Arsenal: A Hard Day’s Night ?

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Good morning one and all…

Unai Emery kicked off his Arsenal reign with a pair of defeats against Premier League title contenders Man City and Chelsea. Following that the team went on an eye-popping 13 game unbeaten run in all competitions and now comes another test against high flyers, with the benefit of having worked with the team a bit longer to drive home his vision for the club and toward finding a more settled matchday XI.

Arsenal host Liverpool at the Emirates tonight in what is billed as the PL clash of the weekend, so hopefully we will get to see a real cracker with plenty of fireworks (get it?!) with both teams coming into it off the back of a good run of form.

Last Sunday at Selhurst Park our winning streak came to an unexpected end via a draw, to serve as a timely reminder that in a league where teams are separated by fine margins we cannot afford to get too comfortable, because being 2 points off the PL leaders less than a week ago could turn to 7 with defeat before the end of this day.

The Reds haven’t done much wrong this campaign and very fine margins separate them from Mancity at the summit of the log. Compared to the Gunners they scored 20 PL goals to our 24, conceded 4 goals to our 13 and kept a respectable six clean sheets. They don’t seem to shy away from the big occasions either as they came through almost unscathed against Mancity, Chelsea and Spurs with 1 win and 2 draws, conceding just 2 goals.

Scoring goals haven’t really been a problem for Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp, putting a lid on things at the back is where they improved. So if we want to give ourselves any chance of victory we will without doubt have to be at our best and pull together as a team. Our “second half” performances drew many admiring glances and if we can turn that on from the outset, then it could well be the chisel to chop away at a stubborn Reds defence.

It’s hard to ignore our defensive issues, which hasn’t improved much since Liverpool put 7 goals past us last season, and if we aren’t switched from the start we will simply be asking for trouble.

The last time these two sides met though we play out a pre-Xmas 6 goal thriller at the Ems and there is every chance we could see something similar. Aubameyang has been in scintillating form of late to find himself joint top of the PL goalscoring charts after a slow start. With 9 goals in all competitions this is a fixture he is looking forward to. Lacazette will be disappointed with himself for missing a few recently too and will want to step up in this big one.

With two extremely attack minded teams going head-to-head, we can expect a game high on entertainment value from end to end, because both sides know the importance of getting a result.

The trip to the Emirates will not only be a measure of whether Liverpool can go all the way, but also whether Arsenal have indeed closed the gap between them and the ‘big clubs’ after dropping outside top 4 the last two seasons.

Who knows… a win and we may even be seen as bona fide title contenders by the press corps.

Good luck to everybody going to the game and fingers crossed we give Unai the cherry to put atop his birthday cake.


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107 comments on “Arsenal: A Hard Day’s Night ?

  1. Mandy look at the money involved and which countries own those clubs and then ask yourself why Infantino would side with those clubs, its not rocket science

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  2. on yesterdays game, the worry is that we played very very well, but did not win. What or who do we need to turn these games into wins

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  3. I have people telling me that Mane didn’t gain an advantage by being in an offside position in the build up to his offside goal, I wonder how they think the got to where he was but for his offside run in the first place

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  4. New post up

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  5. Ed, I believe Mane wasn’t offside according to the rules as they are.

    Mane was offside when the ball was played through, but didn’t interfere with play or an opponent. Mane wasn’t offside when Firmino shot because he was behind the ball.

    It’s how phases of play are determined. I know it seems unfair but that is how the rules are currently interpreted. Unless there’s been a big change from last season. Fifa’s laws of the game documentations comes with illustrations to explain this sort of stuff. It’s how I know the PGMO lied last season when they said because Lovren touched the ball Kane could not be offside. Fifa had a rule and a diagram to cover that situation. They have one describing phases of play too. I haven’t looked again but I think Mane was onside.

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  6. but shard they have not taken “gaining an advantage” out of the rule, so he gained an advantage in second phase of play by being offside in first phase of play,

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  7. True ed but once the phase ends, it is like a fresh start. He was no longer offside and hence not gaining an advantage by being such. It is unfair on the defense but just an example of how the game has moved on. It’s meant to favour attackers and it does.

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