we lost last year. I was not impressed with the team selection with only 3 attacking players but UE got it right. I am sure Wenger would not have compromised on the attacking front as it was not city or Liverpool.
    So the message is clear that we play according to the opponents strength and weaknesses and diont play with Arsenal way of firing on all cylinders as was the, case under Wenger.


  28. Mike Dean will certainly be rolled out unless rules out.


  29. I’ve been reading of booing by our fans at the Torreira/Guendouzi switch. Didn’t hear it myself as I keep the volume off, but what would that have been about? Torreira was spent and needs a break (especially following his recent international matches), and it couldn’t have been very encouraging for the lad, which might explain the perplexed look on his face when he came on.


  30. Miki had a rough game against Sporting. Not. Good.
    If he’s going to play so poorly you’d want to see Nelson getting those minutes, same as last season, irrespective of his form out in Germany.

    And it’s been that way in most other games this season so far too, with flashes of his quality here and there but that’s it. Just flashes. He’s had better form in the Spring but the last few matches have not been his best! I won’t blame the new gaffer for his drop in form as others did with Iwobi and the old gaffer, one is an athlete approaching his peak years, and the other…Neither is as silly a footballer as Cazorla but there’s no shame in being mortal.

    Five years ago as a playmaking midfielder for Dortmund Miki was outshone in n5 by Alex Song.

    Now he’s reached the same age or stage as Cazorla when AW realised he couldn’t ask an older attacking player to play in those wide forward areas? I feel that his best moments this season have come running with the ball from deep in midfield?

    Ramsey was constantly involved in the goals if not the build up before Ivan’s bungled departure led to Unai being told to drop the player. The player he’d previously said he wanted to build his team around. That’d be our straight talking new gaffer: I believe and believed him.

    Like the new gaffer I am not a Ramsey fanboy. I’d just like to see the Arsenal giving themselves the best shot of beating teams like Liverpool, Wolves, Bournmouth, etc. and enjoyable as the touch out of play for a corner was shortly after he came on yesterday, laughter where i was watching as well as on the pitch, nobody can deny the palpable quality when this top CM entered the match.
    The podcasting and gritting idiots were saying you can’t play Ramsey and Özil in the same team, although the Arsenal had picked up three FA cups in four years doing exactly that – I am not making this up – the blaggers and podcasters think that their listeners are this stupid and gullible, they’ll even tell you that the greatest coach in the history of the club couldn’t coach, but I digress:

    the new gaffer’s dilemma was not and is not betwixt Özil and Ramsey, but Miki and Ramsey. As Miki can play that wide role less and less now. Even more reason to continue the Revolution and play Ramsey on the right, heh. And he’s probably on similar wages to what Ramsey wants.

    All of which convinces me that the club will be aiming to get Ramsey to sign up on the 1st February. It’s a no brainer. Surely they don’t want to shoot themselves in the Arsenal and commit those wages to a declining Miki and not a peak Ramsey? I remain: positive, that they are not that dumb.

    And Ramsey and Özil should be well rested for the NLD. Heh!


  31. I did no hear any booing on the Lucas Matteo switch SR and, as you and Rich said, it was a matter of allowing our Uruguayan to keep a bit of energy in reserve.

    It was a surprise Mhki was not hooked yesterday as he had a dire afternoon around the box. However it is ti his credit that he kept going and worked hard, and while his finishing was grim he was always available for a pass and taking up good positions from which chances were made.

    I have no idea of what might happen in January with Mhki. I’d guess he will be with us until at least the end of the season but then might look to Spain or a return to Germany for a final 2/3 year contract.


  32. Nice touch from Hector yesterday – a decent young man.

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  33. Funnily enough before the game I was thinking along the lines of the game not suiting Ozil and wondering whether it would make more sense to play Aaron Ramsey in his place. So I was nearly on Emery’s wavelength, but as George says it is a funny old business if you think it tactically wise to go into battle without your two best players. Much will be revealed over the next two months I guess. It is of course entirely possible that Emery does not share my opinion about Ozil and Ramsey; I dimly recall one manager (recollection does not stretch to which one) talking about meeting the players as he was installed at a new club and thinking “these are the boys who got the last man sacked”. I missed the first half yesterday, saw we were 1-0 up with 45 minutes gone and then read we had surrendered that lead. I have to admit to feeling quite irritated by that.
    I thought the second half interesting. I didn’t think we played that well, but we were comfortably the better side – and technically certainly so. Bournemouth are a decent side and to dominate as we did shows the overall level of our side. I think we could have won 3 or 4-1, and had the chances to do so.And yet I don’t think it is being too unkind to say that at the moment we don’t have either the collective pazazz or the individual threat to strike real fear into opponents. I guess that is the next level we aspire to, but at the moment I don’t quite see where that is coming from. I expect us to make a few incremental improvements, and occasionally to run riot when playing at home – but I think it will not be until we either strike real gold with youngsters coming through or somehow find a way to make an inspirational signing that we will be a truly dominant force.
    In other words we are in exactly the same position as we have been over the last several years. I am glad the club changed the manager because it was painful to see one man shouldering all the blame – and I am glad he has been replaced by someone who is clearly talented. The results this season would not have been so good if he wasn’t talented. I am glad too that we now have one owner as I think that has already led to less dissent. I am sorry that we are saying (have said) goodbye to some favourite and familiar faces on the pitch, but at least that gives me other teams to take a vicarious interest in (come on Everton, well played the HFB). And if Aaron does leave then I hope he gets the chance to taste the top, top level success that I think he deserves.

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  34. It’s normal that some good, even world-class players won’t fit in with a new coach. You see it all the time. Especially, if, like Emery, the new coach is system-oriented. Which isn’t to praise or demean UE. There are lots of ways to get things done.


  35. I got the info re the booing from 7am’s match report Andy. I think they get the games on NBC, so may have different audio feeds.

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  36. Self-righteous

    Heard some grumbling at substitution, and also plenty of indignation on twitter.

    That familiar, curious phenomenon of people seeming incapable of understanding manager and staff have extra info- on fitness,etc- that the public don’t have.

    One notable twitter weirdo was saying it can’t be because of international fixtures because Torreira’s games were in London and Paris (i.e no long haul).

    Typically these are the loudest, angriest most certain folk in Twitter world. In stadium, I don’t know, but think people should have been able to guess manager thought he needed a rest/ was in the old red zone.

    As it happened it was even clearer than that, as they’d had a talk beforehand, which might be something that happens more than we ever find out about on player fitness.

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  37. birdkamp, I’m no expert, but from everything Emery has ever said, Ramsey appears to be the best fit player for his system in the entire squad.

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  38. To be fair George Unai did say “Ramsey is a player I want to build my team/squad around”, or words to that affect.

    That is not my opinion but it was the opinion of the new gaffer.

    If there hadn’t been a bungle on Ivan’s handover then we wouldn’t be having this thread, because if the club and new gaffer didn’t want to keep him he’d have been sold. Simple stuff for my my simple mind, but that’s how it is.

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  39. Fins

    It’s hard to be sure of who’s on what with wages but I’d be very surprised if Ramsey wasn’t looking for significantly more than what Mkhi is on. ***

    Mkhi’s wages reported as from 120,000 to 144,000 *; Ramsey normally listed as 110,000.

    I don’t see how we can ever be sure what the truth is but have a strong hunch Ramsey would look for 200,000 or above.

    Given Mesut’s pay rise, I can understand doing so.

    * The 144,000 figure may well be reliable, as it apparently came from football leaks document. In same article in some eye-watering stuff about signing on fees, loyalty payments. Can’t be underestimated how big a role they can play these days on transfers and presumably new contracts,too.

    weirdly, first thing that came up on google was a comparison, replete with big pictures, listing Ramsey as 2.86 million a year, and Mkhi on 7. something. Sure to gratuitously upset many a person, but the Ramsey figure was for his wages in 2012, while Mkhi’s was for now




  40. PG, the most effusive praise was at the very start of preseason. He may have a different opinion now, having worked with him.

    The contract situation is all a bit Rorschach. I don’t know better than anyone else, but a lucrative offer was on the table for some time, right(?), until Gazidis left (one quarter of our transfer committee) and the offer was withdrawn,


  41. Aaron is not in the side because of contractual reasons and not footballing reasons simples.
    Mezut has had all sorts of problems for the last couple of years especially with his back and I suggest he is being “managed” and will play against spuds and manure.
    Defensively Iwobi is not very good so it’s not because of that he was in the side.
    Miki tried hard all game and carried on when nothing was coming of for him, however Aubas shooting is no better. The reason Auba is scoring so many is because of his movement and being in the right place at the right time. Both Lacs and Eddie are better finishers.
    The game was only close because of our poor finishing and some very strange decisions from the officials. The free kick retake was laughable and I would imagine the ref will be extremely embarrassed watching it back, so when looking at the stats you can take that off as a shot on target because it should never of happened and we were breaking away when he brought it back.
    With quite a few injuries, six subs and a goal the added time was inaccurate again and another game that shows the time keeping should be taken away from the officials even if it a would of been crapping my pants for a couple of minutes longer.
    Oh and all this shit about how unlucky they were WHAT ABOUT THE RAMSEY FUCKING PENALTY was that an optical illusion.
    Anyway we won on to next.

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  42. I completely understand the confusion about Ramsey and Özil. They are the team’s most talented players. They invariably make the team more enjoyable to watch.

    I don’t pick the team, though. The head coach does. He comes across as an intelligent person. As is sometimes the case with intelligent people, there’s a possibility he is overthinking the team selection and tactics. I’m in no position to assess that definitively, and certainly in no position to criticize him for it, considering the pressure he’s facing.

    So my approach is to try to put my questions and preferences aside and to support the coach and whatever team he picks. I don’t always succeed — and I’m not casting aspersions on others’ perspectives because there is joy in watching someone you appreciate performing sublime athletic feats. I remain hopeful that there is a place for such things under Emery.

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  43. “Aaron is not in the side because of contractual reasons and not footballing reasons simples.
    Mezut has had all sorts of problems for the last couple of years especially with his back and I suggest he is being “managed” and will play against spuds and manure.”


    It’s fairly straightforward stuff to be honest. No one is questioning the new gaffer, but there have been some reasonable concerns regarding some of the actions from those above him. Same as it has always been then these past twenty years. Viva la Revolution! Hehe.

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  44. Rich I’d heard rumours of higher wages for Miki? No idea myself.

    To speculate:
    He signed for Utd during a period which the agents’ industry will describe in the future as the “Woodward benevolent charity ” (Fred! £40 Big Ones!! Wah-hey…..!!!), so hard to believe he’d sign for a free on new wages that might indicate he’s taken a pay cut, unless Utd really were paying him less then the Arsenal would’ve offered him and his agent back in there day?

    I have no idea or no real desire to know how much he is on but if Ramsey who hasn’t completed a full season, doesn’t have as big a “brand ” as the World Cup winning Özil, thinks he should be on a par then his agent has been pulling his funny bone. Everything we have seen from Ramsey would suggest that he is not an idiot, so I don’t buy that reason for the breakdown. Nope! That ain’t the reason.


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